Sex Tapes Are Played Out

There seems to be some confusion amongst some of the members of the female community about the value of making and attempting to distribute a sex tape “starring” yourselves.

I’m sorry to inform you that sex tapes are played out.

Actually, to be more accurate.. I’m happy to inform you, but you’ll be sorry to REALIZE that sex tapes are played out and you’re going to have to find another way to attempt to become famous or intenet-famous or whatever you’re trying to do.

The Originals

celebrity sex tapeThe reason why sex tapes were a hot item back in the day is because they WEREN’T. SUPPOSED. TO. BE. RELEASED.

The thing was that some chick shot a video with some dude for fun, and by hook or crook, that video somehow made its way to bootleg DVDs and online downloads. The whole buzz of it was a) “Does it exist at all?”, and b) “Where can we get it?”.

When the rumors first went around, the chicks denied that they existed until the first people started seeing them and telling their friends about them. Once the stills & video clips went up on the net, they had no choice but to own up to the fact that yes, that’s them in the tapes and yes, they’re that type of chick to videotape having sex with someone.

Second Wave

The next phase in sex tape evolution was the gals who decided to cash in by deliberately making and attempting to distribute sex tapes while following the initial model of acting like they didn’t want them to be released.

This got over as well as the first wave did because people still didn’t believe girls would do this to themselves. If the tape existed, it HAD to be the guy’s fault and the girl was being victimized, which is what people actually tune in to watch.

Had those tapes been released in a normal fashion, they would have sat on the shelves getting dusty because nobody actually cares whether a gal has sex or not. Did anyone think any of these chicks were virgins before they saw the tapes? Nope.

So the whole point to celebrity sex tapes is victimization. Someone (usually the female) got taken advantage of. That’s what people tune in for.. to be the fly on the wall while some guy’s sneakily videotaping a girl with a hidden camera or if the camera’s visible, he told her that nobody would ever see the tape, and now it’s available for sale to the public.

That was Then. This is Now.

This brings us to the present day… Somehow, some women view sex tapes as a viable vehicle by which they can attain… fame?.. notoriety?.. celebrity status?

I find this completely amazing as well as stupid.

What’s even worse is when you can’t even pull this stunt off without dragging your father’s celebrity name through the mud. I mean, it’s just the height of disrespect and ungratefulness.


So first of all, the victimization that everyone tunes in to watch “sex tapes” for doesn’t exist because you decided to make the tape and announced the tape before it was even released.

Second (which is actually FIRST), nobody even would have watched the tape if you hadn’t been your father’s daughter. If you would have changed your name like REAL porno chicks do, nobody would ever have heard of or seen your video.

Third, if you already have deep connections in the film industry, what’s the point of doing Z-Movie pornos? If you can get acting roles just based off of your last name and your father’s juice, what are you getting out of having someone point a camera at you while you’re “having sex”, which I have to put in quotes, because I’ve seen one of the scenes and it was crazy WACK!

Fourth, if you *MUST* make a sex tape, at least go all out and hire a makeup artist to smooth out your skin tone and hide all those ghastly spots on your ass.

Fifth, if you’ve just “had a passion to do porn”, why not just do it? O_o .. Why not just be the next nondescript ***** sucking **** and leave the family name out of things entirely?

Save It For David

Unfortunately, due to the “Famous guy’s daughter gets boned on publicly-distributed DVD” aspect of this situation, of course the tape is going to sell, sell, sell. Hopefully, this won’t give more young ladies the idea that if they make a sex tape, they might be able to parlay that into money, status or fame.

The fact of the matter is that sex tapes are played out. The fad is over. All that’s left are girls that choose to **** on tape and those that choose not to. It’s not cool. It’s not cute. It’s not edgy. It’s expected, predictable and boring… Especially if the video reveals that you have just about the sensuality and moves of a RealDoll, except the doll has a better body.

The sex tape fad actually reminds me of the girls dancing with girls in the bar fad. *yawn*

Remember all those girls that used to try to get props from the guys by dancing together and hoping that dudes would think they were lesbians? Remember how they used to get over at first? Welp.. they ran that trick into the ground and now y’all look like what you are, chicks trying to get attention from dudes. Nobody’s falling for that anymore and they’re not falling for “sex tapes” either, so hang it up.

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  1. It’s like when women KNOWINGLY go after married men and then sell their story to the tabloids and go on morning talk shows to “tell all”. It was a time when people stood up for the woman in these situations and felt that they were the, “victim”. But now, many people are seeing these type of money grubbin’ women for what they are…”Skanks”. Like my girl Tina Fey called out Bombshell McGee, “…when your body looks like a “dirtbag’s binders from 7th Grade’s metal shop…it doesn’t bode well for your character.” {}

    Keep the posts coming bro. 🙂

    1. That’s a good analogy, Darren. 🙂

      You’re absolutely right. The tides turned on those situations. It used to be all about how the guy seduced her and how the guy led her on and lied to her and said he WAS. GOING. TO. get a divorce (meaning he most certainly was still married), etc etc etc.

      Now, there’s lots of documentation of women being just as at-fault in those situations, especially knowing the guy was married and still hooking up with him. It’s not so easy for women to play the innocent “I got used” role anymore, though there are lots of cases where the guy kept his marriage under the hat and they honestly didn’t know.

      It’s all setting a bad example. I know I’m Mr. “Free Will”, but the more people get props for stunts like this, the more the wannabes and onlookers will see doing the same thing as the key to their getting their name on the board. Somehow, I doubt the observers will realize that these ‘sex tapes’ aren’t catapulting these chicks anywhere that they wouldn’t have been already, since either they or their families were rich and/or famous to begin with.

      It’s amazing how desperate some people are to attempt to get people to recognize them by any means necessary. :/

  2. 22 year old, black male, NYC

    First, before I go in… Bill C, you are that NIGGA , I think your posts are fantastic… You need to write more Maury posts though LOL…

    It DRIVES ME CRAZY how these women put themselves on adult film like that, knowing that although you won short-term… It is “No Bueño” in the long-term… Like the Girls Gone Wild, and the Kim Kardashians of the world… Think about it, Bill, if your daughter looks you up on Google in 15 years and sees you GOING IN in a compromising position, how would you explain that…? It ruins your marriageability… And once you put something on the Internet, It is public, and THERE FOR LIFE… These Women do not think long-term (same for the Single Mothers)…

    Yes, I would love a personal Maury commentary… Keep it up brother

    1. Thanks for the props, Adonis. 🙂

      I haven’t checked out The Maury Show in a minute, but I’ll take a look and see what topics I haven’t already covered and come up with something.

      Unfortunately, the times we’re living in allow people to shine the spotlight on themselves QUICKLY, in either a positive or negative fashion.

      Look at the “Bed Intruder” situation, haha How did that guy know that when that reporter interviewed him somewhere in the middle of nowhere, in the projects, in the sticks, that soon afterwards, he’d be in a video that’s been seen millions of times by now, by people all over the world? 🙂 He didn’t.

      So, celebrity or infamy can be created at the drop of a hat. The question is whether you’re going to take that ride by yourself or drag your entire family through it with you. I don’t have anything AT ALL against chicks doing pornos if that’s what they want to do. More power to ’em. The problem is that it’s incredibly selfish and disrespectful to put all this business in the streets, trying to capitalize on your family’s name.

      How backwards is that? Pulling Cards to get INTO porno instead of OUT of it? :/

      I mean, really… If the only reason someone wants to see you screwing on videotape is because your father’s famous, you should just quit while you’re ahead and get a hobby, like softball or something.

      oh… And you should also go visit a dermatologist and hope that those blotches on your ass are ACNE.

  3. The only way to get the whole SEX TAPE craze over with is… TO DEACTIVATE THE VIDEO OPTION ON ALL OUR PHONES!. So long as females remain desensitized to the notion of seeing themselves spread eagled on video, there wil always be the ONE chick who wants to go take it to the next level. I remember being 17 and trying to talk some chick into taking pictures she refused BUT soon as I borrowed my moms Polaroid (instant cameras for the youngins out there)she was open. The instant gratification of being able to view herself nekked was the difference. That of course led to the pics of the next chick of her in action… She wanted to make sure her pics stood out! Same as now, these young girls all up on some dudes fone nekked and sucking or taking back shots… Hood Celebrity when that shyt gets out! Next chick wanna take hers further than the hood. Kim Kardashian doing stuff is one thing “Famous Actors Daughter” puposely scripting is another! Media has invaded our bedrooms, no going back! FYI: My mom got back her Polaroid when she purchased a CamCorder (that went missing shortly after she found the camera!! LOL)

    1. I agree about the female desensitization thing and also about the “Shy until the video camera appears” thing! HAHAHA 😀

      It’s this weird, illogical connection between attention and positivity. It’s like they think that just because someone’s looking at them or listening to them that they care about or respect them.

      It’s so strange. It’s like as if they’ve never seen a hooker on the street before. Everybody looks at hookers. That’s because they’re so out-of-place. Nobody’s saying “Look how fly she is in that mink coat in the summer! She’s so stylish! I wish I were her! :D”. No.. They’re saying “Look at that ho right thurrr.. 😀 Can you believe she has nothing better to do with her life than sell her ass? I wonder how many diseases she has by now. Oh well.. Whatever. :D”

      It’s more like “Look at how famous Kim is now for having sex on videotape! I can do that too!”, except if you don’t LOOK LIKE KIM, nobody gives a **** about watching you have sex.

      Even if it’s not videotapes, it might be pictures of chicks posing so their ass is featured or otherwise trying to gain props from their looks. I don’t know why it’s not obvious that the props they’re gaining are from guys that want to screw them and that’s about it. Nobody thinks they’re intellectuals or entertaining or useful for anything other than sex, but somehow, they flip this in their minds to “People like me! 😀 People follow me on Twitter! 😀 I have fans! :D”.. Dunno man… It’s just nutz. 😀

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