Do You Have Your Chloe?

**** “24” Spoilers. If you didn’t watch the season & series finale yet, don’t read this post ****

Chloe 24 Pass The Gat!!!So last night, Jack ends up in a situation that he knows the way out of. He knows what he needs to do and he knows what he needs Chloe to do. In order to win the situation, Jack needs Chloe to shoot him.

As strange as it might be for you to hear, your woman needs to SHOOT YOU if you instruct her to shoot you. If she won’t shoot you on command, she might prove to be perfectly worthless to you if her actions ever count for anything important.

Chloe thought she could walk away, but Jack knew better. The AIC wasn’t going to let her get away with not shooting him when all agents were operating under a “Shoot Jack Bauer on sight” order. She needed to shoot him because that was the only way she was going to be able to get the card back to the mobile unit and win the situation. She *ALSO* needed to shoot Jack because if she didn’t, as soon as the approaching troops arrived, *THEY* would have shot him.. And they would have *REALLY* shot him, compared to one bullet from Chloe’s gun which Jack placed himself in front of in a way that was definitely going through his left shoulder and wasn’t going to kill him.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t any time for Jack to explain all this to her. He needed her to do what he instructed her to do WHEN he instructed her to do it or else they were both either going to be dead or permanently arrested and the perps would have won the day.

Another problem in that situation was that Jack was going along with CHLOE’S PLAN. He only agreed to do it her way *IF* she agreed that she would do whatever he said to make it happen. She agreed to that and then BALKED when he told her to shoot him.

Jack would have died either way. His only way out was to have Chloe shoot him with a “through and through”. He needed her to trust him and do what he said to win the situation her way. If she wasn’t going to follow instructions, he should have just dropped his target the way he initially planned because he had him in the square and only let him slide because Chloe offered him a Plan B that would have been better for the country and still brought down the perps involved with the conspiracy.

What does this have to do with YOU? O_o


Trust is CRITICAL in your relationship. Like I said three years ago in 2007, “Without trust, you have nothing at all.”. You might *THINK* you know how your woman’s going to react to an important situation but if you’re wrong, it might cost you big time or BIGGEST TIME.

We just had a situation here in NYC where some chick’s jacket fell on the subway tracks and for some odd reason, she went ON THE TRACKS to get it. Some guy that was there with her at the time got on the tracks to try to assist her and *HE* ended up getting run over by the train and killed. Needless to say, that was because of POOR PLANNING by one or both of them.

Personally, I’ve been on the tracks lots of times. That’s because I know how to GET BACK UP ON THE PLATFORM and also because I know what it sounds like AND FEELS LIKE when the train is coming. I would never, *EVER* allow a non-athletic female to go down on the tracks because I have no faith in her ability to get back out even with my assistance from up on the platform. That means that *IF* I felt like saving her ass, I’d have to go on the tracks myself, which means that I should have just done that in the first place (entered the tracks, leaving her on the platform) and dealt with the situation without her ever being able to **** up the program.

Sometimes, it’s YOU that needs to have the trust, right now, no questions asked. I was chillin’ with some friends in an area I had never been to before, and as usual, we were attracting chicks left and right. Out of the blue, my boy goes “We’re leaving”. Not “Let’s go” or “Let’s break out” or “You feel like leaving?”, but “We’re leaving”. It was a definite statement, not a request for consensus. I peeled my eyes from whatever chick’s ass I had been currently checking out to ask him what he was talking about and when I saw the look on his face, I STFU and started leaving. 😀

I could tell that he was seeing something I wasn’t seeing and that I needed to back his play, RIGHT NOW, or else there might be a problem. There wasn’t any time to ask what was going on. There wasn’t any room for debate or discussion. On top of that, I could tell that HE wanted to remove himself from whatever the situation was. Had I hesitated, I would have been forcing him to make a choice to either leave me in the bad situation to fend for myself OR back my uninformed play and stay in a situation he knew we all needed to remove ourselves from.

As we were walking away, he explained why we were leaving and then I looked around and saw how outnumbered we had become while I was checking out chicks, and how upset those locals were that their girls were sweating these guys they had never seen before.

Follow The Leader

Maybe you never have situations with your girlfriend where you need her to do something important, like SHOOT YOU or *NOT* JUMP IN THE TRACKS WHEN THE TRAIN IS COMING or stay away from the edge of the roof or NOT talk **** to guys when she knows damned well that SHE’S not going to be the one they want to fight and she’s dragging you into a beef you didn’t ask for. If that’s the case, good for you and I hope your relationship continues that way. 🙂

If you’re planning to rely on her AT ALL, you need for her to trust your EDUCATED OPINION more than her uneducated one. If she doesn’t understand why you need her to shoot you, she STILL needs to shoot you. If she doesn’t understand why you need her to not go on the tracks after her jacket, she STILL needs to stay on the platform.

If SHE’S planning to rely on YOU at all, she has to be sure that you respect and will defer to HER educated opinions over your uneducated ones.

Chloe could have sent the troops in as soon as the system picked up Jack’s reflection on the 22nd floor. She didn’t do that because she knew Jack felt like he didn’t have an option and she had faith that presenting her idea to him would make him think and then reconsider his actions and go along with her plan.

She also trusted Freddie Prinze’s son to back her play. He could have insisted on going with her or alerted the troops immediately, but he didn’t. She asked him for time to talk Jack down and trusted that he was going to give her that time and that’s what happened.

In fact, even though Chloe almost screwed everything up by not shooting Jack, the *REAL* screw-up was Jack not considering and accepting her option as soon as she presented it to him. He elected to trust her after he already had his target in his sights, but had he not wasted the time of choking her out and had he allowed her to answer her phone when Freddie Prinze Jr. called her, Chloe’s plan would have come off smooth as silk.

So maybe that’s the more important question here…

I initially wanted to know if you have your Chloe… Now, I want to know if your Chloe has her JACK?

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