Back In Action

ok, Y’all.. I’m back in the gym, except I’m serious this time. 😀

Had a decent-to-good workout this morning, considering I haven’t lifted in ages at this point. Went to a gym I just found out about that’s WAY more convenient for me with better eye candy on my way there, haha.

The upside is they have the only machine I actually need, which is the weight-assisted dips & pull-ups. Basically, what you can do with that is continue to do those exercises WAAAAY past your actual point of fatigue. That’s important because most of the time, there’s only one sticking point that stops you from doing an exercise and if you can get past that point, you can keep going practically indefinitely. If you have to do regular pull-ups or even if you have a spot, you’re still pulling so much weight that you’re going to have to stop before you actually make any valuable advances.

The downside is that they don’t have dedicated heavy-bags. They’re on the side in the aerobics class room and there are hooks in the ceiling that they can be attached to. Unfortunately, that means that you have to get a gym worker to help you put the bags up AND that if a class is going to start, you have to take it back down.

Fortunately, my other gym has dedicated heavy-bags, so if I feel like hittin’, I’ll just go there. There’s no reason to take my gloves to the new spot to take the chance that I won’t be able to use the bags anyway.

So I walked in to yet another new scale, which registered me @ 174 lbs right off the bat. I think that’s wrong and I’m probably actually only 170, but anyway, I was drinking water, so an hour later, I was 178 lbs and an hour after that, when I was ready to leave, I was back down to 176.

I bring that up at this point as a point of reference. I’m no longer on my weight-gain kick. I’m just interested in documenting how much I weigh vs how well my body performs. I’m expecting that I’m going to progressively lose weight towards 170 while my physical performance evolves in a positive direction.

So now it will depend on whether I feel like working out or punching the bag, which gym I go to. Either way, I’m getting ready for this to be a regular occurrence at least throughout the month of May.

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