Dating Instinct [Hunters, Part 16]

BC & LCI tend to take a lot of pictures with a lot of different women.

One of the funny side effects of that is that guys assume that the women are random.

In fact, I’m in very few pictures with women I don’t personally know.

I just happen to know a lot of women.

This is what happens when you have 2,800 Facebook Friends… Statistically, that means that there are approximately 1,400 women that count as actual friends of mine, acquaintances, women I’ve spent time with, women I was introduced to by mutual friends, and women that are fans of mine.

There Go Some Chicks! 😀

What’s funny about this misperception is that every once in a while, some guy I know will say something to the effect of “There go five girls over there.. Go take pictures with them! :D”

Now.. That’s not impossible for The Kid, but it all depends on whether the chicks are feelin’ me or not (or, at least one of them is).

I can tell this immediately, because my dating instinct is on-point and most guys don’t have it like that.

That’s one of the reasons they call hooking up with a chick “Getting Lucky”. It’s luck. They don’t know how they did it. Most of the time, they didn’t DO anything at all. They were in the right place at the right time and she was drunk enough so she made out with him.

For most guys, that counts as luck. For me, once I’m around a gal a few times, I know instinctively what state she’s in.

She might walk in the door in “I don’t give a damn about Bill” state, but several drinks from now, she’s going to be in “Feel Bill Up” state or “Hook up with any available guy she happens to be attracted to” state.

That’s not luck. It’s knowledge, timing and accuracy.

So, it’s always funny to me when dudes point chicks out to me and think that I can do magic tricks. haha It honestly ain’t that type-a party. 😀

If I look over and determine in a few seconds that I have an “in”, I might go over there. Otherwise, I won’t be taking any action, because kickin’ it to chicks that aren’t interested in you isn’t worth your time unless she has an incredible ass.

Basically, when it comes to dating, there are only three types of women:

  1. She’s not attracted to you.
  2. She’s attracted to you and trying to hide that from you.
  3. She’s attracted to you and down with the program.

The only question is whether you can detect that or not so you know how to efficiently interact with her.


If she’s already sweating you, it’s your game to lose. You really don’t have to do anything other than NOT be a jerk and you’ll eventually get on.. In most cases, sooner, rather than later.

If she’s trying to front like she doesn’t like you, that’s cool too. She probably has some kind of “protect my heart” reasons for not telling you what you already know about her. In those situations, your goal in life is to figure out WHY she’s frontin’ on the Jimmy, so you can help her get over it and y’all can get down to the nitty-gritty.

If she’s not attracted to you, that’s the only time you actually have to put in real work to get on. In most cases, it’s not worth the effort, because attractive gals in this town get offered male attention all day, every day, and if she’s not already paying you any attention, there probably isn’t much you can do to get her interested in you without investing major time, effort, and perhaps money.

This is where instinct comes in. You’re better off kickin’ it to the slightly-less-attractive chick that’s sweating you than the slightly-better-looking gal that doesn’t give a damn that you’re standing 10 feet away from her at the bar or apartment party. If you can’t tell which is which, you end up wasting a bunch of time, barking up the wrong tree.

The way you can tell what she’s thinking/feeling is that she gets an extra energy when you’re around her or talking to her. If you can naturally perceive that or you know what that looks like, it’s pretty obvious. Someone may as well have painted her bright orange.

She gets nervous or she laughs too much at your stupid jokes that you know damned well aren’t anywhere near that funny, or she keeps hanging around after you stupidly let the conversation lull because you don’t know what the **** you’re doing.

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

So.. Besides making your strategy list of the order in which you’re going to approach women based on their physical attractiveness, you need to simultaneously create a list based on how interested each gal seems to be in you before you even step to her.

If you can’t detect this type of stuff, your rap game is basically a shot in the dark.. a LUCK SHOT in the dark, at that.

If you don’t already have it, the only way you’ll develop it is by trial & error… Decide whether you think a woman is interested in you or not and then go introduce yourself to her and see what happens.

Eventually, you should start making more educated guesses at your chances.

In the sticks, introducing yourself to women that aren’t already sweating you might be a high-percentage play, but not in NYC… Women are basically worn out by the number of times guys try to hook up with them in stores, in the street, on public transportation, at work, at parties, in bars… Even though there are too many women in this town, which makes it tough for them to get boyfriends, there are also too many dudes in this town that they don’t want to hook up with that are trying to bag them.

So.. In the interest of energy conservation, you should start practicing and honing your skills ASAP… The Dating Game is much more fun when you only kick it to bright orange chicks! >:D

Unless, of course, she happens to be from New Jersey, and that’s just her spray-tan. :/ Connect with Bill via Facebook, Twitter, Email Subscription, RSS Feed

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