Who’s Harsher, Who’s Harsh?

A reader told me yesterday that she felt a a post of mine was harsh.

In a way, I agreed with her.

In a way, I didn’t.

Dream On

Unfortunately, in life, sometimes the facts of the matter are jarring, hard to hear, and/or unpleasant to consider. This doesn’t make any of these facts less true. What you feel about them doesn’t matter at all. It doesn’t change the situation.

This is how people trap themselves, trying to live into their dreams instead of recognizing what’s really happening and deciding to get with the program or bail out and look for something they think better suits their lives or lifestyles.

If I say I meet new women every week, that’s because it’s a fact, not because I’m trying to be harsh or because I’m trying to brag. If I say I go to parties where I know at least 80 people in the room, I’m not exaggerating, and if you had been at that party standing next to me, you would have seen how many people there that I have fantastic, fun, friendly & educational relationships with.

If I say that the way my life panned out severely diminishes women’s abilities to blackmail me into doing things I don’t feel like doing in order to hook up with them, just browsing the facts should make it clear that I’m telling the truth. You might not LIKE the facts, but that doesn’t have any effect whatsoever on reality.

I live in New York City, the capital of the world universe. We have 24-hour McDonald’s here. That means that right now, at 4:23 am, I can go get food right this very second from McDonald’s. We also have a 24-hour Apple Store on 59th street and 5th avenue. If I say that I can buy hamburgers or computer software any-damned-time-I-want, you might not like that because you don’t have the same opportunities that I have, but how you feel doesn’t change ANY of the facts, EVAR. \o/

Hide In Plain Sight

Personally, what I feel is HARSHER than what I wrote is when people know they’re not a part of the game but they pretend to be in order to get what they want.

This is where women fall for the okey-doke lots of times, because for some odd reason, they just can’t grasp the concept that a dude lied to them about his intentions or feelings towards her. Then, they wonder what changed about their relationship and wonder what they did wrong when he hits it & quits it.

Sometimes, she actually did something wrong. Other times, he was just telling you whatever you needed to hear to give it up, and then once he got what he wanted, stringing you along became a waste of his time and he bounced.

So.. I think giving women false hope is way harsher than letting them know they’re going to have to be a hell of a woman to maintain your attention. I think acting like you’re a part of the commonly-brainwashed system is harsher than letting them know you’re not involved with their games and you’re willing to stand by while they play them with other dudes.

Are there women that have fantastic, loving, beautiful relationships with guys? Yep! 😀 I’m very happy for them and wish them the best. Are there also women that don’t know they’re being used? Yep. Are there also women who are TOLD. TO. THEIR. FACES. that a guy is using them, and they still refuse to face reality? Yep.

I think those last two situations are harsher than saying “Go ahead and bring your A-Game, but good luck to you, because better women than you have attempted to secure my exclusive attention and failed”.

The funny thing about all this is that I appear to be a renegade because I’m the only one that can afford to tell the truth. 😀 Women don’t want to believe what I talk about and men don’t want to publicly admit that I’m telling it like it is because it would impede their efforts to get laid. That can’t happen to me, because women actually like me. I had girls before I knew what to do with girls, and I thought I told you that we won’t stop. >:D

You can drop me off in a country where I can’t even verbally communicate with the inhabitants and I’ll achieve one or more girlfriends, immediately. I’m not concerned about alienating women that can read English and understand what I’m saying in my blog posts. In fact, I’ve met some of the most intelligent, attractive & worthwhile women that I’m currently in contact with today BECAUSE of my blog posts.

So if I write something that’s harsh, it’s not because I’m attempting to be a jerk, but because I see the game properly and you don’t. Or, maybe you DO see it and refuse to believe it or acknowledge it or adjust your game to roll with the big dogs and swim with the sharks.

Perception vs. Reality

Either way, real life is happening right now, whether you like it or not.

Somewhere out there, there’s a guy that loves his family and is doing his DAMNEDEST to show them the best life possible because he loves them completely.

Somewhere out there, there’s a guy that loves his family and has a bunch of girlfriends because monogamy wasn’t in his game plan and he knows he needs to pretend like it is so his wife doesn’t bounce.

Somewhere out there, there’s a guy that doesn’t think jack **** about the woman he’s with, but he lets her hang around with him because she’s rich or because she gives up the ass whenever he wants it.

Many miles away.. There’s a shadow on the door.. Of a cottage on the shore.. Of a dark, Scottish lake…..

Many miles away? o_O

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  1. Bill excellent point, they try to make you seem like the villain, but you’re not, you just have leverage, if women wanna see how most men would like to live and interact with women, just look at rappers, and basketball or football players.

    It’s like you said the way your life panned out afforded you the ability to not be blackmailed AT ALL haha

    1. Thanks, man. 🙂

      That’s what I keep trying to explain to these women. The model of the dating game that they believe in is only relevant when they’re dealing with a guy that can’t get a better girl… or a hawter girl or a richer girl or a sexier girl or a girl that’s more available to them or a girl that’s more interested in doing his hobbies with him or a girl he has more in common with…

      When a chick’s dating or married to an accountant, and no chicks are throwing ***** at him, of course he’s going to come home to her. He might stop off at the strip club to check out some ass, but for the most part, he’s coming home without messing with other chicks.

      If she’s with a sports star, other chicks know this dude is athletic and is at least making whatever the base salary is for benchwarmers in the NBA. ***** gets thrown at these dudes without them even asking. It gets thrown at them at the game, in the locker room, during interviews, at the parties, on road trips, at home games.. Getting laid is like picking up a $1 bill off the floor.

      Most guys find it easy enough to hook up with groupies and then lie to their wives about it. That’s what women need to complain about! 😀

      If I tell a chick that hooking up with her doesn’t mean I’m not going to hook up with the next chick I’m attracted to, she can take it or leave it. Those are her options. Get down with the program or bounce. I don’t care either way.

      Since most guys wouldn’t ever get on with tactics like this, the winning plan is to pretend that they’re exclusively dating a chick so she lays down and does the right thing. *yawn* It’s too damned easy, and dudes do it every single day of life.

      The problem occurs, however, when you meet that new chick you feel like making out with. All of a sudden, you have to hide from your other girlfriend(s) if you’re gonna mess with the new one. Suddenly, you have to decide who you’re going to spend time with this weekend or who you’re going to go to the party with or whose relatives you’re going to visit.

      This is what happens when chicks can’t get enough of you. You can’t get rid of them! 😀

      It’s honestly in your best interest to “Keep It One-Hunnid” as they say, and let chicks know that you like them and you’re into them and you want to mess with them, but don’t get carried away, ’cause it ain’t that type-a party.

      On top of that.. When dudes already have multiple women, when one of them starts akkin’ up, you just eject her. Ignore her. You already have more chicks. You don’t even have to go to the bar or the club to start over from scratch.

      This is where the delusion of leverage topples a lot of women because they think they’re exclusively important to the guy and his only source of sex. When they decide to hold out on him and then they notice that he hasn’t hit it in several months, yet he’s smiling and happy every day, then, they wonder what they need to do to get him to do what they want him to do.

      In fact, there’s nothing they can do, because their services are redundant. Unfortunately.. Since the dude made her BELIEVE that she was the only chick he was hooking up with, she suddenly receives the rude awakening, which is what *I* think is REALLY harsh.

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