Synthetic People (Mel Gibson Has A Point…)

Mel Gibson & Oksana GrigorievaMel Gibson has done it again. 🙂

Once again, his PR team has to go into crisis management / damage control mode because he was running his mouth while he thought he wasn’t being recorded.

Amongst the myriad things to be learned from this, according to, Mel dropped this gem on his ex-girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva:

“Look what you did to me… look what you are… look what every part of you is… f**king fake… f**king fake. You are the most synthetic person… who the f*** are you?”

Now, hahahaha Being that I don’t know her at all and never even heard of her before this story broke the other day, I don’t know exactly what Mel’s referencing…

He COULD very well be saying that PHYSICALLY, she’s synthetic as far as the various procedures that women (and some men also) undergo to make themselves look better in their own eyes or other people’s eyes.

I have elected to adopt “Synthetic” as a personality-based term. “You’re the most synthetic person… who the hell *ARE* you? O_o”

Synthetic (Webster’s): 4b: devised, arranged, or fabricated for special situations to imitate or replace usual realities.

I really enjoy that term and I’m going to start using it regularly. 🙂 “Fake” is one thing.. Like as in “You’re not really who you said you were” or “You’re not really who you THINK you are”. Synthetic, to me, implies deliberate attempts to make people believe one thing when you know damned well that the opposite is true or that “nothing” is true.. An example being someone pretending to be happy about something when they’re actually mad about it or pretending to be happy when they’re neutral about it and couldn’t possibly care any less one way or the other.

I like “Synthetic” because it implies to me that I can see your deliberate attempt at fakery and that makes you look even worse than if I considered you misguided or confused.

Synthetic People

It’s tough to spot synthetic people. It’s especially tough in New York City, where so many people need to Act As If in order to get ahead. Things work in the reverse of the proper order here. The way you act determines how people perceive you which turns into tangible opportunities for you to do what you claimed to have done all along. In other places, this works in the correct order where you do something or actually ARE a certain way, people recognize that, give you credit and offer you opportunities based on who you really are.

The way I figure out what time it is is by paying attention to how people act in different situations. If you can decipher their motives, you can create a mental graph of how they’re likely to behave depending on how much they think they can stand to benefit from trying to use you.

For instance.. If a gal knows you want to spend time with her and her actual motive is to network and meet people that you’re already friends with, she’ll react differently to an invitation to hang out one-on-one than she will to an invitation to hang out at some large party where she knows you know 60 people that are planning to show up. This also works if you change plans, like you tell her you’re going to X party, but then you change the plan to go somewhere you can get to know each other better without incessant interruptions. If she doesn’t give a flying **** about getting to know you, she’s gonna bail as soon as she realizes she won’t be able to use you for networking… Good Riddance to Bad Garbage. >:D

Ulterior Motives

BC & LCI just heard about another example from a homegirl of mine while I was in the process of writing this post. She says something to the effect of “Girls are easier to ‘take with’ than guys”. That didn’t make any sense to me, because as long as a) The females in the group are HAWT and b) you have more females than males, you can get in anywhere you want in this city. An attractive chick on your arm is literally the key to the NYC nightlife.

When I asked her what she was talking about, she said how guys invite her to parties and then balk when she says she wants to bring a guy with her. That’s because she didn’t understand their motives for inviting her in the first place. Nobody cares about her coming to a party and having a good time. They’re going to invite her so they can try to get on or so they can look cool for inviting a hawt chick to a party.

If she brings a dude with her, she automatically diminishes the props of the guy that invited her. His ‘pull’ is zero. HIs addition to the party is zero. He invited a chick, but she’s less likely to hook up with HIM (which is the most important thing) or any of the other guys at the party because she brought her own entertainment. He would have been better off not inviting her at all becasue a) it doesn’t make him look good and b) even if she’s NOT dating the guy she brought, he’s just afforded that guy access to the OTHER chicks at the party so if he pulls one of them that a friend of his wanted, he’s gonna get screamed on for screwing up his boy’s action.

Again.. Recognizing this requires accurately assessing someone’s motives in inviting you somewhere. If a guy invites a gal somewhere and then balks if she asks him if she can bring a guy, you know what time it is. He was only trying to set up an opportunity to **** her and if that’s not what’s going on, he’d rather not see her around at all… Otherwise, what difference does it make? O_o If he’s inviting her so she can have a good time and enjoy herself, wouldn’t that be enhanced if she could bring her friend(s), regardless of how many of them are guys?.. Get a clue.

Synthetic Relationships

The typical concept of relationships is that it’s two people on the same page, going in the same direction, wanting the best out of life for themselves and each other. Sometimes, that’s not the case at all, but instead, it’s two people that figured out that they can use the other person to fulfill their own agenda whether that works for their SO or not.

Unfortunately, people aren’t wiling to admit that they’re in synthetic relationships. If you ask people, they either say they’re in a relationship or they’re single. There’s no qualification given to the state or quality (or lack thereof) of their relationship.

There’s nothing wrong with synthetic relationships.. except that they fall apart as soon as one of the participants gets a better version of what the relationship was providing them from someone else. If a guy’s with a gal just because he likes her ass, as soon as he has access to a gal with a better ass, he’s outta there. If a gal’s with a guy because he’s buying her stuff, she’s gone as soon as a richer guy offers to support her.

That’s assuming that these people bounce from the relationships at all. 😀 There’s really no reason to leave a synthetic relationship because it’s better to have TWO chicks with nice asses or TWO guys that pay for everything instead of just one. Besides, if one of them find out what’s going on, who cares? \o/ You still have the other one(s).

The obvious problem here is when people don’t realize they’re in relationships like this and they think it’s real. All I can say about that is if you find out this is the case, make sure you don’t fly off the handle like Mel, ’cause you might be the next one in the tabloids! 😀

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