#NOBLOG Status (Plausible Deniability)

Back in 2008, I wrote the Guide To Dating The “Internet Famous”.

Fast-Forward to 2010, and “Things done got too far gone!” πŸ˜€

At this point, EVERYBODY has a smartphone, EVERYBODY is uploading media to the net and EVERYBODY’S business is in the streets.

Fortunately for all of us, Chrissie B. and Tim K.-S. co-created #NOBLOG status!!! >:D

#NOBLOG Status

There are some people that enjoy telling others where they went, what they did and whom they did it with. Lots of apps and networks allow us to make this information available ahead of time, in real-time, or after the fact… Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter, Gowalla, Pegshot, Brightkite, Latitude, Loopt… Even video streaming sites like Ustream, Bambuser & Qik allow you to stream live video to the internet from your smartphone.

Even if people aren’t live streaming, they’re taking pictures and shooting video that may very well end up being seen by people that you know, who weren’t there at the time.

This is where #NOBLOG status comes in handy. It’s basically an agreement between everyone involved that there’s a media blackout surrounding an entire event or an individual occurrence at an event. The point being that whatever is happening or just happened won’t show up on anyone’s blog.

I guess the hashtag (the pound sign, “#”) is part of the fun of the concept because it’s used to define Twitter searches, like #LindseyLohan, so technically, you should never see a Twitter post that includes #NOBLOG, now, should you? πŸ˜‰

Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention

At this point in the social media game, connections between people look more like a web than a line connecting one person to another. I believe the top number of mutual Facebook friends I have with anyone is 436. This means that if that person types “Hanging out at XYZ with Bill Cammack”, right off the bat, 436 people that I know might receive that information in their “Most Recent” news feed on their FB home page.

That’s just on ONE social network. If that same person posts the same message to Twitter, they have literally THOUSANDS of followers (as do I), so there’s no telling what the overlap is there.

That’s also only including real-time media. If that person takes a picture, posts it to Facebook and tags me in it (which, yes, I’m aware that I could shut that ability down using Facebook privacy preferences) then everyone that I’m connected to is going to see that picture show up in MY media stream on my own Facebook page.

This is all well and good because the vast majority of the time, my friends and I are broadcasting our adventures to the internet anyway. The more media, the merrier!… Sometimes, however, it’s important to apply the brakes.

It’s necessary for people who spend time together who each have vast networks of acquaintances, business associates, clients & fans to share an understanding that if something spontaneous occurs that at least one of us would rather not have advertised, it won’t hit the airwaves.

If we don’t share that trust, we can’t be authentic with each other. We’re only going to give each other what we’re willing to have broadcast all over creation, which is most definitely NOT the way to build strong, important and lasting relationships with people.

#NOBLOG is essential because sometimes….. “Ish Happens! \o/” hehe and it might be cool that the people who were there know about it, but it might *NOT* be cool for our personal business to be disseminated to the thousands of people we’re connected to that weren’t there.


#NOBLOG Status#NOBLOG doesn’t imply that something major occurred. It could be something as simple as someone whose social media persona doesn’t include “swearing” cursing in a video. πŸ˜€

When I write articles, there are certain words I block out, like **** and **** and mother******… If I happen to be speaking IRL to a grown-ass man or a grown-ass woman (and we’re not in a business situation), I’m liable to curse my ass off.

I don’t block words because I’m uncomfortable with them. I block them out of courtesy to other people that MIGHT be uncomfortable with them. That doesn’t mean I want a video of me saying FILTH FLARN FILTH FLARN FILTH broadcast on the internet, so that might have to get a #NOBLOG. πŸ˜€

Here in NYC, we tend to drink a lot. >:D .. People’s relationships to each other tend to evolve and devolve, depending on how drunk each of us happen to be at the time. This can clearly also lead to #NOBLOG situations.

We also have business deals going on that the general public isn’t aware of. Even though I have lots of clients’ information on my online resume, I do lots of work that my name never goes on and nobody knows that I did.

If I’m chatting with friends about business deals I’ve made, or ESPECIALLY deals that haven’t been finalized yet, I damned well sure need for that information to *NOT* make the back-channel rounds, so a #NOBLOG agreement might need to be in place in order for me to feel comfortable discussing important issues.

You also might need to declare #NOBLOG ahead of time. This normally happens when you want to have an incognito evening in a public location. If you don’t inform people that it’s a private event, next thing you know, they told their friends where they’re going to be.. who told THEIR friends where they were going to be and all of a sudden you have a big party that you hadn’t planned on, and in fact had intended to hide from tonight so you could share some Quality Time with someone.

All For One.. One For All

Clearly, #NOBLOG doesn’t work unless everyone agrees to it AND they can all be trusted to STFU. All you need is for a friend of a friend who happens to be there and that you’re not aware is connected to your personal social sphere to start blabbering about what’s going on in order for your business to make the rounds.

Basically, Unless you’re sure that everyone in your group is down with the program, it’s best for you to assume that #NOBLOG status isn’t available to you. If someone unverified joins your group, revert to the default “Internet Famous” protocols and always be prepared to Deny. Everything! πŸ˜€

Remember.. If there’s no media of it.. It never happened. πŸ˜‰

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