Famous For Nothing [Fame, Part 3]

Two years ago, in May 2008, I wrote “Fame, Popularity & Star Power” and then “Fame (Part 2)” two weeks apart from each other. The main point was that I was trying to figure out how to articulate my thoughts about fame in order to respond to an opinion my friend Dave had expressed about why I do what I do.

I never actually figured out how to exactly articulate the difference between what I’ve done for basically my entire life and what a lot of people do now. Today.. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I ended up watching a video where someone interviewed Melyssa Ford.

Melyssa Ford Melyssa Ford

Melyssa was saying something about something… and then she goes “Fame used to be the by-product of success and now it’s the ultimate goal”. A few seconds later, I rewound it and listened to that line again and was like “HOLY ****!!!!! πŸ˜€ That’s EXACTLY The Point I Was TRYING To Make!!! :D”

Fame vs. Popularity

I’m not famous.. Though a lot of people will say that I’m MicroFamous or Internet Famous. I’ve been ranked inside the top 15 Google results for “Bill” (out of currently 377 million results) since February, 2008 (2 years and counting). I’m also inside the top 30 results (out of 264,000,000) for “Bill” on bing.com. I’ve been blogging for years, and BillCammack.com is currently serving 5,000 pages per week, according to Quantcast & Google Analytics.

Whatever infinitesimal amount of Fame, Popularity, Star Power or Personal Brand Recognition I currently enjoy is, as Melyssa would say, a by-product of my success. It’s a fringe benefit. It’s icing on a cake. It’s certainly not THE POINT of anything I do and it’s certainly not *WHY* I do anything I do.

When I post a video of something I did or somewhere I went..

It’s not so you or anyone else can go “OOOOOOOHH! Look at what Bill did! :O”.. It’s because I. ALREADY. DID. IT. and I’m trying to share an incredibly small percentage of my real life experiences with whomever might be interested. If I stopped filming things, I’d STILL be doing a bunch of cool stuff with a bunch of cool people. If I stopped blogging, I’d still be hanging out with a bunch of chicks and enjoying myself. I’m not performing or doing anything that’s out of the ordinary for me. I’m just trying to share so you have a SLIIIIIIGHT idea of what my life is like.


Bill Cammack & Dan McVicar, September 2007Even that last sentence seems to be braggadocio. Who the **** cares what *MY* life is like? πŸ˜€

Well… All I can say about that is that back in the day my friend Dan McVicar (a.k.a. Clarke Garrison on “The Bold and the Beautiful”) created and hosted a Social Media site called “The Late Nite Mash”.

My friend Marty Daniels, whom I met through Dan’s site, lived somewhere in the sticks where I was never going to visit and filmed a video while walking around at a county fair in his local area.

Was the video exciting and action-packed? Nope! πŸ˜€ However.. I got to experience something I never would have experienced, being that a) I wasn’t going to ever travel there to go to that fair, and b) it was being filmed through Marty’s “eyes” and experiences, so it was necessarily different from what would have happened if I had been there filming with my own camera.

I got value out of that, which I obviously remember to this day, so my goal in sharing is to attempt to pass that on to people that don’t live in NYC or don’t live in the USA at all or experience this city in a completely different way than I do.

Also, I get correspondence and blog comments from people that watch my videos or read my blog posts and got something out of it. TO ME… That’s what it’s ALL about… Sharing. Messages In Bottles. I send out the communication. If you received it, good. If you got something out of it, even better! πŸ˜€

I couldn’t give a damn about serving 5,000 pages a week. I’m way more motivated by the 50 people that are currently subscribed to my blog by email. Thanks, y’all! πŸ˜€ I see youse out there! πŸ˜‰

I’m also motivated by and thankful for my set of regular commenters, including recently Steve, Frank, Christine, Gail, C-Jay, Albert, Sophia, BM, Elly, Michele and even Fishingrod, who’s been SLACKIN’ lately, but I know she still loves me! πŸ˜€

To Me.. It’s all about the communication. I post and output media in order to share, with you. If I stopped doing it, the events of my life would continue as they always have.. I’d just have more time to do them instead of taking time out to write long-ass blog posts like this one. πŸ™‚


Going back to Melyssa’s point.. Now that so many people have access to expressing themselves via Social Media, a lot of them are doing what they can TO become famous, which has become an END instead of a BY-PRODUCT. The question for them is “What can I do to get more Twitter followers? O_o What can I do to get more Facebook friends? How do I get people to consider me a Fameball?

People want people to follow them… They want *ANYONE* to follow them. They just like how it FEELS to be followed. It doesn’t matter what they have to do or how bad they make themselves look so long as someone new subscribes to their channel or RSS feed.

This is the difference I was trying to explain to Dave, but failed until now. I’ve been popular since my earliest memory I still have available to me, around 5 years old, in kindergarten. I have *ALWAYS* had crews my entire life. I’m currently Facebook friends with guys and gals I knew in Elementary School, JHS, High School, College and from work & social environments after I graduated.

I meet new people every single time I go to an event, which is several times a week here in NYC. I’m popular FOR REAL, as a by-product of who I am as a person. I’m successful in business FOR REAL, as a by-product of how I conduct myself when I work for clients and their passing that information on via word of mouth so new prospective clients call or email *ME* asking if I can work for them, not the other way around.

This is exactly the explanation I was looking for, so Thank You, Melyssa Ford! πŸ˜€

Who are you, again?

Bill CammackLots of people these days are putting the cart before the horse. They want to be famous, but there’s no reason why they should be. They want to have successful blogs, but they don’t write ANYTHING ORIGINAL. They want people to follow them so they can enjoy the sensation of people seeming to give a flying **** about anything they ever thought about.

To me, that’s completely empty and worthless, which is why I’m finally getting to put this topic to rest two years later. I’m popular because I’m supposed to be.

Anywhere you put me, I’m going to make new friends & acquaintances. I’m MicroFamous because of who I am and what I do… EVERY DAY.

I did it yesterday, I’ve been doing it for years, and I’m gonna do it again today because being popular is natural to me and not something I hope to be, wish I was or would like to convince other people that I am.

I just spent a couple of hours writing this post because it’s worth it to me. I get my own kicks out of it, my email subscribers are going to receive it a few hours from now. My RSS subscribers are going to receive it right after I press “Publish”. Eventually, I’ll run into someone that will mention this post to me f2f, IRL and then I’ll be fascinated, amazed and appreciative that the current wonders of technology afford me the privilege of speaking to whomever feels like listening to, watching or reading my content.

So now I’m fully self-expressed on this topic. πŸ˜€ I’m fully prepared to explain to someone why I’m different from people who output content to get attention and collect followers, yet whom under careful inspection are clearly exposed to be attention-whores and who are, in reality… Famous For Nothing.

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  1. Bill,
    Have you noticed that the majority of your epiphanies(at least the ones you share)are birthed from experieces you expected to be inane? Maybe you let your mind drift laterally for a while and bang! it happens. And you slice it and dice it for us so we get our OWN little bite sized epiphanies, hopefully, from your acuity. Or from your suddenly becoming un-bored.

    Marty Daniel’s county fair video grabbed you because he filtered reality through his consciousness in a way you wouldn’t have done, right? It was unique, to you. A new, stimulating experience which enriched you.
    Without the new stimulating experience at core, or its fresh interpretation, there is nothing. Certainly nothing which should make one famous.
    When I read your post I immediately thought of the Romantic Poets. Those rock stars experienced everything they could, fully, capturing sublime beauty and expressing it exquisitely before dying in their twenties in sailing accidents, etc.
    They are still famous for living in their dying instead of dying in their living. They were experience junkies. And they shared it. And it is valued.
    If you are not out there grabbing life, from a county fair to going bravely into battle, what is there to communicate?? I live for experiences, and I don’t know fully what they mean until I’ve passed them on, in writing or as a raconteur.
    I would have written earlier but I’ve been in the field. Speech a little garbled. No double blind study but close. And yes, he was cheating.

    1. That’s an interesting observation, Christine. I agree with your initial statement.

      That’s because I find *MOST* things to be inane. Absolutely. Most things are entirely inconsequential, but people act like they’re important and that’s where I gain my infinite edge over them in relationships, business, whatever.

      This is why, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, I write a relationship blog, not a sex blog. If you don’t have your mind right, you don’t stand a chance against me on ANY level and you bore me to death.

      It’s altogether too easy to get a woman to spread her legs for me *yawn*.. That works by attractiveness, charisma and the natural fact that I was raised to have respect for respectable women, either as elders or as intellectuals or simply as females that carry themselves in a way that indicate that they should be looked out for, taken care of, entertained, turned on and “put to sleep” in the VERY GOOD sense of that term. πŸ˜‰

      What’s tough is feeling like I’m not stealing candy from 30-year-old babies, which is why I snap on tRHoNYC so much. It’s embarrassing for my town for people to think that the top females in high society here bicker and cry like little kids and run their lives by etiquette protocols instead of Free Will. I know 17-year-old girls in the ghetto that would be EMBARRASSED to act like them. If a chick’s mental game is off, she’ll never be an equal to a guy that understands reality, regardless of how rich she is or what set of internationally-recognized rules for public behavior she attempts to adhere to.

      This is why I try to wake y’all up.. Besides the fact that I’m just annoyed that women are brainwashed from birth to be LESS than men. The little girl isn’t given a football to play with because there’s no female NFL. There’s no FUTURE in a girl with a football. There *IS* a future in a girl with a baby doll, a carriage and an oven. One day, she’s going to bear and raise the children for a guy that’s actually doing something in this life.

      Not to say that bearing and raising children isn’t THE MOST IMPORTANT thing, which is is, being that on the basest level, this life is about procreation and propagation of the species.. But what if she had been trained to compete from day 01? O_o What if she had been told that she should study and be intelligent and be a CEO of something or start her own business or take over her family’s business or do ANYTHING that would make her more than an accessory to a guy’s life?

      Chicks are being sent into the game as Pawns instead of Knights or Bishops. They insist on being treated as Queens, yet have NONE of the Queen’s powers other than perhaps sharing the resemblance of an attractive female. The paintings go on the wall. If you can afford them, you buy them. Nobody buys a painting to listen to its opinion….

      Anyway… Yes.. I find most things to be inane because most people have no clue at all what they’re doing when it comes to relationships. It doesn’t make your relationship strong that you and someone else told each other you were boyfriend & girlfriend. It doesn’t make you anything at all. Free Will trumps all, in the moment. If she temporarily loves YOU more than she loves her so-called boyfriend, she might give you some and go back to the boyfriend game tomorrow. Ghost. No Harm, No Foul. If you’re a guy and you don’t understand that, there’s no way you can defend your position, as you believe that whatever agreement you and she made back in the day counts for something when she’s currently feeling turned on for the guy she’s spending time with right now…

      So.. Most of the things people say has to do with their understanding of what was passed down to them via brainwashing. They were told society’s rules, but nobody can dictate an individual’s rules except the individual. When she steps to me reciting society’s rules and I can feel that her rules are different, whether she’s consciously aware of that or not, she’s toast…

      The only times I don’t derive knowledge from inane circumstances or conversations is when I’m talking to someone else that understands reality, like reader “Frank” in our audio series “Street Game”. billcammack.com/category/datinggenius/streetgame THAT’S when I’m learning something in the traditional fashion, because I’m actually talking to someone that has more experience than I do in certain areas. It’s not just ME, TALKING and the rest of the people going “Damn… I have no clue what he’s talking about”. It’s more like “Yeah, that happened to me this time that I had to ditch this chick after dinner blah blah blah” and I get to mentally travel to places I’ve never been because he’s sharing HIS experiences with me.

      That’s actually why I’m so far ahead of The Game. I *ONLY* used to talk about dating stuff with guys and gals that were in the trenches, makin’ it happen. I *ONLY* used to discuss chicks with peers and mostly guys that were doing way more than I was to get on. A lot of the mistakes I never made was because I had learned from other guys’ trials, errors & successes.

      I can’t learn anything directly from people that don’t know jack-**** about the intricacies of dealing with other human beings. Every once in a while, they say something that indicates to me that their brains work a certain way and then I consider it, sleep on it and strive to understand the difference between the two of us so I can decide whether my position’s wrong, your position’s wrong, we’re both right in different circumstances or somewhere in the middle is the proper position for the two of us.

  2. “…and even Fishingrod, who’s been SLACKIN’ lately, but I know she still loves me! :D”

    Hi Bill,

    nice try. πŸ™‚
    Yes, I still love you. I just took a step back because I feel that Christine and Sophia do a very good job representing the female point of view and keep you sufficiently busy, plus I am 4 months pregnant now and have a lot of other things on my mind and on my to-do-list. But I am still out here, reading your posts.


    1. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTT??? πŸ˜€ haha Congratulations!!! πŸ˜€

      That’s fantastic! πŸ˜€ .. hmm… I’ll have to start figuring out posts I can write for mothers, hehehe >:D


      and nice pick up of Bills mentioning you… hahaha, yes WE have all missed your insights which actually help balance some of what is written on here.

  3. Please don’t take a step back, Fishingrod!Your exponential increase in hormones ensures a fresh take on everything so I hope you comment more, not less. Plus, I am, too often, accused of taking up all the air in a room!!
    Bill, your recent comment is my favorite, to date. You really have me thinking, and I am having some epiphanies of my own.
    What I extract is that conflict within a person can make them more vulnerable, or it can grow them as an individual, depending on how willing or able they are to examine and reflect on “information in.”
    For example, you say a woman who spouts societal expectations/rules without it resonating with her core values, is toast. You can sense the chink in her armor, or the conflict. Whether she’s aware of it or not. One can extrapolate that with conflict, the outcome, or, next turn of events, is predicated on how much awareness and reflection one employs to shine light on the conflict and integrate it, or not.
    You explain, at the end of your post, how you deal with what appears contradictory to your belief system. You “consider it, sleep on it and strive to understand the difference…so I can decide.” That is conflict in its highest exaltation. That which initiates growth. So now we have the problem of brainwashing AND the deeper problem of a lack of interest? in examining conflicting beliefs.
    Question 1-what IS it that drives certain individuals to strive and wrestle and never never quit? Why do some have the energy and passion to always look deeper and seek understanding? Maybe I answered my own question here- energy and passion? But what creates that? Is it intellect or genetics or early seeds planted like imprinting from a parent or another?
    The epiphany I had (reading about baby dolls, carriages, oven, women as pawns, painting on walls, etc.,) provided clues I hadn’t previously strung together re: what was formative in my life.
    I was deeply entrenched in old school societal expectations for a female. 11 brunches, 13 teas and 7 showers during a year longs engagement at age 19. Never considered that I would “work.” I excelled at being the person I was reared to be.
    YET, I became a CEO and I became more than a pawn. My pat answer for how that happened, that I could raise my sons on my own, make plenty of money and be independent, has been…necessity. But today I remember seeds planted, little tiny seemingly insignificant seeds, which plotted my life’s course.
    My father owned a chain of movie theatres. He took me everywhere with him- business meetings,negotiations,and conventions across the country, from age five on. One of his partners suggested a business or vocation to me every time we met. He said I could get my pilot’s license and fly for Wildlife and Fisheries and make $400 a month! “Start a business that entertains people, open the doors yourself and make them feel appreciated, and turn it into a gold mine, then sell it in 18 months no matter how much money you are making…and start another business” he’d say. I was eight years old when he gave me that advice. My father suggested I have a talk show on the local radio station and tell people in Louisiana what the latest fashions and trends were on the East and West Coast. I was horrified. I was 12. NO WAY!
    Yet when I reflected today on what made me grow enough to NOT be a pawn, I laughed, as these memories came up, because I did end up in radio for years, and I did work for Wildlife and Fisheries representing the alligator industry to fashion houses in Europe and Asia. And so much more!
    Those seeds were planted. So, some of my buried programming saved my ass!!!
    The greatest art has been produced when cultures clash. Conflict is juicy and affords one the opportunity to grow. Or not!
    Those early ideas did not jive at all with my being on the arm of my man full stop forever belief. But a lot of growth and development resulted.
    My point is conflicting vantage points are fundamental to growth. What stimulates one person to do something with dichotomies while another snoozes remains a question. I gave up a long time ago on trying to force people to change. But I can still shed light and plant seeds. Something you do very well, Bill!

    1. As far as “Fishingrod”, I always enjoy her contributions and have learned from her over the two years she’s been with me (I believe this is her first comment, in June 2008 => billcammack.com/2007/11/10/take-her-to-the-book-store/#comment-16838).

      The two main reasons I’ve benefitted mentally from her presence here is that a) she holds a diametrically opposed position to mine regarding the roles of love & sex when it comes to physically interacting with people, and b) she was willing to enter a dialogue/debate with me over those issues with each of us holding our ground and stating our cases while simultaneously respecting the other person’s opinion and being open-minded enough to hear each other out and come to intelligent conclusions.

      So, Happy Anniversary next month to Fishingrod and best of everything with your new child! πŸ˜€

      As far as your comments regarding carriages & brunches, Christine.. I wasn’t taken to ANYTHING having to do with business when I was 5 years old. That’s a leg up you have on me.. no pun intended. πŸ˜›

      I was playing tennis from age 4 on for the same reason that your dad took you to business meetings. My dad knew that tennis was a social sport enjoyed by important people and that being able to be social was just as important if not more so than doing business with people. Fast Forward to today, and I have a blog and a Social Media presence. I don’t have it because I want people to do business with me. I have it because I recognize how important it is for my personal soul to interact with people I enjoy and you can’t always do that IRL. I have friends literally all over the entire world at this point because of my desire to interact with people, which I have to attribute genetically to my father as well as attributing it to what I was taught when I was in my single digits of age.

      Anyway… What you received at 5 years old, whether you wanted it at the time or not, was a seed that was planted for you to have different visions of your potential life. That’s ALL I’m talking about. If people would stop making that choice for their daughters that they’re going to be accessories, there would be more strong, strong-minded and strong-willed women, which is what strong-minded men who are interested in settling down are looking for. Strangely enough, the WIN is in the opposite philosophy…

      You can teach a girl to be productive, intelligent & self-sufficient and STILL teach her to be a lady. She can have class and style and etiquette and walk & sit properly and STILL be a monster when it comes to learning and business. If you teach only the traits necessary for accessories, that’s all she has to bring to the table down the line, and EEEEEEEEEVERYBODY’S being taught the same thing, so it’s a tough row to hoe.

      So.. Whether it kicked in early or not, once you decided that you wanted to change something about your life, you had those options imprinted in your mind by your father and his business partner. My parents put me in guitar lessons, drum lessons, piano lessons.. Down the line, I learned how to DJ from friends in High School and then learned how to engineer audio at a friend’s studio on 23rd street and Park Avenue in Manhattan, NYC. I eventually got my own system and everything that I was exposed to led to my becoming a video editor when I quit computer programming, which is what I went to MIT for.

      Without the foundation when you’re a child, “What do I do next?” doesn’t offer you many options. This is how a lot of women go down the tubes. Their entire lives are built towards their wedding day and they take infinite shorts (short end of the stick) to achieve their ONE goal in life. If they can’t get married, they get depressed. If they get married and then their man cheats on them, they get depressed. That’s because y’all are set up to believe that there’s only one way you can have a successful life, and that involves a future of the same “toys” you had as a kid.. babies & ovens.

      The drive to strive comes from knowing that you’re never going to feel satisfied with what’s currently going on. It also comes from the realization that it has to get worse before it’s going to get better. There’s no lateral movement. You have to break the first thing down in order to have the mental room to build the next thing up. You can’t build the new situation on top of the old one.

      Of course, the problem with that is that no one wants to feel worse… EVER. That might be one of the most valuable tricks in my arsenal. I know ahead of time where people aren’t willing to go, even though it’s the only place they can go to keep up with me. It’s like in Top Gun, when he made up that flight pattern of “I’ll slam on the brakes and he’ll fly right by”. I know what’s going to happen when I slam on the brakes. I know what’s going to happen TO ME and I know what’s going to happen TO YOU. YOU, OTOH, have no idea whatsoever what’s going to happen because you refuse to allow yourself to consider where I’m about to take you. The blinders you put on yourself leave you vulnerable and easily influenced when you get dragged into mental territory that you’re not prepared for and you either react the way I expected or shut down completely. Either one is a WIN for The Kid.

      As a simple example.. Women like to believe that their boyfriends/husbands are being faithful to them, so they’re absolutely unwilling to consider that he might be “cheating”. So let’s say that on the Faith Meter, they’re hovering around 100% to 98% belief in their man’s fidelity. Some of those same women are quick to hop up and say that if they ever found out their man was cheating, it’s over…. As soon as she perceives her man to be cheating, her faith takes a nosedive and she either becomes confused, which makes her emotionally & sexually vulnerable or she becomes vindictive and selects someone to hook up with so she can boost her self esteem by “Giving her boyfriend’s property away” because she knows he’s not going to like it. Of course.. That includes giving away his ACTUAL property, not just her body, if he was foolish enough to leave it at her house and then get caught cheating. >:D

      Because she wasn’t willing to consider “What if he cheats on me?”, she’s not ready for what her mind’s going to do to her and meanwhile, I’ve been sitting there just waiting for it to happen. The woman who was willing to consider such an event is still going to be hurt and upset, but whatever she chooses to do will be an educated decision opposed to something spontaneously brought on by “temporary insanity”.

      I’ve seen women walk the streets like actual zombies because some dude was engaged to them for a year or two and then dumped them and married a different chick six months later. So what? πŸ˜€ If you hadn’t been set up this entire time to believe that your life was WORTHLESS if you weren’t someone’s wife, you’d just be like “Good Riddance To Bad Garbage” and kept it moving to try to meet and spend time with a guy that might actually want to marry you… OR.. You might get the picture that “Single” is as viable a lifestyle as “In a relationship” or “Married” and live the best life you can at this point in time.

  4. Very Buddhist. Acknowledging that, as humans, we are never going to be satisfied, and will always be on to the “next” thing. Of course, that drive to strive fuels great successes along the way. Understanding that reality,that nothing will ever fully and forever satisfy, in tandem with the bravery to divest and live for a while without a safe place to neatly lay down floorboards (before re-creating) ensures an extraordinary life.
    Most people are too fear based to do either.

  5. Excellent post, Bill.
    I think that Melyssa was spot on there, for sure, and it helps answer a question that had been bothering me for some time as well.

    Fame as a tool for success is an interesting concept, it’s the ultimate in whoring oneself.

    I have long been bothered by the people who do the social media thing in a “HEY VOTE FOR ME! REC THIS! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE subscribe.”

    The signal to noise ratio of their desire for followers vs their quality, original content is too high for me to respect.

    The thing is, they wind up with corporate media gigs and other large scale opportunities. Corporate has the coin and they want people who are willing to say and do anything to get what they want. Fame as a tool for success is a crapshoot. It places the power in the hands of the distributor and not in the hands of the creators or talent. It’s a great gig.

    Thanks for the post today.

    1. You’re welcome, Ron. πŸ™‚ I agree with your points across the board.

      It’s the ultimate in Shilling/Whoring.

      What sense does it make to output a video, and at the end of it, say “Rate, Comment and Subscribe!”?.. If people FEEL LIKE doing any of the three, that’s what they’re going to do.

      That’s why I provide links to my social media presence on various sites, but I don’t TELL PEOPLE what I think they should do.

      It’s the same thing with auto-play videos. That’s lame. If someone wants to watch your video, they will CLICK. PLAY.

      Having your video on auto-play inflates the perception of interest, because people come to the page just to see what’s happening, and the video (or the commercial) instantly starts playing, whether they wanted that to happen or not and whether they KNEW that was going to happen or not.

      It’s obvious that THE REASON these people are outputting content is to attempt to gain more followers.. Not because they FEEL LIKE creating content, sparking conversation or even joining their own conversations in their comment sections.

      Meanwhile, that’s what companies want. Shills. It’s like how they’d rather hire someone to do videos for them at 1/3 of the budet and 1/8 of the skill of an actual videographer or editor.

      That’s why their videos suck so badly and they don’t care. So long as they get hits and they can create a “measurement” report that indicates to their superiors that their money is being spent in a way that helps the company’s bottom line, the quality doesn’t matter at all.

      The obvious problem is that there’s a bubble to this type of shilling, and if one’s particular brand of whoring goes out of style, you’ll be dropped like the proverbial hot rock and never picked back up again, because people were only hiring you for that particular gimmick and didn’t consider you talented in the least outside of that one trick you can do.

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