Bill’s Dating Tips For Women [Part 05]

Bill CammackAs a follow-up to my 2008 post “Women’s Guide to NYC Dating”, I’d like to offer the ladies some of my top tips for those of y’all that are currently involved in the dating scene:

* Continued from Part 04 *

ok.. Let’s recap the super-excellent dating tips I’ve blessed y’all females with in this series over the past week and then get to the final tip:

1. Stop going outside looking like a bum
2. Only date guys you have references for

3. Clearly communicate what you want
4. Be congruent
4a. You don’t get any points for giving it up
4b. You don’t get any points for NOT giving it up

5. Exercise for YOURSELF
6. EAT when you go out to dinner
7. Stop running your mouth for no reason

8. Common Decency goes a long way
8a. Complications & Agendas
9. Keep dudes’ business out tha street

This brings us to tip #10, which is:

10. Intelligence is Sexy

If you’re going for the “Dumb Blonde” rap style, quit that. There are too many dumb girls to begin with that first of all are much better than you at being dumb because it’s natural to them and second, all you’re doing is making yourself look typical by dumbing yourself down. If you know everything about Physics or Day Trading or H.A.L.O. or Web Design, KICK THAT ISH!!! 😀

A guy might be intimidated by what you’re saying, but he simultaneously has to respect it. You’ve delved further into certain realms than he ever has or likely ever will. He might not TELL YOU, but it’s a great thing to be able to learn something from a gal. 🙂

Same thing with travel. If you’ve been to India & China & Aspen Colorado, don’t keep interesting stuff like that to yourself so as not to embarrass some dude that isn’t well-traveled. Impress him with the knowledge & experience you’ve amassed from places he intends to never visit.

Ultimately, if a guy is scared of the possibility of your being smarter than he is or more successful than he is or making more money than he is, that’s not the right guy for you because eventually you’re gonna get tired of his low self-esteem in the same way that guys get tired of gals’ low self-esteem.

A guy should be happy about and APPRECIATIVE OF aligning himself with an impressive female. If you look at any of the warrior movies, Gladiator, 300, Rob Roy.. All of the top guys have top-level women that wouldn’t just back them up but would actually be AHEAD OF THEM in battle if they could be.

As far as Long-Term Relationships, *None* of the best guys select weak females from the pool of women available to them. \o/ That would be like buying a row boat when you can afford a yacht.

A dude that only wants to date a weak chick is a weak dude. Let people know who you are, what you do and what you know so the guys that are looking for someone respectable & impressive can seek you out and throw their hats in the ring. 😉

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