Tiger Woods vs. Chris Brown

So the other day, I heard that Tiger Woods crashed his car and he was being treated for injuries. Once I heard the injuries weren’t career-threatening, I didn’t pay any more attention to the story. I read that he was in his car BY HIMSELF when he crashed and that his wife broke one of the car windows with a golf club to get him out. So what? Big deal.

Tiger Woods vs. Chris Brown

So now, readers Stephanie, Priscilla & Frank have pointed out to me that the internet’s buzzing with rumors that this-and-that happened, so I decided to see what the tabloids were talking about. Interestingly enough, it’s amazingly similar to the Chris Brown situation a few months ago:

1) Chick feels like she has exclusive access to a guy.
2) Chick supposedly receives information that her man was kickin’ it with some other chick.
3) Chick gets upset about it.
4) Chick wigs out and it gets physical.

This is where these tabloid stories part ways:

5) Chris Brown: Kick Her Mother******* Ass!
Tiger Woods: Run For The Mother******* Hills!

6) Chris Brown: Explain it to the cops.
Tiger Woods: Don’t explain it to the cops. (stop snitchin’, yo!)

7) Chris Brown: Become an international pariah.
Tiger Woods: Remain an international hero and icon.

The obvious moral of the story here is that if you’re foolish enough to let your woman believe she’s within her rights to put her hands on you, make sure you run when she starts throwing joints instead of knocking her the **** out.

It’s time to pay for your mistakes by taking one for the team and then not snitching when your girl flattens you out with a two-piece. Bap-Bap!.. Down you go. That’s what you get. That’s good for you.

Another difference between the situations is that the cops questioned Chris Brown about why Rihanna was laying in the street jacked up. The cops questioned Tiger Woods about why he crashed HIS OWN CAR when he was in it BY HIMSELF. There’s no domestic violence call from either side, AFAIK. Therefore, regardless of what actually happened, Tiger can hold the line and say his injuries were from his crash and that’s the end of the entire story. If he has a problem with his woman or she has a problem with him, they’re going to work it out on their own, like Chris Brown should have but didn’t.

Screen Your Girls

Unfortunately, relationships tend to create a volatile combination of beliefs which can blow up pretty much at any time. If you’re foolish enough to live with this hanging over your head every day, you get what you deserve when your girl decides that a) she has the right to hit you because she feels badly about something she saw or heard and b) you DON’T have the right to hit her back because she’s a female and you’re not.

This needs to be dealt with practically immediately. If your girl can’t keep her hands to herself, eject her and get another one. It’s that simple, well.. It’s that simple if you do it off the bat. If you wait until you have kids and marriages without prenuptial agreements then you might have to do like the cartoons and tell her like sugar whether you’d like to receive one lump or two.

Of course, guys never screen for chicks’ personality flaws from the giddyap because we’re too busy tryin’na get laid. Who cares if she’s a psycho as long as the ass is fat, right? πŸ˜€ Who cares if she’s gonna go off the pill without telling you, right? Who cares if she’s gonna skate to another state with your kids, right? Who cares if she’s gonna start a physical problem with you if she THINKS you’re kickin’ it with some other chick, right? As long as the chick looks good and the guy likes the sex, it’s on & poppin’ and nothing else matters.

Meanwhile, guys are screened for EVERYTHING! πŸ˜€ How much money do you make? What’s your job title? Who are your friends? What car do you drive? What gym or country club do you belong to? hoops, hoops, hoops to jump through and guys NEEEEEVER turn around and do the same thing to gals because nobody cares. She makes minimum wage? She works in McDonald’s? She’s the CFO (Chief Fry Officer)? She doesn’t have any friends? (I wonder why…) She gets to work on a skateboard?…….. HERE’S MY NUMBER!!! CALL ME!!! πŸ˜€

Stop Snitchin’

Bill vs. AnnieSo anyway, screen your chicks, fellaz. If she seems like she gonna go whoops up-side your head I said whoops up-side your head if she doesn’t like something, see if you can talk her down. If she can’t be reasoned with, eject her and get a better girlfriend. If worse comes to worse and she does you like Manny Pacquiao did Miguel Cotto, tip over a ladder next to your house and tell the cops you fell off the roof.

Oh.. And while you’re in the hospital, layin’ up in traction, write out your list of benefits that you’re about to demand AND RECEIVE from your girl for not throwing her MOTHER******* ASS IN JAIL! This is still your fault for not laying down the law with her from the get that she’s not allowed to put her hands on you under ANY circumstances (and, of course, you’re not going to put YOUR hands on HER by the same agreement), but better late than never.

~ Bill Cammack | @BillCammack

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  1. “..And while youÒ€ℒre in the hospital, layinÒ€ℒ up in traction, write out your list of benefits that youÒ€ℒre about to demand AND RECEIVE from your girl for not throwing her MOTHER******* ASS IN JAIL!..”

    The only thing on your list should be: 1)I would like you to pack your stuff and please leave. Also, I would greatly appreciate it if you did so quietly and with out any aggression. Any violation of my request will lead to my having to explain, in FULL DETAIL what happened, to the police. 2) see number ONE!

    As for Woods vs. Brown… I think its a joke that both Brown and Rihanna are on record as having verified that SHE was the first to land a physical blow on him BUT he is the villain. i understand that HE as a male should never have but, how is she such a victim??

    The other thing I have heard about Brown (and will probably NOT hear about Woods) is that “he should have known better than to cheat on a Black woman…” So by this mere explanation…

    Next time a woman cheats-ITS OK TO BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF HER????

    Oh sorry, back to the post.

    Yeah, I cant count how many crazy chicks I gave a pass to because their shyt was right(meaning the body/face/sex-1 input, 2, 3…). Noticing the twitch in her personality was like the last thing i could think of when trying to nail her!! Naomi Cambell… Wonder how many dudes did her only to find out later that they should be VERY AFRAID!!! I actually “messed” with a chick who had a court date because she was arrested for violating an order of protection an ex-boyfriend took out on her!! I remember I walked away when one day my pager goes off (it was the early 90’s) and she says something to the tune of “I know you not checking that sh*t in front of me? let me catch you playing me…blahblahblah”. We had only been messing for about 2 weeks and yes she scared me!! I broke out before I even got to hit that.

    1. Yes. Excellent points as usual, Frank, haha πŸ™‚

      You’re absolutely right about ejecting the chick off of GP, but when I wrote this, I was considering that if a dude was a) stupid enough to hook up with a chick that’s going to be violent towards her boyfriend (nothing wrong with a chick that’s going to be violent towards OTHER PEOPLE when it’s necessary! :D) and b) not perceptive enough to realize he’s with a mental case and bail out of the relationship before it gets to something like this, that guy most likely wouldn’t dump his chick after she assaulted him anyway.

      As you can tell from my blog, I’m always MENTALLY on top of chicks. They’re extremely predictable. It’s all about patterns. When she’s drunk, she’ll make out with you wherever you are and regardless of how many people are watching you. When she’s sober, she acts like she never kissed you before in y’all’s entire lives. You get cues from her so you know whether it’s kissing time or not without her saying anything to you.

      Similarly, if you watch your girl around other people, you’ll see the cues to when she’s getting upset, mad, irrational, ready to flip the script… You can tell by how her eyes move, how she breathes (or holds her breath), whether she looks in your eyes or not, all kinds of cues that tell you she’s ready to blow. If you’re not learning this about your chick while you’re spending time with her, you get what you deserve for being unprepared.

      As far as the Chris Brown critial beatdown of Rihanna, you have to realize that most people have never been in a fight. People that don’t know anything about physical altercations don’t realize that it’s sometimes a switch you have to turn on and then off or a switch that turns on by itself and you either have to turn it off yourself or let it run its course until you don’t feel that adrenaline anymore.

      I’m not going to make any excuses for Brown, because he’s an idiot for kicking her ass, but the fact of the matter is that if you feel threatened and you instruct your body (or it does it on its own) to shut down the attacker, one or two slaps in the face might not do the trick for you and begin the calming down process. The outcome of the situation was that Rihanna’s grill was in much worse condition than Brown’s, so regardless of all that, he looks like he just went berserk, which is possible and perhaps even LIKELY, but not the only potential explanation for the severity of the beatdown.

      More important than the fact that Rihanna hit him first is that she felt JUSTIFIED in laying hands on some guy because he did what he wanted to do with his own life and body, whether that was talk to a girl, get her number, call her, screw her, whatever. It was none of Rihanna’s business but she decided it WAS her business AND it warranted her assaulting him because like so many other chicks, she’s seen too many movies where women are portrayed as being justified for hitting men because they’re upset about something and too many movies where the men didn’t dish out exactly what they received from those women, if not more.

      As far as the cheating aspect, both situations revolve around cars and isolation between boyfriends & girlfriends. It’s kind of retarded that neither chick caught EITHER guy dippin’ his wick so all they can do is speculate. This is actually another fatal flaw in relationships. If your girl’s going to fly off the handle because she HEARD or THINKS you’ve been cheating, she’s a nutjob and needs to be ejected ASAP.

      As far as giving chicks a pass, hahaha I have to be the KING of THAT! πŸ˜€ The difference being that I borrow chicks, I don’t keep them. All I have to do is make sure that their idiosyncrasies don’t detonate during the short amount of time that I’m holding the hot potato! πŸ˜€

      It’s a calculated risk. You can’t afford it if you’re going to keep the chick, though. πŸ™‚ On a long enough timeline, your odds of survival become ZERO (Fight Club). I don’t even want to consider how many crazy chicks I probably messed with, it’s just that I never found out about them because they blew up on somebody else! πŸ˜€

  2. Note: Tiger crashed his car at 2:25 AM near home and apparently hit two different things.
    Note 2: In FLA, since his was the only vehicle involved, talking to the po-lice is optional. The one thing I did read out was that no alcohol was involved. Beyond that I thought maybe he just pulled a Martin Lawrence/Flava Flave/Dave Chappelle and wigged out. This domestic angle is, well, intriguing isn’t the right word. Unfortunate. And if any of that is true he could’ve called the cops… which I would guess would be incredibly hard to do when you’re with someone that you love, trust, and have kids with. Violations of the first two states take time to digest. I’m sure there’s some amount of denial involved as it’s going down real-time.

    Screening’s a good idea but how are you gonna know how someone’s going to react to a new situation when they themselves don’t? “I think I’d be really upset” is kinda vague. Plus, how would you screen for that? Would you practice by having your buddies message you all the time pretending they were chicks? And what would that prove? I’m serious, I’m tryinna’ to work this one out… I think there’s a difference between someone with serious issues way up on the surface and someone who’s been pushed too far. I don’t think you can screen for the latter. If you’re repeatedly doing the wrong sh*t in a relationship and things break in a bad way because you’re ignoring your partners lead up reactions… you only have yourself to blame. Maybe should’ve paid attention and “stepped to the left” a lot sooner if you can’t be discreet.

    1. Yes, the driving in the wee hours of the morning thing is a dead giveaway that he was trying to ESCAPE!!! πŸ˜€ However, it’s also a good excuse for him being unconscious because I’ve DEFINITELY fallen asleep behind the wheel of a car before. Your desire to remain awake can be overridden when your body shuts down from lack of sleep. This would be especially true if he were taking medications that might put him to sleep on top of the fact that it was 2am or whatever.

      Running into a couple of things is consistent with him NOT looking where he was going while he was driving, which probably means he was looking backwards to see what this chick was doing to his car! hahaha πŸ˜€

      Having said that, there is ZERO INCENTIVE for Tiger to snitch on his woman. ZERO. It wouldn’t even help him if the cops tried to charge him with something for crashing his own car and not hurting anyone but himself. You can’t say “Well.. She was beating my ass, so I hopped in the car and zigged where I should have zagged” and then the cops say “Oh, that’s cool. We understand. Peace!”.

      There’s nothing to sue her for. She’s a nanny. Charging her with Domestic Violence is useless.

      Tiger Woods is often sweated by people that like golf because he drives the ball farther than other PROFESSIONAL. GOLF. PLAYERS. This means that he could very easily have beaten the **** out of his wife if he felt like it. There was no reason for him to beat a hasty retreat from his own crib and go crashing down the street. It’s not like Tiger would return home and then be scared about his wife kicking his ass AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN, so there’s no reason to charge her, even though *IF* she attacked him she was entirely out of line.

      It’s an isolated incident and if he hadn’t buss his ass in the car, we never would have heard about it.

      You bring up an excellent point about screening/testing, hahaha. My point is that you can extrapolate. If you eat the last piece of cake and your girl says “I should smack you”, get a clue. If you tell her you’re not going to her mother’s house for Thanksgiving and she starts raising her voice and getting belligerent, get a clue. If you tell her to get the **** out from in front of the television so you can watch the game and instead, she turns the TV off and keeps running her mouth, get a clue.

      All of those are *MINOR* things compared to her hearing that her man’s been getting some on the side. SO.. If that’s your plan, to have a main squeeze and still do your thing when you feel like it, either make sure you do it RIGHT or make sure that your main girl isn’t going to go berserk at “being pushed too far”.

      Personally, as you know, I’m not a fan of titles to begin with. Tiger Woods is rich as a ****. He doesn’t need to have a wife. He can have any chicks he wants to have. HE’S the one that gave her the title. HE’S the one that swore he wouldn’t mess with other chicks, so if that’s what happened and he got caught, it’s all his fault and C’est La Vie, which is ANOTHER reason he shouldn’t snitch on his chick, because he essentially drove her to it by promising her something (fidelity) that he may have reneged on.

      Now, TMZ’s reporting that there’s ANOTHER CHICK that’s claiming to have had sex with Tiger. Had he still been single and just had a kid with the chick that’s his wife now, this wouldn’t even be news. None of this would be news at all.

  3. Sometimes all you need to do is pay attention. I remember a friend of mine who dated this one chick. we were always telling him that she was quick with the temper. (I meant, she got visibly annoyed/aggitated at the slightest nonsense. he thought that temper should involve aggression…up front, anyway) We all wound up going to the movies together and as we were ordering he starts chatting with the girl behind the counter. (we always hit her up for extra goodies. we didnt know her but we all gave her the time of day). She watches as he pays for 1 hot dog and soda BUT walks away from the counter with popcorn, M&Ms, 3 more hot dogs (for the rest of us) and some behind the counter (havent been touched) napkins. This crazy azz blows a gasket. we get thrown out, other girl gets fired when her manager listens to the “she flirting with my man and gave him free stuff” story. He still blew it off like “she must really like me”… (My friend has a son from a previous piece) One day he was picking up his son (who was 2 at the time-’92) and she flipped out over what she thought was a lingering look to the baby mama… 3 weeks later they had a drag out BRAWL during which she bashed him with a not empty 40 (40 ounce beer…).

    Long story short: He could have picked up the “she was a time bomb waiting” vibe if he had paid attention to HER the person and not to her THE GOOD SEX! The rest of us who werent hitting that picked up on it IMMEDIATELY!

    Yes, this was an extreme example but at the end of the day, its all about paying attention to the lil’ things.

  4. “lil’ things”?!?
    Dude sounds like he’d be the last one on the Titanic wondering why the band wasn’t playing!

    Bill, my emoticons aren’t being translated. At the moment I’m only mildly perturbed but keep pushing me and…

  5. * Emoticons have been turned off with this theme. They had a corny way of showing them. I’ll see what I can do about that. *

    Yeah, that’s my point, exactly. Notice how she reacts to smaller things and then figure out what the larger explosion’s going to be like.

    In general, I don’t get mad at chicks. That would be like getting mad at short-bus kids for getting lost at the mall. I can feel disappointed at or annoyed by chicks, but there isn’t much they can do that makes me actually upset or angry. It’s like \o/

    The one time I *DO* remember getting mad at a chick, I had been planning on tagging up on her for quite some time and I finally had her alone in her dorm room with her roommate somewhere gone and STAYING GONE because she knew what time it was.

    So I’m on top of this chick and messing with her and she ***** up my mood by saying something to the effect of “You know you’re not getting any tonight, right? :D”.

    At the time, I didn’t realize that chicks just run their mouths for no reason while you’re trying to mess with them πŸ˜€ They get nervous and feel like they should say something, so you never know what they’re going to come up with. So I took her seriously, stopped what I was doing, screamed on her, told her she was full of ****, checked my watch and stormed out of her room to go catch the bus to the next chick’s crib.

    It was really funny because I was still talking **** on my way down the staircase and I was so loud that the chick and the other girls with rooms next to hers were watching / listening to me walk away. πŸ™‚

    The chick had this confused look on her face, probably because a) she didn’t realize she had been mumbling nonsense and was probably having a very good time until I hopped up and broke North with no delay and b) she probably didn’t believe that I already had her halfway undressed and ejected immediately when she blew my mood, talking nonsense.

    What’s even funnier is that I wasn’t mad at her for frontin’, but I was actually mad that she almost made me miss the bus to the next chick’s spot. If she had pulled that garbage 15 minutes later, I would have been stuck with ZERO chicks for the evening! :O Fortunately for me, I had put off hanging out with the other chick to hook up with HER because I hadn’t messed with her yet, so tomorrow’s plan suddenly became today’s plan quick, fast, in a hurry, Flava’s vision ain’t blurry.

    Still, with that being the most upset I can recall being with a chick, it never entered my mind for even the slightest part of a SPLIT SECOND to be physically aggressive towards her. That mentality comes from a misplaced feeling of ownership or control over someone. Since I don’t own chicks, it doesn’t occur to me to get mad at them for following their own free will.

    That’s what I mean by paying attention. She fronted on me when I was just about IN, and I wasn’t aggressive towards her, so there wasn’t much more she could have done to make me more upset at her. Meanwhile, for getting free hot dogs and looking longer than he was “ALLOWED” at a chick that he had a kid with, dude ended up getting bottled up (which a friend explained to me was called getting slyrapped ?slywrapped?, but I can’t find a reference to that term on Google, haha).

  6. Your lips say no, but your body… she says YES! Go on wit’ yo’ bad self, Valentino! lol

    Sly wrapped? That’s funny. Where I’m from we call it getting “Hood Winked”. Like, that’s how them chicks in the ghetto wink at you – You eye them, they whack you over the head with a 40, and the next thing you know you’re a baby-daddy!
    I kid. I made that up. Tell your buddy to stop coining terms on the fly! Slyrapped? lol
    Although I like “Bottled Up” – as in BOTTLED UPside the head?

    Yeah, extrapolating from the little things and, yeah, Franks friend was just suffering from, “Tap Blindness”. Which, coincidentally, can be cured by getting “Bottled Up”. He was very fortunate that his girl knew the correct dosage. I’m guessing a 12 oz would’ve been too light a dose …

    1. lolol No “Valentino” involved, Steve, hahaha πŸ˜€ Just trial & error.

      I hopped up off of that chick because I had never heard that line before. Once I heard the exact same line a couple more times from different chicks, I realized what was going on and completely ignored their inane ramblings.

      If you’re doing the right thing, chicks are lightheaded anyway. It makes complete sense that they’d start babbling about nothing and having conversations with themselves that somehow become verbal statements that *you* hear.

      10, 20, 30 minutes later and they’re singing an entirely different tune and you’re like “Yeah.. That’s what I thought!” πŸ˜€ For a time, I used to confront them about that stupid-ass statement:

      “You have a crystal ball?”
      “Then how do you know what you’re going to do later?”
      “YEAH! :D” *back to the action*

      After that period, I stopped acknowledging the statement at all. It’s not worth interrupting the flow of the action to have a coherent conversation with a chick that you’re currently driving INCOHERENT… Nah Meen? πŸ˜€

      You’re scrambling her brain anyway, so why in the hell would you expect well-thought-out comments from her? It’s dumb and I laugh at myself for bouncing on that chick instead of staying and getting what I was there to get. I give myself credit for recognizing the pattern and getting over it.

      But yeah, as far as the topic of getting mad, there are lots of guys that will be ready for violence if they have a chick halfway undressed and she starts frontin’ on them. God Forbid he’s already IN and she’s like “stop”! HAHAHA This is what I’m talking about. It’s up to her to notice that as mad as he got about her stopping the action, he might FLIP OUT if he even THINKS she *MIGHT* be cheating and bounce from that relationship for her own safety.

      Same deal for dudes that don’t want to be in a situation where they might be faced with the choice of laying hands on their woman to stop her from trippin’ or hopping in the car and crashing into a tree… If you get that indication that she might get physical with you in the future, either talk her down off the ledge before that happens or SKATE! πŸ˜€

  7. As far as I’m concerned, his wife Elin ain’t nuthin but a HO, with a capital H, like the rest of these beaahhtches. Dig this detail from the NY Post:

    “Elin is reportedly being offered a ‘re-signing’ bonus of $5 million to stay married to Tiger — about half of what A-Rod got when he reupped with the Yankees. She’d get $80 million to hang with him another seven years.”

    Where is the $#@^ love? That is *&%$ harsh. This is the man’s wife. Why should he have to pay HER extra money? If my wife asked to re-negotiate my million dollar pre-nup just because I cheated, I’d say honey, you take that original piece of paper, get the *&^% out of my house, and polish someone else’s dongle.

    1. Hey doublej. Thanks for the comment.

      The whole payment thing DOES bring up a very important question, such as what would she have done if the money weren’t offered to her? If she stays and takes the money, you’re right, she looks like a ho. OTOH, lots of people are going to say that she DESERVES that money as a renegotiation of their nuptial agreement.

      Personally, I don’t see the WIN here for Tiger. You look like a Herb because you got caught by your woman. You look like a Herb because she apparently scratched your face up and kicked your ass. I haven’t heard anyone YET consider that she might have clocked him before he made it outside to the car, in which case, he would have had a CONCUSSION, which would have made him unable to drive (or walk) in a straight line. You look like a Herb because your side-piece gave you up via your voicemail message. You look like a Herb because a bunch of other chicks came out of the woodwork, claiming you got on with them as well.

      I’m wondering now if *ANY* of the chicks that Tiger messed with DIDN’T rat him out! πŸ˜€ Talk about lack of *CONTROL*, JEEZ! :/

      The way I see it, if you’re gonna play Big Willie and get around behind your woman’s back, you need to be fully prepared for her to SKATE when she finds out. That’s why I can’t understand the multi-million-dollar payoff. It’s like “I got busted. The jig is up. **** it.” If he was so pressed to keep his wife, he should have either a) not messed with any other chicks at all, b) only messed with chicks that are DOWN FOR HIM and that he can TRUST not to run their mouths all over creation and put his business in the streets, or c) Charlie Sheened it up and paid way less than 80 million for 31 months worth of sex from several chicks. \o/

      1. Agreed. Moving forward I think Tiger should just MTFU and admit to his wife that he can’t do what he does and be monogamous. Then they should split and he should take care of business. I personally don’t give a rat’s ass about his multi-million dollar future earning potential and I’m not sure how paying off his wife is going to endear him to sponsors. They’re not going to be happy until she comes out and says something like she forgives him. Hell, I’d pay her just to do that!

        The way he’s going about it now – he’s all out of side pieces, he’s not playing the game he’s played for decades and defines him professionally, he’s gonna be cooped up with a wife who hates him and he can’t avoid her by being out on tour – kinda baffles me. Or not. Smells like guilt talking.

  8. Tina Brown of thedailybeast.com made an interesting point today on WNYC radio. A lot of smart guys at the same level of fame as Tiger go to super high-class escorts BECAUSE they’re paid to keep their mouth shut and their head cool. It’s half the reason they get paid in the thousands per “date”.

    It’s actually more economical. Think about it. Even on the high end, if he shells out $4000 per date once a week for every week of a year, that’s $208,000. Even if he’s a horny dude and doubles or triples it it’s still a big discount on the tens of millions of hush and re-nup money being discussed now.

    BTW, I just peeped Steven Soderbergh’s movie The Girlfriend Experience and it was good flick. CNBC also did a full hour on uber professional escort industry.

    1. Yeah, that’s what I refer to as Charlie Sheening it, since the information about his dealings with Heidi Fleiss became public knowledge. Just like you said, celebrities need to pay to keep groupies out of circulation and keep your business “out the street”.

      The general statement about prostitution is that you’re not paying them for sex, you’re paying them to GO AWAY afterwards. πŸ™‚ With celebrities, there’s so much more at stake, it’s just not worth messing with regular chicks… ESPECIALLY NOT minimum-wage regular chicks like waitresses and greeters.

      At this point, the number of extra chicks that have come forward is rapidly approaching 10! πŸ˜€ hahaha Double-digits worth of chicks on the side suddenly dropping dime on Tiger. Damn. That’s a tough situation right thurrrr. πŸ˜€

  9. This is a train wreck…like the blind leading the blind!

    We weren’t there @ the CB vs Re incident. Please note..CB had no marks physical marks on him. If he did they were not to the extent that she did.

    It’s never OK to physically abuse a partner.

    1. no One is saying its ok to put your hands on anyone BUT

      Had that been two boys (whats the saying: Boys will be boys) and this happened. We would be telling the “smaller” boy that its NEVER a good idea to strike a bigger stronger boy. Although he would have our sympathies, we would be treating it like a lesson learned-NEVER PUT YOUR HANDS ON ANOTHER PERSON UNLESS YOU ARE INVITING AND WAITING ON A RESPONSE! Except that he is really a SHE…
      While I agree that you never strike a female (or all beings of less physical strength and stature)I dont see how she is a victim and nothing else. Its on the record that she struck first. Why are we not as equally outraged at her for resorting to VIOLENCE!!! Domestic abuse is ABUSE regardless of who started it.

      Again, had that been to differently sized boys one would be reminded daily of the lesson learned and theother would be the new stud on the block for defending himself! Lack of brusing only means that he was swifter with his than the opponent!!

  10. Please NOTE: Men…you CHOOSE these crazy women. They are the ones you prefer and perpetuate their behavior. They got away w/it before…and will continue. BLAME YOURSELF.

    1. Agreed that guys are to blame for poorly screening chicks before getting involved with them or not screening them at all.

      As far as Chris Brown, it doesn’t matter whether he had physical marks or not. IIRC, Rihanna admitted to starting the physicality of the fight. If she didn’t happen to mark him before he handed out the critical beatdown, that doesn’t absolve her from being the instigator.

      1. Hey, I ve picked a few crrrrrrrrrazy ones in the past BUT its never gotten physical!! I for one have always been a big dude and not one (she think she a guy wit da hands)chick has ever felt herself like that!!

        as for Tiger: The reworked prenup, the endorsement loss, the semi-retired losses…

        For that kind of money the least he could do is step forward and say “damn, that was some good p*ssy!” lol

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