Compliment Her Eyes

As horrible as Oxygen Channel’s “Bad Girls Club” was, I still watched it because it was a T&A-fest.
Bad Girls Club

Now, they’ve spun the series off into this lame Flavor-Flav ripoff called “Love Games”, where they have three chicks that ~20 guys are trying to hook up with. As retarded as that premise is, it’s STILL not as useless as putting eight chicks in a house so they can drink alcohol, get undressed most of the time, bitch at each other and then go clubbing together and rub up on each other as if they’re supposed to be lesbians with no storyline and no criteria for ejection from the show. I swear I don’t know how these shows get funded. :/

Nice Shoes.. Wanna ****?

So anyway… I’m fast-forwarding through my DVR copy of “Love Games” and I notice what appears to be a beef, so I back up and play it at regular speed. The chicks and several of the guys are in the hot tub having a conversation and one of the guys says something directly to one of the chicks’ faces to the effect of “All the guys in the house think you have nice tits”.

Of course, the needle scratches on the record and it’s like “GASP! :O”. This is what he gets for telling the truth. This is what he gets for speaking his mind, or in this case, the COLLECTIVE mind. He wasn’t saying that HE was the only one that held that opinion. He put it on all the guys in the house. Because he SAID to her face what everybody else HAD ALREADY SAID BEHIND HER BACK, he was penalized.

So then, when the chicks are trying to decide who to vote off the show, they’re actually there commiserating about “Can you believe he talked about my body??? :O” .. You know, I’m wondering at what level women finally get real. Do you have to be a stripper before you’re willing to understand that guys LIKE, CHECK OUT, TALK ABOUT and WANT your bodies? Is that what it takes? haha I mean, seriously…
Natalie from Bad Girls ClubHow are you gonna be a chick that was only selected to be on a television show because she looks good and guys want to **** you and then you’re going to complain about some guy mentioning that he likes your body? Do you have to be an actual hooker who gets paid for sex before you’re willing to consider and potentially accept the truth?

The funny part is that they weren’t acting. They were actually appalled that this dude said what he said. Meanwhile, that’s the *ONLY* topic of conversation amongst the guys.. Which one of y’all is hotter and which one they’d like to bang FIRST.

I mean, what do you think you were doing on “Bad Girls Club” in the first place? There were NO. MENTAL. CHALLENGES in that show, whatsoever. You were selected because a) you looked good and b) they thought you were mentally disturbed and self-centered enough to cause beef which they could get ratings from. You’re lower even than “Jersey Shore”, because even THEY had to get JOBS and when that chick Angelina refused to work, her ass got kicked off the show.

The only thing that got chicks kicked off of BGC was if they started punching some other chick in the face. No challenges. No eliminations. Your job is to get undressed, drink alcohol, rub up on other girls and talk yang to each other and then you’re SURPRISED and UPSET that dudes are like “She has nice tits”? :/

Lie And Be Happy

The lesson here, gentlemen, is to lie your asses off. Lie, Lie, Lie. You like her ass? Keep it to yourself. Talk about her eyes instead. Chicks fall for that one like hotcakes. You feel like screwing her? Keep it to yourself. Tell her you want to hang out with her and read books or something retarded like that. Chicks like to believe this, so it’s an easy way to sneak your way to the nitty-gritty.

Whatever you do, DON’T bother telling her the truth. Throughout Time Immemorial, guys have been penalized for verbalizing what’s actually going on and destroying women’s ridiculous fantasies about the reason you’re attracted to her. I know you’ll feel dumb saying it, but trust me that it pays off in the long run. The more you mention her body, the more she wants you to focus on her mind or her personality or something else you weren’t paying any attention to. The more you talk about her mind and personality (and whatever else you weren’t paying any attention to) the more she goes “He’s not paying enough attention to my body!!!” and then you’re in there like Belvedere.

I think we also see this female mental process in statements like “I wasn’t wearing a miniskirt.. I was wearing sweats and a hoodie.. How come he tried to get my number?” and “I didn’t tell him I was interested in sex… How come he tried to get my number?”. I’ve come to the conclusion that women are absolutely clueless that the process works without their mental input. Nobody cares whether YOU’RE interested in sex or not. We care if WE’RE interested in hooking up with you or not. Here’s how it works:

We like you, you like us = Stimulation
We like you, you don’t like us = Stimulation
We don’t like you, you don’t like us = No Stimulation
We don’t like you, you like us = Meh… Maybe I’ll take it if I have nothing better to do πŸ˜‰

Get it? Maybe we need some more equations:

Chick with a nice ass in sweats > chick with no ass in a miniskirt
Chick with a hot body in timberlands and a hoodie > chick with no body dressed “like a hooker”
Dumb chick that looks good > Smart chick that looks bad
and finally.. Chick with nice tits > Chick with not nice tits, which is what got dude on the reality show in trouble.

Hello, Crispus Attucks

Dude figured, either because he was drunk or unfathomably unintelligent, “These hoes know that they’re hoes, so they understand that we’re only here for the T&A and just like the ACTUAL hoes at the strip clubs I frequent, they’re going to take ‘Out of the three girls in the house, you have the nicest tits’ to be a compliment! :D”.

This, of course, triggered the girls who fantasized that all these guys would be chasing them if they were fat and ugly, well… that fantasized that they would have been on a reality show AT ALL if they were fat and ugly, to go “You know what?… Out of all the guys here that perceive us as [insert whatever women think, because I have no clue what it could possibly be], THIS ONE GUY….. THINKS THAT WE’RE *HOES*!!! :O”

Meanwhile, the rest of the dudes look all spiffy because they let him sink by his lonesome. Knowing damned well that they ALL chimed in at one point or another about which chick was the hottest and WHY, they all sat there like “OMG! :O Did you hear what he just said? :O” like it was some mystery or that dude had suddenly flipped his wig and needed to be committed. If she would have taken a poll of the guys that were there at the time as far as what they thought of her body, she would have received shoulder-shrugs and “I hadn’t really thought about it”. That’s because even most CAVEMEN were smart enough not to run out of the cave while the dinosaur was cold lampin’ outside. πŸ˜€

So then, when dude’s about to get kicked off the show, he recants everything. “I was so wrong.. I was being disrespectful, blah blah blah”. He didn’t get booted and you know the first thing he said to the other guys was “Ha-HAAAA.. The ***** with the nice tits didn’t kick me off the show! :D”.

So the moral of our story is to either lie to women and be happy or tell the truth and take your chances. πŸ˜€ I mean, if you actually DID approach her because of the color of her eyes and you decided to request her number because she’s one of the smartest women you’ve ever met in your life, then roll with that! πŸ˜€ If you thought she was hawt, loved her accent and felt like banging her in the broom closet five minutes after you met her, make sure you mention how nice her hair looks and that you’d love to continue this stimulating conversation over dinner sometime.

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  1. Greetings Bill,
    New to your site and very pleased with you shrewd and honest incisiveness. Actually, much of what you write is the mirror image of my diatribes, about what women weave. The fantasies women weave.
    And, as you explain how men think, I explain how women think.
    I am paying close attention to you, M.I.T grad, voice of clarity. Sardonic Laconic One.
    So check out
    or any stories posted.
    You are an astute observer and, more importantly, you make me laugh out loud.
    Thank YOu

    1. Hi Christine. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the comments. I’m glad you’re getting something out of my blog. πŸ™‚

      I read your link… kind of. πŸ˜€ … I’ll admit that your style of what I consider to be poetry induces ADD in me where I just can’t make the steps from point A to point B in the story. Lovely writing.. Just not my personal style.

      Having read what I could of it, I’m attempting to imagine how boring you must find my “to the point” writing. πŸ˜€ I’m extremely deficient when it comes to descriptors. I think the closest I get is to explain which one is the female and which one is the male in my stories. Although my vision includes the type of things that you write so eloquently about, I wouldn’t think to include them in my posts because I mainly focus on the mind, what it perceives and what it misses.

      I would instantly describe a woman as an 8 or as a 2, which gives all the description I need to explain how a male is going to react to her and whether she can expect fidelity or not. Even in the case of the 8s, fidelity isn’t certain, but at least they start with a good chance of the guy that said he was only going to hook up with *her* for the rest of his life telling the truth. I could definitely add poetry to my writing, but it wouldn’t help me make my point. Regardless of whether the wind is blowing through her auburn-colored hair and the light is reflecting off her skin, if her man likes the waitress’ ass, it’s on & poppin’! πŸ˜€

      I’m going to read more of your site to see if I can contribute something, but I doubt I’ll be able to. I’ve seen your style before and I’ve been taught to write that way for effect by the woman that introduced me to it, but it’s really tough and time-consuming for me to enter that ultra-descriptive mental state.

      Cheers! πŸ˜€

  2. “I would instantly describe a woman as an 8 or as a 2, which gives all the description I need to explain how a male is going to react to her and whether she can expect fidelity or not”
    Maybe my threshold of entertainment is low, but right now, this quip, which I extracted from your comments, makes me laugh so!
    No I don’t find your style boring! I find it refreshing.And, as your writing probably flows effortlessly from the initial societal schism you observe to your blog, mine does also. Probably becuase I hallucinate naturally. (C’mon…give Chicken Killer a try, it’s not as heavy slogging as Deep Gothic South and it will explain hallucinating naturally which MAY yield another anomaly in the female brain or deficit in the male!)
    Besides making me laugh, you have me going…if women understood that a size 8 was found, by males, to be more desireable than a size 2 then belief systems would be shattered. Want to scare a sorority girl to death? Tell her for initiation she has to wear white shoes before Easter. Scare her more? Tell her she’ll one day be larger than a size 6.
    I’ll pen something succinct about what women weave which is not poetic prose.

    1. Christine,

      Once again, I’m defeated by my personal view of the world. πŸ˜€ I didn’t explain myself sufficiently because I don’t think about women’s clothing sizes AT ALL. She either has a nice shape or she doesn’t. That shape could be nice at a size 6 or at a size 12 (if that exists for women, I have no idea), because it’s all about proportion, athleticism and overall health, not how many of her you could fit side-by-side in an elevator. πŸ˜‰

      The numbers I mentioned, I incorrectly assumed would be universally interpreted as rating women’s looks on a scale from 1-10. An “8” being an impressively good-looking female and a “2” being the type of gal you see on The Maury show that breaks down crying when she finds out her boyfriend’s cheating on her and making out with girls he’s never met before in the green room when she’s obviously not in any type of appealing physical female shape.

      With the epidemic of beloved female movie stars being cheated on, there’s no reason for relatively insanely unattractive women to believe that their boyfriends aren’t trying to screw every chick they ever meet that looks better than they do.

      So my point that I failed to get across is that instead of describing HOW a gal looks, all I need to say is that she’s HAWT or she’s ok or she’s busted. That’s enough to give another guy the understanding of what to expect in the rest of the story as far as the female character. I realize that I offer women no Gone With The Wind flavor of coloring the backgrounds and how the leaves were falling and ’twas brillig and all that.

      Yes, my writing flows effortlessly from my perception of my society. I’m not making this stuff up. It’s all very obvious and common sense to me and lots of guys that I know, and we’re all dumbfounded as far as why women never wake up with myriad examples that what we’re saying is right.

      Nobody cares if you’re a CEO of a company making a quarter-million dollars a year if we don’t feel like ******* you. It’s just that simple. If you turn us on and you’re a burger-flipper, that’s great! You made the roster. You’re on the radar or you’re not. You provide us stimulus or you don’t.

      This is why the 2s (relatively unattractive women) shouldn’t expect fidelity at all, because 80 percent of females are more attractive than you are to your man. Your odds are extremely low. Even mediocre chicks that offer your man sex are likely to be successful. Look at Elin Woods and Sandra Bullock.. Two highly attractive women and both of their men are getting their kicks with “skanks”. Elin HAD two kids for Tiger and Sandra was taking care of THREE KIDS for her husband. Makes no difference. In light of that, I don’t see why out-of-shape, busted chicks don’t recognize their station in life. They should be glad that they have a man AT ALL considering that he could “trade up” effortlessly, but for some reason chooses not to.

      As far as (women’s clothing size) 8s being more attractive than 2s, all you have to do is look to the original Star Trek series from the ’60s, where ALL of the women were voluptuous. There was not ONE coat-hanger chick in the entire series. Look at the beach bikini movies. Hips For Days! :P~~~ I think I might need to write about women’s clothing sizes now that you bring it up because there are lots of hippy-chicks that low-rate themselves when they’re some of the most attractive women on the scene in a lot of guys’ opinions, including mine.

      “Natural Hallucination” is an incredible concept that I’m going to look into immediately! πŸ˜€ I’ll try out “Chicken Killer” and see if I can latch onto something that allows me to read it in its entirety.

      I’m also going to try to write something flowery that might me more your style. I tried it a while back with “She Loves It”, where I attempted to write my feelings about a situation instead of the facts of a situation. Very tough exercise for me, haha. I’ll see what I can do. πŸ˜‰

  3. Bill, read “She Loves it.” Noted the exercise in pre-Raphaelite-esque writing:
    holding on to the strings of the Hindenburg for dear life, lest I plummet to my dating death

    and I like your inimitable one two punch style MUCH better:

    “If you turn us on and you’re a burger-flipper, that’s great!”

    I do want to address
    “recognize their station in life,” but should it be your site or mine or both as venue for THAT discussion. What about those lowely 2’s who can weave and weave and weave? Isn’t it, in scissor paper stone fashion a winning hand to be able to respond like the protagonist in Chicken Killer? It is all about stimulation and nothing is more stimulating than eliciting genuine strong response in your lover, right? Maybe the 2 wouldn’t have made it to the bed or couch or kitchen table in the first place so it is a moot point.

    1. You have a perfectly valid point about “station in life”, haha however, it’s kind of a sticky wicket that could go either way.

      On the one hand, you’re right that there are things that anyone who’s an underdog in a situation can do to gain the upper hand over a seemingly superior opponent. The chick might be less attractive but more loyal. She might not be much when it comes to hooking up, but she’s honestly passionate about spending time with you. There are lots of ways that a 2 could possibly defeat an 8 and/or all other women in the world and land the boyfriend/husband.

      OTOH, I think there are too many women that rely upon their deeds as security in their relationships. How many times have you heard “How could he cheat on me after I had his children?”?.. Well, having his kids doesn’t make you look any better. In fact, it could make you look worse. πŸ™‚ Harsh, but that doesn’t change the facts.

      There’s a difference between getting someone to agree to be in a relationship with you and getting them to stop hooking up with anyone else they find attractive. Less-Attractive people have a tougher row to hoe, but as you say, there are other areas of compensation in which they might successfully stake a claim to their significant other.

  4. The middle “chapter” of Compliment Her Eyes is entitled Lie And Be Happy. In light of our conversation threads, I think this type of lying can, potentially, make the recipient happier, as well as nudge her into the sack. It is more than a means to an end. It IS what women want to hear and, if they are going to hook up, in order to extract the most juice possible, it is absolutely essential that the woman’s “pretty story” (which she tells herself but clever guys fill in the blanks) is validated, e.g., “You have beautiful eyes.”
    It’s a dance. It’s a waltz step (the complimenting) so that everyone can glide around the ballroom with dazzling lights and sound, and reflect, during afterdance, “That was a great waltz.” It facilitates better sex rather than simply making sex more facile.

    1. Unfortunately, what you’re saying is true, which at first is a great revelation to guys that all we need to do is lie our asses off to chicks and they’ll hop right in the sack, dragging you right along with them, kicking & screaming [but not enough to ruin the ACTION! ;)].

      After innumerable successes, it feels as much like a gimmick as anything else, money, cars, houses, dressing nicely.. It ceases to prove anything that yet another dumb chick fell for easy-to-tell lies and gave you what she should have given you anyway because she always wanted to.

      There’s no challenge in it. The only way to keep the game interesting is to get on in spite of your way of being. Don’t dress up and still get on. Don’t have the fancy car and still get on. Don’t spend money and still get on. Don’t tell the obvious lies and buy flowers and candy and still get on.

      If she has a nice ass AND nice hair and eyes, more power to her and what you’re complimenting her on isn’t exactly a lie, but more like a half-truth. What I feel is pathetic is that guys have to conceal certain compliments to run the gauntlet when it’s obvious what’s really going on. It’s like being a dog and shaking hands with the human in order to get the doggie treat. **** That! πŸ˜€

      1. I still to this day don’t understand why people associate so much so much negativity with complements in the dating game. also your dead on with complimenting her eyes it works the best just like complimenting her smile ( or maybe compliment her eyes then compliment her smile when she smiles @ the first compliment.)

        1. Totally, man. It just adds another layer of fakeness to The Game.

          Guys are encouraged NOT to say what they’re actually thinking and then women wonder why it’s so easy for guys to lie to them about other things like…. fidelity? πŸ˜€

  5. Timing! You’re jumping way ahead in the Bill Cammack training manual helping guys get laid. You are giving out trade secrets, test driven by you, compliment their eyes. But then you jump ahead, revealing the ennui and emptiness of it all if it works too well too easily for too long!
    Human nature rule number one is the inverse relationship between attainability and desireabilty. But let the neophytes have their day in the sun!!!
    Also, in one of your articles you explain that you are not contradictory. You express on this site basically two voices. One is Bill Cammack man about the only town (city) that counts, accustomed to a gourmand selection from which to become satiated. And the other voice speaks to…the common man. Who may never have innumerable successes. Who may remain as inexperienced as you suggest the sex therapists might well be, still able to count their partners on one hand.
    THey may never feel like it is a gimmick and no challenge. You, however, have at times grown weary and the challenge became to throw off all the trappings and still succeed. Is it a challenge again if you get on without any pretense or impressive accoutrements? I think it might be a real desire to simply be met when everyone parading in front of you suddenly seems boring. That’s your voice. The suggestions to compliment her eyes, that seems more like your bodhisatva vow voice! “I vow to enlighten them!”

    1. That “inverse relationship between attainability and desirability” stuff is spot on. I was told about that years ago by a wise female friend of mine and I knew she knew what she was talking about, but I didn’t believe it until it started happening to me.

      It’s pretty funny sometimes.. Guys will see me chillin’, leanin’ back in the cut and they’ll make suggestions about which chicks I should kick it to, not knowing that they’re pointing the Lion at the pack of Zebras. If I had wanted to get them, they would have got GOT already! πŸ˜€ I can already see it all. There’s nothing intriguing about it.

      I told a friend of mine about a situation where I got this chick’s number and he interrupted me with “Did you call her? :D”.. I had to pause and think about it because NO I didn’t call her. Getting her number *was* the action. I didn’t get it to call her I got it to get it. It was what was to do at the time. Following up and hooking up with her was/is a foregone conclusion.

      I’ve recently become weary of my attempts to complicate the rap game because they just don’t work. πŸ™‚ Regardless of what I do, how I dress or what I say in my blog, I just keep effortlessly meeting new chicks every week. \o/ I need to just chalk it up to a gift from God and call it a day. πŸ˜€

      1. Guys will see me chillin’, leanin’ back in the cut and they’ll make suggestions about which chicks I should kick it to, not knowing that they’re pointing the Lion at the pack of Zebras.

        Haha i can absolutely relate to this and it gets pretty annoying. It’s also worse when those same homies/home girls your rolling with insist on introducing you to people you clearly told them you weren’t interested in. Then they catch hurt feelings when you start flirting mid- introduction with the chick you really wanted to kick it to.

        1. Yeah. Frlz. πŸ˜€ haha I should start wearing a sign that says “If I’m not physically asleep, I’m SCHEMING ON A CHICK, so LEAVE ME THE **** ALONE unless you need help with YOUR RAP!” πŸ˜€

          1. Roger That!! sometimes even when im asleep im running back film. but your right unless you need a wingman dont bother me

  6. Excellent post as always. The whole post is so true. We want guys to appreciate our bodies, but we want them to compliment us on things that are less controversial. Well, 99% of the time anyway. There is maybe 1% of the male population that can get away with walking up to a chick and while looking her straight in the face tell her she has a HAWT ass and not only get away with it, but also walk away with a rap. Any other guy and it would have been a drink in the face.

    I’ve met guys like that, and the trick is confidence. (Maybe two in my whole life who could actually pull it off) Whether you throw your drink in his face, or you end up giving him your number doesn’t matter to him. He could care less either way. Confidence is ridiculously sexy.

    I have to say Bill, you are one of those guys.

  7. Oops, let me clarify: You aren’t one of the two I met. I just get the impression from reading your blog that you too could get away with it. (And probably have ;))

    1. lol, Thanks Yota. πŸ˜€

      Yes. I *am* one of those guys, hehe. I think there are two more elements to the situation for me besides confidence.

      1) Chicks actually like me. Chicks want me to want them so when I tell them what I like about them, they appreciate the acknowledgement. Most of the problem that women have with getting “compliments” about their bodies is that it’s coming from guys that the women don’t WANT to want them sexually.

      2) I can say it as a matter of fact. It’s not a come-on. I’m not saying “I like your ass AND…….”. It’s merely an acknowledgement that she’s done everything right today and she’s looking good and she’s a total turn-on. Whether she gets lucky because of how she looks today is a different issue. πŸ˜‰

      Actually, there’s probably a #3, which is that I’m not historically good at hiding when I want a chick. Every time I fess up, the chick’s like “I knew that :/”. That’s because I experience probably chemical changes when I’m around a gal that turns me on. Whatever I say to her is authentic at that point in time, and it comes from a friendly, non-threatening position. Not non-threatening meaning I won’t hit it.. Non-threatening meaning I can tell her how she’s looking and how that makes me feel, we can flirt about it for a time and then keep doing whatever we were doing before that without her wondering if I’m going to jump her if she steps into a dark alley… >:)

  8. Man, I just read this!
    “If you thought she was hawt, loved her accent and felt like banging her in the broom closet five minutes after you met her, make sure you mention how nice her hair looks and that you’d love to continue this stimulating conversation over dinner sometime.” – Had me rolling on the floor and the comments so far have been… Hang on, I need to go lie about something, BRB…

  9. For the record, it’s not lying if you actually DO think she has nice eyes, thighs, whatever and throw a compliment. No, that’s not exactly why you started talking to her but at least it shows you let your brain catch up to your body. πŸ™‚

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