How Do You Make Money With Social Media?

Bill CammackSo, The other day, I go to lunch with a friend of mine who isn’t into Social Media. I start showing him my personal fansite, my business site, Facebook, Twitter / TweetDeck,, YouTube, Tumblr, Ustream, IRC, Skype, iChat, so then he goes:

“So how do you make money with all this stuff?”

So I laughed a little, because I knew I had a long, LONG explanation ahead of me. 😀

Special Case

Before I get started with this, I need to mention that I’m a special case. PART of what I’m about to say will be useful to someone else. Most of it’s only useful to me.

Bill Cammack - Channeling What Women Want!My entire life is a special case. I’m very used to being the only… whatever. 😀 I’m usually the only non-white around in business situations. I’m normally the only MIT graduate in ANY situaton. I’m normally the only guy that’s messed with and quit more girls than most guys ever get to even TALK TO THEM ABOUT SEX in their entire lives.

I’m normally the only person that’s been videoblogging STEADILY since 2006 and put over 600 episodes on the net in that time. I’m normally the only Emmy Award-Winning video editor in a situation.

I’m normally the only person in the room that you can find on page 01 of Google if you search just my first name. On and on and on, so if you’re looking for some sort of “This will work for everyone” advice, this isn’t the article for you. 🙂

Why I’m Involved With Social Media

I’m involved with Social Media because that’s what I do. Period. Social Media is how I live my life. It’s how I interact with my friends. It’s how I do business. It’s how I learn about the world and meet new people. It’s how I express myself in a one-to-many fashion instead of a one-on-one fashion. It’s the reason I have friends in England, Hawaii, New Zealand, Japan, France, Mexico, Canada and all the way across the board in the United States of America. It’s the reason I’m in a YouTube video that’s been viewed one and a quarter million times…

Social Media enables us to be way more than we could be if we had to depend on physical interaction with people. It’s my own personal video game and I rock it to the best of my ability.

How Social Media Works For Me

Social Media’s about conversation and communication. The by-products include familiarity, endearment or infamy, and, in general, *ATTENTION*. Once you get that attention, you want to direct it somewhere so it can be useful for a purpose. In my case, I direct the attention I’ve generated to my blog.

Why my blog? Because I own it. My name is on it. Bill Cammack Dot Com. My name is not on Facebook (meaning not in the base address). My name is not on Twitter. My name is not on Tumblr or blip or YouTube. It’s on

Why does it matter that my name is on my blog? Because that’s what I want to show up in Google. Why do I want it to show up in Google? Because that’s what everyone on the planet uses to find people and topics they’re interested in. 67% (2/3) of my traffic comes from Google. So, to recap… I interact with my friends via Social Media. I use a bunch of 3rd party sites to communicate with people, but they all point back to MY website. Because of that, my site gets (relatively) a lot of hits and becomes more “popular” or perhaps relevant on Google. Good standing in Google makes more people show up at my site, because I rank higher in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Ranking higher makes my site get more hits and the snowball keeps rolling down the hill, getting larger with each revolution.

How Do You Monetize Website Hits?

This is where the “Special Case” kicks in. 🙂

It just so happens that what I do for fun and self-expression is the same thing I do for business. The media that I put on the net stands as a consistently-updating resume of what I can do for you or your company. I’m constantly demonstrating to people that I can film, edit, compress, upload, tag and blog videos in a quality fashion. When someone sees this and wants that same quality for their business or personal site, I receive an email from a new potential client.

This is why it wasn’t going to be easy to explain to my friend how I make money from Social Media. I use my sites as loss leaders:

Loss Lead describes the concept that an item offered for sale at a reduced price and is intended to lead to the subsequent sale of other items, the sales of which will be made in greater numbers, or greater profits, or both.

So, What my sites do is a) demonstrate personality and b) demonstrate proficiency.

What my sites do *not* do is attempt to hook people into buying something in return for whatever entertainment or education they received from watching my videos or reading my blog posts. This is why my friend was confused. He couldn’t figure out how I convert people coming to my site or how I convert any of my other Social Media interactions into $,$$$.

My game is *awareness*. If you google Emmy Award Editor, you get *me*. If you google Video Editor Resume, you get *me*. If you google He Doesn’t Care, you get *me*. If you google Avoid Pregnancy, you get *me*. on and on and on and on and on. So what happens if you come to my site? My video editing demo reel is in my sidebar in an embedded flash player as well as a clickable link directly to an .mp4 file you can watch on your iPhone or gPhone right now. 😀 There’s also a direct link to my resume, if anyone felt interested in checking it out.

Is there a high rate of conversion to this situation? No. 🙂 The thing is, there doesn’t have to be. It’s passively-generated attention. I go to sleep and people visit my website. I go out partying and people visit my website. I’m working, making money, and people are visiting my website. I put out ZERO EFFORT other than site maintenance, which I have to do anyway, and I’m advertising myself all day and all night, which my quantcast badge in my sidebar will attest to, which currently reads “7,687 Monthly People”. ==>

So, if only one person out of a thousand plays my demo reel or checks out my resume or watches videos I’ve filmed, edited or participated in, that’s seven people per month or 84 people a year that become aware of Bill Cammack without my ever having to go knock on their door and attempt to sell them an encyclopedia.. Capisce? 😉

oh….. And that’s assuming that that one person out of a thousand doesn’t tell AAAAAAAAAANYBODY they know about me or my site. Once you consider that someone might post a link to your content on their favorite Social Media site and start an entire conversation about it, where everyone they talk to can come back to the same site and see the same content they mentioned, you start to see how the viral nature of the internet works in the favor of he or she who makes his or her own site and populates it with quality content…. Who comes up FIRST when you google Dating Women NYC ?… Facebook? Twitter? FriendFeed?… Nope. *I* do. 😀

So, if sidebar content is low-percentage for conversion, where does the real action take place?….. On the back-channel…

The Back-Channel

Bill Cammack Cross-CountriesIn Social Media, there are interactions that go on in front of everyone’s eyes and then there are interactions that only occur privately, which I refer to as “The Back-Channel”. As much time as I devote to public media output, I devote way more to back-channel conversation. On any given day, I’m doing 16-20 hours of private online interactions with people, which really translates more to ~35 hours a day, because, since I don’t use the telephone, I get to hold several conversations simultaneously.

This is why I don’t have to do my wheeling & dealing in public. The public side is for me to explain to people what I can do for them. The private side is for people to contact me about their projects, and for us to decide whether we want to work together.

This also occurs IRL. You might see me standing in a bar, having a brew with someone, but what you don’t know is that we’re talking business. When you walk over, the conversation suddenly changes, because *YOU* aren’t involved in our business dealings. This gives you the impression that I’m always frivolously socializing, when, meanwhile, I currently have 431 Linkedin connections and almost four times as many Facebook connections (1589).

So the blogging, which I do for my own entertainment, satisfaction & socialization, serves to populate the back-channel and also to give people an idea of who I am, what I’m about and the level of quality I can bring to their productions. I don’t have to make money directly from my sites. In fact.. Other than clients I already had before I got involved with Social Media in 2006,*EVERYONE* I currently do work for found out about me on the internet or was introduced to me by someone I was connected to online.

Could I make a few dollars with Google Ads? Probably… A Few…. I found that it wasn’t worth it (to me) to have random ads incessantly littering my pages. I’d rather endorse companies that I believe in or that I’m affiliated with or that are clients of mine. I’ve run ads in the past and I’m not saying I’ll never do it again. I’m saying I’d rather offer my audience a quality reading experience, which IME causes them to read more and feel like finding out more about who Bill Cammack is, which adds more people to my back-channel and eventually more $,$$$ to my bottom line.

What If I Don’t Have A Marketable Skill?

A lot of people that have websites don’t actually *DO* anything… They just REPORT about stuff that other people did. If that’s your game, and you can’t put the attention you garner from the internet to work for yourself, you need to put it to work for someone else. The best way to do that, IMO, is sponsorships. Look for people that believe in what you’re doing, believe in your content and believe in you as a person and find out from them what they would like to receive in return for funding you to do your site.

Let’s say for instance that your game is aggregating information you read on Twitter & Facebook and regurgitating that to your viewers/listeners/readers. You may very well be able to get someone (or several “someone”s) to sponsor you, because they would rather read what you selected than search for it themselves. It might be worth a couple of dollars to them to enable you to do what you already do, except better and more often. I you didn’t have to go to work so much, you could spend more time aggregating content and repackaging it for your fans & followers.

Other options are affiliate ads or Google ads.

Another route you can go is to align yourself with blogs that will pay you to blog for them. Dunno how lucrative that is, but it might be better than flippin’ burgers @ McDonalds…. Maybe.


The opposite of what I do is what I refer to as shilling. This would be when every time someone contacts you, there’s something they’re hoping to get out of it. To the uninitiated and uninformed, this seems to be the way to go, which is why everyone’s trying to figure out how to get more Twitter followers. They think that having more people supposedly reading their twitter posts gives them more influence, when, in reality, it’s as low-percentage as my sidebar-game.

I have 2,595 Twitter followers. I’ve seen people with TEN TIMES AS MANY followers host live streams and have exactly the same amount of people in it that I can pull, if not WAY FEWER. Twitter is not some kind of walkie-talkie. People aren’t waiting for your post so they can jump into action. Unfortunately, a lot of people act like that’s the best utilization of their “voice”, and turn their “channel” into 100% infomercials and advertisements.

What do *I* do with these people? Ignore them. If I see an email from them, it gets skipped. If I see a twitter post from them, I don’t bother to read it so I can have something advertised to me again. They’re like television commercials in the age of DVRs (digital video recorders), easily fast-forwarded.

This is what people expect to see when they come to your site. They expect you to try to SQUEEEEZE some money out of them for what you’re offering. Don’t play yourself. If what you’re offering has value which you can demonstrate to them, that’s all you need.

Why Bill Cammack Gets Pizaid

Bill_Cammack_GSX-R_NYC_Night.jpgUltimately.. I get paid because I can do things other people can’t do. Period. I do it better. I do it faster. I’ve spent time learning things that people don’t know, so if they don’t want to pay me to do it for them, they can pay someone else or take the time (if they have enough time) to learn it for themselves, buy the proper equipment and DO IT FOR FREE (minus equipment purchase costs) on their own.

Most people don’t have time to waste, learning skills that they’re never going to be able to use again. If they teach themselves how to edit, they’re never going to get a steady job editing. Also, the time they’re spending learning what I already know is time they’re *not* spending making money for themselves. This is why I don’t need to convince or persuade people that they should hire me. The reasons are obvious and there are more reasons every single day.

This is why I don’t need to directly advertise myself to people. I don’t get PAID from my websites. I get ATTENTION from my websites, and then I do whatever I want with my Social Capital. I’ve also built a foundation for any business endeavors I choose to become involved in. Whatever I want someone to pay me to do, I have at least two years’ worth of examples of my being involved in internet website and content creation. I have over TEN YEARS of experience editing videos, including several years of being an Emmy judge and an International Emmy judge.

I don’t have to convince anyone of anything. I don’t have to sell anybody anything. I don’t need to monetize my websites. I don’t need to get money for the hours that I spend writing articles like this. I build my community through Social Media so that when I come up with an idea for business, I have THOUSANDS of people that I can inform about my idea RIGHT. NOW… TODAY!, and if someone’s interested, we can definitely make this happen.

Interestingly enough… NOT SELLING THINGS TO PEOPLE works so well for me that I often have to AVOID business conversations with people, because I really, HONESTLY didn’t approach them to try to get some money from them. 🙂 I have to actively steer the conversation away from what I do so I’m not associated with the people that only walk up to you, shake your hand and give you a hug because they’re trying to get paid. Let’s have fun when it’s time to have fun and do business when it’s time to do business. 😉

~ Bill Cammack | @BillCammack

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  1. “I get paid because I can do things other people can’t do. Period. I do it better. I do it faster.”

    Do you? (ROFL) I dig this article. I OFTEN tell people the same thing. “I could do it RIGHT or you could have someone else JUST do it…your choice, that’s why I charge what I do.” Flip-side is I have little time for what I want to do but I gotta pay bills right? Too many client jobs & I’m missing out on me.

    1. I hear that, Mike! 😀

      That’s one of the reasons you want to build rapport with people BEFORE doing business with them. When you tell them “Your project is going to be GARBAGE unless you do this, this and this”, they need to feel like a friend is telling them something beneficial, as opposed to someone telling them something so they can get money.

      I’ll be the first one to give a potential client someone else’s name if their budget is too low for me but I know someone that’s willing to do the job decently for what they’re trying to pay.

      But, Yeah… Just like Steve Austin… Better. Stronger. Faster! 😉

  2. Awesome post, Bill: great explanation of what you do, how social media should be used, and when money should and should not be involved.

    (And nice MCing of the rap battle – good stuff!)

  3. Bill, I looked up Avoid Pregnancy just because of this post, and there you were!

    I was on the phone with a Time Warner Cable guy who happened to be named Bill, and as we had to wait for the records to show up, I mentioned you and your SEO power. He asked how you do it, and mentioned that among other things, you are an Emmy Award Winning Editor.

    This post is so true. You put out good stuff, and in return, people like myself (and I’m sure others) casually share it with others. 🙂

    1. lolol Thanks, Ian… You thought I was KIDDING? 😀

      “How I do it” is I’m original, consistent and I post in the same place all the time.

      If you’re not original, people can go ANYWHERE and read the same thing you wrote. There’s no reason for them to come to your site or subscribe to your feed.

      If you’re not consistent, you might have ONE hit post, and that’s not going to carry you for long, IMO.

      If you’re not posting in the same place all the time, you’re dividing your props amongst all these sites and apps that might disappear, like how FriendFeed just got bought by Facebook or how Pownce disappeared. Besides that, you’re not building any REPUTATION for your site, which seems to give more credit to anything you write afterwards on that same site.

      It’s really like real life… Slow & Steady wins the race. If you want to be me, blog steadily for three years in a row, meet people whose content you enjoy and respect, visit their sites and give them props via Twitter/Facebook/whatever when you see something good you want to share, and eventually your name rings bells.

      There’s no magic involved… just tons of hours dedicated to maintaining my online presence.

      Cheers! 😀

  4. I really enjoy reading your blog BECAUSE I know your not trying to sell me anything.

    I like reading “Dating Genius” *guilty pleasure* 🙂 but really learn from your social media articles and FCP training videos.

    You show your social media skillz by doing, not just regurgitating…I dig that about you and I’ve learned personally from watching what you do and how your online presence is constantly evolving.

    In social media, a lot of people don’t understand, you can’t just read about it ya’ gotta’ DO IT, LIVE IT.

    Just a thought though, have you ever considered adding a PayPal donation button? Not that I have money to donate LOL :)…..just a thought!

    1. Thanks, Adrienne. 😀

      I think DOING instead of TELLING is really important if your goal is to be perceived as a credible resource in your niche. Anybody can tell a client to make a video and put it on an internet video host and embed it in their blog and advertise it and reply to the comments they receive… That doesn’t bring the client ANY CLOSER to achieving all that stuff. That just makes them aware of what they need to do or have done for them.

      Another reason DOING’s so important is that a lot of people only understand things by example. I don’t have to tell people I have > 1,500 Facebook friends.. I can just send them to my page and they can see it for themselves.

      Demonstrating by example get you way more credit than telling people that you do something, but there’s no evidence of it. People can CLAIM that they can help your business, but there’s no list of businesses that they’ve ever helped. People can CLAIM to be production companies, but there’s no list of productions they ever were hired for. People can CLAIM to be Emmy Judges (which would be a dumb idea, hahaha), but I have the disks to prove it. 😀

      2007 International Emmy Award Judging

      Cheers! 😀

  5. This is bracing, Bill. and absolutely the path I am beginning to take, so I really appreciate seeing your thinking laid out so clearly.
    (and I’m still too embarrassed and old school to read the dating advice, but I’m also glad it exists;-)

    1. You’re welcome, Terri. 🙂

      This whole thing is kind of funny. We’ve been using Social Media for years already for what it is… Social… Media… It’s BEING SOCIAL, THROUGH MEDIA. That’s all it is. 🙂

      At some point, people realized that they had audiences and might have been able to get those audiences to do something, so it became a marketing tool.

      The *ONLY* reason I was on Twitter two years ago was because my friends from the Yahoo Videoblogging Group started using Twitter to communicate with each other and I had a built-in community. I was following the people whose content I was watching ANYWAY. I was following the people whose emails I was reading ANYWAY. The people following me were reading/watching/listening to my content ANYWAY. I’ve never had any interest in having people follow me for no reason, but that’s what people want now. They see an opportunity for their voice to be heard… by ANYBODY, and they want to convert that into business or fame.

      So, what’s happened is that people are getting involved with SM *ONLY* to sell stuff to people. They’re missing the real point of why SM’s effective. You’re supposed to be being SOCIAL through your MEDIA. That’s what makes people wonder what you’re going to do next and subscribe or follow you. You end up “giving the people what they want” instead of trying to push your own agenda on a supposedly captive audience.

  6. So well put Bill. I must say you’re providing a great reason for people NOT to do the hard hustle via social media and blogging. You actually answered a question I didn’t even know I wanted to ask. The whole push to “monetize” is totally overstated.

    1. Thanks, Justin 🙂

      The problem is that people that aren’t part of any communities are trying to tell people what to do with communities. It’s not realistic. They don’t know what they’re talking about and lead people down the path to being shunned Encyclopedia Salesmen like they are. This doesn’t matter to them, because they’re not actually FRIENDS with anyone they’re “Friends” with. It’s all an attempt to eventually make money off of the people they’ve connected with.

      I have a friend whom I think is great as a person and a fun, sexy & attractive gal, but she’s a straight up SHILL. She doesn’t say ANYTHING in social media that doesn’t have to do with the company she works for… So… Every time I see her name on something, it gets ignored. I never even get to the subject of the email (since my Social Media updates come to me through email). It doesn’t matter. She’s demonstrated that the only reason she says anything is for her company’s benefit and there’s no personal value in ANY of it.

      That’s fine, and it doesn’t make me like her any less as a person and it doesn’t make her any less HAWT! :P~~~ but she’s made herself a walking, talking commercial, and I don’t watch commercials anymore. They get Fast Forwarded on my DVR. GoodBye! 😀

      Meanwhile, my friend Dave and I recently teamed up to create a Presence Management agency. Getting started and deciding what we’re going to do has been taking up a lot of my time lately, so it comes up in conversation when people mention I’ve been much less visible lately than I’ve been for the last three years. It comes up as an explanation, but ends up with people asking what services we’re providing. Once I tell them that, they start thinking about whether they or someone they know can utilize our team to increase the quality of their business’s presence or just free up time that they were spending on things they didn’t WANT to do but that they HAVE to do.

      The result is that between our individual sets of clients and people who have expressed interest before we ever made any form of “hard sell” (because we still haven’t), we already have more interest than we currently have time to convert. We’re figuring out solutions to this, which is causing us to spend even MORE time on our project.

      The POINT is that for us to talk about the business all the time, and have everything we do point to the business and ask people for business and tell them to tell their friends about the business and get involved in things JUST so we can get our names out there, etc etc, we would be making people LESS interested in what we have to say, not MORE interested.

      Last I checked, I had 1,635 Facebook friends. I would guess that about 100 of those people might have a positive reaction to me shilling about business all day and all night. That means that 1,535 people would have a NEGATIVE reaction, IMO. Obviously, alienating the majority of your viewership/readership isn’t worth the relatively minute amount of conversion you’ll generate, so leave it out.

      This is what a lot of people don’t get, because they only “Friended” people in order to sell them stuff in the first place.

  7. Hi Bill. I do not have website or blog. I have bought some websites but they do not work because I am beginner in the Internet marketing. I now try to work in the social media as peoplestring and facebook. You connect your friends and share with them inf of your business. I connect my friends but I do not know what offer them, about what to talk with them. Please find time for me and advice me how to plan my contacts in order I will be happy.

    1. Hi Angelina. The main thing is that you don’t want to destroy your own credibility by being a shill, or someone that is always hawking products to people that they didn’t ask you for. Read “Shilling Away Your Social Capital” to understand what I’m talking about.

      Other than that, you have to find out what your target audience is, WHERE they like to hang out, WHAT they’re looking to buy and which problem buying your product will help them to solve. One you figure out how you’re HELPING them, you can work backwards from there.

  8. Dude, thanks for the big picture. Your big picture. I really appreciate it. Now I don’t have to take you out for a nice dinner and get it over steaks and wine.

    1. You’re welcome, man. 🙂

      Unfortunately, what I wrote is way easier said than done. Knowing what to do doesn’t automatically bestow the ability to do that thing or guarantee that someone will be successful with it.

      I can tell you how to dunk a basketball on a regulation-height rim, but I can’t do it myself. O_o

  9. Wow! I can’t believe I sat and read this entire article-I never do that. First of all your confidence in yourself is admirable and the truth is…this whole post is so refreshing that I just could not stop reading! We often confuse confidence with arrogance, yet facts are facts baby! 🙂

    I just started tweeting recently and I hate when people try to sell me stuff-I think it is funny that I have followers-lol-that I don’t know personally and LOVE it! I also think it is funny when people ask me why I don’t make money off my twitter-dude…I have like 200 followers:) and I am simply having a good time. Yet that good time did lead to my latest assignment at work on campus and it is going to be fun to do what I love to do with a paycheck!

    I have been recently put in charge of “vamping” up our social media in our dept. This article was sooo helpful to me. I just wanted to say thank you. I look forward to learning more without a bunch of ads overwhelming me:)

    Kisses! Your new friend in NW Ohio!

    1. Thanks for the props, Sandria! 😀

      As far as my confidence, it comes from diligent application to what I want to do. It also comes from a lack of belief in my own failure, other than if I allow that to happen via inaction.

      Right now, I’m teaching myself how to mix records (engineer, not DJ). I don’t believe that I won’t be fantastic at it, so I apply myself diligently so that sometime soon, I will be who I envision myself capable of being. The only one that can stop me.. is me. >:D

      As far as bragging, haha.. The truth is never bragging. 🙂 It might be obnoxious to bring up, haha but if I say I have 2,575 Facebook Friends, that’s because I have 2,575 Facebook Friends and if I say I haven’t been out of the top 20 Google results for “Bill” in years, it’s because I haven’t, and a lot of people know that’s the truth (besides my posting screenshots, hahaha).

      In fact, my article is anti-bragging, in my opinion. What I’m saying is that I don’t make any money from google ads on articles I write. I don’t make any money on advertisements on videos I put on the internet. Everything that people are telling you to do, those things don’t work for me. 😀

      However.. What I do a a hobby is the same thing I do for my clients. They know that I can deliver on their projects because they see the quality of the work I produce, week-in, week-out, year-in, and year-out.

      So what I’m saying is don’t follow what *I* do, unless you’re in the same field that I’m in and the same things you do for pleasure are what you also do for business. 🙂

      I have like 200 followers:) and I am simply having a good time. Yet that good time did lead to my latest assignment at work on campus and it is going to be fun to do what I love to do with a paycheck!

      And. That’s. The. Bottom. Line… ‘Cause. STONE COLD SAID SO!!! >:D

      That’s TOTALLY where it’s at, Sandria. Find what you like to do and then find a way to monetize it. It’s way better to get paid less to do something you love to do than to get paid more to do things you don’t enjoy. On top of that, the more you enjoy something, the more you want to do it, so you end up working more hour and making more money anyway.

      Check out my Social Media category for more stuff. Also my “Time” category, where I’ve been talking about issues specific to freelancers.

      Good Luck with your new career! 😀

  10. Bill, after reading your whole article, I’m a bit overwhelmed by you and what you have accomplished.

    For the last two years, I have investigated starting a career with social media, marketing, and trying to integrate some form of consulting.

    The only question I have for you is this: What failures allowed your confidence to shine, and how did you overcome your failures?

    1. Interesting question, Mikey.

      I would say that any time I have failed in something, it’s allowed my confidence to shine.

      This is because when I fail at something, I study it and learn it until it’s practically impossible for me to fail at it again, or, at least, if I do, I saw the whole thing coming, because I know the process.

      The “shiny” part of that is that when I go through that process, I realize how far I’ve come and I realize that anybody that wants to be on my level in this has to survive the same trials I went through, which they probably can’t, so they have to defer to me in this situation.

      So, for instance.. Let’s say I made a record that didn’t sound good and then I studied until I figured out what I did incorrectly and now I know how to make good records.

      NOW, I’m fully aware of how much better I am than everyone else except for the people who traveled the same road I did to becoming good mixers, so when I speak to someone about music, they have a couple of choices.. Do it themselves for free, to the limit of their way-limited abilities, or pay me to do it the right way for them.

      Whichever they choose makes no difference to me. My confidence is based in the fact that I know that if I failed in doing something when I had their current level of knowledge about this topic, that they’re going to fail too, and I never will again, because that’s a gate I’ve already passed through.

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