Who Is Bob?

So I’m at a party and some sort of casual conversation is going on.

There’s a break in the flow, and after a few seconds of silence, this woman says:

“I love my Magic Bullet! :D”

Now.. I live in New York City, where there are entirely too many women and not enough men here to, um…… service the needs of our entire female population.

Because of this disparity (and lots of other reasons), it’s rather typical that in a conversation here between grown-ass-women, they’re going to discuss, recommend and review….. um….. BOBs.

Who is Bob?

BOB (or B.O.B.) stands for Battery-Operated Boyfriend.

If you hear one gal saying she’s going to get in bed with “Bob” tonight, and her homegirls start giggling as if they know what she’s talking about, she’s most likely not referring to an actual guy.. She’s talking about her vibrator.

This item pictured to the left of these words is in fact a Magic Bullet Mini Waterproof Vibrator.

According to Amazon.com, it’s currently unavailable.

Go Figure! o_O

Of course, there are like a million of these devices, including the Remote Control Butterfly Vibrator and the Jersey Shore-esque, blinged-out Girl’s Best Friend Diamond Butterfly Vibrator.

So, Anyway.. This gal says she loves her Magic Bullet, and there isn’t much reaction from the group. I’m sipping my drink and waiting for any of the other women to chime in with a YAY or NAY regarding the effectiveness of that particular BOB and perhaps a personal review or a suggestion of an item that they prefer and recommend, when she adds:

“I use it to make milkshakes! :D”


So now, I’m looking around for someone ELSE that finds this comment rather strange. I can’t find anyone.

I realize that people are really into this Politically Correct thing, where they force themselves not to react to something they find incredibly odd, so as not to make that person feel “judged”, but I was immediately curious about what she felt the benefits were to making a milkshake with a vibrator.

Nice Branding :/

Come to find out.. “Magic Bullet” is also the name of a blender.

A homegirl of mine googled this right quick on her iPhone to show me, after I had exclaimed “ummmm… WHAT? o_O” and a couple of chicks looked at me like they knew what *I* was thinking we were discussing and the dudes in the convo were entirely oblivious.

Let this be a Social Media lesson to you.

If you’re tasked with coming up with the name of a product, application or website, check around first to see if there are any automatic associations people make with your selected brand name.

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