Ladies: Stop Bringing Extra People On Dates

Bill CammackWe’re going to file this one under “Common Sense”…

I’m watching Millionaire Matchmaker and Patti’s trying to hook this millionaire chick (MC) up with a date, right?

So she tells the MC to let the guy plan the date…


Not only does the MC not let dude plan ANYTHING, but she has a private jet waiting at the airport to take her, her date, AND SOME OTHER DUDE to Atlantic City for lunch or whatever.

Putting aside the fact that if she knew what she was doing, she wouldn’t need a matchmaker in the first place, :/ her plan was good and bad. It was a smart move to flaunt how rich she is, being that she’s supposed to be a millionaire. It was a stupid move to bring an extra dude on what’s supposed to be a ******* DATE between her and the dude Patti hooked up for her.

Here’s how it goes, ladies… If you need to know who’s supposed to go with you on a date, it’s the same roster that’s going to be involved when the sex jumps off. That means, a) no dudes, and b) only girls that are more attractive than you are.

Those are the *ONLY* people that are supposed to be on a date. You, The Dude, and Any Chicks You Bring Along To Spice Up The Action.


If you and your homegirls don’t get down like that, good. Then it should be just YOU and THE DUDE, like a REGULAR DATE!

If you don’t trust a guy enough to spend time with him in a public place without your cronies being there, you very well shouldn’t be dating that guy, should you?

If you need someone else to assess whether your date is worthwhile for you or not, a) you should be paying that person for their investigative services, and b) if you’re a Grown-Ass Woman, you shouldn’t need other people to make those decisions for you.

Follow The Rules

I almost had this happen to me one time. 🙂 I was chatting this chick up on the phone and heard her tell someone that was in the room with her that she was going to XYZ place and she asked him if he wanted to come with. He intelligently declined, having more common sense than she did. When we met up that day, I told her not to invite people to come along when I invite her somewhere. I told her that if she insisted on inviting extra people to go places with her to let me know so I could bail out and she could go do that activity with them instead of me. She got the picture and I didn’t have to deal with that nonsense ever again.

It’s also funny when women invite other women to come along on dates and then still expect the guy to pick up the tab. Nope. Either one or BOTH OF YOUSE are going to be dippin’ in your wallets when we finish, due to breach of contract… Assuming the guy hangs around for the so-called date at all when he sees you brought your entourage.

Unless, of course, you followed the rules and the gal(s) you brought are both hawter than you are and DTF, in which case, “Nice To Meet’cha! ;)”. Connect with Bill via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Email Subscription, RSS

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  1. I am reading this post and im sitting here trying to figure out if its worse when a chick brings a guy or a girl.

    1. In this case, it was just sheer stupidity.

      If you go to a matchmaker, it’s because you need HELP with your dating life. If you knew what you were doing, you would set up YOUR OWN DATES and bring whomever else you wanted, because you were paying for the jet planes and the dinners and all that irrelevant stuff.

      In fact, if there was a time for her to bring someone else along, it would have been to the ******* MIXER so that she could have made the right decision for her date with the help of her sidekick. Since she wasn’t allowed to bring anyone to the mixer, she wasn’t supposed to bring anyone to the “date”. Period.

      In general, it’s worse if a chick brings another female. If she brings a dude, you just tell him “Yo. This is a date. Get the **** out of here.”

      If she brings a chick, it’s still bad, but not AS bad. She might be introducing you to your next girlfriend or whatever. As long as she’s hawt, the more the merrier.

      Actually.. Until watching this episode, I had never even HEARD of chicks bringing guys on dates. I had heard from friends of mine that they had brought extra chicks and expected their friends to eat for free too. I had heard that chicks brought other chicks to basically see and feel him out and then bounce when she felt like he was cool. I can’t imagine if I actually invited a chick out on a date and she brought some dude with her. I probably wouldn’t even speak to her. I’d get the bartender to write my tab up for the beer I drank while I was waiting for her to arrive, and then bounce.

      In this particular situation, not that I ever intend to date a millionairess, but if I would have walked up to that plane and I would have seen some dude standing there, I would have allowed her to introduce us, I would have shaken her hand, and if she would have said “He’s coming with us on…”, I would have pulled her to the side.

      I would have told her “Look. Either I’m going with you to Atlantic City or he is. I’m not spending a split-*******-second with you with this dude tagging along.” It would have been up to her whether the date was going to happen or not. I don’t care. She’s not doing *ME* the favor. I’m doing *HER* the favor. You can keep your plane and your dinner at the casino if this dude is part of the package. **** That! 😀

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