Always Overestimate Your Opponents [Hunters, Part 13]

Bill CammackIn the rap game, the smallest thing can undo ALL the work you put in on a chick.

The most minuscule advantage that she perceives the next man has over you can completely undermine your chances of getting whatever you wanted from her.

This is why it’s imperative to ACT AS IF everyone else that’s trying to get this gal is better than you are.

The only thing worse than assuming that the next man is equal to you is assuming that you’re better than he is, because you lull yourself to sleep and make his job of pulling *YOUR* girl waaaaaay easier.


There’s no such thing as Equality when it comes to kickin’ it to chicks. Every one of us is seen as having advantages and disadvantages, depending on what she happens to be looking for at that time.

If she’s looking for an LTR and you’re more attractive but less reliable than the next man… You lose. If she’s looking to get physically ravaged and you seem to be like a pious gentleman… You lose. If she’s looking for independence and you seem to want to control her every move and be informed of her whereabouts at all times… You lose.

So the idea of equality in the dating game is ridiculous. Leave that out of your thinking. You’re better or he’s better. One of the two of you (or BOTH OF YOUSE, if she gets down like that) is gonna get what he wants. It’s imperative that you know what your advantages and disadvantages are over the other suitor(s) that are competing for her hand…. or whatever. >:D


Realistically, if getting laid actually matters to you, you should be fully aware at all times of how your chances are looking and why they look that way. You should be able to assess yourself, the target chick and your competition and decide how much work you need to put in to finish first in the race.

Once you make that assessment, you might conclude that you’re the clear front-runner and there’s no way in hell you shouldn’t get the rap over these Herbs that are vying for the same chick. This may very well be the absolute truth… Unfortunately, you can’t afford to ease back in the cut because you think you’ve got it like that.

If YOU think you’ve got it like that, your opponents ALSO think you’ve got it like that and you’d best believe they’re going to pull out the stops to undermine your rap and try to pull the girl for themselves.

The fact that they’re hungrier than you are makes them ‘dangerous’ and gives them more abilities than they usually have, naturally. It’s like the proverbial “cornered rat”. Not very dangerous until cornered, and then you’d best protek ya neck! >:D


Your accurate understanding of pre-rat-cornering reality will put you at a SERIOUS DISADVANTAGE in the rap game. Realizing that the next man is inferior to you will relax your mind and you won’t be prepared for him to pull out the stops to defeat you and abscond with your chick.

The proper counter to this is to OVERESTIMATE YOUR OPPONENTS… All the time.

Don’t stop at the next man’s clear limitations.. Make up fables and stories about grandiose things he’s achieved and accomplished that he might be able to use to convince the gal she should hook up with him instead of you… Don’t fight the dude you know he is… Fight the dude you create in your mind, who’s like 80 million times better than him, and, in fact, better than YOU when it comes to pulling this particular chick.

That’s how you get “The Eye Of The Tiger” back. That’s how you psych yourself into being HUNGRY instead of cold lampin’ and accepting your spoils of war since you don’t figure there’s any way this dude’s going to be able to defeat your rap to this chick.

If he’s a Herb, convince yourself that he’s a Player.
If he’s broke, convince yourself that he’s rich.
If he doesn’t seem like he puts in any bedroom-work that’s worth mentioning, act like he puts chicks to sleep on a regular basis.
If he doesn’t seem to have class, act like he’s a gentleman from The King’s Court.
If he dresses like a bum, act like he’s showing her pictures of himself in a tux on his smartphone.
If he looks out of shape, assume that he’s actually in FANTASTIC SHAPE and deliberately doesn’t rock fitted/tailored gear so he can spring his body on unsuspecting females if his verbal game doesn’t seal the deal.

Work From The Bottom

Most fighting systems teach you what to do if you’re on an even level with your opponent or you have the upper hand. IMO, the more useful fighting systems teach you what to do when you’re LOSING a fight… What do you do when your opponent punches harder? What do you do when you’ve expended all your energy (gassed out) and you know what to do, but can’t execute the moves? What do you do when the fight goes to the ground and your standup skillz are currently worthless?

This is the benefit you receive from doing the psych work and pretending that your opponent has a better chance of pulling the chick than you do. You learn to keep your mind clear and do your best job under circumstances where you don’t actually believe you’re going to defeat the next man.

Not only does this help you win this particular scenario, but when you end up in a situation where the next man actually DOES trump you in areas that are important to the gal in question, you’re used to working from the bottom and pulling out the win.

The last thing you want to think is “I’m finished.. I can’t win this. :(“.. In fact, you *NEVER* want to think that… You want to think “He’s currently winning, but until he physically removes her from my presence, I still have a shot at this!”.

My experience with working from the bottom doesn’t come from being challenged by outsiders, but rather from hanging out with dudes that had better raps, presentation & skillz than I did. You were pretty much doomed from the giddyap, if, say, you were the 3rd or 4th most likely dude in the crew you’re hanging out with to attract a chick. Every time you ran into girls, you had to HOPE that a) there were more than three of them, and b) you were interested in the 4th-or-worse most attractive chick because you knew damned well that you were going to be trumped by three of your homies for the better-looking gals.

In fact.. You could even be trumped by WAY LESSER DUDES, depending on whether their particular style was more appealing to a gal than yours… In one memorable situation, I met a gal that I thought was good-enough-looking and a nice person and I had thrown my hat in the ring at the same time that a guy we were hanging out with did. I saw her gravitating towards his style, and TOTALLY not as a hater and TOTALLY not to try to undermine his rap, I informed her to her face that dude was a crumb and she really didn’t want to hook up with him… Didn’t matter.. She was sweating him, so she gave it up, he didn’t use condoms, she got pregnant within like a month, and he stopped accepting her phone calls.

Did I care about that?.. No. She was dumb enough to fall for the Okey-Doke and the dude was smooth enough to pull it off. The spoils of war go to the victors. My hat’s off to him… Not for being a DEADBEAT MOTHER******, but for arriving on the battlefield prepared to win and pulling it off even though I was then and am now “the better man”.


Your studies and training come in handy when you really ARE the underdog and have to figure out how you’re going to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

Every once in a while, all the other guys are 6’1″ when you’re 5’9″…
Every once in a while, all the other guys own yachts and you don’t even own an inflatable pool.
Every once in a while, all the guys are rockin’ stylish suits and you showed up in a t-shirt.
Every once in a while, all the guys are hipsters and everything you know about their culture you learned from watching “The Burg”.

These are the times when you need to be able to remain calm and properly assess which qualities and abilities of yours will allow you to bypass the next man’s clear advantage.

I didn’t pull the chick (that the next man got pregnant and dumped within the span of 60 days) because I knew damned well that I was better than him and I *ASSUMED* that would be obvious to her as well. I arrived with ZERO game plan and his style summarily defeated mine. I couldn’t believe she was that stupid, but she was. I even told her to her face what was going to happen before it happened and she still let it happen to her.

Properly strategized and executed tactics will usually defeat what “should” happen. It’s like they say in MMA or Boxing.. If you leave it in the hands of the judges, you’re a fool.

Finish the fight. If you think you outboxed him or got more takedowns, the judges might still give the decision to the other guy. The only way to make sure that they don’t is to decisively end the fight without letting them give their opinion about which one of you did a better job today.

The best way to finish is to be WORRIED ABOUT the next man’s abilities. If you’re honestly not concerned about them, FAKE IT!.. Convince yourself that he’s a threat to your rap so you stay sharp, stay on-point and have the best chance of pulling the chick and having a good night instead of fiddling while Rome burns. Connect with Bill via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Email Subscription, RSS

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  1. This right here is advice to live by sir! If only I had read this when I was new to the game but alas I had to learn in the trenches. And another thing I have learned is that you shouldn’t compete directly with the next man instead you should just shift all the focus to you.

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