Some People Are Just Crazy!!! \o/

I’m not a fan of “Political Correctness”. Coming up with ways for people to try to be nice to each other and sugarcoat the nasty things they’re really thinking about someone else is just stupid.

So I’m watching this “reality” television show, right? 😀 And on this show, there’s a chick that’s crazy. Loco. Stark Raving MAD! HAHAHA She’s clearly a looney-tune, right? Not crazy as in her mind NEVER works, but that you can see it shut down and she just becomes this imbecile that says anything and does anything and then remembers things the wrong way in the future and it just keeps getting worse and worse.

Now, since this is a “reality” show, we get to see exactly what she said (unless they cheat her and slickly edit the show) and exactly how people responded to what she said. We also get to see the aftermath of the situations when she goes to gossip to other chicks about what she said and did… I mean.. What she *THINKS* she said and did, because her brain doesn’t work properly. The fact that we get to watch the footage means that we get to determine on our own whether she’s nutso or not. This comes in handy later on in the series…

The Situation

So, the chick in question.. Ms. Two Sandwiches Short Of A Picnic rolls up to this other chick and accuses her of something. The accused chick says calmly, clearly and loud enough for her to hear “I didn’t do that”. Crazy keeps yakking about yes she did. The other chick asks her for proof and she refuses to produce it.

As a side note.. This is how you can usually tell that people are full of ****. If you accuse someone of something, you have to be prepared to inform them how you know they did it. You either have to admit that you SAW them do it or became privy to the information on your own, or you have to be prepared to give up your sources. If you have no proof, you have no case. If you have no case, you need to shut the **** up.

If you know you’re not willing to provide your proof, you need to STFU from the giddyap and never speak on the topic. That’s similar to how if you’re not willing to get punched in the face, you need to make sure you don’t intentionally and arrogantly insult people that are standing within arm’s reach of you.

So anyway.. That’s how that situation went. Ms. Not Playing With A Full Deck kept accusing and the sane gal kept emotionlessly denying AND requesting proof, which she never received.

Fast Forward a while in the series, and One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest sits down with some of her homegirls to tell them the story. She says how she confronted the sane chick, and I’m like “Wait until they hear that she refused to offer proof! :D”, and then she goes “… AND SHE ADMITTED IT!!! :D”. :/

I swore I didn’t hear that correctly, so I didn’t immediately react. I was trying to figure out in my mind what she ACTUALLY said that SOUNDED LIKE she said the other chick admitted doing the deed. So one of her friends goes “She admitted it?” and Looney Tunes goes “YES!!!!! :D”.

So now, I’m jumping up and down, throwing imaginary popcorn at the screen because I’m like “NOW, SHE’S BUSTED!! NOW, SHE’S BUSTED!!! PLAY THE FLASHBACK!!!!! :D”……….. and nothing. Nothing. The conversation went on as if she had been telling the truth, when she clearly was either boldly LYING or her brain didn’t properly compute the event and she was telling her friends what she really believed was the truth.

Fast Forward some more, and the gals that got that lie of a story received THE REAL STORY from people that were THERE and happened to also have not been crazy. So now, EEEEEEEVERYBODY including the viewers at home know that this gal’s mind doesn’t work properly.. Well.. I suppose, everyone BUT HER, that is. :/

The Problem

Further down the line, one of these gals gets in a heated conversation with Ms. 5150 and loses her grip on Political Correctness and calls her Crazy and/or Stupid to her face. The Crazy Chick immediately takes offense to this statement on the grounds that it’s….. rude? O_o


This is the problem with Political Correctness. It doesn’t change THE FACTS. It doesn’t change how anybody FEELS. It just changes what they’re willing to SAY about how they feel. This gal got called on her rudeness because she looks like the Odd Woman Out for saying what everyone else was already saying behind LT’s back. If people had been straight up with her the whole time that she’s been TRIPPIN’ THE **** OUT, she might have already sought professional psychiatric help already and been on her way to recovery.

Instead, she’s walking around thinking “I’m mentally fine, and anyone that doesn’t recognize that I’m a perfectly well-functioning human being is an idiot or deliberately trying to be rude to me”. This is a disservice TO HER and to everyone that has to deal with her because she never takes a hard look at herself because nobody wants to be the bearer of bad news.

The fact of the matter is that Some. People. Are. Just. Crazy.

We can sit around and discuss things and blog and speculate about “why guys or gals do this or that?” and “what happened to my relationship? blah blah blah” but sometimes the solution to the situation is that you were dating a ******* lunatic!

Pump It or Dump It

A friend of mine told his girlfriend to cross the street and she started an argument with him. I was like “Will you PLEASE dump that *****?” and he wouldn’t, so he got what he deserved. Every time he told me about how crazy she was, I laughed my ass off, but he didn’t get a single iota of sympathy from me. None. 😀

It doesn’t have to be that your SO is off his or her rocker, either. Whatever you don’t like about them that you start out the sentence with “He Never…” or “She Always…” and you’ve talked about it and tried to resolve it and nothing changed and you still didn’t dump them? \o/ No Sympathy.

Some people are going to REMAIN screwed-up individuals regardless of how nice you are to them, how much sex you hook them up with, how many dinners you take them out to, how many kids you have with them, whatever. When you figure this out, you’re gonna have to either grin & bear it or skate.

I don’t do well around crazy people. The stuff they say is so STUPID that I have to question their ability to properly process reality, which makes me feel nervous. I tend to weed out lunatics immediately, as soon as I become aware that they’re buggin’.

I realize that in a “reality” show situation, I might have been stuck with interacting with that person, so in the best interests of EVERYONE that has to come in contact with her going forward, I would have requested of the producers to show her the tape of exactly what happened, since she didn’t have access to the truth in her mind. If they refused (which is highly likely), I would have informed her of what REALLY HAPPENED and brought in witnesses to corroborate my story. If she still insisted that the lunatic was on the grass, I’d calmly inform her that she should seek psychiatric help and hope that she doesn’t call me “rude”. 😀

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