Happy New Year, 2011


The year 2011 AD begins tomorrow.

I’ve been reading people’s comments on Facebook and Twitter, and it seems like a lot of people didn’t have a good time in 2010 and can’t wait for it to be over and for 2011 to start us all off fresh.

Personally, Me? Myself? (inside joke with my sister), I had a great time in 2010, but things need to change for 2011.

2010 was successful for me because it was all about interaction. Online interaction, community building, spending time with friends, IRL… However, I won’t be successful by the end of 2011 if I keep doing what I was doing in 2010 because I’ll just have more of what I’ve already received.

I’m not hungry anymore. I’ve been coasting. I figured out the formula and I rawked it but I’m not getting kicks from it anymore. I need new challenges for this season, not just stuff I already know I can do.


The first thing I’m going to do is produce a lot of music.. I mean A LOT of music.

I’ve been playing music forever and recording it since before I started my career as a video editor. Technology has advanced to the point that I need to re-learn things I used to know and learn new things that only recently became available to people that don’t own actual recording studios with 96-channel mixing boards, movie theater screens and all the latest music toys.

I’ll be using a program called “Logic” primarily. I might end up using Pro Tools by the end of the year, depending on whom I decided to team up with to work on projects, but Logic actually does everything I want it to do:

I’ll be doing my own music for practice and fun, but I’m mainly interested in producing for other groups this year. We’ll see what happens with that. 😉


I’m also recommitting to being in as good physical shape as I can.

I’m never actually “out of shape”, especially compared to the average Joe, but working out is something else that I became completely complacent about. It just didn’t matter to me.

Since guys tend to look progressively worse as time goes on, they make me look better without doing anything at all. \o/ That’s all well & good, but I don’t want another year of that. I intend to put in work in the gym this year.


I’m going to do more remote work in 2011. I already have clients that send me footage via internet that I edit for them, but mostly what I do is vacation relief. That means that I work when other people go on vacation or get sick. I also work when clients have too much work for their regular editing staff to handle (overflow) and when people have short projects that they want done by a professional without having to hire a full-time editor to sit around for several months getting paid for nothing between assignments.

Because of this (and because I just don’t feel like it), I don’t take full-time work or even jobs that last months in a row. I never know when one of my current clients is going to contact me and book a few days, so I mainly keep my schedule open. What I’m going to do now is book flexible hours of work that can be done remotely and during my downtime. It might be editing. It might be training people how to use Final Cut Pro. It might be social media consulting. Depending on how quickly I progress with Logic, it might be producing music for bands or teaming up with existing studios that can send me music over the net.

I already began this process in 2010 by teaming up with my friend & colleague, Phil Campbell to create media for businesses local to him in Jolly Old England! 😀 (Hockley, Nottingham, to be precise):

Thanks to the tools now available to us in the year 2011, namely, Skype and DropBox, I can work with Phil as if we were sitting across the same desk from each other, when we’re actually “across the pond” from each other. Also, because my European friends are 5-6 hours ahead of us, I don’t have to wait for the East Coast of the USA to wake up, get to work and drink the coffee they’re addicted to before I can do any business for the day. Lovely! 😀


Sabrina, Bill, Jill & StephanieSocially, 2010 was good for me because I exited the big party scene, except for a select few parties thrown by friends & clients.

It was fun during 2009, knowing 60-80 people attending the same party, but ultimately, you don’t get to have the intimate conversations that bring you closer together as friends. I needed that in 2010, so I stuck mainly to mostly 1-on-1 socialization or sometimes up to 4 people getting together in a #noblog location so we can spend time together without interruption.

That worked out great for me and I enjoyed myself very much this year, however, I understand now that I’ll need to be more socially aggressive in 2011. I need to increase the size of the hangouts to maybe 7-8 and have one every single week, at the very least. There are some people that I didn’t see all of last year because I never made time to see them and I never went to the places where we would normally run into each other. That’s not going to work for me, going forward, so plans are going into effect to create regularly-scheduled get-togethers so I can keep up with the people that make New York City fun & entertaining for me.


I’m also hoping my home-skillet and fellow Bronx High School Of Science alumnus, Dave Winer invents something new in 2011 so people can stop jocking Twitter! 😀

I mean, seriously folks. We haven’t had any new & exciting frontiers in YEARS, already. There have been some valiant tries, but nothing revolutionary. We need another must-have app. We need a new reason for people to be excited about social media.

I understand that people are still excited over Twitter and that Facebook won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, but we all have our followers on those systems. Give us a new game to play!

Which reminds me, games need to get REALLY GOOD this year! 😀 They need to integrate the online games with IRL components, not just a bunch of virtual badges that nobody ever shows anybody else because they live on our smartphones. Not even ACTUAL BADGES that you can have physically delivered to you for being part of a Super-Swarm or whatever.

We need something fun, where those of us that stay in one town can make a mark by going to physical locations at particular times in order to do particular GPS-based missions. We need something where the world travelers can get props for being in Paris on one day and in Tokyo the next. People aren’t going to want to tend virtual crops forever. Give us something new! 😀


Anyway… 2010 was fun, but it’s over now. I got a lot of great stuff with it and got to spend time with fantastic people doing fantastic things, but it’s time to flip the script.

Thanks to everyone that’s been reading along this year, and last year, and the year before that, and the year before that, and the year before that… haha It’s really a fun and unique experience for me when I get to interact with my readers & subscribers. Blogging, for me, is sending out messages in bottles. It’s always great to find out that someone received the message and got something out of it. Good or Bad, so long as something I wrote made you think or laugh or cry or smile or figure something out you had no clue about before or go “That. Dude. Is. BUGGIN!!! :O” or whatever you got out of it, that works for me. 😀

Happy New Year to you & yours!.. Here’s to a fantastic 2011 for all of us! 😀


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  1. Hello Bill,
    Happy New Year to you, friends, family and readers.
    Dude, I happened across your blog sometime last year and it has been great fun reading and responding. You have some great followers and I also enjoy their comments, the entertainment value is priceless.
    2010 ended on a bad note for me, but 2011 is destined to be a great year.

    Best wishes to all for peace, prosperity, and good health in 2011, we all have a choice and a chance to make a difference. I choose to be apart of positive change, to make a difference.

    Stay Blessed!!!

    1. Hey BMW! 😀 .. It was great, making your acquaintance last year as well. Thanks for the comments and reposts! 😀

      Sorry to hear about the negative end to 2010, but that’s what New Years are for! 😀 Out with the old and in with the new.

      Now’s our new chance to make it happen, letting go of everything from the past and forging aggressively into the future.

      Best of everything to you & yours! 😀

  2. I’m way behind on keeping up with the Book of Bill in it’s online format but right back atcha! I think I asked about travel a looong time ago… ever considered taking your gear on a working vacation?

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