Does He Trust You? [RW:DC, Part 03]

It’s rare that I hear anything of actual interest on “Reality Television” shows, but on this week’s “Real World: DC”, Andrew said in the confessional that he doesn’t trust women… Across the board… Like, women IN GENERAL, he doesn’t trust.

They threw in a sound bite about him being aware that his mother cheated on his father. That was probably the deepest revelation in the show about him because he’s made a career out of NOT giving up any personal information about himself. In fact, the reason this came up was that the girl he’s now calling “girlfriend” told him that she feels like he’s holding back, which has been his Modus Operandi the entire show.

I also found it interesting that he invoked “Bros Before Hoes” not once, but TWICE in episode 2311, as well as mentioning his “Wingman Responsibilities”

Casting Calls

Andrew & Andreaok.. I have to sidetrack for a second. So this entire episode was about Andrew and his “Girlfriend” (named Andrea). They have him introduce her by saying “So I met this girl at [whatever location]…” and they don’t show where/when he met her, but he comes walking down the street with her. They play the entire episode like it’s some kind of chance meeting, like they’ve been playing all the other chicks the guys in the house have met / made out with / brought back to the crib.

So just now, I wasn’t sure what episode this was, so I go to MTV’s site and they have a section called “View Andrea’s Casting Tape”. :/

Of course, I’m like “How the hell does a random chick in Washington, DC have a CASTING TAPE on file with MTV?” :/

At the end of the video, where she was interviewed via Skype, she says that MTV would regret not picking her, because she would probably try to “sleep with” everyone in the house”…… COME ON, MAN! :/

So.. Apparently, MTV reached back to the benchwarmers and selected this chick to try to get some action in the house. Lame. I wish I hadn’t looked for that episode and stumbled upon that audition tape. Now, I have to go off on an entirely different tangent than I intended…

No Action

I don’t know how they did the casting for this season, but it ended up mad lame. “Jersey Shore” kicked this entire season’s ass with their first two-hour episode. The reason they needed to reach back to their audition tapes is that the chicks in the house are a bunch of do-nothings. Surprisingly, Andrew put in the most work this season, followed by Josh, even though he had a girlfriend that he eventually dumped so he could hook up with other chicks without feeling guilty about it. Next in line was Mike and then bringing up the rear was Ty, who fell in love with Emily, who immediately cut him off as soon as he told her he was really into her. It really looked in the beginning like it was going to be exactly the opposite, with Ty being the leader, followed by Mike, Josh and Andrew getting lucky, maybe.

As far as the chicks… Nothing. Not a damn thing. I don’t know HOW they cast ALL of these do-nothings on the same show. \o/ Emily was hooking up with Ty until he confessed his feelings for her and she dumped him, never to get another rap ever again for the entire show. The day she dumped Ty, we saw her dancing with some dude that LOOKED EXACTLY LIKE TY in a bar, while Ty looked on, upset.. but after the breakup, Emily’s had ZERO romantic storyline whatsoever. Nothing. Off the grid. Gone.

Ashley started out strong and made out with her housemate, Mike, but after that… NOTHING. NADA. ZILCH. No action of any kind, whatsoever. Callie could have had action with Andrew from the giddyap, since he was all into her, but she fessed up on that so that she could do……… NOTHING! No romantic storyline AT ALL. Erika has a boyfriend that she calls on the phone incessantly until he picks up the phone. No romantic storyline. No visit from the boyfriend. No action whatsoever. As a matter of fact, you mostly see Erika and Emily talking to THEIR MOTHERS on the telephone more than guys.

This is why for the sake of an interesting storyline, MTV had to reach back to the bench. If they had Andrea’s audition tape BEFORE they cast the entire show, they completely ****** up by not casting her instead of either Erika or Callie. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt that they made an emergency casting call for new chicks once they realized how completely ****** their female storylines for this season were.

I don’t blame them for bringing in a ringer, except this completely undermines my point in this article. I was going to talk about how Andrew’s distrust of women in general is brought to his relationships, but in this case, he’s completely right. Chick says ON TAPE that she’s going to try to hook up with everyone (including chicks) in the house. Why in the world should we believe that she’s solely interested in Andrew as a boyfriend? Why in the world should HE believe that? Ugh.. Wish I hadn’t seen that. 😀

Relationships Without Trust?

Anyway….. If we can put all this casting / ringer yadda yadda to the side.. I found it interesting that MTV elected to show a situation where a guy was all about a chick, head over heels for her, spending time with her, going out on dates, hooking up with her and STILL keeping her at arm’s length because he flat out doesn’t trust women.

I can see why that would be the case if he had become aware when he was younger that his mother cheated on his father. Your parents are supposed to be your blueprint for how relationships are supposed to be, or at least CAN BE in the best-case scenario. When there are infidelity or abuse issues in your household, it’s going to have a major effect on how you interact with people when it’s your turn to be involved in relationships.

The reason I wanted to discuss this is that a lot of women assume that just because a guy will mess with them, it means that he loves them or trusts them or cares about them or gives a flying **** whether they get run over by a truck. It’s just not true. Guys hook up with gals they’re physically attracted to and it’s not any deeper than that. I don’t say that to destroy your belief in Santa Claus or The Easter Bunny, I say that because there’s a percentage chance that that describes *your* relationship, whether you understand that or not.

How can a guy have a relationship to a woman he doesn’t trust?… Very simply…. So long as you don’t leave any important decisions up to her, you don’t need to trust her at all.

As long as her job description is to look good and be sexy, “Trust” never enters the equation. Unfortunately for women, attraction is built way faster than trust. Women like to call this “Thinking with the little head” and that’s very funny and all, ha ha ha, except when you don’t realize that your entire relationship is dependent upon the very concept you’re making jokes about.

Call Maury!

The way I see it.. Trust is built over time. Situations arise and you demonstrate who you are and what you’re about, instance by instance. More than once, I’ve gone into social situations with a team and split up as soon as we entered the establishment. As we selected our targets and made our individual runs, we’d eventually meet up and compare notes. The information the gals we talked to handed out would be suspiciously different, based on her level of attraction to the guy she was talking to…

She’s married. She’s not married. She has a boyfriend. She’s single. She’s from Brooklyn. She’s from Maine. She has kids. She doesn’t have kids. BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH, all this unreliable information which all ads up to nothing except she’s a ******* LIAR and she’s interested in hooking up with one of us, but not the other one.

Fortunately for guys, we have no problems hooking up with liars because nobody cares what they said in the first place. The problem occurs for women, when they feel like they pulled the wool over a guy’s eyes and tricked him into messing with her or claiming to be in a relationship with her or whatever her goal was.

This never comes to light, however, until something IMPORTANT comes up, where the guy needs to choose between accepting what she said like “Word is Bond” or letting her know to her face that he doesn’t believe it and he’s going to need a paternity test. :O

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