Appreciating your girlfriend is one of the best things you can do to keep your relationship fresh, interesting, and exciting. πŸ˜€

All too often, we completely ignore or just plain fail to acknowledge “the little things” that our gals do for us that make our lives so much better.

Sure.. We make sure she “gets hers”, but other than that, what are we really doing for the special women in our lives? o_O

How about next time she cooks you that fantastic meal, which she also planned out and shopped for during her free time after she finished working all day, you pick up a sponge and gladly do the family dishes?

How about next time you pass that store, and see a pair of jeans on display that will make your girl look particularly fat-assed and delectable, you roll right in there and buy them for her?

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How about next time, instead of inviting her to come see Conan The Barbarian with you in the theater, you ask her which boring-ass chick flick you can suffer through for her sole benefit?

How about next time SHE wants to go out with her girlfriends, you don’t call the act of staying at home with your own biological child you had with her “babysitting”?

How about next time, instead of falling dead asleep after the fact, you take one for the team and force yourself to cuddle with her?

Yes.. I realize that you’re only dating her for sex and entertainment, but there’s so much more you can do to make her experience exciting and worthwhile in the meantime.

Turn your brain off. Think to yourself “If I were a chick, what would I want to do right now? o_O” and then go with the flow.

Go shopping with her at the mall. Just make sure you don’t end up on the bench with the Health-Tex-Wearing husbands whose wives have dressed them up as little kids to ensure that they never get sex from a female other than them ever again in life.

Take that walk with her through Central Park when you’d rather watch that football game that’s more important to you than she is right now.

Go antique-shopping with her when you don’t give a flying **** about old-ass furniture.

Take her out for that lavish Italian meal instead of taking her on dates to the gym so she can work out and stay in the type of shape you enjoy.

Spend the day with her at her Grandmother’s house with the rest of her family in attendence, playing it off like you’re not hooking up with her every hour that you’re physically awake…

Pretending that you’re not hooking up with your girlfriend, *NOT* pretending that you’re not hooking up with her Grandmother…

I mean.. If you *ARE* hooking up with her Grandmother, you want to play that off too, but, um….

Anyway… It’ll all be worth it. I guarantee you. The happier you make her, the happier she’ll make you.

So, Fellaz!!!… Pick up that sponge and grin your way into a fantastic and ultimately fulfilling relationship! >:D Connect with Bill on Google+ | Facebook | Twitter | Email Subscription | RSS Feed

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  1. Of all the sentences in all the world, this has got to be my favorite: “Turn your brain off. Think to yourself β€œIf I were a chick, what would I want to do right now? o_O” and then go with the flow.” :p

  2. Yeah…what was up with that “turn your brain off” mess??? Only because you’re BILL, did I give you the benefit of the doubt and let that one slide. LOL

    I have to admit, I started reading this and asked myself that corny and overused sitcom question, “Who are you and what have you done with Bill?” But then you showed up and I felt better. There are a lot of women who might be offended by what you’ve written in that they want a man who will MEAN and LIKE DOING all those things…the antiques, the shopping, the trips to the homestead, etc. But the fact of the matter is, that man DOES.NOT.EXIST!!! The quicker we (women) understand that, the happier our lives will be.

    Some women STILL don’t want to believe that men and women really are wired differently. Instead of thinking your advice is telling men to “fake the funk” and PRETEND, we should understand that it’s HARD WORK for men to do what you are suggesting. It is against their norm, therefore it is really and truly a sacrifice. So the mere fact that dudes are making an attempt is really quite an accomplishment for them and SHOULD be celebrated, and dare I say, REWARDED.

    Ladies, it’s all relative. Don’t expect your man to do with you enthusiastically what your BFF would do. Yes, I expect my BFF to really WANT to go shopping and hang out in museums and stuff, and ENJOY it. I only expect my man to take time to do those things and at least throw in a smile or two. And in the same way, I will watch that game with you, or go to that sporting event with you, and NOT ask dumb questions like, “Why are the players always spitting and scratching like that?”

    And then, there are the times when dudes can do us a favor and give us some “me” time, which is actually doing HIM a favor, because he really didn’t want to go anywhere with us anyway. Ladies need to not be afraid to be away from their man. Absence DOES make the heart grow fonder. So Bill, thanks for that refreshing post…I knew you were in there somewhere! LOL

  3. Well in Bill’s defence we are guys and we think different, the human brain is like a computer and our operating program is different than yours. Two operating systems can never be running at the same time you have to turn one of to turn one on and i think that is what bill was getting at here.

  4. lol, This is an interesting discussion, Calandra & CJay. πŸ™‚

    One of the things about the way I write is that it’s “stream of consciousness”. I write what occurs to me at the time, whether I’m joking or serious.

    I can’t write like a chick because I’m not a chick. Yes, there is most definitely a difference.

    People that don’t recognize that difference FAIL in their relationships with the opposite sex.

    This is why it’s funny/interesting for me to read Calandra saying that I’m advocating that a guy “fake” things.

    In fact, listening to it from Calandra’s perspective, that’s exactly what I’m doing, though that’s not what I intended to do.

    From the guy’s point of view, the point is that we’re perfectly happy with certain things and women aren’t.. Such as SHUTTING THE **** UP when we have nothing interesting or important to say.

    If a guy doesn’t have anything to say, a gal thinks there’s something wrong. Nope. We just don’t have any information for you right now. Get used to it.

    There’s no reason to talk FOR NO REASON. There’s no reason to talk just to be talking or to make yourself feel like the relationship is in good standing.

    I have male friends that I literally don’t talk to for months at a time, and sometimes, years. The next time we hang out, it’s like we just hung out yesterday. There’s no perception that our friendship has been diminished because of lack of speaking to each other. It’s a guy thing. We know who we are. We know who the other person is. There’s no need for constant affirmation of something we already know.

    I say all that to say that when I say something like “Go shopping with her at the mall”, I didn’t think of it as faking, but rather reverse-engineering. You want your girlfriend to do what YOU want her to do, so it stands to reason that you should want to do what your girlfriend (wife, whatever) wants you to do.

    I don’t think it counts as faking to create something that isn’t there. There’s no reason for a guy to go antique shopping with a gal. We don’t give a flying ****. Bring home whatever old-ass furniture you want. Whatever makes you happy. Nobody cares.

    I like to think of it more as mentally accessorizing yourself by thinking of things that wouldn’t normally occur to you at all, but are very important to some women that you might be currently dating.

    There is no “BE interested in going shopping with her”, unless you’re smart enough to know that when you go shopping, there are only a bunch of women there AND YOU, so it’s in your best interest to go shopping if you want to see more ass than you normally would.

    There is no “FEEL LIKE WASHING DISHES”. That’s what they train women to do, not men.

    Nobody gives men baby carriages as if they’re toys. They give us footballs and baseball gloves and toy guns.

    Women are trained to take care of kids from when they’re small children. They brainwash y’all to think that’s fun. OOH, LOOK!!! πŸ˜€ The baby-doll can actually wet itself so you have to change it! πŸ˜€ .. Have you ever actually SMELLED when someone has to change a baby and you’re unfortunately in the same room? :O

    OMG. Nope.

    So, my point, even though I totally agree with Calandra’s assessment about “faking it”, is that there are things that don’t occur to guys because those things don’t occur to guys, and that’s that.

    I think it’s better for relationships for a guy to accessorize (read: fake it or do things that he normally would never EVER have done) than to just act like it’s cool that he does what he does and that his girlfriend isn’t having an entirely different experience.

    “Faking” is more like “I think you’re ugly, but I like your ass, so I’m going to have sex with you anyway.”

    What I’m talking about is that you think your girlfriend is pretty, but you don’t bother saying so because it’s obvious to you and it should be obvious to her.

    Instead of carrying yourself that way, “fake” compliments to her, meaning that you honestly FEEL the way you’re saying, but you’re forcing yourself to actually say it, strictly for HER BENEFIT.

    You don’t want to go shopping? Of course you don’t. *SHE* would enjoy if you went with her, so do it for HER BENEFIT, even though it means nothing to you but wasted time (and hopefully, seeing a bunch of FOYINE chicks while you’re there! :D).

    Flowers don’t mean anything to you on Valentine’s Day? o_O Maybe they mean something to her. Maybe she likes to show off in front of her coworkers or at least not feel left behind when her coworkers get flowers and she doesn’t, even though they’ve all been clamoring to each other around the water cooler about how good their boyfriends are to them.

    So.. While, Yes, It amounts to “faking”, I’m saying that guys should turn off thinking like a guy, and try thinking like a female, which is completely different, in order to attempt to step outside of the box and do more for their women than they otherwise would have.

  5. I agree with Bill and Calandra(surprise). I found this blog to be in tune with all of Bill’s other posts. Informative for those that know what to do with the info. The key is to understand that monogamous relationship issues stem from complacency. Couples get settled in. Gotten mad comfy because we feel the other person “gets me.” On the woman’s end, we tend to stop caring about being sexy and cute, witty,for him and he forgets about thoughtful gestures,wining and dining, and…. nevermind, you know the rest, well maybe not the nevermind part, women seem to forget that.

    Every one wants to be appreciated, respected, acknowledged and loved. Everyone. When I love, it is given freely without expectations of return.I support you because I love and want only the best for you. My cousin and I recently had a conversation about this. If you don’t like the opera and you partner is an opera singer. Do you go to the opera with them just because that is what they do? She said yes, I said no, I would only go when MY mate is performing, because I support THEM. That is appreciating you partner, not being dragged out to every show because she likes it. Because eventually I’m going to start feeling obligated. That is the silent killer of all relationships. Obligation. No one wants to do what they DON’T like to do, especially is a romantic relationship. You keep making or manipulating your mate into doing something they don’t like. They will start not liking you. She went on to say that although she doesn’t say “I love you often enough for her partner,and that she should know she loves her because she serviced her car without her asking. I liked to fall out. That’s real love in action right there.

    1. Your second paragraph is going to be the cornerstone of an upcoming blog post of mine.. Obligation: The Silent Killer Of Relationships.

      I already have the post, just from reading what you wrote, but I just came home from days and days of work and I don’t feel like doing jack **** right now, but I’m going to write it very soon.

      Briefly, what you’re talking about is what most people fail to realize.

      ACTUAL LOVE is a one-way street.

      It is NOT a two-way street.

      You don’t love someone because they love you. You love someone because you love them.

      If they feel the same way towards you, you might be heading for monogamy… Maybe.

      This is why people demonstrate that they don’t come anywhere near to loving their significant others on a daily basis and the SO’s convince themselves that the other person actually does love them and is just trippin’ out.

      Don’t worry about what the next person is doing. Worry about yourself. If you love somebody, love them. If they get on board, good for you.

  6. Bill we’re on the same page. My original comment was, “Instead of thinking your advice is telling men to β€œfake the funk” and PRETEND, we should understand that it’s HARD WORK for men to do what you are suggesting.” In this case, I was inferring that OTHERS might assume you were teaching FAKEness. You know ME Bill, I would never think you were encouraging brothers to be fake…just creative. I think your use of the term “accessorize” is perfect!

    Now the real question is…who’s gonna actually learn how to ACCESSORIZE? HAHAHA!!

    Oh Edie…you’re getting too sentimental Salt! You’re 6 months down the line – dudes “accessorize” from Day 1. Bill, correct me if I’m wrong, but seems I learned (probably from YOU) that if you want to “get in” from the jump, you have some accessorizing to do early on in the game. Once you start accessorizing, you’ve got to keep up with it over the years. HA!!

    1. Now the real question is…who’s gonna actually learn how to ACCESSORIZE? HAHAHA!!

      Well, that’s just the point! πŸ˜€

      NOBODY! πŸ˜€

      That’s why dudes keep slippin’, and their girlfriends remain easy to borrow.

  7. I’m always thinking ahead Pep!Saves me time. I also am very sentimental when it comes to relations.I want them to work and be productive for all involved. READ: I’m tired of hearing the same old complaints! So fix it or leave it alone, ’cause you like it.
    Correct me, but I think we are talking about two different things, How to appreciate your GF,(pay attention, be considerate, participate in things of interest to her and What level are you willing to go to to “show your appreciation”?
    I don’t buy that guys are not hardwired to CARE or CONSIDER, that’s BS, what have been conditioned to care about? There’s the difference. Bill hit on the head about girls being taught to care, nurture, clean and cook from childhood and boys being taught how to compete, fight and win. Key word, taught.
    I’m saying, if you don’t genuinely want to go shopping with old girl,Don’t. Find another way that is true to you, to show you care. Sincerely.
    With no accessories.

  8. Y’all crazy!! Bill you mentioned the L word. You are starting to scare me…first you talk about WORKING, like GOING to work, then you start talking about LOVE?? What the hell are they putting in your Foster’s??? LOL

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