Political Correctness?.. Seriously? :/

Politically Correct (PC) expression is one of the recent fads. People love to choose something to do and then hop on the bandwagon. While all the drones are enjoying it, I find myself increasingly disgusted at having to extract what people actually feel from between the lines of what they’re willing to say.


I have no idea when this PC stuff started or whose fault it is. Basically, how it works is that people have agreed to translate what they would normally say into different words, and that’s supposed to make people feel better about themselves and feel as if people respect them.

For example, I’m not the shortest person in creation, but I’m not tall either. I’m 5’9″. Someone that’s 6’4″ that’s talking about me on the other side of the room might be inclined to say “That short guy over there”. Assuming that I felt poorly about myself for someone stating THE FACT that they’re considerably taller than I am, it’s supposed to make me feel better about myself if that same guy says “That VERTICALLY-CHALLENGED guy over there”. :/

Really? :/

I suppose they think people are too stupid to translate in reverse.


I think the first time I became aware of this was when Bums became Homeless.

When I was growing up, we had regular people and then we had Bums. I suppose, in my ignorant mind, I assumed that they were bums by choice, electing not to get jobs and instead, hang out on the street and scowl at the kids on our way to elementary school. It made perfect sense to me at the time. Why get a job and pay rent when you can sleep right there on 96th street in between Park and Lexington for free?

Eventually, Giuliani arrived and all of our bums disappeared into thin air.

Many years later, I heard some guy being ‘corrected’ when they said “Bum” by some chick that said “You mean ‘Homeless'”. The male drone apologized and corrected himself and went on with what he was saying. Meanwhile, I was standing there wondering HOW IN THE HELL this chick knew that that homeless guy wasn’t a bum. :/ There are homeless people that are not bums and there are bums that are not homeless. There are bums that live indoors and have several kids.. They’re STILL *BUMS*.


Here in New York City, we have snow. We also have women (and certain “males of the species”) that will wear flip-flops in freezing cold weather. No protection from any of the elements OR physical injury, and there they go, walking down the street like psycho ward patients that just took their meds. Ignorance is bliss.

What you’re thinking when you see this is “That ***** is an idiot”. What you SAY to the gal you’re talking to, whom you figure is equally retarded, is “Are those still in style? Shouldn’t she be wearing Uggs, like the OTHER 99% of you NYC females?”

So you end up SAYING something different from what you’re FEELING, which doesn’t help anyone. When that chick you were talking to shows up to your next hangout in flip-flops, you spend the entire time quietly seething about what an IDIOT she is while she’s thinking she looks cute and trendy.

This is all YOUR fault. If you had said what you thought about the situation, she could have made an educated decision, which is to wear proper winter footwear in the winter or be considered an idiot. She could still wear her “cute”, trendy, “shoes” to your hangout, but she’d already know how you’re going to perceive her if she does.


And then, people want to claim to be in relationships with each other when neither one brings what they’re honestly thinking to the table. How can you possibly believe you’re in a relationship with someone that isn’t willing to authentically communicate with you?

Gal: Are you ******* any other women?
Guy (PC): Nope.
Guy (Reality): At least 14.. Mostly waitresses, but some of them paid professionals

Guy: Are you dating me for my money?
Gal (PC): Nope
Gal (Reality): If this mother****** goes broke, I’m SWAYZE! [For the slang-impaired.. Swayze means “Leaving” because Patrick Swayze starred in a movie called “Ghost”, therefore, “I’m Swayze” => “I’m Ghost” => “You can’t see me” => “I left (am leaving)”]


A while back, some politician got in trouble for using the term Negro. There were other philosophical reasons people were upset at him, but focusing on the terminology, the dude that said that was at least 9,000 years old. When he was coming up, “Negro” was probably the CURRENTLY-ACCEPTABLE TERM. He probably said something different back when he was a kid and Moses corrected him just before he parted the Red Sea.

I think this is my major issue with PC stuff. You’re asking people to adopt an entirely new set of words that you’ve either co-opted or made up out of thin air and if they don’t get with the program, you jump up and down on them. Just because YOU decided something’s right, or even THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE decided something’s right (e.g. Nazi Germany) doesn’t mean that everyone on the planet has to agree with you and fall in line.

I use the term “chicks” a lot.. A LOT. 🙂 If you don’t like it, it sucks to be you. Sometimes, I say “women”, which basically translates to “older chicks” and sometimes, I say “girls” which translates to “younger chicks”, but it’s all the same to me. Sometimes, I say “ladies” or “gals”, but if I’m flowin’ live and we’re discussing relationships IRL over some brews, any time I need to express “female of the species”, I’m 99.687% likely to say “chicks”.

I don’t give a flying **** whether the country decides to adopt “Women” and “Young Women” as the only two categories for females. **** You. I’m not interested. Save it for David. When I mention “Negroes”, I say “Black”. That’s what I grew up with and where my mind naturally goes. “African-American” doesn’t make any sense to me. I’ve been blogging for four years now and there’s only one instance of that term on my site, which comes from A QUOTE that I pulled from a friend’s site when I was writing an article based on her article. I don’t use the term, personally. Any time I hear it, I mentally translate it to “Black”.

Inauthentic Communication

BC_Unforgivable_Feb_2006.jpgI think the basic danger of PC-Speak is that it’s a cover. It’s a front. It’s not what you’d say to a close friend of yours who understands you and how you think. This lulls people into a false sense of security because they actually BELIEVE that other people believe what they’re saying and then Act As If everyone’s on the same page.

I block out [most]curses when I blog. This is because I have no control over my audience. Most of my traffic comes from Google searches, and it could be kids or grandmothers or whatever, so I keep the language middle-of-the-road unless I need to curse to express myself correctly. Meanwhile, people that actually hang out with me know that any sentence I say might include a gratuitous curse word. 😀 haha Instead of “What an idiot”, I just really enjoy saying “What a ******* idiot!”.

It actually works in reverse as well. As soon as you’re willing to go against the grain, people assume that that’s the experience they’re going to receive when they hang out with you in person. When chicks read articles where dudes call chicks “chicks”, they get all feminist about it and go “Incorrigible! I’d *NEVER* date HIM! :(“, which always becomes “Famous Last Words” when they meet The Kid in person and realize that the IRL experience is different from the text experience. 😉

especially if they’re foyine!!! :P~~~

Anyway… It’s completely retarded. Whether you call someone “Commitment-Challenged” or “A Player” we STILL know what you’re talking about. I’m not “Vertically Challenged”. There’s no challenge. I won’t be getting any taller than 5’9″ 😀 If I’m short to you, that’s just my lousy luck.

Meanwhile, your height advantage won’t help you prevent me from borrowing your girlfriend.


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