10 Reasons He Wants To Be “Just Friends”

Lindz & Bill present 10 Reasons He Wants To Be “Just Friends”

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Every once in a while, a gal will meet a guy that she knows likes her as a person as well as romantically, however, he refuses to make it happen. He refuses to take that extra step to start something up between them and see how it goes. This is when a gal finds herself trapped in the dreaded Friends Zone!!! :O

As usual, it’s Lindz & Bill to the rescue, with ten reasons why you might be receiving this kind of treatment. Let us know what you think in the comments section, below…


1. He Wants to Keep His Options Open

Ladies, he would never put himself on a diet just in case he got hungry and wanted a cheeseburger and fries. The same with this situation. Tying himself down to you or any one person at all completely eliminates all the rest of the girls out there and to be honest, there are many fish in the sea. Many FINE fish in the sea that are looking for the perfect King Salmon or King Crab to go home with.

2. He’d Rather Hang Out With His Guy Friends Than Be Obligated To You

By not dating you or any other woman, he has the right to say, “No I don’t want to go to your sister’s Bat Mitzvah with you. I’d rather stay home and play Fantasy Football. Really it doesn’t matter what he is doing because if he’s not tied down to you, he has no obligation. Guys are lazy and they don’t like to commit. Maybe one night he would rather sit at home and watch porn than go to your Mom’s 60th birthday with you. Can you blame him?

3. The Holidays Are Coming Up And He’s Broke.

Having a significant other generally means that you have to get them a gift for their birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day. If he’s broke and legitimately cannot afford a gift for you, he may hold off on the boyfriend/girlfriend status because not getting you a gift will make him seem cheap and embarassing, and he would rather be single than be called cheap.

4. You’re Way Hotter Than Him and He’s Insecure That You’ll Leave Him

Guys really do think that way. He would rather not date you than date you and be dumped by you. Because then he would be that douchebag that got dumped by the hot girl. And it would hurt his self esteem and image for longer than you would probably be dating. He’s gotta look out for himself in this situation. That’s why you see so many good looking guys with not so good looking girls. They are confident that she’ll stick around. It’s hard being hot. I know…

5. You’re Damaged Goods (Bros Before Hoes)

Well you brought this upon yourself, what can I say? If you’re trying to hook up with a guy or date him, DO NOT.. I repeat.. DO NOT hook up, date, sleep around, flirt, text, his friends. Contrary to what you may think, guys DO talk and they will talk about that girl (YOU) who is trying to play them like they were born yesterday. So be wise and most importantly, choose wisely. One stupid drunken hook up could curse your future forever.
You’re damaged goods (Bros before Hoes)


6. He Doesn’t Want To Hit It

He thinks you’re fantastic as a person and all that, but he just doesn’t see having sex with you as being a good time. This might be because he’s not physically turned on by your body or he’s not mentally aroused by your mentality or your way of being. You might be too kinky for him or not kinky enough.. too chunky or too skinny, too prudish or too horny, you might have too much junk in the trunk or not enough bounce to the ounce! HAHA Who Knows? 😀

7. You Can’t Handle It

“I’ve seen the future! I can’t afford it!” Sometimes, it becomes apparent that getting out is going to be tougher than getting in. Being that he has ZERO intentions of having sex with only you for the rest of his life, as much as he’d love to hook up with you, it’s ultimately more trouble than it’s worth. He’ll just have to be content to fantasize about it and keep it movin’! 😀

8. HE Can’t Handle It

A brotha stands to potentially lose some Cool Points if he hooks up with a chick that’s TOO FOYINE and then all that “King Of My Castle” trash he’s been talking about women for YEARS suddenly evaporates into thin air. He might have to take a pass on this one in order to maintain his Social Cred.

9. Your Friendship or Business Is More Important

Keep your eyes on the prize!!! 😀 You don’t want to jack your career advancement because your now-ex-girlfriend doesn’t want to see your grill around the office. Bite the bullet on this one and get PizAID!!! You can pull a lot more chicks with the money you’ll be getting from this one. 😉

Also, if you expect a certain level of coolness and mental compatibility, close homegirls are hard to find. Beleedat! It’s TOTALLY not worth it to alienate a great gal because she’s sour that y’all aren’t hooking up anymore. But hey… I mean if she begs you, you might just have to do her that solid and hit her off, NAH MEEN? 😀

10. You Have Lots Of Attractive Girlfriends

If he’s friends with you, you’ll introduce him to all your foyine-ass girlfriends that are always crowded around you at the parties! 😀 If he’s messing with you, you’re gonna hog The Kid all to yourself, and what’s the point of being SELFISH??? 😀

Remember! Ain’t no fun ‘less’n your HOMEGIRLS could get some!!! 😀

Lindz|@LindseyChen & Bill|@BillCammack

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  1. WOW. Interesting reading…most of this I already knew. I have the opposite issue. (Guys I am NOT AT ALL interested in wanting to be more then friends) LOL

  2. Nice post,

    I have seen/ been involved in situations like this before and i can honestly say that about 80% of the time it’s a combination of #10,9,7 which all come down to you bring more to the table as a friend than you would if it become something else.

    1. Yeah, a combination of #10 and #9 is pretty tough to beat. 😀

      It’s no wonder that there are some fantastic women that routinely complain that they never get asked out. Besides the potential intimidation factor, they’re just too valuable as contacts to take chances with.

        1. Hey Elle. 🙂

          Let’s put it this way.. If a chick is hawt and she’s a burger-flipper, there’s no business value to her unless you’re currently unemployed and looking to procure an application to work at McDonald’s with her. There’s nothing to think about except for whether you’re attracted to her or not and whether she’s crazy or not.

          Now.. If a chick is hawt and works in the same industry you do.. Let’s say you’re a video editor and she runs her own PR firm, then you might decide to do your wallet a favor and not kick it to her so she feels comfortable giving you lots and lots of business!!! 😀 *CHA-CHINGGGGG!!!* 😀

          Socially, if she’s very popular, it’s better not to kick it to her because that way, she’ll introduce you to all her hawt friends and you end up way better off than if you would have hooked up with her and then she cockblocked the rest of her homegirls because she’s greedy.

          Also, let’s say there’s something mentally unique about her that you don’t want to lose out on by messing with her. You can find attractive chicks on just about any street corner in this town (not meaning hookers, haha), but women you actually enjoy talking/listening to? Not so much. So you might just want to keep her on the cerebral list and mess around with other chicks that have less personal value to you.

          So the question is whether you stay in the pocket or scramble. If you can see greater wins than having a good time physically with her, you might just want to skip it and stay on that “friends” tip even though you always feel like screwing her brains out. >:D

          1. Hmm..this explanation still baffles me, if she has all these positive qualitites and you’re physically attracted to her, why wouldn’t you hit it? Chances are if you’re in the same industry she’d probably throw more business your way b/c of the relationship you have together, in my opinion that’s a win/win.

            1. Hey, Lark 😀

              Actually, your question needs to be another blog post of mine, probably entitled “What goes up.. Must come down”! 😀 haha

              Yes.. Initially, you’re correct.

              If you have a lot in common with someone in your industry and y’all are attracted to each other, kickin’ it would definitely get you *MORE* business, not less… *UNTILLLLL* the romantic part of the relationship takes a turn for the worse, in which case, she’s not going to want to ever see or hear about you ever again in life! 😛

              So, I guess I should amend my opinion to say that it isn’t good policy to mess with potential LONG-TERM clients, but if it’s a one-off, you should definitely get in where you fit in! 😉

              Cheers, and thanks for the comment! 😀

  3. 1)So you are a 12 trick pony and blessed me with 11 of them that first night. Yes, I wanna keep my options open. No reason to settle now… Nothing to look forward to.
    2)True dat, true dat…
    3)Holidays are coming and… Im not feeling you like that! Hey, Merry Christmas! Hope you get everything you wanted.
    4)You are WAAAAAY hotther than me and… I GOTTA WONDER WHY YOU NOT TAKEN!!!!??? Theres a defect somewhere and Im not trying to figure it out!
    5)The group slide…’nuff said!

    6)Heard you complain about every dude you been with. You still the only female left on the planet that wont blo…er, “bless” your man. Plus you sound like a chipmunk… yeah, I’ll pass.
    7)Truuuuuuuuuuue! To many women confuse getting d*ck with being in love…
    8)Truuuuuuuuuuue! To many women confuse getting d*ck with being in love… and I cant handle you wanting more than I am offering.
    9)YES!!! I done seen the light and your friends are TOO HOT for me to mess up the friendship
    with you!
    10)Preach Brotha’ Cammack, PREACH!!!

    1. 1) Interesting point. The only way a gal’s going to survive handing out 11 of her 12 tricks is if she’s really fantastic or interesting as a person. Looking good and doing the right thing in the sack are absolutely common traits compared to a chick actually being compelling enough to want to spend time with.

      3) Yeah, that happens a lot, too. It’s not that the guy’s broke, it’s just that he knows he’s not going to be interested in her after the holiday season so he needs to get rid of her now so he can show up DOLO to all the holiday parties and scoop the Executive Secretaries making 80k at his friend’s jobs.

      4) That’s true. After a while, people start to wonder why a chick who’s obviously visually a catch hasn’t been scooped up by anyone.

      Having said that.. At least in Social Media circles, there are a lot of chicks that DO have boyfriends, but they hide them so they can still cash in on followers on Facebook & Twitter that think they might have a shot with them or at least want to fantasize about hooking up with them. You see it a lot with performers, that they’re urged to keep their dating lives out of the tabloids so fans aren’t turned off that they’re “taken”.

      So there are some chicks that appear to be perpetually single, even though they’re attractive, successful, witty, fun & intelligent.. and in reality, they’re doing their dirt on the regular on the DL so they can maintain their business props.

      5) Yeah, it’s amazing how women don’t think about that and get around with several guys in the same group. They’re probably the same chicks that Chris Rock was talking about in his routine that are dancing their asses off at the club to “Put it in her mouth”, talkin’ ’bout “He’s Not Talking About MEEEE! :D”

      6) hahahahaha Yeah.. If a chick’s skeeved out when you mention common “bedroom” occurrences, she’s not likely to get to first base, as the rest of the game’s likely to be boring and having a brotha yawning like the 7th inning stretch.


      9) No dIZoubt. If she’s not down to share and her friends are hawter, she might just have to remain on the sidelines way over there by the friends zone! 😀

  4. Wow…glad I found this blog, I aint mad..cuz damn it all makes sense now.

    Way to keep it real though!

    Everything said sounds just like this dude. He is amazing, but the sex chemistry just wasnt there, I’m not over weight but maybe he wasnt feelin my ass & thighs, too much for much him!

    But damn, everything sounds just like him!

    1. Interestingly enough, this seems to be a theme amongst my readers this week, hahaha 😀

      The short response is that to some guys you’re going to have too much bounce to the ounce and to some guys, you’re gonna have too little. Too skinny, Too fat, Too short, Too tall, Southern accent, Jersey accent… It’s all a shot in the dark. Don’t take it personally. Everybody wasn’t meant for everybody.

      On top of that, maybe he was just having an off day or he hooked up with some other chick just before you arrived and didn’t have anything left. \o/

      These things happen. I’m sure guys will be catcalling you sooner than you know, and then this episode will be past history! 😉

  5. 4) saved my day, because I just didn’t get why this guy is staring at me, flirting and all, but after our first date he just lost a tremendous amount of weight, got a new wardrobe, but didn’t ask me out for a second one, but still kept texting me. So I did ask him out and nothing happened. I was like WTF?! But now I guess, I think that he thinks I’m too hot for him…such a shame. I wouldn’t even have minded the extra-weight on him, his character is just tdf.

    But because he just does not ask me out anymore, I will date another guy, who does. By coincidence this guy is really hot…so now it will appear that I’m shallow and superficial, but the other guy should have just asked me out on a second/thrid date. Such is life.

    1. Hey Mia. 🙂

      Sometimes, guys get lucky, not in the sexual sense, but meaning that we find ourselves hanging out with women that we already know we’re not going to be able to maintain a higher level of relationship to.

      In a circumstance like you’re describing, it sounds like an attempt to become the type of person that he thinks YOU think would be worth dating. “She wouldn’t date me because I’m fat”. “She wouldn’t date me because I don’t dress well”. “She wouldn’t date me because I don’t make enough money or have a nice enough apartment”…

      I think you’re absolutely right that a lot of guys cheat themselves out of good relationships to women because they’re not properly seeing what they’re bringing to the table, including, as you mentioned, personality or character that makes them worth spending time with over a dude that looks better, has more money, and happens to be a JERK. 😀

  6. My ex said we should see other people before he left for the summer. His reasons were vague. When he was gone, he was in constant contact. When he came back, he was messaging every day and some nights we’d talk for 2 or 3 hours. We were at the same festival one night, he introduced me to his best friends, hung around for a while, then talked to two girls the rest of the night. His friend rolled his eyes at what he was doing. So I ignored him and then when leaving just said bye! He started messaging me after I left but I didn’t respond because I was asleep by the time I got them. THe next day, he said he thought it was too early to be hanging out (been over 2 months). I told him he was right, agreed with it, and said I need to move on without talking with him. He was upset that I didn’t want to stay friends. I told him i’d be jealous if he found someone soon and friends aren’t like that. He sent me a message 2 weeks later saying, times up… we are friends. Hi how’s it going? I said.. hi, i’m really busy. I have to go. I like him… but i don’t want to put up with back and forth stuff. I know he’s not seeing anyone else. He wanted this. We talked all the time. And I miss him

    1. “We should see other people” means “I’m about to hook up with chicks, so you can do whatever you want over the summer”.

      If he’s leaving for the summer, he’s not going to have physical contact with you, and he IS going to have physical contact with new chicks wherever he’s going.

      It’s a nice way of saying “Don’t bother being faithful to our ‘relationship’ while I’m gone” so you don’t waste your time if he comes back after the summer with a new girlfriend or just plain disinterested in the relationship he used to have with you.

      It’s nice that he still wanted to be friends with you even though he wasn’t physically interested in you anymore. That’s not a situation that a lot of women enjoy, realizing that a guy elected not to be physical with them anymore. I understand why you blew him off.

      You miss him because what you actually want isn’t congruent with what you did.

  7. I’ve known this guy for over 30yrs and when we were younger we had a crush on each other but didn’t know it and he was my brother’s best friend. (brother wouldn’t have it) 3yrs ago I found him and we’ve hooked up several times. Unfortunately there is 2k miles between us. He’s been married/divorced 3x’s. He’s blaimed himself for his failed marriages but there are 2 sides to the story. We have a great connection mentally/physically and he’s been very honest with me. I’ve asked why he didn’t want to be in a relationship with me and he says he values our friendship and wouldn’t want to jeapordize it. He’s also said that if I feel that being friends w/benefits is too much for me just say so.(2x’s yr) He says I have everything he’s looking for in a woman but he doesn’t know why he doesn’t want to be committed to me, he’ll know it when he feels it. He wants someone that’s perfect for him. LOL Personally I think he’s confused but I just can’t help but wonder what’s wrong with me or is it he doesn’t want to fail with me. We talk about everything, including my dates. LOL We consider each other best friends…

    1. Thanks for the comment, Dee. 🙂

      Obviously, dude isn’t too valid a critic about “someone that’s perfect for him” if he’s been divorced three times.

      First of all, living 2,000 miles from each other and hooking up twice a year isn’t going to make you his best girlfriend, regardless.. meaning you’re not going to be the front-runner for a relationship.

      Second, if he actually does like your personality (which it sounds like he does), it really *IS* more important for him to retain you as a friend than to hook up with you. Guys with above-average looks can always find girls that want to lay down with them, but the problem is that their personalities and mentalities often SUCK.

      Once you go through that enough times, you elect not to put the girls that you really like through the wringer. It’s better to screw other chicks and keep them as friends because that way you always have consistent, good female friendship in your life, which is hard to find when the only reason you talk to chicks is so you can have sex with them.

      So what you’re saying makes perfect sense. It’s better for him to get his physical recreation from other chicks he doesn’t care about and maintain his friendship with you indefinitely.

  8. Hey, what a good read!! Still have a question….this guy told me, he does not want a relationship, because i have a child….wow..I guess thats that then…

    1. Hey Liz. Thanks for the comment. 🙂

      Yeah, that’s a tough one. Some guys aren’t willing to deal with women that have ANYTHING taking up their time that they could be spending with him, including kids or a job that causes you to work 12 hours a day, even on weekends.

      The money might be good, but if he wants a gal he can spend a lot of time with and go on trips with and all that, if she can’t (or doesn’t want to) stop working for a week so they can go to Mexico, there’s really no point in him getting started with her.

      Another problem with the kid thing is that kids are expensive. You’re automatically taking on debt by accepting a girlfriend with a child. I think the fact that she’s not available unless she hires a sitter is more important, but some guys just look at the finances, and are like “Nah”.

  9. woww… i figured a lot of these reasons were true… there’s ag uy i’m into, he gave me the just friends talk b/c he’s moving in 6 months… but said “if something DOES happen, cool” so.. he’s not against it? right?

    and his work friends say that he talks about me and has said nothing but good things… and they say he likes me…

    so. wtf is the deal???

    1. Hey Andi. Thanks for the question. 🙂

      It sounds to me like he doesn’t want to be a jerk and start something with you that might end abruptly six months from now, when/if he moves.

      The fact that he’s leaving it open seems like he’s willing to kick it with you if you recognize there’s potentially a time limit on your interactions.

  10. Ok so i work with this guy and i really like him and ive told him several times…well we have hooked up after work a couple of times and i thought he liked me but when i asked him he said that we should just be friends and that he doesnt know if he likes me like that… but how can you ask someone to hang with you all the time(just us) and not know if you like her… when there never anything sexual going on…. so confused…. plz help

    1. Hey Key Key. 🙂

      The reason a guy asks a gal to hang out with him all the time, solo, and doesn’t know if he “likes her” is that he’s not TRYING to like you. He’s trying to have sex with you.

      He would definitely know if he likes you by now. He would know if he likes you as a person and he would know if he likes you romantically and he would know if he likes you ENOUGH to get into an exclusive relationship with you.

      It seems like you’re looking for a boyfriend/girlfriend situation while he’s just stalling to see if he can wait you out long enough until you’ll give it up. Either way, it seems like he’s gonna bounce as soon as you a) give him some, or b) tell him you’re not going to hook up with him until he announces (probably lying) that you’re his girlfriend.

  11. I was dating a guy for about a month, we talked everyday and he seemed really into me as he would call everyday and do all the right things. We never slept together, he seemed to be more of the “girl” as he just wanted to sleep over and cuddle. He recently just called me to say that he just wants to be friends and thinks I am amazing in every way but just doesn’t see a future. I told him I had enough friends and said take care. He asked to see me as he said he really wants me in his life as a friend so I agreed to be friends. He has been texting me and calling me more then ever (evrey day) and if I don’t reply he calls me and says “why haven’t you replied”. I’m not sure what games this guy is playing as I would have liked to have him as a friend but he is acting super weird and not like a friend. He has asked me to go out several times but I just say I am busy as he is kind of scaring me. What does this mean??

    1. Hey Sara. 🙂

      That *IS* a strange situation you’re talking about. Perhaps he met a new girl after he had already started kickin’ it with you, and he wants to keep you in reserve while he sees where his new relationship goes.

      Maybe he already had a girlfriend before he started talking to you, but she wasn’t giving him any at the time, and he was waiting it out to see whether she came around before fully hooking up with you.

      I do find it interesting that you told him you had enough friends and then decided to be friends with him anyway.

  12. Hey there! I really liked that this post was blunt and not sugar coated for us to read!  I have heard or been in situations like these. I am currently in a situation where I met this guy thru my brother and he automatically started to flirt with me, Later down, as a joke, he claimed that my brother was his bro-in-law etc. We talked about relationships in general (not us) and how I like things to be laid out for me and no bullcrap. I am 25 and don’t need my time wasted so I was thinking we either have fun or don’t lead me on. After that, he was being so sweet to me and even impressed my girlfriends with how attentive he was with me when we went to go visit him at his job. Eventually, he calls me out on some Facebook post I had and He talked us up saying that he needs to get on his feet an blah blah blah but has confidence in us. Idkwtf he means. One night I got pissed because I found out thru my brother that he still talks to other girls (fine but dont talk that ish in my ear and try to play me especially infront of my blood) I decided to talk to him about it and he pulled the EFFIN “friend” card bs! Said that all we ever talked about was us being “good friends.” Even tho he did that, he hits my brother up all mad at him and saying he messed things up between us!! Ok WTF? Heres the thing, besides all this “misinterpretation” I do genuinely care about him because he is a great guy and he has so much that I would want from a man.. Now he always wants me to come over and spend time with him or he’ll tell me about all these places he wants to take me to. We haven’t hooked up and he has respected me 100% but makes it known he is attracted to me. Whew ok that’s all. Lol. What do you think?! 

  13. Lol sorry I had to add one more!! He just texted me with “send me pictures of your day.” I send him one of me at work (just of my big ass head lol) and he say “damn, your hella beautiful” see!!!! Gggrrrrrrr!!!!!

  14. Ok shoot. One more.. Sorry I’m blowing up your page!! Haha.. He also has said he doesn’t believe in relationships or marriage. Red Flag. But why the heck is he willing to jeopardize his friendship with me and let alone my brother (they are really good friends) if he is going about everything that contradicts what he preaches and lead me on?

    1. Hey Mona. 🙂

      Interesting situation, yet typical.

      Dude’s just staying in the pocket.

      The longer he remains “friends” with you, the more opportunities he’s going to have for you to decide to give him some.

      Meanwhile, he kicks it with the other chicks that your brother ratted him out about until you finally come around and get down with the program.

      Not believing in relationships basically means that he already knows he doesn’t have to promise women anything for them to have sex with him, so there’s no point in calling anything a “relationship”. If you’re interested, we can do this. If you’re not interested, I’ll label you “friend” until you change your mind.

      Basically.. Guys that are looking for ONE girlfriend can find one relatively quickly if they can pull girls at all. If dude already has several chicks and you’re one of them, there’s a reason that he hasn’t selected one of y’all and booted the rest.. It’s because he doesn’t have to, and the more, the merrier.

  15. Hi Cammack,

    Your posting were all very interesting. I have a question, I met a friend about 6 years ago and I always had a crush on him, but because he’s a Oral Surgeon I thought he didn’t think that highly of me. We started talking and going out to dinner (a lot) it’s been a year now since we’ve been on and off and today he told me he loves his single status and than asked me if I was mad.
    I pretended as if that didn’t bother me at all, but I feel this guy gives me lots of mix signals. Every time we are together is as if it’s only us in that restaurant. We did get intimate once, like a year ago. I’m not sure what to think, and our mutual friend who is also an Oral Surgeon doesn’t know we talk behind his back nor that we communicate.

    Did I mentioned that I’m still living with my ex-boyfriend, until my lease is up.

    I’m not sure what to think?? Help! I am a very hot latina, and he is always amazed by how i look when he see’s me.

    1. Hey Jackie. 🙂

      I didn’t know oral surgeons had higher standards for women than anyone else. 😛

      He’s not “single”. He’s dating you and every other woman he goes out with.

      He merely hasn’t committed to any of y’all, because he hasn’t found a reason to have to make a decision yet.

      Basically, the problem here is that you’re trying to make more of the situation than it actually is.

      If he hit it a year ago and hasn’t pressured you for sex since then, he already has other chicks to hook up with, so it’s no problem for him to go to dinner with you or tell you you look good or flirt with you because his life’s going to be the same, regardless.

      I doubt that your living with an ex has anything to do with anything, unless dude thinks you’re still hooking up with your ex.

    2. I dated a guy for 2 months and after two months he told me we made “better friends”. I really liked him and didn’t want him to see I was upset so I agreed. We didn’t see each other for a month and then got together for dinner and a movie and we had a great time and I was relieved that we could be friends and it wasn’t weird. A few weeks later he came over to my house and brought take out and we watched movies. He fell asleep on my couch and I went to bed. The next morning he wouldn’t leave and it got a little awkward and the next thing I knew, he put the moves on me. I was very shocked because I thought we had made it to the point where we were friends without anything being weird. And, up until this point, he has seemed like a nice guy who doesn’t want to do me wrong -he just didn’t see us together. I see from being FB friends with him that he has a lot of female friends. Now that it’s a few days later, I am upset because I feel that he took advantage of knowing that I probably still liked him and I’m confused. I was ok with putting my feelings aside and being friends and I don’t know why he had to ruin it. I haven’t heard from him since and it’s been a week.

      1. Hey Kelly. Thanks for the comment. 🙂

        Here’s the main problem.. Your mindset isn’t cut out for randomly dating and hooking up with dudes.

        Using the words “awkward”, “weird”, and “do me wrong” indicates that you’re not in control of your own situation, which is the worst spot for females to be in, because that leads to all kinds of problems, including diseases and pregnancy.

        If you feel “Awkward, Weird, and Done Wrong” by hooking up with a dude, just plain veto him. Tell him you’re not interested, you’re not ready, you’re not sure, tell him nothing at all, other than “No thanks” if you don’t feel like making up excuses.

        If you’re not down, you’re not down. THAT’S what you need to be comfortable with.

        Second.. So long as he’s still physically attracted to you, a guy’s going to want to have sex with you, regardless of what he agrees to. “Friends”, to guys, means you may or may not give it up eventually, and he’s willing to wait around to see what happens.

        “Friends” does *NOT* mean he won’t have sex with you at his earliest opportunity and convenience. Does. *NOT*. mean that.

        Now, I have no idea why he said he wanted to be “friends” with you in the first place, unless maybe you were telling him you wanted to be in a relationship with him in order to hook up.

        It’s better for guys that have no intention of getting involved in exclusive sexual relationships to bail on the idea of dating and just take their chances that she’s going to want to get with him at some point anyway, so he can wait her out while he hooks up with other chicks that are interested in him from the giddyap, and are already down for what he’s down for.

        The reason you’re confused is that you received the wrong information from whomever taught you about guys.

        Unless you physically look different, to the degree that he isn’t sexually turned on by you anymore, he’s going to want to hit it. Period.

        Work mentally from whether a guy’s attracted to you or not, and forget about what he claims the title of his relationship to you is.

        Good Luck! 😀

  16. I dont know, he left me 2 months ago, I did NC because he was treating me like shit after the break up, he was being a dick on purpose, using me for sex, but i stopped, since I wanted a relationship. This is the second time hes left, because we argued about stupid little things, I def think its either the first or second one, he told me one time that “I like hanging out with my friends more than you” Still, hes overweight, hasnt gone to school 3 years, and is NOW saving for school, doesnt have a car, and spends his money on clothes, and alc since he parties every weekend.

    1. Well, Ash.. It sounds like he’s doing whatever he wants to do, and was probably doing that while you were dating him.

      You’re better off back on the dating scene with a new education on how some relationships turn out, so hopefully you’ll have better luck next time! 😀

  17. I’m in need of a male perspective.
    I’ve had a “relationship” with a guy who’s 6 yrs younger than me on and off for about 3 yrs.
    Yes he had a GF when we hooked up. Yes I suck. I was the first person he called when they broke up. Whatever.
    Anyway, we’ve been hanging out and it’s fun and great and I told him we shouldn’t have sex anymore because I can’t handle it (i have “feelings” for him) but he’s moving across the country and why not one last time?!
    Well he say’s he’s enjoying just being friends with me and it makes simpler and more manageable for him when we’re not hooking up.
    What the hell.

    1. That’s very interesting, Belise. 🙂 Thanks for sharing that.

      I’ve had women tell me that too, and it’s pretty much like an “off” switch.

      Essentially, you said to him that you’re having such a good time with him that you can’t stand to have a good time with him, which entirely, completely sucks, and doesn’t make any sense to guys.

      Once you do that, it’s possible that the guy will physically shut off to you, entirely. It’ll go one of two ways.. He’ll either want to screw you even more, or he’ll lose all interest in hittin’ it at all.

      Once he’s not interested in having sex with you, there isn’t much you can do about it. Hooking up one last time would be to YOUR benefit, not his, so why should he bother? \o/

      I’m not saying you did anything “wrong” or atypical. It’s really common what you did, and, like I said, I’ve had it happen to me.

      Women just have to realize that y’all add a bunch of extra thought into sex that men in general don’t add, think about, or care about. Y’all think it’s cool to say “I’ll have sex with you now, I won’t have sex with you now”, but you’re taking your chances that dude won’t be interested in pursuing an on-and-off sexual relationship with you, and it’s easier to play you to the left as a so-called “platonic friend” so we don’t have to wonder whether we should be in hookup mode or not when we spend time with you.

  18. This was a very good read, Bill – nice work! My problem with putting girls into the Friend Zone is quite simple: #2 & #8. I’m 22-years-old and love my time with my buddies, having a girl jump into the mix and possibly take away any of that time kills me. (True story: had some friends over for a big-time Celtics playoff game with beers, food, the works… this gal I was seeing came over later with the movie “Enchanted,” in case “we all wanted to watch it later.” I couldn’t get rid of her quick enough.) To my friends, I’m known as the “King Of My Castle” and it’s understood that I don’t allow women to interfere with my routines – I can’t shake the pride of that. Thanks for the awesome article and look forward to reading your other stuff!

    1. Thanks for the props, Clint. 🙂

      That’s something you’re going to have to figure out for yourself.. what role women *ACTUALLY* play in your life.

      I was watching this film earlier and this dude was married to this chick and they were sitting around the table having a family dinner, and this chick was straight WILDIN’!!! 😀 I mean she was screaming at him and talking all kinds of trash and scolding him like he was her young son or something, and I was like “I understand that this is a movie, and it’s scripted, but if a chick ever talked 1/80th of that garbage to me, she’d get ejected immediately if not sooner. >:D”

      If you disagree with me, say so, and we’ll discuss it like grown-ass people. If you want to be a jerk, you can be a jerk by yourself or with some other guy. Beat it. Kick Rocks.

      Same thing with bringing over movies. If you know I’m already chillin’, play your position and you’ll be invited to the party *IF* I invite you to the party. If you DON’T know I’m chillin’ and you find out when you arrive uninvited, then play your position (if you can) and enjoy what we’re enjoying until the plan changes (if it ever does).

      That’s the deal, and she can take it or leave it. If she’s one of those chicks that gets her kicks from telling dudes what to do, there are lots of guys that are into that, and good luck to her in her new relationship.

      But yeah.. Overall, it all comes down to what you’re looking for in your interaction with women and being authentic with them as far as what you’re offering and what you’re willing to stand for.

      Lots of women believe that getting the “girlfriend” title gives them at least 50% say in the relationship. If that’s not on the table, let her know from the giddyap so she can either get down with the program or bounce.

      Cheers! 😀

  19. Hi! I am so glad I found this site…

    So a guy I work with who is 28 (I am 24) has been hanging out with me literally every night for two months. I’ve tried to distance myself from him in an effort to keep up my defenses, but he ALWAYS calls me if I don’t contact him and asks me to come over. I am coming out of a 3 year relationship/engagement that ended 9 months ago and he just recently admitted that he has come out of a 7-8 year off and on relationship that also ended 9 months ago. Neither one of us told the other until he finally, two WHOLE MONTHS into our friendship/dating/thing felt ready to disclose his past and the fact that he has cheated on a lot of his girlfriends. It felt like it took him the whole two months to build up the courage to tell me about his exes and his cheating behaviors… He then seemed very surprised when I told him of my engagement, etc.

    He has not tried to make any physical advances but always makes sure he is sitting next to me, touching my leg with his leg, brushes my knee with his hand, sometimes brushes my arm or my lower back with his hand, etc. One night of drinking with friends where both of us were sober he texted me and told me he was glad I came out and that I looked sexy. The problem is that the next night he will be very distant and not sit as close to me, not walk me to the door, etc. It’s like a light switch where sometimes he wants to kiss me and sometimes he is indifferent to my leaving.

    I know in normal circumstances I’d take these touches, etc. as an invitation to turn around and make out with him, but I am so confused by his hot and cold behavior that I don’t have a clue as to what he wants from me!

    1. I would say don’t focus on what he wants from you. Focus on what you want from him.

      Then figure out a way to get it.

      I’m also not sure why he would tell you about his cheating ways. It seems to me it’s one of those traps that comes back to ensnare you. “I TOLD you I was always a cheat, from the very beginning”. You KNEW, yet you chose to date me.
      Win for him, lose for you.

      I dunno. You will probably get more out of him if you keep him in the friend zone. He can never cheat on you that way. According to Bill, men seem to hate being in that zone. Win for you! (In other words, he is exhibiting douche behavior.) Who needs that?

    2. First of all, I agree with Kay… Focus on what YOU want and then figure out whether you can get that from him or not.

      He doesn’t seem to be the type of person to really make moves whether he actually wants something or not, so you can save yourself a lot of thinking by figuring out a plan of action for yourself and then implementing it.

      The telling about cheating may be his way of working up to asking you to hook up with him.

      It also seems like an escape hatch, like Kay said, where he can say “Yeah, you caught me messing with some other chick, but I told you so! :D”

      If what you decide is that you don’t feel like having sex with him, “Friend” him, like Kay said. If you decide you want to hook up with him, know that he may have no intention of being “faithful” to you.

      One of the things about situations like yours is that you have to first understand what other types of women he’s around. He could be stalling because he likes you more than the other chicks and he doesn’t want to hit it & quit it… OTOH, he could be stalling because he already has sex available to him, so there isn’t any need for him to press up on you to get laid.

      “I’ve tried to distance myself from him in an effort to keep up my defenses” means that you want to give him some, but for some reason, you’re stopping yourself. If you really didn’t want to hook up with him, you wouldn’t keep hanging out with him when he contacts you.

      I think the first thing to do is figure out if you’ll be able to maintain your friendship with him if you hook up with him. After that, decide which is more important.. your friendship with him or hooking up with a guy that you’re attracted to.

      Of course, if you want to know what time it is with him, you could always go “Say… Why don’t we go out on a date this Friday? o_O” and see what he says.

  20. I met a guy through a group of friends about seven months ago. We became friends, but we only hung out when the group got together. It wasn’t until about 7 weeks ago that we began to hang out with each other outside of the group and began to date 5 weeks ago. He was affectionate, but not overly, which I liked. Those who saw us together said that he was very much into me. I know I enjoyed his company and I felt he enjoyed mine. We had things in common; basically things seemed to be going well (our friends recognized this too). We did not sleep together, but he did try, so there was attraction and he never pushed the matter. Then, one night he did a quick flip of attitude on me and when I say quick I mean within 20 minutes. Almost as if he had an epiphany about whatever. He went from hugging and kissing me before I went to shower to almost cold when I got out. I found it very strange. He stayed on the edge of one side of the bed all night while I stayed on the other; no cuddling, which he usually did. For a minute I thought maybe he was rummaging around in my room or looking through my phone and found something he didn’t like, but for the life of me, I could not think of anything that would be incriminating or off putting to him.

    The next morning, when I was waking for work he began to cuddle with me. It was strange so I thought ok, I am reading too much into what happened. He hugged and kissed me and left. I didn’t hear from him for a few days, so I sent him a text, nothing big, just telling him the about a game I was watching and who won. He texted back but it was strange and I could go on, but the gist is, a few days ago we had lunch and after when he was about to leave I asked him if he was feeling weird around me, he said no but thought it best if we not continue on and just stay friends. He said he would be traveling too much for work and would be exhausted. That it wouldn’t be fair to either of us to starting getting too into this. Of course had I not asked him, he would never have told me and most likely would have just cut ties.

    I guess my concern is why the sudden flip? What could cause it so suddenly? If he was thinking about it previously, he should no signs that I recognized; that he was having a change of heart.

    1. Interesting scenario, Cate. 🙂

      The first thing that came to my mind also was that he rummaged through your stuff.

      The ‘problem’ I have with your story is “We did not sleep together, but he did try.”

      If he tried, what happened? o_O .. Assuming you’re a grown-ass woman, that means you rejected his sexual advances. I have no idea why women think that men are going to continue treating y’all the same way after a situation like that (assuming that’s what happened).

      If that’s the case, then AS. SOON. AS. the next gal decides she wants to give him some, you automatically start losing position.. QUICKLY.

      So, another theory is that while you were in the shower, he was talking/texting with another chick that amped up her relationship to him, causing him to sexually focus on her and not on you, since she obviously wants to get it on and you obviously don’t (again, assuming you vetoed the situation).

      But yeah, we can assume SOMETHING happened, because he switched gears so quickly.

      It could be anything, though.. Y’all met each other through a group of friends. He might have been told that one of the other group members hit it and he’s not interested anymore. \o/ He might have heard you were a stalker after you give it up. It really could be anything.

      The important point is what you mentioned.. He used to be interested, and now he’s backing off. Unless you have mutual friends that can give you insight to his personality (without snitching on you that you were asking about him, hahaha), your best bet is to have a direct talk with him and ask him why he changed his mind.

      As someone who claims he still wants to be your friend, he should tell you so you can gain closure in this situation.

      Good Luck! 😀

  21. Well I met a guy on a datin site 3mnths ago we talked txted frequently and when I finally told him I like him he was like am seeing someone but it’s not Official what’s that suppose to mean? Then he was like let’s be good friends though. Good friends? nvr got bak to him with an answer Am confused.

  22. It means exactly what it sounds like He’s dating a girl and hooking up with her but he is not committed. So now that you have shown interest he wants to hookup with you to.

  23. Hey,

    Need some advice. I met a man about 4 months ago, in a gathering, the first time we talked we were alone, and he stated that he wants to love someone and was ready for a relationship.

    We are both in our early 50’s. I too would like to be in a relationship as well. Fast forwarding… he’s never asked me out, nor has asked me for my #, we only talk when we see each other which is not too often.

    I think we both sense an attraction, he’s really reserved and very quiet, and extremly shy.
    He does not like it when my eyes wonder or ask about his friends which he has never introduced me to them.

    I have had friends tell me to make the first move but I’m afraid he may not want that from me. I did tell him in the beginning that I was hurt before in a previous relationship and wanted to take things slow in my next relationship.. you know to get to know the person first, that I wanted to do things “the right way” this time around.

    He always sits with me, we can probalby talk all night if given an opporunity at times I wish he would open up and relax.

    I really like him, but at times I just want to give up and just be a friend. I miss him and wish I could get to know him better. He seems like a nice guy, very respectable I think about him all the time. I try not to get my hopes up high just in case.

    One time he hugged me an it felt as if he poured peace into my soul, all the negative thoughts, and feelings were gone. I felt so reassured.

    I’m so confused.

    1. hmm.. Interesting situation, Angeka.

      What you need to do is not necessarily make the first move, but you need to present him with opportunities to ask you out.

      For instance, tell him that you’d like to go to X museum to see Y exhibit on Saturday afternoon, but you don’t have anyone to go with.

      That’s his opportunity to ask you if you’d like for him to accompany you, and the ball has started rolling…

  24. I met a guy through one of my friends and we instantly hit it off. I would go over to my friends place ( they all live in a studio) and we would flirt with each other non stop. My friend warned me that he was a player and I was okay with that. One night we went for a walk and ended up hooking up and talking about life. These hook up sessions went on for about two weeks, but i made it clear we would not have sex to which he said “that’s a grey area, usually girls say that and end up doing it anyway”. We continued to hookup and he did not pressure me to have sex because he said he understood. He told me he had three girls who he could potentially be exclusive with if any one of them said they wanted to. I was okay with that because this was a casual friendship. A few days later he told me neither of those 3 girls were interested and they just wanted to be friends with him. Then one day when we were just hanging out he said he didnt think we should hook up /kiss everytime we see each other anymore and when I asked why he told me about how he has messed up a lot of relationships and doesnt want to just objectify me because he is actually starting to care alot about me, and can see us potentially dating in the future. He really stressed the fact that he liked me a lot physically and mentally but wanted to get to know me better and not just focus time on hooking up for now. He also said he didnt want us to be on different levels, where one could end up getting hurt. I’m just confused on why the sudden change of behavior, what’s wrong with a little kiss or hooking up sometimes? We have hung out a lot after this convo because he says he likes my company and he always texts me to come over, but we dont kiss or cuddle like we used to.

    Everytime we hang out I can tell that he is really trying hard to resist kissing me, and when we hug we linger on for a few moments. I’m just confused on why he changed his attitude, and if he actually meant what he said about why he’s doing this.

    1. Hey Student111. 🙂

      He’s right about “That’s a grey area. Usually girls say that and end up doing it anyway”.

      Women think they can dictate what’s going to happen during an evening BEFORE they start feeling horny and want to get laid, and as soon as that happens, all bets are off, and they do what comes naturally.

      hmm… I think I need to write a new blog post “What’s Wrong With A Kiss?”. 😀

      The fact of the matter is that most of the time, dudes are kissing chicks because it’s a precursor to having sex with them.

      If you’re not going to hit it, there’s no point in making out with her.

      If you have several other chicks that are grown-ass women and will have sex with you whenever they feel like it, there’s no point in playing high school games with a chick that insists on frontin’ on the Jimmy.

      So.. In fact.. It’s better for him to enjoy your company mentally without enjoying it physically. You’ve said several times that you’re not interested in having sex with him, which isn’t acceptable to a grown-ass man, so it doesn’t make sense for him to keep making out with you when he could do the same thing with a chick that’s going to keep the program going and finish off the situation properly.

      I’m sure he’s resisting kissing you, however, you’re resisting ******* him. o_O

      It’s a drag when you KNOW DAMNED WELL that the chick in front of you wants to give you some, but she’s decided that she’s not going to do that. It’s better to just keep your mouth off of her entirely, instead of keeping getting to the point where you want to hit it so she can front again.

      It seems to me that you should enjoy your cerebral relationship with him and let him get his physical things on with women that he knows are going to be fully physically involved with him.

  25. At work I met a guy. We hung out several times and finally I told him I was interested in him in a quick comment. He said he wanted to actually talk about it and said he would like to see where this went. We kissed good-bye and nothing else ever happened. A few days later everything still seemed cool, but then he said he just “wasn’t feeling it” and he wanted to be just friends.

    Now the strangest part to me is we are even closer than before. We hang out often, we have Friday night game nights with my kids and he is just great with them. Everyone thinks we are dating and he tells me he doesn’t care if everyone thinks we are dating. We are going on a mini road trip vacation over Christmas break and he’s super excited, as am I, and my kids. He tells me all the time how amazing he thinks I am and how much he enjoys hanging out with me…

    I still continue to date (as I’m sure he is but just doesn’t tell me) but nothing ever happens between us and I don’t get how he can enjoy to spend time with me so much but not be attracted to me. I feel like I need to cut him off altogether because I need to be able to fully move on but it’s hard when my heart is getting wrapped up in someone who doesn’t want to be with me??? Why does he continue to spend so much time with me if he wants nothing to do with me??

    1. Interesting situation, Laura.

      What does “moving on” mean to you?

      Apparently, he hasn’t explained to you why he’s disinterested in hooking up with you. That might be your opportunity to change the dynamic of the relationship.

      If he doesn’t tell you why he doesn’t want to mess with you, that’s grounds for dismissal, as he’s not being authentic with you. If he does tell you, and it’s something one or both of you can fix, then you can try to make it happen with this guy.

  26. Thank you for creating this website =) You’re awesome!

    I have a bit of a dilemma.
    There’s this guy who I’ve been friends with since high school. We never really dated, although we went to prom together. We were definitely attracted to each other but were too damn shy to do anything about it.

    After high school we’ve only hung out maybe twice a year, like during the holidays/summer, since we went to colleges in different states. Right now, he’s working in a city and I’m in grad school in a different state (I’m 22 now).

    Everytime we hang out, he always treats me like a gentleman. Picks me up, and pays for our dinners. However, he’s never tried to make a move on me. He also made an interesting comment, “You’re the type of girl that guys want to marry but not necessarily date.”

    What the heck? Also, don’t think I’m gorgeous or anything but I am attractive to some people, and he’s made comments about my being attractive. So I don’t think it’s the fact that he’s repulsed by me physically…

    He’s back in town for the Thanksgiving break and just texted me today about wanting to hang out tomorrow. However, I gained a few pounds since the last time he saw me so I made up an excuse that I might be busy. Totally lame on my part, I know. He said, “Can’t you make an exception for an old bud?”

    Is he attracted in me? We’re both single, so I can rule out his having a gf. Why is he sending me these weird signals that I can’t read ahh.

    1. Hey Amy. 🙂 Thank you for the compliment. 🙂

      Apologies for my getting to this several months after you wrote it.

      I only even saw this just now because I was returning to the page to answer a new question and scrolled up.

      Although this opinion may be waaaaaay too late, here it is anyway. 🙂

      The dating game is tough for guys that actually want to end up with one chick. You don’t want to send yourself down the wrong path by doing something you really feel like doing.

      OTOH, if you’re dating recreationally, and you’re in it for whatever you can get, you can do whatever you want with women, and if they like it, good, and if they don’t like it and they bounce, who cares? \o/

      So, the thing is that obviously, this dude likes you as a person.. He’s probably attracted to you as a woman as well, but he likes you as a human being. Guys can’t say that for all gals (and vice versa).

      So what sometimes happens, which can be described as “You’re the type of girl that guys want to marry but not necessarily date”, is that there’s an at-home feeling with you that makes him want to spend time with you and show you a good time and be nice and courteous towards you, but hooking up with you isn’t worth it, because if you don’t like it and you bounce, there’s going to be something actually important missing in his life.

      I’m not saying that’s what your friend is thinking, just mentioning a general possibility.

      I don’t “date”, but I have to make decisions when I meet women, what path I’m placing them on.

      If I think they might be around long-term, and I have a lot in common with them, and like and respect them as human beings, it’s not going to be likely that I press up on them or even bring up the topic of sex.

      That’s because if you talk about it, you might have to BE ABOUT IT, and I might move in a direction that I normally wouldn’t have, with this particular chick.

      If she presses up on me, that’s a different issue. If I’m feelin’ her, I’ll get with the program, but I won’t personally initiate it if I haven’t decided whether she’s going to be long-term or not.

      Of course there are situations where I can’t be bothered to think about stuff like that, and all bets are off! >:D

      So, my guess in your situation is that you’re such a nice person (or, at least he perceives you to be) that he feels like when he’s done with playing the field, he’d love to “settle down” with someone like you.

      Or, to put it another way.. While he’s still randomly dating, he’s not willing to have you as ONE of his girlfriends, because that’s not your idea of a good time, and he’s trying to do what he feels is in your best interests.

      About the weight thing, what you’re saying is typical of women, but sometimes, at least with women we actually like as people, we’d rather spend time with you when you’re slightly out of shape than not spend time with you at all.

      You always want to put your best foot forward as far as your looks and fitness when you’re dating, but if he’s feelin’ you the way it seems, he’d much rather see you than not. 🙂

  27. One more thing I forgot to add, sorry I’m like blowing up your page!

    The last time we hung out, I told him how I had a crush on him in high school. His response? “I know.”

  28. I just want to add how much I LOVE your blog!!! I need your advice!! I very recently ‘agreed’ (for lack of a better explanation of my stupidity) to be in a friends with benefits relationship. The guy I got involved with is a very valued friend who I talk with about any and everything in detail. He is seeing someone in another state (he portrays it as serious to some and not so much to others which is also hard to figure out- I guess it keeps him from looking stupid for flying across the country to get some 3 or 4 times a year) and it was very clear that this would be nothing but a physical thing between friends. In my mind fwb’s call, hook up, leave….but that wasn’t how this went down. He texted and emailed all day and evening every day of is own accord (and I did not text or email him first). Time was drawing near for him to visit his ‘sweetie’ and I was talking to him at work in his office and he gave me a really yummy hug and even a little ‘peck’ before I left – then suddenly dropped the communication completely. I Didn’t hear from him for 2 1/2 days until I emailed him first. It was when I missed hearing from him that I realized I ‘could’ care more for him than I thought I would and I would have no control over it and it completely upset me. I think he realized the same thing (though he would never ever admit it in this life time) and that’s why he withdrew so suddenly. That and maybe a little bit of guilt if a guy like this can even feel guilt. I told him his own feelings, thoughts and actions freaked him out too…when I dont return his calls, he gets real upset. We discussed it at length before hand – especially the part about how we were worried it would hurt our friendship but we ‘did it any way’ – we both went into it with eyes wide open….or so we thought. Anyhow, he visited ‘her’ and the day after he got back the emails and texts started again – and he said he was wondering when we were going to be able to get together again. WTF?!?!? These texts – full of innuendo – went on until the weekend and then – Poof – don’t hear from him. Is he really this big of a jerk, a player, a womanizing creep, so much so that I just fell into the same category as any other Bimbo he’s messed with over the years? BUT If his other relationship was as real as I thought it was he wouldn’t have resumed the texting stuff as soon as he got back….and she can’t be much if he started that crap 2 days after visiting her. But, I bet she thinks she is. He was just checking to see if I would still be available if he decided to hook up again, I’m sure. Do I feel stupid? Yes. Do I have regrets? No and Yes. No -I wouldn’t have missed being that much closer to him for anything in the world. (Is that confusing or what?) And the guy I thought I could talk to about any and everything and always seemed to shoot straight with me – well, his demeanor is very different – almost guarded and strained now. Now I miss him more than ever. What do you think?? I asked him if he ever considered taking it further and he just said that he might change his mind about me in the future, but for now he wants to be friends. I do feel he is being real & sincere with me and I get the feeling he knows hes a “bad” guy and he likes me enough not to hurt me…because the last time we were “together”, he jokingly told me he was too “dangerous” for me. I have seen his girlfriend and she is a zero compared to me, I am a 10!! I dont get why the ugly chick gets the title & not me. Do you think he wants to be friends and develop into something more, or what??

    1. Hey Tiffany! 😀 Thanks for the props. 😀

      Sorry I’m replying to this way late.

      Portraying a relationship differently to different people is just jockeying for position.

      You don’t want to look like a sucker for being involved in a long-distance relationship, but you also don’t want to look like you have nothing going on in your “love life”, either. 🙂

      lol @ “visit his sweetie”.. *YOU* were his sweetie at that point, and the long-distance chick was effectively the side-piece.

      Interesting about the “care too much” thing. In fact, I just finished replying (late) to Amy’s comment above, talking about the same thing. Guys know that if we put it on y’all, you’re going to start caring more about the situation than we want you to. It’s natural. That’s why I was saying that sometimes you have to NOT press up on a chick in order to maintain your relationship to her.

      It’s better for her to keep sweating you than for her to know how it is to be with you and want more than you’re willing to give her…

      The “eyes wide open” comment is interesting also. Your eyes can only be as open as your experience dictates.

      As far as his texting you after he visited her, he knew he wasn’t going to be able to screw her for another few months, so it was back to his normal life.

      “Being that much closer to him” isn’t confusing at all. It’s definitely a threshold you can only cross in one direction when you hook up with someone. There’s Before and there’s After, and there’s no undoing it.

      The effect on the relationship can be positive, neutral, or negative, but there’s no going back to “We never messed around”. It’s a permanent connection. It puts people in a different category in your life, so I totally understand your point. 🙂

      I think dude wants to be FWB with you still, but he’s in some kind of jacked-up mental state. 😀

      People play it like women are the only ones that “Catch Feelin’s”, but that’s not true at all.

      There’s no telling what the deal is without authentic communication between the two of you. You should get together with him for a heartfelt chat and ask him what he’s thinking, except pay more attention to his demeanor than his words.

      Good Luck! 😀

  29. I dating someone and he said he might in love with me, and very like me. but he nit see the future together .. What is that MEAN ? I just don’t know what ti think any more..

    Now I thinking that he might just play with me or he just get out of married ?

  30. 1 more thing , when I am try to get out from are date he just won’t let me go.. but when I be a stupid like feel sad of something he don’t know, and then he start to say the same thing about us, about this is not gonna work, everytime when we far awau be apart he always do like that.’ why?

    1. Sounds like he’s playing games.

      Statements like that basically mean “I’m down to hit it, but when a better chick comes along, I’m bouncing.”

  31. Hi Bill,
    I get all the reasons you evoked (in my case it’s reason 9: our friendship is more important for him). However, this person will hit on me at parties and elsewhere (telling me I’m beautiful, taking my hand, hugging me, randomly telling me he didn’t hook up with anyone when I didn’t even ask, etc), thus sending me mixed signals. By the way he’s the one who told me he liked me first; that was four months ago and this ridiculous “game” is still going on..
    It’s too hard for me to see him only as a friend, and to be honest I’m not interested in being just friend with him.
    So what should I do? Move on -stop seeing him completely, explaining to him that I just can’t do it anymore (“it” being “just friends”)?

    1. Hey Emma. 🙂

      Sounds like a responsibility issue.

      Dude seems like he wants to press up, but he’s scurrred. 😀

      Since he’s already made a few physical moves, I think you should wait until the next time y’all are hugged up or whatever and then ask him what he wants to do.

      He should either back up off of you or move forward with his physical gameplan.

      You’re doing yourself a disservice by leaving everything up to him.

      It’s your life too. 🙂 Go for your enjoyment! 😀

  32. Hi Bill,
    I need your advice…I am 44 and friends with a 42 yr old man that I have been friends with for the last 3 yrs. He dated a gal up until 4 months ago that was 23, she took his money and broke up with him because he couldnt buy her stuff. He text me often and we hung out alot. Finally Friday I told him that I had developed strong feelings for him (I had for a while but kept them to myself..now i couldnt do that anymore) and he said “i just cant be with anyone right now, but i want us to still be close friends. i dont have many friends and i love you so much”. NOthing physical has ever happened with us but I guess my question is, should i just blow him off with no contact? I have feelings and they are not being validated because of what he wants and that is not fair. My friend tells me that he will realize in 6 months how much I really cared. What do you think? btw he has never been married and has had 3 gfs all that he has worked with, and all turned out badly.

    1. Interesting, Mary. Thanks for the comment. 🙂

      Generally, guys that are 44 and date 23-year-old women aren’t interested in dating 42-year-old women, unless they’re physically comparable/competitive.

      So he may be avoiding telling you he doesn’t want to have sex with you.

      On the other hand, he might be telling the truth that you’re very important to him, as a woman to care about and share good times with, as opposed to someone to hook up with.

      Guys are better at compartmentalizing that sort of thing.. Women you hook up with are in one group. Women you like as people are in another group. Sometimes, women are in both groups or neither, but one usually wins out over the other. If the sex side wins, that’s what happens. If the hang out side wins, that’s what happens.

      You have an interesting situation, though, because you’re right that YOUR desires aren’t being validated, so you have to choose between stayin’ in the pocket and trying to convince him to hook up with you, or bouncing from the relationship, like you said.

      If you bounce, he doesn’t have you as “close friends that he loves so much” anymore, so he may as well have sex with you, to get you back down with the program.

      If he’s just physically not attracted to you, he’s not gonna hit it, regardless.

  33. Nice Bill i like your website!!!! I have a major problem and need your advice desperately!!!!!!! You see i met this guy, he’s in my Spanish class and like at first i didnt really feel any “feelings” for him but i was really curious about him. Then after a month or so i started to feel diffrent about him and stuff. well i talked to him in class and it seemed like maybe he liked me. So i asked one of his best chick friends to like ask him stuff about me. When she asked him if he thought i was pretty he said,” ya, kinda” then she was like well why dont you date her, and he said,” i dont know shes, so young.” ( He is 18 and i am 15.) He says this every time she asks him!??? Diffrent people have asked him about me and he has given them all diffrent answers on whether he likes me or not. Like he said yes to someone last week, no to somone today, and he told me ( after i told him today how i felt about him, that i liked him) that he didnt know how he felt??!!! Im not sure what this means and stuff nor am i sure what i am supposed to do or how im supposed to act. Ive never had to make the first move or been rejected. So now i m extremely frusterated and dont know what to do or what he means!? Does he like me or should i just move on??

    1. Hey Jazzmine. 🙂 Thanks for the props and the comment.

      The ‘problem’ here is that “dating” is often two different things for women and men.

      Women want to spend time with someone they like and men want to have sex.

      So, the problem is that in like 99% of the United States, you’re not legal for an 18-year-old to hook up with.

      So, while “She’s so young” might refer to how you carry yourself as a person (which I doubt), it could also mean “I’m not trying to get in trouble.”

      Things will be different for you in three years, when you become “legal”.

      Until that time, you might have to stick to guys approximately your age, which is actually a pretty good deal when you’re 15! 😀

      I’m not being funny about this. Look it up in your state’s laws on the internet. At that age, it’s not about two people liking each other and enjoying each other’s company. It’s about the legal definition of what your state considers to be an adult.

      My advice would be to keep him as a friend if you still like him as a person, and who knows?.. Maybe down the line, he’ll start liking you as a potential girlfriend.. OR (more likely), maybe you’ll start liking someone else that likes you just as much. 🙂

      Good Luck! 😀

  34. Hello,
    I’ve got a little situation here.

    I met this guy on a dating website and we hit it off pretty well. That was for about three weeks.. We were both looking for the same thing.. a long term relationship and we both have similar values about family and religion.. and there was little to no flirting going on, he was respectful in every way.. Also, we both agreed, from the start, to meet someday, and until then, we would be just friends.. so I thought why not say yes when he asked me for my Facebook account! (I don’t usually give it out)

    To make things short, we used to speak quite often but the past two weeks it has been pretty quiet. I didn’t annoy him with Facebook messages too often because I know that he was busy with school.. but every time he saw my message and replied a day later, I couldn’t help but think that he wasnt interested anymore.

    What’s confusing to me is that once he got back to replying me, he apologized twice or more for not having been around enough and that he should have sent me bigger messages. I always said that its okay and not to worry about it, but he’s keeping me waiting around for him and he knows that. He says he’ll speak to me and so I don’t send him messages and when he comes online, he says sorry for being late and then leaves two seconds later.. Argh. What’s going on in his head?

    Thanks for the help!!!!!!!!

    1. Hey Lisa. 🙂

      Sorry for responding to your comment way late.

      First of all, there’s no such thing as “just friends”.

      If a guy is sexually attracted to you, he wants to hook up with you. Period.

      If he agrees to be “just friends” or “buds” or whatever you want to call it, all he’s saying is that he’s willing to forego his urges to have sex with you in order to not make you uncomfortable.

      Similarly, if a dude actually *IS* friends with you, but is NOT sexually attracted to you, he isn’t suddenly going to want to have sex with you, because it isn’t a biological imperative for him.

      As far as the Facebook thing… Obviously, I don’t know what you look like, but I suspect that your Facebook account has full-body pictures of you and your online dating profile only has headshots of you.

      If that’s the case, dude may have figured out that he isn’t physically attracted to your body = he isn’t interested in hooking up with you, which goes back to my initial statement.

      Even if guys claim they’re “just friends” with you, sometimes (probably MANY TIMES), they reason they agree to that is that they’re just staying in the pocket until you become comfortable with hooking up with them.

      This is why a lot of women get surprised when their so-called “friend” makes out with them or has sex with them. Women wonder how this can happen, and it’s because he would have done it from the giddyap if he would have felt you were comfortable with that.

      If you have full-body pictures of yourself on your dating profile, then I don’t see any reason why interacting with you on Facebook should have been any different for him.

  35. Hey bill & Kay.
    I need some advice. I was seeing this guy for a month, but we never had sex, I really liked him, but couldn’t do it as he’s going away for 2 mths. He then decided we should just be mates as he is going away and can’t get in a relationship, howeve cause of his sexual frustration didn’t want me round his house, but if ‘m single when he’s back then who knows. He also voiced that he understands if I don’t sleep with guys unless in a relationship and respects that, wish is true. Now, we are mates but haven’t been in contact rly, or met up. Does it sound like he genuinely still wants to be mates, or I’m a back up? Thanks

    1. Hey, Tess. 🙂

      Here’s the thing.. You have your own personal vision of what a relationships is and the circumstances under which you would be willing to have sex with someone.

      What you need to do is stick to that, because at the end of the day, if you compromise for what someone else wants, you’re going to be the miserable one, not him.

      Having said that.. You have to understand that the only reason guys “see” or “date” women is in order to have sex with them.

      Since he wants to have sex with you, and you don’t see yourself and him as being in a “relationship”, so you don’t want to have sex with him, he’s going to be sexually frustrated every time he’s around you.

      So.. hmm.. I’m going to have to write another article about this, now that you bring this up. 🙂

      What guys mean by “just friends” or “mates” or whatever is different from what gals mean.

      Guys mean that you have now been demoted to the same level as the rest of my friends.

      Women that you’re having sex with have priority over your friends.

      Since you’ve told him you’re not going to have sex with him, he’s made you a friend.. of the GUY type, not the GIRL type.

      When females say “Just Friends”, they mean “We can do everything except be sexual with each other”.

      Guys mean “If I have absolutely nothing better to do in the world, and I have no other chicks I’m working on to get some from, I might contact you, but I doubt I’m going to physically spend time with you, because what’s the point? \o/”

  36. Well, it can’t hurt to see if I can get the full story from a guy who is telling it like it is (THANK YOU for that!).

    I found out I was my ex’s rebound. We dated intensely for a month, I went with his pace. In that time, he introduced me to all of his friends & had me meet his son. 30 days later, he dropped off the planet– not just to me, all of his friends, too. His friends kept inviting me to hang out with them, & I went. They really like my company, so I’ve made new friends at least.

    In that time, the month of July, he opened up to me a few times about what he’s going through, just saying he was depressed about this past relationship and he also feels like he has no direction in his life. In all of that time, I never saw him once.

    After 3 weeks he finally invited me over; he played video games, we hung out & had sex, I left. A week later, same thing, more or less, though he kept saying how great my company was, etc.

    Finally, I needed to get answers, and went to talk to him. I said his actions indicated he wasn’t interested anymore, and that was ok, but I needed him to level with me. He just lied and lied. He went from saying he feels for me now the way he did on our second date to saying he never wanted anything serious, and just wanted to keep dating me casually, as we “had been.”

    Then he finally tells me he has remained in contact with the ex he can’t get over. She calls him, he goes to her, they talk, he thinks everything is going to be fine, then she’s mean to him, he leaves. Rinse, lather repeat for one year. But he tells me he doesn’t want to get back with her. RIGHHHT. Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt, moron.

    He said some hurtful things, but I was aware he had no idea that what he was saying at the time was hurtful. He is so self-absorbed in his pain that other people having feelings just don’t register.

    Overall, he was most concerned that he’d never see me & talk to me again. I told him I wasn’t sure if I could just be friends with him. He went from, “let’s just keep seeing each other as we have” to “then let’s stop having sex so it’s easier for you.” I agreed, but because he kept lying to me about his feelings (and lack thereof) and lying about what had gone down, I knew that that wasn’t an option.

    Meanwhile, his friends continue to invite me to hang out with them every week, and have been really supportive since I told them it’s over. He still doesn’t meet up with them because he’s too depressed. I found out he doesn’t really talk to them at all. They had no idea what was going on with him. He only talked to me and his best friend, who lives a bit far and he only sees at work.

    Obviously I have broken contact so I can get over him. I miss his friendship, though. I’m just not sure if he only saw me as a rebound and didn’t care about me at all, or if he did care about me, enough that he sincerely wants my friendship (if I can handle that).

    1. Hey Jennifer. 🙂

      In fact, I went through something similar once.. Being a chick’s rebound (that I knew about.. I’ve probably been through it lots of times but never found out).

      The reason I found out is that she was a friend of mine before we messed around, and she’s a friend of mine to this day, so we already had an authentic relationship in place before we hooked up.

      What had *HAPPENED* was… She told me her boyfriend broke up with her, and then I saw the chick her boyfriend had started dating, who was completely *SLAMMIN’* compared to her, so I knew he wasn’t ever going to consider her his ‘girlfriend’ ever again, though maybe he’d hit it again if he felt like it. \o/

      So, to me, it was obvious that her ‘relationship’ was over. I didn’t realize, however, that *SHE* thought that he was going to ‘see the light’ and come back to her, so I was relating to her as a single chick, and she was relating to me as the dude she was messing with until her boyfriend accepted her back.

      So, my opinion, from what you wrote, is that the exact same thing happened to you. He was hooking up with you while thinking he was going to get back with his ‘ex’ the entire time.

      Unfortunately, you can’t tell chicks that and still get laid, so he probably acted like he was all into you until he got some.

      My advice to you is to focus on what *YOU* want and like, and forget about what HE thinks about you or her or anyone or anything else.

      The point being that dude is either going to show you a good time when you’re around him, or he isn’t.

      That old “We shouldn’t have sex because you can’t handle it” line is the basic copout. It makes us look compassionate, like as if we care how you feel when you’re out of sight and out of mind.

      In fact, guys don’t think that way. We either want to hook up with you or we don’t. It’s physical. What you think about it doesn’t matter.

      So, I think, Enjoy your new friends and treat him as someone you shared some fun, flirtatious, sexy times with, and if y’all do it again, fine, and if y’all don’t, fine, but just focus on yourself, and what YOU really think and want, and live into that future instead of trying to figure out what he thinks and living into HIS future.

  37. Most of the times though, are the women who says “I just want to be friends”, if this is the case you can alway build up a semi-dramatic moment and give her a kick-ass speech that will change her mind.

  38. Hi Bill. I need some help. I met this guy, he is my next door neighbor. We started talking and he ask me for my number. He called me to see if I wanted to go out. I had none thing planed so I said yes. After the movie, we say goodby. I walk back to my apartment and he went to his apartment. Later on that night, I texted him to see if he was up. I make the mistake of sleeping him. I know what they say about that. I just wanted to sleep with him that night. Before we did the act, he told me he was not looking a relationship right now. I told him I wasn’t too. For about 2 months, we went out and fun together. I start having feeling for him. I told him I like him, and he told me thank you. I don’t know why I want a relationship with him. I think part of me do and part of don’t. For the 2 months, we were hanging out. I was seeing other guys. I also try to make him jealousy and tell him about it. We are friends right? I also stop having sex with him. i wanted it to be more than FWB. Maybe I want to see if I can get him and if I did I might loss interest in him. So I told him I wanted a relationship. He told me he didn’t want a relationship and that he wanted to be friends. I told him that was cool. After that a few days later, he text me. I went over to his apartment, talk and make out. After that I told him I can’t be your friend anymore. He said we can be friends and I told him FWB? He say no just friends. I told him no. I respect and understand that he didn’t want a relationship with me. We want two different things in life. And then I left. The next day, he send me a text saying I told you we can be friend and none thing more which is cool with him or not. I don’t understand, I told him I didn’t want to be friends. But it seem to me he is giving me a choice. I just don’t understand. I still like him and he knows it. I want to know if he is keeping me around to start a relationship or to see if I change my mind about FWB? Thank you. Please help.

    1. Hi, Rubyred. 🙂

      My apologies for taking MONTHS to respond to this. I’ve been off the grid for quite a while now.

      Here’s the issue.. Women tend to confuse the idea of being friends with messing around / hooking up / having sex.

      They’re two entirely separate things.

      There are friends that have sex with each other and friends that don’t.

      There are people that have sex with each other that aren’t friends.

      What you’re attempting to do is dictate the terms of a relationship in which you have no personal power. You can’t get power by having sex with the dude. You can’t get power by denying him sex. All you can do is take or leave whatever he offers you.

      You’re not alone in this situation. There are thousands and probably millions of women in the same situation. There are lots of men in the same situation of wanting a relationship with a woman that they can’t force to occur. They have to wait it out and see if it comes to them, or keep trying and hope she changes her mind or her feelings change on their own.

      There’s too much back-and-forth with this guy. Y’all have had sex. Period. There’s no going backwards from that. You’re both aware that you’ve had sex with each other. There’s no debate here, or anything to win with sex embargoes.

      If he’s being honest with you, you can ask him what he’s thinking about you in particular and women in general and he’ll tell you. He’s either looking for a relationship or he isn’t, and he’s either interested in having one WITH YOU or he isn’t. It’s really that simple.

      So it seems to me that y’all are friends, so you should be able to request a sit-down with him, face-to-face, where you can ask him about how he feels and decide what you want to do about that.

      Good Luck! 😀

  39. Just saw this article…
    You seem to be a very reasonable person.
    So why not I will tell you my story. I met a guy on May. Came to the USA just after finishing my college. Met him we started dating (dinners, sex hanging out etc) but after 2 months I told him that having sex makes me falling in love with him he told me we should stop seeing each other as couple and start hanging out as friends (he told me that he was afraid of me leaving soon to my country – I didnt know if I was staying or not, visa issues etc). I thought: hmm… fair enough.

    I don’t know what my future will be like so yes, let’s wait until I make a decision (his argument: let’s wait until…)

    So, we were hanging out for the next 2 months, seeing each other often, basically nothing changed except the fact we had no sex.

    He helped me a lot. He was always for me. No details but really, he helped me a lot. After 2 months I made a decision that I was staying in USA (not because of him because of myself DEFINITELY).

    We were spending a bit less time than before (I thought it was because I was looking for a new job, apartment – I wanted to move to NYC, I lived in Queens before).

    Everything was the same, he was helping me, he was for me all the time.
    Do you wanna go there or there, maybe movie? What do you wanna do? Still no sex, kissing, zero.

    Finally he went on vacation (he called me several times, wrote me how much he missed me and how much he wanted to take me with him but he couldn’t afford it). When he came back we went to the movies, for a dinner, we had sex…

    And after this I found out about another girl (I knew about her before, asked him when we were “just friends” if he was dating her – all the time the same story: no, we are just friends, no I’m not seeing anyone else).

    So, I saw the pictires of them, they were hanging out too, he bought her shoes and a bag once, she posted everything on instagram.

    I told him I was sick of his lies, not even because of the fact he didn’t want to be with me but because he lied to me even though I asked and it was just the only thing I wanted to know: when he start seeing someone else.

    He told me he didn’t think about telling me about her and it wasn’t that recently (so theoretically he wasn’t gating her anymore which is bull*it cause I found again the pics of them together today) but yes I told him I didn’t want to see him again cause I feel something more and I have to start seeing someone else if he i will be able to become just his friend.

    I am an attractive woman. Sorry, it sounds ridiculous but I am. He knew I had no difficulties in getting a guy.

    During our last meeting he kept saying how beautiful I am, making some sexual insinuations and all this stuff. I was like : really??
    And after holding my hand, having sex after vacation (because I wanted to have sex this is hy he did it hahah) after this he was still like: let’s be friends. I really like hanging put with you, don’t tell me we see each other for the last time, don’t do this.

    Later he told me that maybe he did this too me because a girl he loved some time ago left him without any explanations and he wanted to do same thing to someone else.

    He is like, let’s be friends. When I asked what would he do if I started dating other guys he was like: I wouldn’t be happy but we are not dating so…

    I decided on Tuesday that it was the last time when we met and on Wednesday he emailed me that he had the hard drive from my computer (he fixed my laptop) and we could still rescue some files from it so we can meet cause he needs PC not apple).

    Today he sent me an email with an article attached about man and woman living as friends http://news.yahoo.com/men-women-cant-just-friends-140000101.html

    I was like: really??? (again). I didn’t response until I saw again the pic of him and her in a coffee shop when we used to hang out togethter.

    I wrote I was sick of the game he is playing, I’m not his friend, girlfriend, anybody.
    It seems like I am his friend, she is his friend but He either can’t choose between us ot he has already chosen her not me.
    But on Tueday he told me they weren’t hanging out from the beginning and it wasn’t that recently.

    So yes, I fell in love with him and I can’t help it right now. But he is either cruel or stupid. I don’t know. He is a coward.

    What do you think? I really don’t want to think ha has been playing a game but it looks like this…

    He asked me also: Don’t tell me you didn’t kiss anyone when you lived there and there. You are so beautiful, smart, your legs and hair but… I want to hang out as friends.


    1. Hey Victoria 🙂

      “So, we were hanging out for the next 2 months, seeing each other often, basically nothing changed except the fact we had no sex.” is what most women find out.

      The sex doesn’t have anything to do with anything. It’s an activity. People engage in it or they don’t.

      It won’t assist you in keeping yourself from falling in love with someone if you’re not having sex with him.

      “So, I saw the pictires of them, they were hanging out too, he bought her shoes and a bag once, she posted everything on instagram.” – Well.. 🙂 That’s another thing that women figure out. If he’s not getting it from you, he’s getting it from someone else. I don’t know why this remains a mystery to women.

      In fact, the only two reasons a guy would be cool with not having sex with you is if (a) he didn’t enjoy the sex anyway, (b) he already has other chicks to hook up with, or both.

      The reason he didn’t tell you when he started dating someone else is because he was probably dating her before he started dating you.

      That’s the thing about women that like to start and stop having sex with you. They go in and out of circulation, so the relationship stays intact, it just goes dormant while they decide when they’re going to come back and give you some again.

      Meanwhile, there’s no value in his being honest with you, because all you’re going to do is stop having sex with him. If he lies to you and get caught.. guess what.. you stop having sex with him, so it’s the same result whether he lies or tells the truth.

      I’m going to try to write about this.. There’s some fantasy that women have been sold that they have control over how a man interacts with them. It just isn’t true.

      Let’s say you had a restaurant and he liked eating there, and then you told him that the price of the meals was going up $2. He might never come back, because there was another restaurant that he liked just as much that had the same pricing you did until you raised the rates.

      That’s what I mean. Women act like they’re the only game in town and then are surprised when their gambits either don’t pay off at all or completely backfire and they get dumped.

      What I think about this situation is that you are dating a guy who doesn’t mind dating several women simultaneously. Whatever you decide to give him, he’s going to take, and it isn’t going to change his mind one iota about his other women.

      Your mission is going to be to decide whether you want to be in a relationship with someone like that, whether you’re in love with him or not.

      If you decide the answer is yes, and he accepts you as his girlfriend, you might have to share him with other women.

      Good Luck! 😀

  40. And one more thing…
    During this time when we were “just friends” I stayed over in his apartment many times and we almost had sex but we couldn’t (he was waiting for his new apartment and staying on a couch so it wasn’t too comfortable). So we were falling asleep together and that’s all. I met his roommates, his friends. When we were together and someone asked: how did you guys meet? He smiled and started telling the story.
    I really thought he was afraid of getting involved because:
    he is older than me (I’m 25 he is 36) and because I do want to stay in NYC but I’m not sure if I’m not going back to my country at least for some time (I finished medicine so I have to pass the exams first to be able to practice medicine in the USA).

    So many times he told me: you found a job, an apartment and now you just have to meet Jared Leto and you will be happy. I know how it sounds haha but I LOVE Jared Leto 😛 and we have one common friend and we almost met one day. He was always like: I bet you would get him only if you decided to do so.

    Why was he like this if he wasn’t interested in my as a girlfriend at all? And now he is telling me he wasn’t aware of the fact he was flirting with me…

    What the f*ck?

    1. There’s no such thing as “couldn’t have sex”. People don’t have to be horizontal to screw.

      His being older than you isn’t relevant. 25 is legal for sex anywhere in the United States of America.

      It sounds to me, like I said above, that this dude isn’t interested in one girlfriend right now. That’s the reason he would want to pawn you off to an actor. It’s better for him if you’re distracted with a boyfriend, so he doesn’t have to deal with your sex life while he hooks up with other chicks.

      This might change if you have a talk with him and y’all decide to date each other in some format of an open relationship, but otherwise, this guy’s just going with the flow. There isn’t anything that you have to offer that will make him decide to just date you, so your only choice here is whether you’re willing to share or not.

  41. I have a question about why my friend wont have sex with me again even though I clearly told him I am ok with Friends with Benefits situation….

    The guy I like is a super player. We met in a club, hooked up, then basically dated almost every day for 3 weeks though only had sex 3 times during that.
    At first cause of the intense time we spent together I thought he liked me. But by the third week he had stopped being physical with me and only wanted to do sports together (we both surf and kickbox).

    I asked him straight about that and he told me he only saw me as a friend, and he REALLY liked me as a friend. I asked him if he has sex with all his female friends and he blatantly said ‘yes’.

    Then he told me that he was hooking up with other girls before me and after me. He said he couldn’t have just one girl, didn’t want a girlfriend who ties him down and def didn’t want kids. THEN, he invited me to go on a trip to Thailand with him and his best friend….

    I am an open minded person and already liked him and didn’t want to lose him so I said ok. Though I secretly wanted him as a BF I said, I was fine being friends with benefits with him, and invited him to my place that week to hook up…..

    But… he never came over and does not flirt or even look at me in a flirty way.

    Now for 2 months since then we drink together every Friday and Saturday (with his other best friends) and do kickboxing on Monday.

    He said he thinks of me as a ‘best friend’. (Though I told him that was ridiculous as we have only known each other for 3 months). Still he includes me in everything he does with his other best friends (3 other super-player guys)

    He has picked up girls in front of me, including hitting on my friends (who wont touch him cause they know I like him and think he is a man-whore, which he is)

    I know I should just give up on this guy but I am super attracted to him. Though I am happy with the friendship, I really want to hook up with him again. Since we had sex before a few times I assume he finds me attractive, and I told him I was ok with just hooking up as friends….

    Why do u think he doesn’t seem to want me in that way anymore?

    1. VERY interesting situation, Alisa. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

      Off the bat, my guess is #9.. That basically he gets more out of spending time with you NOT hooking up than he does from hooking up with you, which he doesn’t need to do because he already has chicks for that.

      Y’all actually have things in common. He actually enjoys bringing you around his homeboys (which is strictly off limits to chicks that aren’t DOWN). He’s meeting up with you consistently to enjoy your company.

      You’re honestly in the best situation out of all the other chicks right now. The only thing that’s throwing me is why he’s not hooking up with you also, being that you’ve already indicated that you don’t mind sharing.

      It’s possible that one or more of the chicks he’s currently screwing are more intense (or whatever he’s looking for in sexual interaction) than you are, so there’s “no point” in having sex with you, hehe sorry to put it that way. 🙂

      It’s also possible that he likes your relationship exactly the way it is, and doesn’t feel like messing up your mind by continuing to have sex with you so you eventually overdo it and try some sort of land grab power play and he needs to eject you.

      Very Very interesting situation… I really don’t know what to suggest here. You could go for the sit-down conversation where you ask him directly why he doesn’t want to have sex with you, which he might find extremely uncomfortable, or you could directly press up on him and see if he goes for it, which he might find extremely uncomfortable.

      Whatever you decide, you have to remember that there’s nothing you can do to change his mind about how he deals with women, so if it becomes something that bothers you and the cons outweigh the pros, you might need to bounce on y’all’s relationship.. However, it can’t be a bounce in order to try to get him to tap that ass. It has to be how you honestly feel that it’s better for you if you’re not involved with him at all, than to constantly want to hook up with him and he doesn’t go for it.

      haha So interesting. Hopefully, you can find something to force the issue, instead of having to wait to figure out which way the wave breaks…

  42. Hi Bill – awesome advice on here!!
    So I have a situation…
    A guy I have been out with on two dates and hooked up both times afterwards but a long time in between dates. After the second hookup which at this point I honestly thought that’s all we were really doing but just “pretending” to date. He starts contacting me A LOT, not in a creepy way though… a lot of talking all by text though. He started inviting me to his place but I wouldn’t go because well it’s a long drive and I didn’t feel like making the last minute trek for sex. although it’s super hot between us.
    So we sort of discussed what is going on between us and he said he wants to be “friends” and loaded on the compliments about my appearance, personality, thinks I’m a very cool chick. uh huh. And he says “I know you are disappointed by this” (I thought that was arrogant). So I said that friends was fine, and we continued chatting.

    So during that time, he continually asked me to come over but I wouldn’t (I expected him to drive to me if he wanted it or to see me). He kept asking for nude pictures of myself which I wouldn’t send because I just didn’t want them circulated if things went bad between us. And I went on dates with other guys and he knew this and got upset and asked why can’t I just go out with my girlfriends!!

    In the meantime, he said he thought that I could mean a lot to him, long term, and he thought that that’s what I wanted but he wasn’t sure if that’s what he wanted. I do think he is someone like that I just don’t think he has the balls to put it in motion.

    Anyway, we actually have not hooked up again since that second date and as for the friendship, I haven’t seen him in a couple of months but we continue to text almost daily. I have invited him to do a few things but he’s busy or he says he’s too lazy 🙂 He told me he does not have a gf or anything like that, but has moaned about being hurt in the past. I try to be sort of sensitive with him as I have noticed he’s a bit shy in some ways, but I don’t have a ton of patience with that either. He also seems to need to know on a biweekly basis if I’ve hooked up with anyone else and tells me that he has not (which I’m not sure if I believe).

    Anyway, we just AGAIN reconfirmed that we are “friends”… which is fine by me, although I do think we do see how rather compatible we are for long term and I’ve put it out there and he’s saying friends.

    any input would be appreciated.

    1. Thanks, Citygurl 🙂

      GOOOOD idea, electing not to send the pictures! hahaha 😀

      I’ll have to repeat something I say all the time, which is that “friends” is a term that WOMEN use to indicate that they’re not having sex with a guy, even when they ARE having sex with that guy.

      A guy calling you his friend doesn’t mean ANYTHING at all. It doesn’t mean he’ll have sex with you, and it doesn’t mean he won’t have sex with you. It means he likes you as a person, period.. You know, the *ACTUAL* definition of friends, which has nothing to do with sex.

      My point being that it doesn’t matter what he says. It matters what he does.

      I was going to say that you’re jerking yourself by not driving to his place, because he’s not the only one having sex.. you are too. The idea of him “driving to come get it” is very quaint and movie-like, but in the correct situations, BOTH PEOPLE get something out of the sex, so the idea that the guy should sacrifice more to get it is antiquated.

      HOWEVER!!!….. haha Once you said that he wasn’t willing to drive to you for any reason at all, sexual or otherwise, I noticed that he wasn’t holding up his 50% of the bargain, which probably means he has one or more chicks that live closer to him than you do, and there’s no reason to drive 30 miles to get something you can get across the street or down the block.

      It seems like if he can talk you into coming over, he’ll mess with you, but he isn’t willing to invest any of HIS time or energy into the situation, so I don’t feel like paying him extra attention would get you anything or anywhere.

      What I will say is please stop listening to guys calling you their friend when you’ve already had sex with them. It doesn’t mean anything to us.. at all. It means we might call, text, or email you back if you contact us. It isn’t a term that helps you or hinders you in your relationships to us.

      We know that y’all use that term to mean “not having sex”, so we’ll use it on you whether we intend to have sex with you or not, so stop falling for the okey-doke.

      I feel like his own admission of “laziness”, whether that’s true or not, is enough to remove him from contention as your #1 guy. He’s going to have to meet you halfway, literally or figuratively, and if he can’t do that much, he can kick rocks.

  43. I guess I sort of have this problem, but since i was like 16 or so (I’m not 25), guys have always wanted to just be friends, although they tell me that I’m the most awesome person they’ve ever met, but it’s straight to the friend zone for me. and then of course when they decide it’s time to date, they go for the dumb girly girl, that does nothing but nag them (he seems like he just hates her). What’s so wrong with me that nobody ever wants to be with me? Is it my success, is it that I’m super comfortable and confident, or is it that I’m not willing to change being myself?

    1. Interesting question, LJ. Thank you. 🙂

      It isn’t easy to guess without knowing the environment you’re in. It could be a success issue, a looks issue, a body issue, a confidence issue.. It could be that guys are intimidated by something about you.. You’re taller than they are, make more money than they do, you’re better at kung-fu! 😀 haha anything.

      My suggestion is that you find a place or group activity where guys accept you for who you are and can get to know you in a comfortable environment and something might kick off from there.

      Good Luck! 😀

  44. Okay , so I was with this guy for six months and then we both got bored and he cheated and so we broke up , but about five months after that we were good friends again as we had been before we were together and he started saying things like he wants me back etc and how strongly he feelsand wanted to get physical but I said no as I didn’t want to do something I’d regret and then he suddenly got really distant and said that HE wanted to be friends and I agreed and then he started saying its too soon to be friends and he’s not ready after he suggested we be friends and I told him I’m over him and I thought he was over me and he just said that’s good but its still too soon , its been a month and nothing has changed and he just seems to avoid me now so I tested him and he said give him time and eventually it will happen. I’m so confused , I have no idea what he means or wants? I just don’t understand what he’s trying to say , he used to be my like my best friend and really open with me but now he has just shut off , and I just want to know why?

    Any comments would be appreciated!!

    1. Hey Rose. 🙂

      Basically, this is the thing…

      Dudes don’t really have a lot of experience with the truth.

      The fact of the matter is that he wanted to hit it. Period. Nobody cares what y’all call it.. Dating.. Friends.. Friends with benefits.. Hooking up.. blah blah blah Nobody Cares.

      He tried to get back in with lovey dovey stuff. It didn’t work. Then he tried to get back in with ignoring you and it didn’t work.

      Dudes are just lame like that.

      What he should have done was told you directly that he wanted to hook up with you and whenever you got around to being down with that, you should get in touch with him.

      Except dudes don’t really do that because they don’t know what they’re doing.

      If you’re still attracted to him, keep talking to him, but know that the bottom line of what he wants is sex.

      If you aren’t still attracted to him, he won’t be back as your “friend” because every time he sees or thinks about you, he’s going to be reminded that he isn’t getting in.

  45. Hello, Bill! ^-^)/
    Nice to meet you!

    I have loved this guy for years now. We dated before and broke up because he wasn’t over his ex- a girl who was supposedly super nice to him but cheated on him and blew him off as a friend.

    Fast forward to the future- he’s my best friend. It’s no joke. He spoils me, buys me stuff, won’t date other girls (I once told him that I wanted to support his relationship that I thought he had through space and he just left her), and treats me so well. I’m so happy to have him around, but I want insight on his mentality.

    Why does he treat me like his wife (I kid you not- I’m his confidant, but I never really gave him “wife” privileges.) if he doesn’t want to date me? He claims to feel really attracted, but only cuddles, hugs and kisses me.

    We messed around years ago when we were dating. I used to have feelings for him to the point where it hurt. Now, I’m okay with going with the flow.

    We are going to be at different colleges soon. What is this guy thinking? Am I just here for company? He sees a future where we meet again and stuff. I feel like you could lay this one on me well. I mean, if he wants to have fun that’s cool. I don’t understand why he turned down opportunties when I was around.

    I think I would rather mess around near the end because I don’t want to deal with people who keep sleeping around in college (I’m afraid of diseases lol and I respect those that are open sexually, but it’s not for me). If you can, give me some advice with this xD

    However, I really would want to know why he has acted this way towards me. Does he really love me more than a friend? Is he just keeping me around because I’m “really stong” and “special”? We are going separate ways soon and I am obviously dying for the answer.

    I don’t want to ditch him, but I am moving on and I want to detach from this romantically if we are going to be apart. For all I know he could already be detached. He blames his fear of dating on a bad break up, but I think if he wanted to date, we would be together c;

    With love,

    1. Nice to meet you, Setsuna. 🙂 Thanks for joining us.

      hehe This is a great question and might need its own blog post! 😀 haha “Why does he treat me like his wife?”

      You should be *very* afraid of diseases, in fact.

      Clearly, I don’t know much about this situation from reading what you wrote, but I can offer you this…

      First of all, he may be attracted to you without being *sexually* attracted to you. o_O

      It’s possible that he really likes your company and being around you and looking at you but he just isn’t interested in hittin’ it at this point in time.

      Second, he MIGHT be interested in messing with you, but you’re more valuable to him than that. Meaning that it’s no big deal to find a chick that wants to mess around.. It *IS* a big deal to find a chick that you really like AS A PERSON and that you want to be a consistent part of your life going forward.

      Third, y’all *ARE* dating, regardless of what you decide to call it. Dating isn’t some vague thing.. For instance, some chicks will say they aren’t dating a guy, but they’ve been giving it up for the past 7 weeks. Other chicks will say they never had sex with this guy, but they’re dating him. What you refer to as “dating” doesn’t change the actions and activities that go on when y’all are together. 😀

      The first thing I would look at is whether you underwent any bodily changes since the time when he used to mess with you. Women tend to disregard gaining or losing a lot of weight, for instance. They think they still look the same, although they’ve now drifted outside of the guy’s range of physical attraction. That wouldn’t stop him from caring about you as a person, liking to spend time with you, and regarding you as his best girlfriend, but if you now have too much or too little azz compared to when he was physically interested, the sex thing is a non-starter. 😀

      The second thing is what you mentioned. Bad breakups. Sometimes, it’s worth it to NOT hook up with a chick just so you don’t have to bother breaking up with her in the future. If he doesn’t want to envision a future where he has no access to you, it’s better for him to not hit it and y’all will remain with whatever relationship y’all currently have, regardless of whom you date in the future.

      Also, and I don’t know why this would kick in before college, but he may be compartmentalizing. He may have different chicks for different functions. He may have chicks that he doesn’t like as people but he likes messing with, and then chicks (or maybe just YOU, haha) that he actually likes and enjoys spending time with when y’all aren’t hooking up.

      So there are lots of reasons why he would treat you like his wife. 🙂 My opinion is that you should decide what you’re trying to do at this point.. You will either be happier trying to corral him into a relationship, leaving your situation the way it is, or stopping dealing with him and move into an ACTUAL friendship as opposed to a dating situation that y’all aren’t determining distinct boundaries for.

  46. I am a woman over 45 just to let you know. I was seeing one man I met on a dating site for 6 weeks. One day his best friend came over and we hung out and when my man was cooking, this dude was flirting up a storm on me and saying adel is not that crazy for you, go with me, whats your number etc. I got upset. When then all went out to a festival and he wanted me to go in his Mercedes, I said NO! Adel did not say anything. I told adel the next day why is he doing this and he acted innocent then he said you missed your chance. 4 days later he left me by a text message at 630 am in the morning. A week went by and his friend asks to date me on the dating site. I met him (part of me wondered if I should go) and we had some beers. He talked some about adel and he was showing himself better and knocking him down, I was shocked. This man is 56 by the way. He says he works a lot of hours for the next 3 months. He did not ask a lot about me but I know adel told him some. He drove me home. We kept in touch by testing, I never got his phone number he had mine. Then I said you should dropby sometime and he said I will come after work (that was a Friday). So he came and this time there was major chemistry at least for me. He had a big smile on his face. He said you look very nice, I said thanks. We ended up having sex which was honestly the best I had in 3 years! It changed my energy about the other man. So while having sex he had many questions as to what positions I like etc, wanted to please me every way he could, held off, wanted me to orgasm, it surprised me he was so generous that way since he does not now me well. He said he wants to take down his dating profile. I said Im not crazy about that its lots of problems. He said he has to work long shifts until xmas he works in catering. So then he went home. He texted me it was a nice evening thanks. Next day, he text we should stay friends for now because of adel (they go back 30 yrs)..I said fine or he said I can see you when I can and call you or you can end it. I found that odd. I said we can text. So we texted every day a few times.. 2- 3 times he said he wanted to come see me when he had some free time. He works 20 mins away. So after a week I got kind of antsy and made a comment and he said’I only see you as a friend, I did not make you any promises. I am a busy man with little free time”. Then after this 2 days went by and he deleted his dating profile. Forgot to mention I saw him on there every day for 30 mins – 60 mins so chatting with girls right to make dates. I have not seen him for over 3 weeks and he has not called. I am really quite stunned, I thought he really liked me. I realize I did not make enough eye contact when he was here last as my head was in other problems, also when having sex he did not kiss much which I never came across before. What do you make of this? He also is in court with his ex trying to take his home and his mom is sick…

    1. Hey Jane. 😀 Thanks for the comment. Very interesting…

      Clearly, from what you wrote, dude had already dumped you by the time his friend came over and his idea was to hook you up with his friend.

      Also clearly, his friend already knew you were dumped when he started flirting with you.

      hehehe 😀 I guarantee you the dude you were dating for 6 weeks told his boy more than “SOME” about you! 😀 There wasn’t much need for dude to ask you any questions. He knows way more about you than you think.

      Congrats on “The best sex you had in three years”!!! 😀 hahaha Nice!

      ok.. What I think happened here is that the 6-week dude told this 2nd dude that he might enjoy having sex with you so they set that up.

      The 2nd dude set up his exit by saying he doesn’t have a lot of free time, blah blah.

      I think this was a simple situation of a couple of homeboys sitting around talking to each other and one of them saying he was about to dump his girl and asking the other dude if he wanted a taste of her before he did that.

      If the 1st dude would have dumped you, the 2nd dude wouldn’t have gotten to meet you at all, so that’s why they had to play it like that.

      Sounds like a game they normally play and have no intention of stopping. I’m sure the 2nd guys has passed a few chicks to the 1st guy in the time they’ve known each other.

      The silver lining here is that you see what’s going on and you’re clear enough about it to write about it, so it isn’t like it’s a surprise to you that these dudes set this situation up. I mean it was a surprise when it happened, but you’re not still in the dark about it.

      Forget these dudes and move forward.

  47. So I have an interesting situation. I had a guy that I met on an adult site 1 year ago, he was trying an open relationship, we had sex twice and then he pulled back. He admitted that his GF would only have drunk sex with him on rare occasion and that he felt she didn’t want him because she wanted an open relationship. I told him I was looking for an ongoing sexual relationship with one guy as I was in an open marriage. He pulled back and we stayed in touch while he was out to sea(he was in the Navy). I tried to meet up with him again twice and he even said he just wanted to be friends and no sex but then he cancelled each time. I went to his house directly and he admitted that he didn’t want an open relationship and he was going to focus on his GF(who had a low sex drive and they were not having sex). We had more than just a sexual connection. We had no contact for 3 months until I sent him an email when he was out to sea again. When he returned a month and a half later, we texted and we share many interests but he was also very starved sexually. He said his GF said she had no sex drive. He got medically discharged from the Navy for mental health issues and his GF was getting deployed. We texted a lot every day and he told me his deepest, darkest secrets, stuff even his GF doesn’t know. We finally met in person after 7 months and rekindled the sexual relationship. There were a few times we went out that he refused sex and then he started a Tinder account. I told him that I worried he would replace me because he said he only wanted to have sex with one other girl at a time. He told me not to worry but then started going out with Tinder girls and we shared details about that(only after the fact though as he is very secretive). The last time we had sex was 3 weeks ago and I have some special sexual talents(think porn star) and I did something to him that he specifically asked for. He was still seeing other girls on Tinder but he always said that he wasn’t intimate with them when I specifically asked(he was never forthcoming about it). I am worried because he doesn’t like to use condoms and would rather get to know the girl a bit and then have sex(he likes to pull out). 2 weeks ago he tells me that he wants to continue our friendship and hanging out but no more sex because he found another girl and he can only concentrate on one girl at a time. He said that this will all end when his GF comes back in 6 months and he tells all the girls now that he is in an open relationship and he does have mental hangups. I don’t think the relationship with his GF will last but he had ONE great conversation where she now says the reason she didn’t want sex is that it got boring and she has a stressful job and they could only do it in their bedroom as they have a roommate and they needed to spice it up(she was the one who wanted the open relationship in the first place and she is totally using him). He is still on Tinder and even reopened his Kik Messenger account(to talk to more girls) but says he can’t do one night stands because he likes to get to know people first. I pressed him about the sex and he said that he is now not sexually attracted to me because of what I did the last time we had sex and that I once reminded him of his mom(a smell) and he will never have sex with me again(he has said that before but changed his mind but never so meanly). He loves our friendship and hanging out because I like a lot of guy things and all his friends are deployed with his GF right now. He said he hoped I could get over the sex part(even though that was a big part of our conversations and connection) so we could be friends because I know him so deeply and we talk all the time. I said that I hoped he could get over the NOT having sex with me because it was always a big part of our friendship and it would feel weird without it. I know he was saying all that stuff as excuses because he wants to bang a bunch of girls while his GF is gone and then close his relationship but he likes to seem like the nice guy and get to know the girl first but that is really just so he isn’t uncomfortable. How could he just become sexually unattracted to me? It was just like a switch flipped. I know he is seeing other girls and even lying to this other girl who thinks he is just having sex with her when he is not. How can he still want to be close friends with me, venting about his GF and other stuff but nothing sexual when he knows that is what a big part of our friendship is? He said we were together a year but we only had sex 8 times and there was 10 month gap in sexual times but he was thinking about me the whole time, even when we weren’t talking? I know he is counting this fantasy time but it was all in his head. He said that talking and the fact that I know more about him than anyone else on the planet should count for something. I will add that I am a lot hotter than any other girl he has been with, including these new girls because one is his Facebook friend(I am not but he follows my public posts because I have a public page as am a public figure(sort of, model/actress). WTF am I supposed to do? He does have a lot of mental hangups, per his own admission and even said that he has trouble getting excited for even his GF and had a problem the other night with a girl(who said will not see him again because he couldn’t get hard because he was feeling guilty). He also doesn’t hold grudges well and changes his mind a lot(he hated being in the Navy and now that he has been out, he is regretting it). HELP!!!!

    1. Hey Jessica 🙂 Thank you for the comment.

      “His GF would only have drunk sex with him on rare occasion” hahaha That’s a violation off the bat. That isn’t actually a girlfriend. That’s more like a roommate that you “get lucky” with when she gets drunk and horny. That’s like a 3rd-string side-chick at best. Depending on where you live, some people call those “cousins”. 😀

      Also, “open relationships” aren’t for everybody. I don’t believe in “relationships” to begin with. I believe in free will. I expect people to do what they want to do when they want to do it. Most people rely on a verbal guarantee from another person that they’re going to adhere to some rules. I’m not interested in other people’s rules for MY life. Fuhgeddabouddit! 😀

      The interesting part here is that both of you are in “open” situations. That could very well be the problem for him. Most of the people that claim they want something to be “open” mean that they want whomever they bring in to be single, not already “permanently” attached to someone else. I would examine the timing between when you told him about this and when he called the sex off. If you told him about it off the bat, he knew what he was getting into.

      Her “low sex drive” is her problem, not his. If he allows her to make it his problem, that’s on him. Guys don’t get into “relationships” to NOT get laid. I don’t believe what he’s telling you. I think he’s attempting to let you down easy.

      See?.. This is what I mean.. He doesn’t want to have sex with you and then he starts a Tinder account. A Tinder account is for finding girls to have sex with. He already has a [non-functional] girlfriend AND he has YOU performing the girlfriend duties and he needs to find other chicks for…..?

      If he doesn’t “like” to use condoms, you shouldn’t “like” to have sex with him. Good luck with that.

      oh.. By the way.. The entire time that his “girlfriend” has been away from him, she’s been giving it up left and right.

      Such a strange relationship.. Two people that don’t have sex with each other but hook up with other people as often as they can.

      There’s no reason to do “one night stands” when you know several chicks for long amounts of time… You can still only hit it one time, but because you already know each chick by the time you do it, it doesn’t count as that. It’s still a revolving door. Does that make sense?

      Wow! 😀 haha Dude went all out!.. He said he isn’t going to hook up with you again because you’re BETTER at sex than his so-called girlfriend and then added that you use the same perfume or whatever as his mother? 😀 .. Like I said earlier, he’s been trying to let you down easy, but now and then when he can’t get laid, he’ll accept sex from you as a consolation prize.

      As far as how he could “become” sexually unattracted to you, all of my humor-based comments aside and being completely serious, some guys just want to hit it one time.

      Some guys aren’t interested in continuously screwing the same chick ad infinitum.

      Once they find out that they CAN get it and they understand how it is to hook up with you, they’re done and need to find the exit. This also extends to whatever you did with him that you feel was kinky.. That doesn’t mean he wants to do it ever again with you. It just means that he wanted to do it, achieved it, and now he’s over it.

      According to what you wrote, you’ve done EVERYTHING correctly, especially for meeting someone claiming to want an “open relationship”. You’ve offered him more functionality than he’s willing to take. He likes spending time with you. He likes hooking up with you (when he can’t get anything else). He likes talking with you and sharing things with you. There isn’t anything more that you can do to make yourself MORE valuable to him. This is all on him.

      That long gap between hooking up is suspicious as well for a guy whose complaint about his “girlfriend” is that she’s not giving it up. Again, I feel like he has you as the “in case of emergency, break glass” sex. In the worst-case scenario where he can’t get anything at all, he falls back to hooking up with you and then coming up with excuses why not.

      “What you’re supposed to do”, IMO, is recognize that you’re obsessed and then take steps to deal with that. 🙂

      I’m going to write soon about Quitting Obsession, but basically, obsession feels good when you have it, and it feels good in a different way when you quit it, or when your body quits it, or however obsession is removed from your system.

      Hopefully, something I wrote in my response here will help you to see your situation clearly enough to make good moves for yourself.

      From what you wrote, you’re doing everything right. I can’t tell you you should add X, Y, or Z because you’re hitting all the marks.. Looks, Desire, Functionality, Kinkiness (haha), Minding Your Own Business (as far as other chicks), Good To Hang Out With, Good To Talk To… Dude has a job, so I can’t suggest that your paying for things for him would make a difference because it won’t.

      Personally, I think that either he’s one of the dudes that just plain isn’t into screwing the same chick over and over or something happened during the sex that he isn’t interested in repeating with you.. Not saying that what you did was negative. It could have been extremely positive, but that was his goal and now he’s achieved it and isn’t interested anymore, or maybe it was something he only tried because he didn’t think you would give it to him and then you did.

      At this point, he’s been playing games with you so you could try playing a game with him. 🙂

      Tell him you’ve thought about it and you think he’s right that y’all shouldn’t hook up anymore and you’re disinterested now.

      Tell him about YOUR Tinder account and the guys you’re meeting blah blah (true or not).

      Your devotion to him might be the damper on the situation. He might only feel like screwing girls he doesn’t feel like he has in deep check.

      Good Luck! 😀

  48. I just wanted to add that he told me that I would find another guy to have sex with even though I told him I really liked him and that I thought he was perfect. He has body issues and doesn’t think he is most of the time. He told me that there are 7 billion people on the planet and I could find another guy. He says he cares about me but he is very selfish.

  49. I’m in my mid Russo is he. We’ve been friends for overhead he lives in my building. He’s the type of man he’ll date many months before havi g sex. He never lived with a woman it has dAted many. He’s a musician golf player semi pro and works. He has a lot of male friends. Hes ollege educated; fun y; laid back; great looking; close to his family; generous. We have a lot in common we never mArried or had kids. I had 3 relationships two were bad men. Both of us single 6 yrs. He’s the only man I eloved for 17 yrs. Hes also Roma tic. He liked a girl before me for6 months She didn’t want a relationship. We got in involved se ally for 4 months but at times bed push me to friendzoned often. I was getting hurt. So at Xmas he said were just friends. No more sex and he said we can’t drink as there’s a lot of attraction. We kept in touch. We spent new years eve together he invited me but as friends. We got together another night and had sex and I stayed all day. 3 days later I get a we are just friends text. We do talk much now but today he gave me smokes and he hugged and kissed me on lips. He still feels the same. I’m going g to aclosetointer interview and he offered to Take me and said it’s a date! He said he’s buying me dinner. Andhe wants me to li e here and drive back I and forth when I get a cR! At least he Implied this to me. What do u make of this?

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