Why Married Men Have Sex With The Hired Help

By now, you’ve heard that Arnold Schwarzenegger was banging the hired help while he was married and having kids with his wife.

For some people, this was a surprise. I suppose they never read my 2008 article “Political Sex Scandals”.

I suppose they also never saw this video of Schwarzenegger in Brazil back in the day:

YouTube link => http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uerFZ2Z42nc

Does this look like a dude that’s interested in one female?… Nope.

It’s All In The Game

Anyway… I didn’t have much to say about this topic because it’s so basic that I couldn’t get a grip on only ONE topic that I wanted to talk about.

When it comes to dating, there are only three types of guys:

  1. Guys that are looking for one girl to settle down with.
  2. Guys that are willing to FAKE looking for one girl so they can get laid.
  3. Guys that will tell you to your face that they’re not going to be exclusive with you and you can kick rocks if you don’t like it.

So.. When I hear that some dude has a teenage kid with his hired help, my two reactions are, a) “Sucks to be you.. Should have used a condom.”, and b) “**** it. He’s rich. He can afford Child Support payments”.

Also, when I hear that the hired help’s kid is the same age as his wife’s youngest kid, I’m like “Welp… Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy.”

So.. Obviously, I have no problems at all with dudes screwing as many chicks as they like, even on the same day…. If you’re not hip to the facts, according to CNN:

A son fathered by Arnold Schwarzenegger with his housekeeper was born less than a week after Maria Shriver gave birth to another Schwarzenegger son, according to birth records obtained Wednesday by CNN.

The New York Times, citing two friends of the family, reported the mother was Mildred Patricia Baena, who worked for two decades as housekeeper for the Schwarzenegger family.

The former California governor acknowledged Tuesday he was the father of a child “over a decade ago,” but he did not identify the mother.

So.. Obviously, he was tagging up on both of them at the same time…. I’mma let Robbie Nevil handle this one:

YouTube link => http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGtf9QfITQw

The ‘problem’ I have with the situation is that that’s a sucker move, telling a chick you’re exclusive with her to get her to lay down. That’s like one step above paying a prostitute. That’s not sporting. :/

I mean.. How do you feel about yourself when you spend all this time and energy, attaining a position of power, and then you can’t do what you actually want to do with your life? o_O

What’s the point of attaining anything in life at all? If you want to bang the housekeeper, bang the ******* housekeeper. I don’t see what the problem is.

You bought like a Porsche or a yacht or a mansion because you felt like it, right? How come you have to sneak behind your woman’s back and hook up with the hired help?

Nice Life.


If a chick doesn’t know how to keep her mouth shut about the fact that y’all are hooking up, she’s either worthless or a liability. Neither one is good.

One of the benefits to hooking up with the hired help is that she’s already on the payroll.

You’re already paying her to do things for you, so all you have to do is extend her job description.

You’re also already paying her to keep her mouth shut. You don’t want her blabbing to the tabloids about what goes on in your house when she’s mopping the ******* floor, so discretion is pretty much built-in if you decide to start screwing her.

This is one of the reasons people like Charlie Sheen specialize in hookers. If you hook up with random groupies, they’re going to have your business all over Facebook before you wake up the next morning.

That’s one of the differences between celebrities and regular dudes. If you’re a regular dude, chicks deny giving you some to their very last breath on this Earth. If you’re a celebrity, they’re bragging to their friends about whose **** they just ****** as soon as they can wash their hands and pick up their Blackberry or iPhone.

The hired help isn’t going to do this to you because she wants to keep getting paid. She knows she’s living lovely. She also knows that she would have hooked up with you for free, anyway… Like, if you would have met her in a club and pressed up on her, she would have been like “But Where Does Homey Sign? :(“.


If you’ve decided to go the sucker route of promising an exclusive relationship to a chick and then continuing your single lifestyle as if whatever’s clever, you most definitely need to *NOT* be seen with the chick(s) you’re hooking up with.

Even the most inept cheaters COUGHtigerwoodsCOUGH know not to be seen chillin’ in public with ‘extra’ chicks.

This is why the hired help is useful for sex. You have legitimate excuses for being alone with them.

Your wife goes on a trip? hehe SOMEBODY’S got to take care of the kids, and it sure as hell isn’t going to be YOU. >:D .. A few PlayStations and Xboxes scattered around the house, and the maid’s all yours for as long as you can tap that.

If you happen to be seen with her in public, like, at Wal-Mart or something, nobody can say **** to you, because everybody knows she’s your housekeeper.


It also kind of helps if the chick is busted compared to your wife.

^^^ What she looked like around the time Arnold got her pregnant ^^^

This is the move, because even if someone tries to imply that you’re hooking up with her, the peanut gallery’s going to shout them down, saying “Look at his wife, and then look at her… There’s NO WAY he’s tappin’ that, sunn. :/”

This same type of bias is the reason that there are no Asians on television and why you never see a story about someone busted getting killed on Dateline.

It’s always “How could this happen to the cute, pretty, beautiful whomever? :O” as if ******-up stuff never happens to unattractive people.

So.. Yeah.. If you’re going to hire a maid, make sure she has the type of body that turns you on, but her grill is sort of irregular, and you’ll slide right under the radar every time.

STD Issues

Another problem with hooking up with groupies is that… well… they’re groupies. \o/

That means that you and whomever else they’re jocking right now can get some.

That means that whatever they just caught, they can pass on to you quick fast in a hurry, Flavor’s vision ain’t blurry.

Arnold went for the double fail-safe by boning a chick that was already married.

Married chicks, for the most part, aren’t out on the dating scene, so all you really have to worry about is if her husband is cheating on her, passing HER something that she passes YOU that you pass YOUR WIFE and then you get busted for cheating 14 years ago instead of recently.

On top of that, married dudes tend to get lazy and not sex their wives properly, so she’s easy pickin’s.

So, it’s really the best situation, evAr. The chick works for you, she’s sweating you, you’re already paying her, she’s down to give you some, she’s not dating anybody, she’s proven she can keep your business out tha street… on top of all that, she knows that if she acts like she’s clean and she’s not, she gets fired, so she has even more incentive to tell you the truth about that.

You’re still a ******* IDIOT for hittin’ it without a condom, but at least married chicks that work for you are pretty much the best deal you’re going to get.


I’ve never been married, because I’ve never met an attractive female Billionaire that was any good at SOCOM:

Bill Cammack Marriage Plans

However.. There are a lot of situations where once a gal gets married to a dude, she feels like, er.. she doesn’t have to be that Hawt Chick for him anymore.

This is a blatant error, ladies. 😀 If you think your husband got married to you so he could feel LESS turned on than when he was dating you and/or engaged to you, you’re wrong.

There’s a very good reason why strip clubs, whorehouses and porno will never go out of style.


So, if you go that route, and the hired help is still trying to be that Hawt Chick for your man, you “might could” get cheated on.

Granted… This probably doesn’t have anything to do with Arnold’s situation, because a) his wife always looked better than the housekeeper, and b) the kids popped out less than a week apart from each other, so he was obviously still enjoying hooking up with his wife while he was banging the hired help without a condom.

Still.. The fact remains that while the hired help may not have graduated from MIT http://alum.mit.edu/www/billcammack/, or, actually, any college at all.. Your husband might hit it if she’s willing to “drop it like it’s hot”, and you aren’t.

Gettin’ It In

Ultimately, the problem here is what I’ve always said the problem is.

Since guys know what the game is, they’re willing to fake it to get chicks to do what we want them to do.

You want to be my girlfriend? fine.. My fiancee? fine.. My wife? fine… And then I’m going to continue doing whatever the **** I feel like doing until you get hip to the game, which may be never.

What happens if you find out?.. Nothing. \o/ .. You bounce, and then I can spend even more time with my other girlfriends… Peace in the Middle East… Don’t let the doorknob hit’cha where the Good Lord split’cha.

Unfortunately, people will continue to be amazed and surprised that some dude was screwing other chicks when he claimed he wasn’t.

There are some guys that are only physically attracted to one woman.

There are other guys that will hook up with any gal that turns them on.

If you’re suspicious, leave your sound-activated baby monitor video camera in the laundry room, or wherever you suspect your man’s gettin’ it in with the maid.

Also, make sure you check his glove compartment and fishing tackle box for condoms… Although we found out from Arnold that your man might not be using them with the next chick anyway.

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  1. Oh my GOD that arnold video is HILARIOUS!! Like the way he makes the chick suck on a carrot at the end. LOL

  2. more in general than Arnold related, but here’s my take; very similar to yours, men screw the domestic/hired help because they can. the women are there, available, many times that extra piece is conveniently located in your own house.

    …plus, they ARE vulnerable in the sense that, if they like their job and can’t prove they’re banging you, they’d better shut the heck up. That’s the kind of leverage you don’t have over a normal mistress. in arnold’s case, he was wise to pork a married chick who was in his employ, he had huge discretion leverage. and he was soooo stupid to not wrap it.

    he did indeed risk getting an std, even with a married chick. think women don’t game men? check reality out some time, it happens constantly. almost every rich old man who married a stripper believes she really loves him. very few have the “i’m just with you to get at that money” understanding. women fake enjoying sex with, and feeling love for horrible, icky men for nice homes and cars every day. (sometimes for much, much less)

    this kind of woman will pretend to be faithful for the very same reasons that are probably in your bank account too, so keep your head up.

    either way, give a Kennedy crabs and you might wake up at the bottom of a lake.

  3. sorry I just summarized your article, I could have just said I agree, but I’ve been dying to say pretty much the same thing since this came out. why are people so surprised? O.M.G. some men cheat on their wives? no way!

    1. lolol, I always enjoy your commentary, Rebecca! hahaha Summarize Away!!! 😀 <3

      Yes.. You have a point that she was vulnerable from the "Want to keep her job" standpoint, if she hadn't been sweating him already, however, like you said.. *HE* was vulnerable too, because she knew damned well that if she had a kid with him, she was going to be pIZaid, either by himself personally, or by the tabloids when she started informing them that this was his kid.

      I personally don't get why dudes in situations like this wouldn't use condoms 100% of the time, if they just HAVE to hook up with extra chicks.

      If Tiger couldn't explain away 14 chicks that he had NO kids with.. How is Arnold supposed to explain away one chick he has a 14 year old kid with?

      From that point on, you know your relationship is doomed.. It's just a matter of time...

  4. Hi Bill,

    nice analysis! But the reasons for having sex with the hired help that you mentioned are all rational. What about the unconscious? Isn`t it sort of a harem-like situation? Maybe it just feels good for the alpha male to have sex with all females that live under his roof?

    Are you going to write something about Dominique Strauss-Kahn? Assuming that he really tried to rape the maid, why do you think did he do that? My husband’s theory is that because DSK grew up as a rich kid and a member of the elite, he is so used to women throwing sex at him that he just does not get it if a woman says no.

    If this theory is true, it would be a nice example for what we briefly discussed in a different thread: Are men’s personalities shaped by the way women react to them?

    1. hi fishingrod, excellent points! DSK has essentially been shocked back into reality. even poor women are people, and have rights. shocking.

      you can’t openly rape the underclass, despite corporations doing the same thing constantly, in a much bigger way. he just confused himself, and his roles. haha rape them of their money, then use that money to pay for the sex. he got it twisted.

      seriously, though.

      it’s probably brain chemical related. power is like a drug. the sense of having power over other people is an overwhelming dose of strong neurochemicals, which some people find euphoric, and addictive.

      what happens when they develop a tolerance to the neurochemicals of having power? they will find themselves either facing their addiction to that heady rush, or will put themselves in positions to gain power in more exciting, dangerous ways. raping the maid would be a rush to a certain type of man.

      women, for a lot of complex reasons not all fully understood, are less likely to seek extreme power, and less likely to enjoy the neuro-stimulation. It feels more like anxiety and pressure to most women, because we are not packing the massive testosterone load along with the interplay of fabulous power related brain chemistry.

      all drug addicts will do irrational, even horribly wrong things for the drug they are addicted to, and justify their behavior with lies and twists of perception. enabled by those the addict keeps around, specifically to enable their sick behavior.

      if you don’t help them justify their insanity, they will leave you behind. these power-hungry types become somewhat despotic. surrounding themselves with people so dependent upon the vicarious money and power that they will never betray their hosts sick behaviors. ‘yes men’ foster a social environment at the top every bit as depraved as what goes down on the streets. just…with nicer furnishings and the illusion of refined manners.

      it’s a mind state. lacking mindful awareness of one’s true self, and motivations leads many people down a dark path. he’s just in the public eye chasing a dragon no one else can see.

      1. I get what you’re saying, and agree about habituation.

        You have to keep trying newer and riskier things to get that same high you used to get from regular situations.

        The concept of women not seeking extreme power is an interesting one to think about as well.

        Everything I do is an expression of dominance. There’s almost no reason to do anything other than to prove that I can do it. That’s one of the reasons I get bored and habituation sets in and I can’t get kicks out of doing something I already did and I know I can do anytime I want to.

        I never have a day when I want to “just be”. It’s always striving to express myself until I fall asleep the next time.

        This is why I can’t believe this DSK situation, haha it’s SO STUPID! 😀

        It’s all well & good to play games with yourself, but involving other people, especially other people that didn’t sign on for the job.. I mean, it’s A MAID!!! It’s not like he ordered a hooker and then tried to do extra stuff to her that she didn’t sign on for.

        How does he know if she’s someone’s wife or someone’s mother or religious or a lesbian or whatever her reasons might be to be aghast at a dude trying to have sex with her? It’s past risky and past reckless. That’s why I can’t wrap my mind around how stupid this situation is.

    2. Hey, Fishingrod. 🙂

      You know?.. The DSK situation is so stupid that I can’t bring myself to believe it.

      The only thing that makes me feel like it happened the way they say is that he tried to skate from the country and didn’t even take all his belongings with him from the hotel room.

      I mean, how demented would you have to be to go “hmm… This woman is an employee of this hotel. She knows the managers. She knows the security. She entered my room, so that makes her fair game. I can try to hit it before I get on my flight back home.”

      I mean, it’s SO STUPID that it just defies explanation.

      If you’re that pressed, you can order chicks anytime you want in NYC. There’s no shortage of either hookers or regular women that will have sex with you in exchange for money.

      As far as your “harem under the roof” concept, it’s the same thing as any other job.. I don’t see why a guy, with a choice to hire a gal he’d like to have sex with and a gal that he wouldn’t like to have sex with, would deliberately select the less-attractive female.

      So, basically, I’m sure that his feeling like he wanted to have sex with her was part of his decision to hire her in the first place.

      If she hadn’t been down with it, he could have (and probably did) take out his extra horniness on his wife, creating more kids.

      It so happens that she WAS down with it and he felt comfortable enough with her to hit it without condoms however many times until he hit the jackpot and popped a kid out of her.

      1. Hi Bill,

        how do you know that it was Arnold who hired her? With the home traditionally being the wife’s sphere of influence, I think it is much more likely that it was Ms. Shriver who took the decision.

        Regarding DSK, my first reaction was exactly like yours. I could not think of any reason that might make a man act so stupid and risk everything he had in life, especially not DSK who had it all. I thought maybe he was framed by somebody who did not want him to become Sarkozy’s successor. But then the first articles appeared that quoted French journalists, saying they had been aware for years that DSK had a serious problem with women, that they had witnessed several times how he molested female journalists and that all women around him knew well to avoid being alone with him at all costs or else they would be in trouble.

        Apparently all this had been hushed up in France because of his high status.

        What do you make of this? Based on all your experience, can you tell me what the hell is wrong with this guy? Are there many of his kind out there?

        1. You’re absolutely right, Fishingrod. I don’t know who hired her.

          I know who screwed her.

          If his wife hired her, I’m sure she feels worse than she would have if Arnold had hired her, because she brought this on herself, technically.

          I haven’t read any articles about DSK, but going from what you just wrote, that’s what happens when people aren’t socialized properly and everyone around them acts as enablers.

          If everybody knew that this guy might attack a woman if he has a chance alone with her, somebody on his staff has to be assigned to make sure that he’s never alone with women. It’s that simple.

          I’ve never heard of a male maid in a hotel, but basically, his staff needs to inform the hotel to NOT send female maids to his room.

          Other than assigning people to keep him out of these types of situations, they would need to keep him within jurisdictions where he can act like that without suffering any consequences.

          It’s the same thing as sending female reporters into male professional sports teams’ locker rooms.

          There are going to be dudes that are going to try to screw her, because that’s what they do with all women. If you’re the team, you have to either try to get that guy not to do that, or you have to make sure he’s never in the locker room when a female reporter shows up.

          From the newspaper’s side, you need to know what’s going to happen if you send a female reporter into a male locker room. It’s a chance that you’re taking. They don’t let girls into boys’ locker rooms in high school and vice versa. There are reasons for that.

          In fact, you also don’t want to send females backstage at rock concerts or whatever. The groupies are supposed to be backstage. The girls that are definitely down to have sex with the performers are supposed to be backstage.

          Does that make it “right” that a dude tries to screw a chick that’s backstage at a concert? No. But that really doesn’t matter. We’re talking about human nature.

          If that’s DSK’s nature to press up on any woman he damned well pleases, if you don’t want him to end up embarrassed or in jail, assign someone to prevent him from exercising his personal nature.

    1. Thanks for your reply, Rebecca.
      I guess you are right, although I always find it hard to believe that, just like with DSK, a high IQ can come in a package with so very little self-awareness….

    2. I think there’s a difference between lack of self-awareness and TOO MUCH self-awareness! 😀

      According to reports, that DSK dude has been getting away with stuff like this willy-nilly on his home turf.

      This is why I was saying that it’s up to his handlers to make sure he doesn’t do his normal stuff to women that aren’t under his jurisdiction so he doesn’t end up in the hoosegow.

  5. Bill, did you intentionally gloss over sexual harrassment? I think it’s pertinent that a woman doing menial labor might have low resources and be more economically vulnerable. Ie, she may feel her livelihood is at risk if she denies her employer, and therefore is an easy target for something less than fully consensual sex.

    I think a lot of people get confused about fidelity being the issue in situations like schwarzenegger, bill clinton, even DSK (in that she was providing a service he was paying for as part of his hotel fees), (but not Weiner – who gives a shit about that other than his wife and the CL woman involved – she wasn’t working for him).

    Really the issue is that it is very difficult to know after the fact if there is a real abuse of power (he intends to fire her if she refuses), a perceived abuse of power (he doesn’t, but she believes he does), or neither (both parties understand the sex and the job are separate deals). Maybe that’s why it gets disregarded, but I can tell you that there are circumstances in which if a woman has family dependent on her income, and feels she may lose that income if she doesn’t put out to her powerful boss, she may feel her best option is to have sex with him against her will.

    It’s alarming how often that important point is overlooked.

    If you want to bang the housekeeper, make sure it is explicitly clear to her that if she at any time does not fully consent to sex, she will still have her job and will not be punished. Which is hard to do without a contract (ie, that liability you mentioned) so in that case, maybe just err on the side of caution and don’t do something that may legally constitute sexual harrassment.

    1. I hear what you’re saying, LD. Thanks for bringing this up. 🙂

      I wouldn’t say I “glossed over” the possibility of sexual harassment in this situation. I ignored it, completely.

      I would consider glossing over it as saying something like “It’s possible that she was under pressure, but let’s not think about that”. That’s not what I’m saying.

      My thought process (clearly, uneducated, being that I neither know him nor her) is that a) He’s Arnold Schwarzenegger. Lots of chicks wanted to give him some 20 years ago. Doesn’t matter whether they were maids or models. b) She’s not working for him *NOW* and hasn’t uttered A PEEP about being under pressure from him, her boss, to give it up. c) She was married at the time, so if she didn’t want to have a kid with Arnold, she could have used birth control… unless, under your Sexual Harassment premise, he would have INSISTED that she NOT use birth control, which I can’t imagine being anywhere near the truth. d) Having a kid with Schwarzenegger is automatic, endless PAYDAY. He’s been paying for his kid ever since he was born, so he kicked in 14 years’ worth of funds before he bothered to tell his wife about the extra kid… The implication being “Why not go ahead and have the kid, even though she was married to another dude?”.

      So.. No. I didn’t gloss it over. I don’t believe it existed AT ALL in this situation, which is an uneducated opinion, but that’s the spirit in which I wrote this article. I feel like she wanted to give him some, she was DTF the entire time, he was hitting it for who knows how long, and she happened to get pregnant 14 years ago, which may or may not have ended their sexual interactions. I don’t imagine sexual harassment here at all.

      I’m glad you bring it up, though, because IN GENERAL, that’s a major consideration.

      Had I not been talking about this specific circumstance, and about why guys IN GENERAL have sex with their employees IN GENERAL, then Sexual Harassment would qualify as a major component of the article.

      In fact, I’m sure a lot of women get hired MERELY because they’re physically attractive to their male employer and he’s hoping to hit it at some point or every day while she’s working for him.

      So.. Yes.. In General, Sexual Harassment is something that needs to be considered if a guy is found to have been hooking up with someone in his employ (or a subordinate at work or whatever), but in this case, nope. I don’t believe it. I think she was DTF and Arnold was enjoying the in-house extramarital sex.

      1. I thought this was about the general male population, using arnold schwarzenegger as an example.

        But honestly, Bill! the argument that if some women wanted to eff AS, then a particular woman also wanted to is ABSURD. Would the reverse argument (Lots of women didn’t want to sleep with him 20 years ago) work equally as well to substantiate a rape claim? Of course not. Neither argument is valid. both are preposterous.

        1. Again, I hear what you’re saying, LD. 🙂

          You have a good point.. again.. and I’m just trying to explain authentically to you what my frame of mind was when I wrote the article. I’m not saying I have any sort of inside information about whether she was DTF or not.

          We’ll see what happens if she’s ever interviewed about it. She’s either going to say she wanted to give him some or she’s going to say she feared losing her job, so she went along with sexual harassment. I might be right, and you might be right. 😀

          If this had been an article about the general male population, it would have been way longer. In fact, I try to specialize as much as possible.. Like, I don’t have any personal knowledge about the dating scene in Los Angeles, so I’m not likely to write an article about AMERICAN dating, but I’ll sure as hell write one about NYC dating.

          So.. Yeah.. I’m not SAYING what the case was or wasn’t, because I wasn’t there when he was tappin’ that, and I don’t know either one of them. The only things that appear to be facts are a) he hit it, b) her kid with him was born one week apart from his wife’s kid’s birth, indicating that he was gettin’ at both of them simultaneously, c) he’s been financially supporting the kid since he found out he was the father, d) she was married at the time she was hooking up with Arnold, e) she doesn’t work for him anymore, and f) so far, to my knowledge, she hasn’t indicated either regret or remorse for having given him some and having a kid with him.

  6. Hi Bill. = )
    I know a guy who worked on movies with Arnold. Arnold was a lecherous pig. Arnold groped. He made graphic sexist comments. He didn’t care. Some women like it, many did not. He was Ahhnold. He got away with it, and if a woman didn’t like it, she was canned.

    The recent carnal carnage…my take:

    Arnold’s housekeeper. Isn’t it possible she was in “love”? Love makes women and men do stupid things. Arnold probably led her to believe he had feelings for her, he probably did have some affection for her and his son. She was star struck and in luuv. But Arnold was banging pretty much anything he could get his groin close to…so…meh. Seen one, seen them all. Maid gets cynical and jaded, retires, realizes her golden years don’t look so golden, confesses to Maria; maid wants more money, (she realizes the child support will run out when son is 18, plus…son needs to be inline for some inheritance, college, rehab stints, cool cars, an acting gig…it all keeps fat Mama happy) so there you have it. Nothing but human nature at it’s finest. Women scorned=payday if he was rich and it was s’posed to be a secret.

    On to the next: French dude. Some men get off on “forcing” sex on a woman! Even if it is easier to pay a hooker. I know! How crazy can men be?! Yeah, it’s rape, but she is just a maid…so….

    Sidebar: Couple of years ago I was in Las Vegas with some gf’s…we are walking down the looong hallway to room, we see a female maid standing in the hall telling a lecherous old fool in his room she can’t come in his room to give him more towels until he gets dressed. Yes, he was standing there naked. He keeps inviting her in…naked. She turned to us and said it happens ALL the time, especially the older and drunk they are. French dude not so unique, after all. He is creepy and gross.

    Weener. C’mon, Get real. There have to be women out there he has been banging AND sexting in the last three years. They haven’t come forward because A; They are married themselves, B: They are religious Democrat faithful , or C. They have been bought. I’m going to go with C as being the most likely scenario. Some wealthy Dem is covering W’s big dick for him. (Someone had to finally cover it!) He’s done. At least for now.

    (Side note: Men are SO easy. Porn star sexts how she luvs giving blow jobs, Weener gets a rise. Mmhhm. Right. No woman LUVS to give a blowjob. Sure, there are many who can act; some for even a year. BUT. I would like to meet a “married” man who’s wife LUVS to give blowjobs. It’s just another f***** job. Sorry if me saying that doesn’t fit into male fantasy, but neither is my world tied up with diamonds and bows.)

    A wealthy man who has perverted desires is fair game for cunning women who search them out and exploit their desire. The only victim in the above scenarios was the maid. (And it looks like she is going to get a very large payday.)

    Which leads me to believe there is no greater fool than an old fool. If an old man doesn’t have money or power; (and even then!) his sex life will suffer accordingly. If there is money to be had; old men who are getting laid are paying for it one way or another.

    1. Very interesting points, Kay. 🙂

      As far as Ahnold, that’s what I had been trying to explain to LD, above… While we can’t rule out “sexual harassment”, we also can’t rule out that his housekeeper was star-struck or in love with Arnold or just likes to have sex or wanted a payday or any number of reasons that she would actively pursue AND *ENJOY* having sex with a famous, wealthy movie star and politician.

      If y’all don’t believe there are women like this, go backstage at a rock concert, sometime.

      You bring up a REALLY good point about child support running out at 18. I hadn’t thought about that at all. She’s about to be TOAST in another 4 years. Better to bring it up now, and see what she can get before then.

      Interesting about the maid’s story about the old, naked dude. So weird. I figured the DSK thing was an anomaly, but now, I’m guessing that it isn’t.

      I agree with you about Weiner. Whomever he’s messing with is holding the line. We’ll see if she eventually sells out for the tabloid money.

      I read the manuscript => radaronline.com/sites/radaronline.com/files/Wiener-Facebook-Transcript-Watermarked.pdf of his Facebook sex chat with that chick, and it’s my opinion that there’s no way in hell he wouldn’t hit that if she was down for it.

      The old Smoke & Fire situation…

      I also agree with you that guys will fall for anything women tell them as far as their sexual interest in him, because we want to believe that! 😀 .. However.. I can guarantee you, unequivocally, that there are some women that *LOVE* giving blowjobs. >:D

      More so than strictly enjoying the physical sensation of it, lots of women get a kick out of pleasing men that they like. In fact, there should be a Hallmark card that reads “A blowjob says ‘I love you’.” >:D

      Similarly, contrary to popular belief, there are guys that are primarily interested in showing the woman a good time when they have sex with her. When both people want to please the other one is when the magic happens…..

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