Nobody’s Created Equal [Hunters, Part 09]

Bill CammackProbably the worst mistake a Hunter can make when he’s heading out to pull chicks is assuming that he and the next man are equals.

There’s no such thing. Nobody’s created equally and nobody develops their looks, physique, personality or game equally.

We all have advantages and disadvantages compared to the next man when it comes to pulling any particular chick, depending on her taste and what floats her boat.

Similar to MMA fighting (Mixed Martial Arts), it’s your job to figure out what YOUR strenghths are and HIS weaknesses are so you can exploit both and come off with the number or the makeout or the lay or the relationship or whatever you had planned to accomplish.

If you and I are targeting the same chick and you think you can do what I can do, you’re a fool.

If I think *I* can do what YOU can do, I’M a fool! 😀

You’re really better off coming to the table assuming that you’re the underdog (even when you KNOW you’re not) and that you’re going to have to bring your A-Game to defeat your competition. Fear of loss helps you stay focused and avoid easin’ back like you’ve got it like that so you don’t get caught slippin’ while some Herb absconds with your female.

Genetically, nobody’s created equal. Some of us are taller than others. Some of us are stronger than others. Some of us are smarter than others. Some of us are better video editors than others. Some of us are better writers or bloggers than others. Some of us have better Google rankings than others. Everything counts and could make or break your rap.

I was talking to this chick the other day and she says that she only dates guys that are over 5’11” tall. I’m 5’9″ tall. That means that some ******* HERB whose brain doesn’t even work properly, has zero earning potential and isn’t in anywhere near as good physical shape as I am is still considered by her as being potential date material and I’m not. 😀 … Advantage.

There are lots of dudes that aren’t worth a damn as people, but they happen to be rich… Advantage. There are lots of dudes that aren’t rich, but spend every dime from their paycheck on their car payments for their funky-fresh ride… Advantage. There are dudes that are broke as a joke, but every time they hook up with a gal, they ‘break her off something properly’ in the bedroom and put her to sleep… Advantage.

When you approach a gal and try to get the rap, you’re battling all the lines guys have already thrown at her.. money, trips, sex, compatability, understanding, care, love, whatever. It’s in your best interests to assume that whatever game you’re about to throw at her, she’s already heard it and way better.. from guys that were way more desperate and willing to offer her way more stuff to bag her.

If you’re planning to tell her that you’ll take her on a shopping spree if she gives it up, assume that the next man told her that he was going to give her $5,000 USD if she bent over for him.

If you’re planning to tell her that you’re gonna tap that for 45 minutes, assume the next man told her he was going to “make love to her all night”.

If you’re planning to brag about your fly SoHo apartment, assume the next man invited her to his suite in the Trump World Tower. Whether he lives there or not is of no consequence. Just assume that he TOLD HER he lives there.

Assuming your rap is the best she’s ever heard and is unique puts you in as bad a position as women who think their sex is the best their man has ever had and that it was unique. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz You’re sleepin’. It’s very easy for the next man to pull her from you because he’s trying harder than you are.

Same thing for y’all dudes that already have relationships. If you think your job is over once you bag her, you’re a fool. You need to keep doing the same stuff you did in order to pull her while y’all are in a committed relationship together. That includes going out on regular Date Nights. Don’t stop taking her out. Don’t sit on the couch and get fat. Don’t stop acting like she’s special because you were only doing that to get her to say “I do” or to agree to exclusively have sex with you. Don’t stop complimenting her when she looks good tonight… Once you commit to that stuff, you need to stay on top of your game because if your girl’s still looking good, the next man’s gonna be doing for her what you’re not doing and you might just get peeled and get left wondering WTF just happened.

Assume you’re the underdog. Assume you’re the worst guy she knows and you have to work your way up from the bottom. Assume that everyone before you offered her something better and everyone that meets her after you is going to try their damnedest to get her from you and have her for themselves. Act As If pulling her is really important to you. Act As If you’ve decided that this woman is the one you want to bear your children and raise your family.

At the same time, recognize that most of your competition is asleep. >:D .. If there’s a guy taller than you, you’re smarter than he is. If he’s stronger than you, you’re more romantic than he is. If he’s smarter than you, you’re in better shape than he is. If he’s richer, you’re cuter than he is. Never concede the matchup. Never.

There’s always something the next man isn’t doing that his woman is missing in her life. Figure out where he’s tryin’na fit the square peg in her round hole and then let her know why you fit better and she should cut that zero and get with this hero! >:D

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  1. Smart words from a smart man. I being a former hunter approached it with that same mind set. Knowing I’m fly……….but there are others that are much more than myself. Correct again when the hunt is over its never truly over. Unless you don’t give a rats ass about her. The real work, …the real work is in the daily life. 2 boys (9mo/5yrs), beautiful wife and life. Keep the fire going all while living “regular life”. Now let’s see who’s FLY. But that…….is another story.

    1. True that, Robert. 🙂

      A lot of guys think their job is complete once they meet the right woman and start a family…. NOPE!!! 😀

      That’s where your responsibilities BEGIN for making her and your lives the best they can be! 😀

    2. Your page has actually moved to #4 on Google = in regards to this particular question. Congrats! LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!!!

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