Euphemisms For Sex

There are lots of euphemisms people use instead of saying “having sex”. Some of them make sense and others don’t.

They’re normally used to either dress sex UP or dress it DOWN.. To make sex cooler than it really was or to play it off like the physical act didn’t happen at all by describing some peripheral event that may or may not have actually accompanied the sex… such as SLEEPING. :/

Here are 10 euphemisms for sex that come to mind, in no particular order:

Getting Laid makes sense, because for the most part, you’re going to be laying down while you’re doing it… unless you have her leg up on a counter or she’s on her hands and knees, doggie-style…

Sleeping Together makes NO SENSE, because most of the time that one or more of you are asleep, there’s no sex going on… MOST of the time! 😉

Getting Some makes sense, because you’re not specifying “Getting Some WHAT?”.

Having An Affair makes no sense at all, unless one of the parties involved is married. If both people are single, there’s no “affair” to be had. It’s just sex.

Getting On makes sense, because unless you’re doing “Woman On Top”, you’re getting on top of her to some degree.

Knocking Boots makes sense as a slang escalation… The way slang works is that if someone does one thing, you want to represent that you did it bigger, better or harder than they did. Therefore, the term “Knock Your Socks Off”, meaning do something fantastic, had to be one-upped! 😀 So while it might be tough to knock someone’s socks off, it would be even TOUGHER to knock their BOOTS off and therefore a greater accomplishment.

Getting Paid as a slang term doesn’t really make sense. I would have to guess that the origin is rhyming “paid” with “laid”? \o/ (<= That's the little "I don't know" man with his hands up in the air, shrugging… in case you were wondering :D) It makes sense if you're a gigolo or a hooker, so maybe the term originated from those segments of society. Getting Lucky makes sense only if you felt like you didn’t deserve to have sex with her in the first place. Did you get lucky when you got your last paycheck from work? No. You worked for it, earned it and received it. If you feel like it’s LUCK when a chick feels like hooking up with you, it’s time to reevaluate your skillz and step your game up. Srsly.

Tagging Up makes sense from the standpoint of Graffiti culture and Locker Room Talk culture. It’s a combination of the two because Tagging is writing on walls, like, putting your name on something, representing that you were there. Obviously, you don’t actually write on the chick, unless she’s sweating the dilznick so much that she gets your name tattooed on her body… But the point is that you get to tell the fellaz that you hit it, meaning that you’ve now added your name to the wall of guys that already hit it. It’s like a club.. “You got that? Yeah.. I got that last weekend. Did she do that trick where she…”

Making Love makes no sense at all. It’s a good term to use if you want to get a prudish chick to give it up, but other than that, it really has nothing to do with the actual act you’re about to do to / with her. The only possible sense it makes is that she doesn’t love you BEFORE you hit it, but she falls in love with you right after she gets hers.

~ Bill Cammack

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  1. A little historical perspective. At one time, “having an affair” meant any kind of love, whether either participant was married or single. The sexual revolution of the late ’60s (I was old enough to pay attention, but not to participate) loosened the taboo on extramarital activities (there I go, euphemizing, right?), and made the word “affair” exclusive to cheating on one’s spouse, just as “stoned” was made exclusive to being inebriated with marijuana, whereas before, you could be stoned on wine. Likewise, “making love” used to mean any physical contact, even just kissing, as any old movie will show you.

    1. Thank you for adding context to “having an affair”, Rick. Very interesting! 😀

      I personally hate it when terms are co-opted and all of a sudden, people use them to mean something other than what they stood for when I initially found out about the term. It also happens when symbols that were used for AGES AND AGES are adopted by tyrants and then everybody acts like that one person made that symbol up himself.

      Anyway… That’s interesting that sexual interaction was considered an “affair” without being attached to one of the participants being married. Also, it’s funny that you mention “stoned”. I tend to say to people that I get high on beer. People in general want to hold on to the term “high” only for drugs and leave me with getting “drunk” from beer. I wouldn’t know the difference, since I’ve never taken drugs, so, TO ME, I get high off of beer and I don’t care what anyone else thinks of that! 😀

      The old movies would most likely equate any kind of physical interaction to “making love” because the whole idea at the time was to brainwash people that only people who were in love kissed each other. I’ve had discussions with one of my blog readers in which she’s said that if she’s not in love with someone, she doesn’t want to have any intimate physical contact with them whatsoever.

      There are lots of other things that the old movies (and eventually television shows) portrayed in an attempt to maintain the status quo brainwashing. The funny thing is that the less control Mainstream Media has over communications, the more people see what’s REALLY going on in society, if they care to look… and the more people become cool with saying and doing what they really say and do instead of outputting the same middle-of-the-road GARBAGE they’ve historically released just so everyone will consider them “Normal”.

      Fortunately, as guys, we get to utilize the brainwashing to our advantage and call sex “making love” so the ladies get down with it quick, fast, in a hurry, Flava’s vision ain’t blurry! 😀

      1. “I’ve had discussions with one of my blog readers in which she’s said that if she’s not in love with someone, she doesn’t want to have any intimate physical contact with them whatsoever.”

        Hey Bill,

        did you write that to make me de-lurk? Well, it worked. 🙂

        So does that mean you consider me a victim of brainwashing, just because I can not be as casual about sex as you are? Actually I keep reading your blog so I can at least catch a glimpse of a world that I have never lived in and probably never will, just to try to understand people with different experiences and a different background.

        For me, it is mostly sufficient to only IMAGINE doing something, and then I analyze my emotional reaction to the thing I imagined, and if that reaction is not positive, I refrain from actually doing it. This method has proved highly efficient. The other day, I spent a few hours imagining to be you, which was pretty exhausting, but I digress….

        Maybe you are so allergic to this brainwashing because most people in your country who advocate taking sex and intimacy seriously are religious nut cases or right-wing idiots (or both)? At least that is what I have found when I looked for publications on casual sex online. In your country, there seems to be the no-sex-before-marriage, contraceptions are evil, pro-life camp, and on the other side the “you can use anybody for sex anytime if it makes you feel good for the moment” camp, and not much common sense in between. Just my observation…..

        1. haha Well, I wasn’t gonna “blow up your spot” and say it was you, but yeah, I’m talking about YOU, hahaha 😀

          Perhaps “brainwashed” is a strong term… Perhaps I mean “conditioned”.

          Due to one’s upbringing and experiences in life, a person achieves a perception of what being physical with someone else means or is used for. In some cases, people learn that you only kiss or have sex with people you love. In other cases, people learn that you only kiss or have sex with people you’re attracted to. Some people are only attracted to people that they love or whom they perceive to love them.

          In my case (which, I agree with you, is exhausting! HAHAHA), I’ve historically gotten a lot of attention from women without the concept of a ‘relationship’ ever coming up. This is why I’m “allergic to the brainwashing” when chicks want to barter with me over intimacy which they should either freely, naturally give me or freely, naturally withhold from me because they’re not into me.

          It’s completely not respectable to me for a chick to say she will do X if I tell her Y (such as saying “I’m your boyfriend”). She either wants to do it or she doesn’t. Either one works for me. What DOESN’T work is that she’s willing to trade me intimacy for a guarantee.. A guarantee that means absolutely nothing and is worth absolutely nothing down the line when I tell her we’re now “broken up”. To me, that takes the wind out of the sales. Chicks are easy if you tell them the right things. *YAWN* It’s like playing video games against scrubs… There’s no excitement or glory in it.

          As far as the society here, there are basically Monogamists, Serial Monogamists, Free Agents… and Utah.

          Monogamy = I’m with you and don’t intend to be with anyone else.
          Serial Monogamy = I’m with you until I get a new SO.
          Free Agent = I’m with you while we’re in each other’s physical presence.

          So people try to figure out what box you belong in so they can decide whether to do what they already naturally want to do. The problem is that it’s easy to fake being in ANY of the categories, so that’s what people to to get laid.

          If you’re a free agent, you can fake being interested in Monogamy. If you’re a monogamist, you can fake being a Free Agent in the hopes that you’ll get the other person sprung and then they’ll want to be in a relationship with you.

          It’s all fake. The only thing that’s real is how people feel and/or what they’re moved by. If that’s the same person day in and day out, that’s great! 😀 I’m happy for them. If it’s never the same person twice, I’m happy for them too. If it’s only the person you’re currently in love with, fine. Just so long as the person knows who they are, what they want and that they’re mentally congruent with what they’re doing with the one life they’re going to live.

  2. Hey lets not forget “bangin'” as in “we was banging” “Ima bang that…” “let me find out you was banging him and didnt say anything…” Its a phrase used by the younger (teens) crowd and by some older folk (Ive heard some 50yr olds using when discussing what they were doing, guess they wanted to feel relevant) still use. How about some bilingual for you?

    Raspar (usually pronounced w/out the final r, raspa-h’)-The literal translation is to scrape and mostly used as a question. Both male and female will ask if “we going to ‘raspa-h'”. Never used as a statement regarding having actually done the deed. More of a street/hook up euphemism.

    1. HAH! “Bangin'” 😀 I never use that term. I guess it’s rather similar to “Hittin’ It”, both referring to some sort of “Smashing” motion… Which is actually ANOTHER term for it.. “Did you hit that?”, “Did you smash that?”

      I suppose all three could refer to a drum, which would also explain “Did you get the skins?” because you stretch skins to make a drum… “Did you hit it?” “Hit what?” “The Skins!” “Oh, yeah! No Doubt!” 😀

      Also, way to take it international with Raspah hahaha 😀

      1. Instead of hitting/smashing that maybe you would prefer the more gentle term Tapping that??

        but these are great, you can never have to much vocab in that department. i think it varies by region as well. i was in Toronto and was talking to my friend about some chick and he asks me “can she catch it” which apparently means is she hot up there.

        1. Absolutely, haha.. “Tap That” goes right along with the rest of those… However, “tapping” could refer to a light hitting (of the skins) or it could refer to tapping a chick similar to a beer keg.

          You have to insert the tap into the keg to get the beer out. I’m pretty sure Tapping has to do with the hit/smash references, but there’s an alternative theory at least. 😀

          There’s also Rocking, Dogging and Ragging, as in “I’d RAG that”, etc.

          The conversational term “She could get it” is more like the sporting gentleman’s way of expressing his ‘desires’. 🙂

  3. Um, we used to use “Bang” ALL the time in high school. Ahem, usually it was in reference to someone else, “Dude, he already banged that.” as opposed to anything we were up to! lol. Not sure what’s up with the whole smashing based vocab either. To my knowledge no one’s ever “pulverized” or “ground” a chick… hey you forgot the tool words, drilled and hammered. Wow, two happy thoughts at once, sex and my toolbox.

    FYI for the ol’ fogies, “hooking up” has a different meaning for Gen Y’rs. It doesn’t mean dating, going out, or even the platonic meeting up. It means having sex. I know, I know, but you can’t expect slang to stand still. All’s I can tell ya’ is you should’ve seen the look on a new friends face when I told her we should hookup some time ’cause I thought she was pretty cool. That’s about when she stopped being cool.

  4. Here’s a few phrases that we women use in conversation, so guys keep your ears open when eavesdropping:

    We hung out
    We laid low
    We just chilled

    They all mean the same thing – we got some!

    BTW – I think “knocking boots” may refer to knocking booties or bumping butts, instead of knocking someone’s boots off. Like the song “knockin’ da boots”.

    1. Thanks for the additions, Miami. 🙂

      If you’re referring to the fact that women tend to SAY they did less than they ACTUALLY did, you’re absolutely right. 🙂

  5. I have to respectfully disagree with your analysis of “making love”. While there are definitely contexts where it is a complete and total lie used to get the other party to have sex when they otherwise wouldn’t, I think there is a context where it does have meaning.

    I think “making love” applies in the rare relationship where there is a strong emotional tie, and the intimacy goes way beyond the physical. But relationships like that are kind of like catching a royal flush on the flop in texas hold em: One in a million and you better go all in if you do see it.

    1. @Yota: Noted. 🙂

      I agree with you that under the circumstances of a guy ACTUALLY being in love with a gal and wanting to express that, he can express his love towards her physically, sensually and sexually.

      However, how many times have you had a situation described to you where people clearly ****ed and they used the term “made love” to try to make it some flowery situation? Do you believe you can pick someone up for a One Night Stand and “Make Love” to them?.. When you don’t even KNOW them? 😀 It’s ridiculous.

      It’s people trying to explain away the fact that they gave it up so soon. It’s people trying to distance themselves from their nature of having sex with people that turn them on as opposed to people that they love. Lots of guys love gals that they have no intentions of having sex with. Where’s the “Making Love” when your wife gets overweight and you can’t get it up for her? What happened to “Love”?.. I’ll tell you what happened to it, there was no LUST involved, so it’s no dice as far as the old IN-OUT, Capisce? 😀

  6. Lol I agree with you too. I guess disagree was too strong a word and I should have said caveat.

    Yeah, definitely a one night stand does not fall under the making love category. If they say they were making love they are either delusional or in denial. I believe in LUST at first sight, not love.

    As far as the married couple, having never been married myself I can’t say. I’ve always heard that a healthy sex life is an important aspect to that serious of a committed relationship, so maybe it would be time to buy the chick (or dude) a stair master, and put a lock on the Ben and Jerry’s.

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