The first Republican GOP (“Grand Old Party”) Presidential Candidate Debate of the 2011 season aired last night.

I wouldn’t normally… ok.. I have never watched something like this in my entire life, because I don’t care. Ultimately, there will be a Republican selected to run against President Obama, who will win or lose. That’s how Presidential elections go in the USA.

Hail Mary

I’m interested this time because I became interested in what the Republican plan for 2012 was going to be the day I found out they selected Sarah Palin to attempt to become Vice President of the United States of America, running with John McCain.

I knew they were going to need a plan, because as soon as I found that out and heard and red the very first information about Palin, I knew that the Republicans knew that they were going to lose the election, so they threw up a “Hail Mary”, which is a football term, meaning you’re desperate, and you send your receivers sprinting down the field and you throw the ball up in the air as far as you can towards the end zone and begin praying, thus “Hail Mary”.

As soon as that happened, I was like “Oh well.. So much for them. \o/ Obama wins. Now, they have four years to come up with an actually good idea”.

I think Sarah Palin’s entertaining. I really do. However, if she was the best they had to try to bolster McCain’s chance of being elected, that means they didn’t have anybody GOOD that wanted to run with him, which meant they didn’t have anybody groomed for 2012 either, so I just *KNEW* they were going to have some kind of fantastic candidate this time that was actually going to be a viable challenger to attempt to defeat President Obama.


I still wasn’t paying attention until people started complaining that Obama didn’t make the CHANGEs he said he was going to make. At that point, I wanted to know whether it was because he changed his mind, or just wasn’t able to make things happen.

I’m sure there was a little of both involved, but the thing that stood out the most to me, and that’s most relevant to last night’s debate, is that the Republicans have a majority in the Congress, so they can effectively block lots and lots of ideas that The President has, and it looks to people on the outside as if nothing was done, when, in fact, things have been done, but were rejected..

Rejected, like when Obama said he wanted to speak before last night’s debate, and Republican John Boehner, Speaker of the House, was like “Nah.”

hahahaha ok.. Boehner said a little more than “Nah, Prez, I Ain’t Feelin’ That.”

If you’d like to read exactly what he wrote, click here =>

Essentially, what he said was that there wasn’t going to be time to consider The President of the United States of America’s request before the time when he wanted to speak, but that he could offer him an invitation for the next day, Thursday, to address a Joint Session of Congress.

Now.. I’m sure the Republicans feel all fresh & fly about “dissing” The President and they’re slapping five and patting backs and all that, but what they don’t realize is that this situation played out in the media instead of behind closed doors… It’s now on public, obvious record, to even people that watch TMZ, that the Republicans have enough power to veto something that President Obama wants to do.

I don’t know if that was the Democrats’ plan, but that’s a technique I use all the time.

I bait people. I ask them for things I don’t really want, just to see how they react to it.

You think I can’t meet that chick on my own? ๐Ÿ˜€ .. I don’t need *YOU* to hook *ME* up! ๐Ÿ˜€ .. I’m asking YOU so I can find out whether you’re gonna fess up or not.

If you would have asked me, I would have said I’ll give her your information, and good luck with your rap. If you’re somebody I actually know, and I think y’all would be good together, I’ll most definitely put in some good words and endorse you to her.

In fact, if you’re sweating the girl I’m talking to right this second that badly, I’ll introduce you to HER and go do something else, so maybe you can get some happiness in this life.

So, if I say to you “Can you introduce me to this chick?”, or “Can you put me in business contact with this person?”, or “Can I speak first on the same day that you already announced that you were going to speak?”, I’m just TESTING. YOU.

Home Team Advantage

The debate was carried exclusively on MSNBC. When The President.. ANY PotUS speaks, you can flip through 2,5,7,9,11,CNN, C-SPAN, and all other kinds of channels and see their live feed of the speech…. If President Obama would have felt like speaking first, he would have SPOKEN FIRST! >:D

In fact, he could have started BEFORE the Republican CANDIDATE debate and finished AFTER their debate, so the real value here was getting it on record that Republicans are not being accommodating to the ideas of the current administration = WIN.

Secondly.. When you’re about to speak about something, it’s better for you to know what the other team’s going to say, so you can make intelligent remarks to counter their position and/or make their plans look stupid.

When you’re a kid, this is known as “last licks”. If you know that you’re the last one to speak, you can go for broke, because there’s no rebuttal.

So.. Instead of accepting the GIFT of finding out what President Obama was going to say, so they could have addressed it in the Candidate Debate directly afterwards, they decided to have him speak TWENTY-THREE HOURS LATER, so his speechwriters could have a field day, literally, an entire FIELD DAY with what the Republican Candidates said or didn’t say.

dumb. Watch what happens. I’ll be surprised if they don’t get roasted like Trump.

So, anyway.. I’ve been waiting for this debate for a few weeks now, so I could hear these Republican Candidates plead their cases in front of people that weren’t specifically selected to make them look good and clap every time they said something.

I was actually surprised that there are so many candidates left! ๐Ÿ˜€

The way they made such a big deal about Tim Pawlenty dropping out of the race after the Ames, Iowa “Straw Poll”, I figured that everyone below him would have evaporated already, only leaving Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann, & Ron Paul.

I was surprised to see Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich on the stage. I like what Jon Huntsman is saying, but he’s not going anywhere past VP. I don’t think I’ve heard a peep from or about Rick Santorum since the day after he came in 4th in the Straw Poll, which was almost an entire month ago.

I’m glad that they honored Nancy Reagan. ๐Ÿ™‚ That was touching and proper.

Propers? o_O

oh… Speaking of propers… Did anyone else hear Rick Perry pronounce “props”, which is short for “propers”, which is short for “proper respect” as… prOHps instead of prAHps? o_O

When they asked Perry about some military situation President Obama dealt with, I could have sworn he said something like “I’ll give him pROWps on that”! ๐Ÿ˜€ hehehe

Anyway.. The debate was worth watching, with my short-form opinion being that this is now a two-candidate race between Perry and Romney.

Huntsman, Cain & Gingrich made strong statements. Ron Paul made a couple also, but they swept him under the rug, as usual. Santorum was barely given any airtime at all, and Bachmann talked about whatever she wanted, instead of what she had been asked about.

NOW is the time for the Republican hopefuls to start making concrete statements about actual policies and plans that they have for getting Americans back to work, whether that’s swinging a shovel or not… “I’m Not Obama” is going to get you on the stage, but it’s not going to get you your party’s nomination, and it *CERTAINLY* isn’t going to get you elected President.

You’ve been claiming to have good cards in your hand.. Now, it’s time to show them if your goal in being a part of this process is more than increasing your book deal and lecture circuit fees.

I’ll give my long-form opinion about their individual performances in Part 02. Connect with Bill on Google+ | Facebook | Twitter | Email Subscription | RSS Feed

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  1. Perry can’t get elected while talking about killing Social Security…he’ll lose seniors and nearly-seniors. And his recent law requiring children to get the HPV vaccine will kill his vote with mothers and those who hate Big Pharma. People see Romney as an elitist and his passage of the health care bill in Massachusetts will hurt him. Bachmann’s a religious whack job, though the Tea Party loves that. Ron Paul can’t win. I still don’t see a front-runner or viable candidate here. Waiting to see if Chris Christie or someone else is going to jump in…and there’s always Palin waiting in the wings. It’s still early. We shall see…

    1. That’s the thing, Liz. There aren’t any Republican candidates yet that actually stand a chance of defeating President Obama, as it stands right now.

      It’s only going to get worse for them, because the closer it gets to party nomination time, the more they’re going to sling mud at each other instead of trying to be polite.

      Also, they’re going ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE unless they come up with a better jobs plan than what The President’s going to propose this evening.

      They had four years to come up with this plan…

      1. First @ Liz.

        >> People see Romney as an elitist and his passage of the health care bill in Massachusetts will hurt him.

        Yup, that’s my biggest gripe against Romney. I don’t support for the healthcare crap being passed around right now. I think that is the biggest item holding him back for being ‘the guy’ for the GOP.

        Now combining Liz + Bill
        >>I still donโ€™t see a front-runner or viable candidate here.
        >> There arenโ€™t any Republican candidates yet that actually stand a chance of defeating President Obama, as it stands right now.

        This is the truest of statements. There is almost an equal division among the curreng GOP candidates. If the GOP was smart (which we know they aren’t), they would make it seem like Bachmann was the choice so that MSM and all the zealots would focus on her while they have their actual candidates in the wings and giving MSM less time to focus on them.

        >> โ€œIโ€™m Not Obamaโ€ is going to get you on the stage, but itโ€™s not going to get you your partyโ€™s nomination, and it *CERTAINLY* isnโ€™t going to get you elected President.

        I dont know that that’s completely accurate. Its my personal opinion that BO was elected almost entirely on this premise (Palin certainly didn’t hurt him either). The extremists on the Left side still seem to be backing him but the ‘avg’ BO supporter 4 years ago isn’t too pleased with what he has done in his time in office, at least in my experience.

        It will be an interesting next 14 months…

  2. See, I often make the mistake of applying logic to Republican politics. In truth, if Perry can stay out of trouble, he’ll probably get the nomination. He’s obviously in the pocket of Big Pharma and of course he’s in the pocket of the Koch Brothers, so he’ll have some big money behind him.

    Jobs? He can say whatever he wants about jobs. Read the NY Times fact check from last night’s debate (Link below). Texas actually has created jobs due to an oil and gas boom. Has nothing to do with Perry except, again, him being in bed with the fossil-fuels crew.

    And he can use the Social Security thing to scare people into thinking they better listen to him or they’re gonna get cut off (a common tactic these days).

    He honestly could get the nomination and I think the Repugs are gonna win this time. There are many, many people out there who RABIDLY HATE Obama and are DETERMINED to get him out in any way they can. And yes, I think racism and anti-intellectualism has more to do with it than people care to admit (publicly, anyway).

    NY Times live-blog of the debate:

  3. Nico,

    Romney’s first problem is that there’s quite a bit of documentation of him saying one thing at one time and then saying the totally opposite thing another time during his attempts to get elected.

    His second problem is that the Tea Party isn’t going to nominate him, and you saw how much pull they had with the Republicans during this “Debt Ceiling” charade that got the country’s rating downgraded.

    His third problem is that just as the moderator brought up in the debate, his career has been based on taking over companies and DOWNSIZING PEOPLE OUT OF THEIR JOBS, so that’s not going to go over well with Joe Public at all.

    Fourth, of course.. Romneycare practically rhymes with Obamacare! ๐Ÿ˜€ hahaha Toast! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Personally, if I had to select one of them from last night, I’d nominate Huntsman. Being that he isn’t going to have the votes to get the nod, Romney has the most Presidential demeanor out of all of them.

    Still, unless they break out someone new relatively soon, it’s looking like they’re going to send Perry, who used to be a Democrat and makes statements every single week that lessen his chances to win a general election, so by the time it’s Democrat vs. Republican, they’re going to have a FIELD DAY with attack ads against him.

    Yes.. If they were smart, this selection of candidates would only be the bait used to waste Democratic resources on figuring out how to snap all over them, and they wouldn’t have revealed their *REAL* candidate(s) yet.

    The funny thing is that these know-nothing, guess-everything pundits are blabbering on and on about these candidates as if they’re the real deal. It’s like there’s no inside information to the stations that there are more players coming to the game soon, so maybe there aren’t. \o/

    Let me expand on “I’m not Obama” not being the WIN.

    You’re right on both counts.. President Obama was elected because he was “Not these people that have jacked up our economy, and we can’t afford to leave them in power for one more minute”, and also that a lot of the people that voted for him last round won’t show up to the polls this round, for whatever their reasons are.

    However.. This is why I’ve been discussing this stuff recently. In order to win a fight, you have to defeat the champ. You can’t seem to be just barely the lesser of the evils. You can’t be this vague person that nobody knows what you’re going to do or what your plans are or what your policies are, and get elected because you’re “Not Obama”.

    This is especially true when everyone intelligent knows that a) this whole thing is the Republicans’ fault to begin with, and b) they’re blocking everything they possibly can, with hopes of making the current President look bad.

    Imagine what’s going to happen if the same people that were pushing for a default actually have power AND a majority in the Congress! :O .. This is going to scare enough people to make sure they do their best to re-elect Obama and hope that the Republican selection is better in 2016.

    Take Bachmann, for instance… The dude from Telemundo (Spanish television station) asks her whether she would deport 11,000,000 illegal aliens that are currently here, and she didn’t say “No.”

    She didn’t even say what Newt Gingrich said, which was that you have to have compassion, because we’re talking about human beings as well as neighbors that have been going to our schools, jobs and churches for the past 25 years, as well as having American-born children.

    So.. She just lost the Hispanic vote, across the board, that is, if she were a viable candidate in the first place. She’s already Perry Jr.

    Bachmann had the rock until Perry arrived. Now, he’s the real deal when it comes to their kind of speaking and thinking, and she’s the backup QB, like third-string backup.

    So, like you said.. We’ll see what happens as the months go along. I say it might be close if they SOMEHOW nominate Romney. If they nominate Perry, the Democrats are going to go berserk with the advertisements and he’s gonna have a tough row to hoe.

    In fact, even the Republicans are already making ads about him.. Anway… Like I said… I don’t care either way… If Perry has the best plan to get Americans working en masse, even if those are all minimum-wage, shovel-swinging jobs, *AND* he actually intends to make that happen, I’m all for it.

    Somehow, I don’t think they’ll be smart enough to turn the corner and start offering concrete suggestions instead of just saying stuff like “This guy can’t lead”, as if Presidents don’t have cabinets and advisors.

    If they don’t step up their game soon, or switch out this set for an entirely different group of candidates, It’s looking like Obama in 2012 and Hillary in 2016.

  4. Bill, damn you for always killing me for being pseudo-brief in my responses. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I agree with all four of your points on Romney, I just think that it’s the fourth one that is holding him back from the nomination the most. At least thats what most of my Republican friends tell me when they say why they don’t like him.

    That’s why I said I don’t totally agree. The part that I agree with is that when youre looking at the lesser of two evils, he’s not a big enough evil and/or the GOP isn’t offer up a big enough delta in evil with their candidate. If this is really their ‘cream of the crop’ for 2012, screw 2016, they may not have a viable candidate till 2020. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    I’m with you though. I just want shit fixed. I really don’t give a flying chimpanzee who it is, as long as they fix the problem. Which gets me back to the point of, to fix the problem, you need someone to come in that doesn’t care about getting re-elected, only fixing the problem. Because fixing the problem means pissing off the people who are going to get you re-elected.

    I haven’t been a Republican or a Democrat for a while now. Both sides have gone wayyyyy to far to the extreme left and and right.

    1. Yeah, I’ve been Independent forever, Nico.

      I had wanted to write and post Part 02 before The President’s speech, but it’s too late now.

      I wanted to get it all out before I knew whether I thought this presentation was better or worse than the Republican concepts.

      If this speech isn’t good and/or doesn’t make TONS OF SENSE, as far as how they’re going to get people back to work, no matter how ridiculous the opposing field is, this could easily be the point where the election’s lost, IMO.

    2. @Nico:
      I have to disagree with you on the point that both parties have gone extreme. The Republicans have certainly taken an extreme right position and even a nasty one, but an equivalent left does not exist. Even Ralph Nader may not qualify for that and we know how un-electable he is…
      On the other hand, the Democrats if anything have been dragged along and have shown no spine to even stand up to the Tea Party nut cases. So in a sense I end up at the same point you are, but through a different analysis. When Clinton left office, we were on the right track until the plunder institutionalized by Cheney, which effectively taxed the middle class to shift wealth upwards. Class warfare at its best. In reality I am just as furious with the Democrats for standing idly by and not addressing the revenue end of the fiscal problem. Defining certain income as ordinary (as opposed to capital gains) brings in revenue. Closing loopholes and ending that give away tax break by Bush would do even more. The middle class will actually benefit from this, but they are drinking Kool aid…

      Apologies for going on and on…

  5. I have not read all the posts on this subject in detail, so I may be repeating myself here…Was it not Perry who wanted Texas to break away from the Union not so long ago? And he has the temerity to actually run! As Gore Vidal aptly said “Republicans are fundamentally corrupt to the core and ought to be outlawed as a political party; maybe it will happen soon”

    The trouble is Democrats have become spineless and are not showing any resolve to oppose the supreme bigots and criminals that the Republican Party has become. And getting worse by the day. This is coming from a family which voted with the Eisenhower/Rockefeller type Republicans and left the party during the civil rights fight of the 1960s.

    And Bill, your minimum wage job comment (in jest) might come true…Rethugs er Repubs have been wanting to do away with the minimum wage itself. Welcome to slavery once more, this time through the backdoor. Cheney and Rove have mastered Joseph Goebbel’s playbook. “Make the lie big and repeat it often; it will soon be believed”.
    When Bush and Cheney forced through the repugnant “Patriot Act” and “extraordinary rendition/military tribunals”… was George Orwell’s musings chillingly come true.

    End of rant.


    1. Yeah, Jim.. That “repeal minimum wage” is coming up in Part 02, when I get to the specifics.

      Unfortunately, as I was typing their responses, I started noticing patterns that I wanted to use instead of just listing what each person did or didn’t answer, so I wasn’t able to crank it out before this speech.

      I’m hoping it’s GOOD.. Not for Democratic reelection hopes, but because if people don’t get jobs soon, or start to feel like they never will, it’s eventually going to be chaos…

  6. You are so right Bill, it is indeed a scary thought. The problem could become global as we are connected and as the world’s largest economy we are “too big to fail”. EU is in trouble too, so I am becoming somewhat pessimistic; maybe we are beyond the point of repair…a 10% unemployment rate may become the steady state rate for the next decade. I have already partly written off my retirement and just want my mother (she is 74) to squeak through the last years with the rest of her savings. She keeps telling me about her desire to leave something behind for me and all that, but I am still trying to convince her that she needs to take care of herself first. She was born during the 1930s (not a nice decade) and been through rough early years, so she deserves a decent retirement.


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