OMG!!! STFU!!! :(

“OMG STFU” stands for Oh my God… Shut The **** UP!!! 🙁

This is how you feel when someone runs their mouth about something they shouldn’t have.

I saw this video on one of my Facebook Friends‘ walls just now:

YouTube Link =>

First of all, I’d like to say that this isn’t a Male -> Female thing. This goes in both directions. I’m talking about relationships and interactions between people in general, not something specifically about women.

In the video, this dude is being interviewed by video paparazzi and his wife is standing next to him.

*NOBODY* is talking to his wife.

*NOBODY* asks his wife any questions.

The paparazzo asks the dude whether he puts his own posters on the walls (which is probably illegal, yet also probably an aspect of this guy’s “street cred” persona).

Unfortunately for him, he feels comfortable taking a sip of his drink right after the dude asks him the question, so for SOME. ODD. REASON… His wife.. Whom *NOBODY* was speaking to AT ALL (The question was “Do you ever do that, yourself?”, indicating that the paparazzo was speaking TO the guy he was interviewing) goes:

“A long time ago.”

*Needle scratching on record sound*


Now.. This was a clear and egregious violation by his wife.

Unless dude had hired her as his Public Relations Agent (which, clearly, he didn’t, by his reaction to her statement and her reaction to his reaction) she needs to STFU and mind her own business when he’s talking to the press.

Before y’all females start hopping up and down, protesting, let’s consider if the paparazzi had been interviewing HER! o_O

  • Paparazzo: “So, [wife’s name]… How’s your sex life?”
  • Wife: *Takes a sip of her drink*
  • Husband: “Well… She has a really nice ass, see… You can’t tell, because of the baggy jeans she wears, but it’s really sweet, so I like to hit it from the back, which used to give her rug burns on her knees, so we bought this special carpet for the living room floor, because I rarely **** her in an actual bed, and…”
  • Wife: “OMG!!! STFU!!! :(“

Not so cool for someone to jump into a conversation that didn’t involve them *NOW*, is it? >:D

So the next thing that happens is that the drone media dude says that the husband “freaks out”, so I’m expecting him to FLIP on her, right?… This is what happened:

  • Husband: “Wha… What are you do… Don’t answer stuff… please.”
  • Wife: “ok.”
  • Husband: “JESUS! :/”
  • Wife: “…”
  • Husband: “What is your problem? :/ You’re not stupid.”
  • Wife: (to paparazzo) “No.. We can’t.. Really…”

Now, that was nowhere near a “freak out”, especially considering her violation of putting his personal business in the streets.

I do have to say, however.. That this was partially.. In fact, *MOSTLY* his fault.

If you have a social media image to maintain, it’s YOUR JOB to make sure that your inner circle is properly briefed and ready, willing and able to do the right thing when the time comes. He obviously didn’t prep his wife properly, so he got what he got. She ran her mouth, and he ended up on TMZ.

After she’s already screwed up is *NOT* the time to discuss her screwup. Prevention.. Not Cure. There *IS* no cure. Prevention negates the necessity for a cure.

If someone’s asking about me, you have no information. Your response is “You’re going to have to ask HIM about that”. You don’t have to lie and say you don’t know. It’s MY business, not YOURS. Stay out of it by not participating in discussions about me.

Simultaneously, you receive the same basic and proper courtesy from me. I’m not going to put your business in the street. If you don’t put your own posters up around the city or you don’t write your own blog posts or you like doggie-style except for the rug burns, that’s *YOUR* business. It’s not MY business to tell.

Play Your Position

Of course, the drone media chick goes “That’s a ____ move, anyway, to do that to your wife in front of cameras. You don’t admonish her on a national level.. That’s awful! :(”

Can we get a sound bite about how she told on him for not putting up his own posters ON A NATIONAL LEVEL, which is why she got TOLD THE **** OFF? o_O

I personally wouldn’t have done it the way he did it, however I’ve never *HAD* TO do it like that, because chicks that know me are hip to the Cones of Silence, and they wouldn’t put my personal business out there to begin with.

Edit: There WAS one situation where I got caught out there like this, when I was hanging out with a new chick, and I didn’t expect anything interesting to happen while she was around, so I failed to inform her that all the pictures she was taking would need to go through an approval process before being posted.

I always check with people on the spot when we take pictures together to make sure everyone likes how they look, and if anybody disapproves, we take more pictures until we get it right.

So, when she posted them the next morning, I had to hustle and tell her to IXNAY on the ICSPAY because the situation had evolved from a General Audiences rating to personal, off-the-record interaction, and I hadn’t explained #NOBLOG to her yet. >:D

What he SHOULD have done is whispered all that stuff in her ear, so she understood to STFU and not spill any more beans or tip any more waiters. If I didn’t tell you to tell somebody something, keep it to yourself. If it’s your business, and it has nothing to do with me, scream it from the highest social media mountaintop! 😀

If nobody’s talking to you, play your position.

This isn’t “Jeopardy”. This isn’t “Wheel of Fortune”. This isn’t “Press Your Luck”. You don’t get any points for answering trivia questions about me.

If someone asks me “Do you know a chick named Lux? o_O”, let me answer or not answer my own damned question! 😀 .. It’s nor your job to go “Oh yeah!.. He knows Lux! 😀 .. They were hanging out together at the 2011 & Collective Digital Studio Party and she appears in his Facebook Avatars from time to time, and there are a bunch of pictures of them together over the last four years, including a rooftop pool party back in 2007!!! :D”

Mind. Your. Own. Business!!! 😀

If I feel like saying I know Lux and she’s given me permission to say that I know her, then *I’M* going to decide how to answer that question.. Not you.

#NOBLOG Status

I discussed this in last year’s “#NOBLOG Status” article.

The Phrase That Pays is “Pics.. Or It Didn’t Happen.”

The converse, of course, being to deliberately NOT publicize something via social media because it’s not for public consumption.

It’s my opinion that without #NOBLOG, people would never really get to know each other on a deep and important level.

If I have to worry about you runnin’ yo mouf as soon as TMZ shows up, or even worse, I can expect for you to put my business on BLAST to our 200 mutual Facebook Friends, I’m not TELLING YOU anything important at all, and I’m CERTAINLY NOT going to be *DOING* anything with you! 😀

This is why it’s dude’s fault for not properly prepping his wife about what she’s allowed to talk about and what she’s not allowed to talk about.

By the time you select a chick to be your wife……. By the time you select a chick to be your girlfriend or even a close platonic friend, she’s got to be down for you and you’ve got to be down for her. It’s that simple.

If you know that it’s important to your public image for you to be perceived as someone that puts his own posters up, you tell your wife in private (hopefully, not right after you finished hittin’ that, because her brain isn’t working properly and won’t absorb the information correctly) that if anybody asks if you put up your own posters, the answer is “YES!”.

If she’s not smart enough to remember that or she’s not willing to back your play, then you LIE TO HER every once in a while, grab a bunch of posters, and walk out the door, saying “I’ll be back in a few hours, honey… I’m heading out to plaster my own posters all over the city… Don’t wait up! :D” and then you go hang out with the fellaz or your other girlfriends or whatever you have going on in your life, so when the paparazzi ask YOU about it and you go for a sip of your soda, she blurts out THE RIGHT THING instead of THE WRONG THING (read: The Truth).

If you can’t be trusted to keep your mouth shut, you’re only going to receive the same information the general public receives. If you refuse to respect #NOBLOG, you won’t be invited to the next event.

If you’re not smart enough to recognize that someone’s talking TO ME and not TO YOU, then you won’t be walked around with.. Capisce? >:D

I mean.. Say what you want about Arnold’s Maid, but she held the line for 14 YEARS, SUNNN!!! 😀 hahaha Now *THAT’S* some SECRET-KEEPING!!! >:D Connect with Bill via Facebook, Twitter, Email Subscription, RSS Feed

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  1. Love the post man. I hadnt seen the video…ouch.

    Seriously though, you nailed it. They’re not at a family function. This is WAY public. What he does and who he is is what lets her NOT have to get up in the morning and go to work so dont mess up the game. Bloody hell.

    Totally his fault though and he couldnt have handled that any worse if he tried. He was terribly disrespectful. To be rude to strangers is unacceptable. To be rude to your own wife (ON CAMERA) is infinitely more so.

    And he seemed way to comfortable with his behavior too which is what jumped out at me. Personally, I would expect some serious fallout if I ever spoke to my wife like that. Would have been a much longer video with way more cops and blood. 😛

    1. Thanks, Dave. 🙂

      Yeah.. “Ouch! >< ", on a lot of levels. At a family function, or even a house party amongst friends that are all within "the circle", it would have made sense for her to butt in and speak for her husband when nobody was talking to her... In fact, the question would probably have been worded differently, such as "Do the two of you go postering together? :D", in which case, she might have replied "I never went with him, and he hasn't done it himself in ages", which makes sense, because you're discussing the truth with friends, *not* giving someone pointing a video camera at you sound bites to put on internet gossip rags. Know the difference, and know your role. If you're not sure what your role is, STFU and let the businessperson handle the business. Exact same response if the wife is being interviewed and the husband is standing idly by with nobody talking to him. STFU. As far as how he handled it, it was atrocious! 😀 haha *NOT* because he told his wife off (which he should have, except quietly, so the cameras couldn't hear him), but because he made his image even worse by showing that

      1. He didn’t properly prep his wife for paparazzi situations
      2. If he *DID* prep her, she threw that knowledge out the window and ran her mouth against his wishes or she’s not smart enough to retain the information of what her role is when she’s not being interviewed and he IS
      3. He just informed the world that his wife gets on his nerves
      4. His surprised reaction shows that he has no control over his situation (even though she reined it in after he let her know what time it is), and
      5. He’s willing to air his family’s dirty laundry in public, which is just as bad as if not worse than his wife telling his personal business to tabloid reporters.
      6. I mean, he had to do and say SOMETHING, because who knows what beans she might have spilled next. She didn’t appear to be drunk, so she apparently believed that chiming in was the right thing to do. That’s his fault for not informing her properly ahead of time that answering questions people ask HIM isn’t her role in their relationship.

        As far as rudeness, there’s no reason to be rude in public. That, I agree with. Sometimes, you have to be rude towards people off-camera to make them aware of what reality is, vs what they were thinking.

        Back in the day, I invited this chick to go somewhere with me, and she turns around while I’m still on the phone with her and invites her roommate, some dude, to come along with us. He intelligently declined, but when I met up with her, I let her know what time it is… If she wanted to do something with someone else, she could just let me know and I’d go do something else while she spent time with other people. If I was inviting her out, it was to spend time WITH HER, and not with her and other randoms.

        It wasn’t something up for debate. It’s just the fact. If I’m hanging out with a chick, I’m hanging out ONLY with her, unless we agree upon the roster ahead of time. People want to bitch and moan about “How can you dictate to someone whom they hang out with? :O”, and the answer is “Because I’m involved”. If she wants to change the parameters of the hangout, it will most likely cease to be a worthwhile expenditure of my time, and I’ll remove myself from the event and hope she enjoys herself, doing whatever it is she decided she’d rather do than hang out with me.

        Similarly, what someone tells the press, affecting your credibility as a businessperson, isn’t up for debate. Say the right thing, or say nothing at all. I will tell you what the right thing to say is, unless you know better than I do and I’ve hired you to handle my public relations.

        It’s interesting that you bring up his comfort in telling her off. It’s a weird dynamic. The line “You’re not stupid” indicates that they had had this discussion before, and he’s wondering what THE **** she’s thinking right now that caused her to screw up like that.

        Her reaction to his reprimand indicated that she knew she was wrong. She knew she shouldn’t have said what she said. If she knew that, then what happened? 😀

        I mean.. Imagine that one of these politicians takes his wife to the podium for the perp walk after he gets caught in some sex scandal, and she actually starts…. TALKING! :O

        Have you ever seen that? 😀 That’s not the wife’s job, to TALK during the perp walk. Her job is to stand there and demonstrate that she’s still in the politician’s corner, so his constituents should be as well. Yeah, he bought the hookers or had kids with other chicks or got blown under the desk, but so what? 😀

        It’s not her job to step to the mic and go “Well… At least they used AMERICAN CIGARS!!! :D”

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