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    1. haha Sorry ’bout that, man. 😀 The camera I’m using doesn’t have image stabilization, so it’s shaky.

      Cain’t be skating around town with my high-tech HD videocamera just in case I BUSS MY AZZZZZ!!! 😀

    1. haha That’s a legitimate question. 🙂

      You skate against traffic so you can see them coming.

      If you skate WITH traffic, they sneak up behind you and you have to turn around and look backwards to see if some idiot can’t drive in a straight line. While you’re looking backwards, you can’t see the street ahead of you which means if you have to dodge, you might just dodge into a pothole.

      It’s way better to skate so that everything dangerous is to the front, not one set to the front and one set to the back.

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