Your Word Means Nothing

The second half of this week’s Jersey Shore episode was entirely uneventful, but it’s useful to point out an aspect of general society that I often complain about.

People’s word doesn’t mean anything anymore. People say whatever they feel like saying at the time, and there’s no truth backing their statements, there’s no action backing their statements, and they do 180-degree turns at the drop of a hat.

This is why the relationship type, Frenemies continues to thrive. People have no problem loving and hating each other at the same time, with neither emotion being worth a damn to begin with, because none of it’s real.

Meaningless Drivel

25 minutes into the show, Ronnie’s talking to Sammi on the phone and says he had considered leaving the show. Sammi says something like “Don’t ruin your life because of me”, to which Ronnie replies “You ARE my life”.

Oh. My. God.

Who teaches these people how to rap to chicks these days? Do they just steal lines from R&B Music and hope the chick’s dumb enough to fall for it?

Where was “You are my life” when Ronnie was breaking her glasses and everything else she brought to the shore house, none of which he had paid for, himself? Where was “You are my life” when he was screaming at her how he was going to bring three chicks home from the club and screw all three of them? Where was “You are my life” when he was making out with multiple chicks simultaneously in the club in Miami?

Later, Mike sends Nicole & Deena on a cab ride to New York City when they had wanted to go somewhere in New Jersey.

When the girls figured out that Mike had dissed them, Nicole swears up and down that she’s never going to talk to Mike again.

By the time they get home, the plan has changed. They’ve decided that they’re going to act like they had a great time and tell Mike “Thank You! :D”. They come in the door like gangbusters, whooping and hollering about how much fun they had on their “Road Trip”, until Nicole breaks ranks and tells Mike how upset she is at him that he did that to them.

Which one is it? o_O Did you have a good time, like you said when you walked in the door, or are you upset, like you said a split second later, while Deena was STILL playing the Good Time role?

Next, The guys are all going to go eat, and they tell Mike they’re leaving in 5 minutes. He says he wants to change or something. He goes upstairs and proceeds to shave, as if they were going to the club. He does some other time-wasting stuff and Ronnie, Vinny & Pauly flat-leave him and go to the restaurant.

Way later, Mike comes downstairs and is upset that they left him, as if it wasn’t all his fault for not respecting the time schedule. He thought that they would wait for him, because… I don’t know why he thought they’d wait for him, but they didn’t, so he got what he deserved for thinking people were going to live their lives on Mike-time.

Mike swears up and down that he’s not going to talk to any of the guys when they come back. He sits on the couch and waits, and when they come home, HE’S upset that THEY didn’t say anything TO HIM! 😀 haha Ridiculous! Which one is it? If you’re not going to talk to them, there’s no need to wait for them to come home so you can ACTIVELY-NOT talk to them. Just go about your ******* business and don’t respond if they speak to you.

What happened when they started talking to Mike? Nothing. He whined a little and it was over. No consequences, whatsoever. No sticking to the professed gameplan, whatsoever.

While the guys were out without Mike, the subject of Mike trying to press up on Pauly’s ex-girlfriend at the bar and bring her home to screw came up. Why is this coming up in a car? o_O Tell that dude to his ******* face to stop kickin’ it to your girlfriends, AND stop trying to team up with you on girls you already extracted from the club because he wasn’t able to pull one for himself.

Why talk about Mike when he’s not there, and then STFU when you get back to the house?

At the end of the episode, Sammi returns to the house, and according to the edit, Ronnie, who just proclaimed that Sammi *IS* his life, doesn’t greet her AT ALL, with even a “Hello” from across the room, but in fact goes out the sliding door to the yard while everyone else is welcoming her back.

It’s possible that MTV jerked him and made him look like he didn’t greet her when he actually did. It’s also possible that he wasn’t expecting to see her again, and didn’t want to break down… you guessed it.. CRYING, AS USUAL, in front of the rest of the housemates.

Sammi had told him that she was willing to be friends with him when she came back to the house. Ronnie said in his confessional, essentially, that he was either going to be Sammi’s boyfriend or he wasn’t going to be friends with her at all.

We’ll see what happens with that.

Talkin’ Loud, & Sayin’ Nothin’

My point with all this is that people these days feel free to SAY anything they want, because they don’t take themselves seriously, and none of their friends do either.

They know damned well that they can tell someone “I hate you” and 15 minutes later, tell them “I love you” and it actually makes a difference in how that person perceives their relationship. This is because everyone’s working on the same system of widespread impotence that never sees word become action.

It’s all well & good to complain about Mike trying to screw your ex-girlfriend, but if you don’t say anything to his face about it, he’s not going to know you don’t like it, and if you don’t inform him that there will be consequences and apply those consequences if he continues violating, there’s no reason for him to give a damn what you think to begin with.

Mike steals girls. Pauly whines. Everybody sits down for Sunday Dinner together.
Mike snitches on Ronnie. Ronnie whines. Everybody sits down for Sunday Dinner together.
The fellaz leave Mike and go to dinner. Mike whines. Everybody sits down for Sunday Dinner together.

Regardless of what you SAY, nothing’s actually different in anybody’s life, so they dismiss you because your word doesn’t mean ****.

This works for everyone UNTIL they run into people that weren’t raised like that.

We saw this in the Jersey Shore episode where Nicole got dropped:

YouTube Link =>

Whose fault is it that she got punched in her face? The guy that did it.

It’s also HER fault for being in his face, cursing at him, and thinking he’s the same type of person that she’s usually around, who plays that “Say whatever you want, and I’m not going to deck you for it” BS.

Consequences & Repercussions

That’s what’s dangerous about living this way. You start believing your own hype because you never suffer any consequences for talking **** to other people. You tell them you hate them, you wish they were dead, you’re gonna kill them, you’re not going to pay them for services rendered, and you think you’re gonna slide, because everybody you know is the type of person that’ll let you jerk them around and won’t come see you.

This is a general issue, not a male/female issue, but if people hadn’t handled Nicole (and most other women in this country) with kid gloves, saying “Guys never hit girls, so feel free to run your mouth as much as you like”, she probably wouldn’t have put herself in that position.

I guarantee you she didn’t imagine that ANYTHING similar to that would have happened to her, but it did. It’s on videotape. The entire planet has seen it. Will people stop believing that men never hit women? Nope. Domestic Violence happens every single day, across the globe, yet people have brainwashed themselves to believe that there’s some kind of supernatural barrier preventing guys from hitting girls. Wake up.

As far as the dudes, other than Vinny and the guy that was trying to lay Nicole at the time (who had actually been IN BETWEEN the perp and Nicole when she got dropped), not one of the guys had anything to say about it until the cops had already grabbed the perp.

What happened to GTL? 😀 HAHAHA What’s all that working out for if girls you’re with are getting decked? o_O

This is what happens when you live in a fake world where nothing means nothing.

You say nice things to people without BEING nice to them. You say mean things to people without BEING mean to them. You try to steal girls every week and never lose your friends. You break all of your girlfriend’s belongings and are surprised when she leaves the house. You exhibit all the characteristics of a thirsty ho, but you’re not called that because people want to remain in good standing with you. You snitch on people every chance you get, and people still have conversations in your presence.

It’s really pathetic, actually, and one of the myriad reasons I don’t play the clique game.

Keep It Real

When people with no character align themselves with each other, there’s nothing worth noting.

The lineups change every month, like fantasy football.

In real football, players stay on the same team all year, or are traded once during the season. In fantasy football, players are traded every week, sometimes, every day. There’s no point in saying “These three guys are on The Steelers” because they could all be on different teams next week.

It’s the same thing with people. There’s no point in acting like current alliances are going to remain intact because they’re built on nothing.

Sooner or later, you go “Hey.. I saw your homie whomever at the party” and they’re like “We’re not speaking anymore”. Another change in the roster. \o/

So I don’t play the clique game. I’m cool with people that are cool with me. I’m staying in the same place. They can move if they want to. Over the last 5 days or so, I realized that 3 people had unfriended me on Facebook. There was no way for me to notice this, being that I have 2,632 Facebook Friends and my numbers are always going up. The train keeps a-rollin’.. Be down if you want to be down. Otherwise, you can kick rocks. 😀

Unfortunately, people expect me to play the same game they do, and until we actually hang out together and kick it with each other, I get the “He’s friends with my enemy” treatment.

That’s fine. If we hang out and you don’t like my style, that’s legit. If you made up your mind offa some internet gossip and things I never said to you to your face, you’re not worth knowing, at all. 😀

I never ask my friends to repeat things. The people I’m close with say what they mean and mean what they say. By the time they verbally express something to me, I know they’ve thought about it and are willing to stand behind their word.

They might change their mind after we have a debate.. I might chance MY mind after our debate and see things their way. Either way, the situation is brought up legitimately, seriously, authentically and respectfully, and we come to a conclusion, even if that means that we agree to disagree.

I don’t do Frenemies. People’s actions speak for them.. What they’re bringing to the table and who they’re trying to be for me. If a dude I know isn’t sure whether I’m dating a chick I’m hanging out with or not, he either goes ahead and kicks it to her or comes and asks me. If he asks me, I’m going to tell him that I appreciate him being a stand-up guy about the situation, and depending on how I feel about the chick, I’m liable to HELP HIM try to get laid, putting in a good word for him or suggesting to her that we all hang out together, so he can get his foot in the door.

Obviously, dudes that try to be sneaky about it lose credit and won’t be receiving rap assistance from The Kid. >:D

Same thing with the chicks.. If she’s bout-it bout-it, she can have anything she wants. I’ll introduce her to dudes she wants to meet. I’ll hook her up with dating advice, and especially wardrobe assistance! HAHA 😀 I’ll help her get a job.. Whatever she needs, I’m here for her.

If she tries to get in good with me because she knows I’m a Connector, she’s gonna be SOL (**** Out of Luck).

House Of Cards, Built On Sand

I guess I’m hoping that your takeaway from this post is that you take a hard look at yourself and take a hard look at your friends, acquaintances & business partners.

You’re either floating by in relationships that have no foundation at all and can change on you at the drop of a dime, or you’re entrenched with people that won’t leave your ass drunk in the street, laying on a pile of garbage.

Assed Out, In The Garbage

I’ve seen this entire cycle happen in videogaming.

First, since everyone plays from their own house, it’s different from the days of the arcades. When we used to have to physically go to the arcade to compete and put quarters up on the machine to indicate that “I got next”, if you wanted to talk yang to someone, they were right there to either talk it back or kick your ass if they felt like it.

Now that everyone plays in their living rooms and nobody ever meets anybody, players feel free to talk A LOOOOOOOOOOOOT of garbage to each other that they would NEVER say if they had to do it IRL, f2f and knew who they were actually talking to.

That mentality is now spilling out onto the streets, as people have gotten used to being anonymous. They think everything’s lovely, talk trash to the wrong person, or God Forbid, push them or throw a strike at them and immediately get waxed, buffed & simonized (read: beaten the **** up).

Second, dudes started making these Dream Teams which consisted of the premier players of a particular game. They would run around waxing other teams and running up an undefeated record… As SOON as they took a loss, what happened? The group dissolved and new “Dream Teams” were created to try to go on undefeated runs.

What kind of life is that? 😀 When you know that you’re only going to be friends with someone until ONE THING goes wrong, and then it’s all over?

What kind of life is that, when you know your “homeboy” is going to keep trying to steal your girls?

What kind of life is that, when business partners bail out on you at the last minute, instead of completing your project, as agreed?

What kind of life is that when you admit to your girlfriend that you’ve disobeyed one of her rules and she punches you in the face?

What kind of life is that when your boyfriend trashes all your belongings and breaks your glasses?

What kind of life is that when you really can’t count on ANYBODY in your life? o_O

Well.. It might be *YOUR* life, so figure it out, and if necessary, DO something about it. Connect with Bill via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Email Subscription, RSS Feed

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  1. Hey Bill,

    Awesome point about the video games people talk so much bull**** online, and make so many racist comments, but IRL no one even knows they talk in such a manner. It just amazes me how people act when they know they’re safe.

    1. No doubt, Ryan. 🙂

      It’s not only that, though. People get perfectly used to talking all kinds of nonsense to people in general, because they don’t know what it feels like to stand right in front of someone that might knock their ******* block off for being disrespectful.

      It’s even worse when these dudes find out that A GIRL is on the line. All of a sudden, they have all sorts of things to say that they wouldn’t dare say to a chick’s face.. Not because she’d beat them up, but because it’s obvious by their reaction to the slightest opportunity that a girl might be listening to something they say that they don’t KNOW any girls IRL.

      It’s really pretty dangerous for people to “practice being disrespectful” online. I’m sure a lot of them have slipped up and popped off live, and suffered some severe consequences.

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