Facebook “Upgrade” Sucks Again, As Usual

Facebook “upgraded” our personal profile pages last night.

If you’ve been on Facebook for more than a year, you know why the word upgrade is in quotes. The changes they make are consistent with a computer figuring out probabilities and not with a gregarious human being saying “Changing XYZ would be an UPGRADE to my facebook experience”.

That’s Not How I Speak

I graduated with my degree in Management Information Systems from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology http://alum.mit.edu/www/billcammack/). Peep the hardware:

Bill C. - Out To Lunch

Harry Potter Voldemort Cammack 2 Million Views

There are lots of people that don’t know this.

They don’t know because I don’t tell them.

I don’t begin conversations with “Hi.. I’m Bill Cammack, and I’m an Emmy Award-Winning video editor and MIT graduate”. I mean… Who DOES that? :/

How OBNOXIOUS would that be if every time you went to speak to someone, they rattled off a list of information that you never asked them about?

Apparently, whomever’s idea it was to redesign the Facebook profile pages wouldn’t mind, because that’s what happens now, every time you click on a profile.

New Layout

I was curious to find out what the new page layout was about, so I clicked on the button to “upgrade”, not imagining that there was NO. *******. ROLLBACK. FUNCTION!!! πŸ˜€ JEEZ! smh

So now, anyone that goes to my page is greeted with information that a) I never would have told them if we had met each other IRL, and b) probably has NOTHING TO DO with the reason why they came to my page in the first place.

This information was fine in the sidebar. If I went to someone’s page and was interested in what they were talking about, I glanced to the left and had whatever EXTRANEOUS INFORMATION about them that a) they wanted to share, and b) I wanted to know, at my fingertips.

Now.. Every time I go to to someone’s page, I’m greeted with what school they attended, where they live, where they’re originally from… This would make sense if it were ONLY on their “info” page, but it’s on their wall as well. It’s like WHO CARES? \o/ WHERE’S THE CONTENT I CAME HERE FOR?

To add insult to injury, a filmstrip of images that you’re tagged in has been planted directly under the information you wouldn’t have shared in the first place and above where your actual wall content begins.

Whether or not you give a flying **** who this person hangs out with, you’re reminded each time you visit their page, unless they’re one of those people who blocks their FB pictures from friends being able to view them (or, at least, blocks *YOU* from being able to see their pics! :D).


The formerly-useful left sidebar has now been replaced with a parade of your friends. That’s it. No more links to other websites of yours. No more sidebar widgets. It’s like a dating site. They list “In A Relationship With”, “Friends” and “Family”. Why is that sidebar content? Who cares? If you care whether someone’s dating anyone, you click on INFO and find out. It’s a waste of real estate.

In the sidebar on the right side, you see mutual friends that you have in common. Once again, this is functional from Facebook’s viewpoint, so that people can find more people to connect to and create more traffic for them and more pageviews, leading to serving more advertisements.

For the user, this serves no purpose at all.

The rest of that sidebar is populated with advertisements, like it used to be.

I’m guessing that Facebook made the sidebars useless so they can emulate a Tumblr style of all relevant information residing in one vertical column. This makes sense for their mobile efforts. I’m sure that whichever robot calculated this configuration arrived at an efficient design.

Unfortunately, as usual with Facebook “upgrades”, functionality for the user has been REMOVED instead of being ENHANCED. It’s practically a conspiracy! πŸ˜€ haha I wouldn’t be surprised if after the next couple of “UPGRADES”, Facebook announced premium accounts where you could get back all the functionality they’ve been stripping away if you PAY THEM MONTHLY! :/

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    1. Absolutely, Steve. It’s ridiculous. :/

      They removed the functionality of our Facebook profile pages as far as our own ability to tell people what we think is important about us, and dumped that ALLLLLL the way on the bottom of our info pages, out of sight and out of mind.

      Meanwhile, the information they put over top of BOTH our wall and info pages are merely internal Facebook links to categories that they’ve placed us in, via our own input.

      If it says “Bill Went To MIT”, it doesn’t go to a page of MYSELF at MIT.

      I don’t know why they keep trying to hide these technological shuffles by calling them “upgrades”. \o/

      1. I wonder what’s going on with Diaspora?

        That could be a real nice application for networking and communicating.

        I have not looked in a while.

        I’d love to own and control my information.

        1. Hey Ron. πŸ™‚

          Unfortunately, the way The Game works is that so long as you don’t have to pay for anything, the site you’re utilizing to upload your content is going to monetize you in whatever way they can.

          That’s the tradeoff. Free bandwidth for using your connections and your media and parsing what you say for the opportunity to sell stuff to you.

          The only other option is to do your own site and pull your own traffic, like I do here.. However, Facebook is just about the new AOL at this point.

          AOL used to be THE ONLY way to get online and interact with a bunch of people. There were other services, but they weren’t popular.

          At this point, people are focusing on their presence on Facebook and on Twitter, which is a mistake in the long run, but is working out well for them, temporarily.

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