I know most of y’all tune in to BillCammack.com to listen to me talk yang about women & dating, but I’ve been preoccupied recently with the clown show known as United States Politics.

I’m over it now, so we’ll be returning to our regularly-scheduled programming.. joined in progress.

What had HAPPENED was…

Why Did I Bother?

Bill Cammack

A little over 4 years ago, I had never heard of Barack Obama. EvAr.

At some point, I became aware that the first VIABLE black candidate was running for the Presidency of the United States of America.

The rest of the people who ran were clearly merely symbolic. They had never had anywhere near resembling even the slightest, most minute, miniscule chance of coming anywhere close to being nominated as a party’s candidate, much, much, much, much, MUCH LESS having any inkling of an opportunity to come close to winning the general election.


So then, I was like “Hmm… I might be witnessing history here, so let me pay attention.

So I found out he was going to be running against John McCain, and I was like “That figures”. John McCain fit that mold that you expect from people that Republicans nominate to be President.

McCain got caught looking angry a couple of times, but I didn’t see any footage of him actually looking stupid, so it was a toss-up to me.. Let’s say that I felt like Obama had a 35% chance of winning the election and becoming the PotUS.

Next thing you know.. And, for me, this was like one of those “Where were you when Nixon resigned? o_O” or “Where were you when you found out about 911” situations.. I became aware from the television that the Republicans had selected a female to be the Vice President if McCain became President.

Without knowing anything at all about Sarah Palin, whom I had never heard of until that very news report, because I don’t give a flying **** about politics, I immediately thought that this was some sort of tactical error on the Republicans’ part.

I felt like they had been planning on Hillary Clinton becoming the Democratic nominee, so they decided to split the “I want to vote for a female” vote by sending their own female to the big dance, negating the “You can be a part of history by electing the first female as President or Vice President” effect which would have occurred if they had selected another white male to run with McCain.

I figured that maybe they had made promises that they couldn’t back out of when Obama defeated Clinton.

So then, I started hearing news reports about Sarah Palin, and I suddenly had zero doubt in my mind that if the election occurred fairly, Barack Obama was going to be the 44th President of the United States of America.


No doubt, whatsoever.

It was literally impossible that America was going to vote for a ticket that included Palin as VP with McCain being in (according to pundits) questionable health at his age.

This would have been tantamount to electing Palin President, which will never happen, so I was absolutely certain that barring ridiculousness, Obama was going to win, which, of course, he did.

I immediately became interested in the next election. I’ve never been interested in a Presidential election ever, before 2008, and I wanted to make sure I was aware of the scenario when 2012 rolled around, so I wouldn’t be like “I guess the Republicans didn’t have anyone viable to send as VP, so they threw up a Hail Mary, sending Palin”.

What I’ve found out (albeit, through television punditry and internet research) is that the process doesn’t work the way I imagined it did.

Money Talks, But Bull**** Doesn’t Have To Walk

My impression was that each team selected who they thought the best person was and then sent them to the general election. You know.. Like in hockey, when you have to decide the game by a shootout, you don’t send Herbs to try to score. You send your best players.

So I was prepared to see and hear from the best & the brightest of the Republican party during their nomination process, and instead, I was treated to, to use my cousin Nigel’s term, and pardon my French for a second, but “an embarrassing shitshow”.

I’m an Independent. I vote for whomever I feel like voting for. I’m not a Republican, yet their candidates suck so badly that *I* feel embarrassed when they say such stupid, uninformed, and generally assholeish things that week after week they alienate more and more of the American population that they’re going to have to turn to for votes in the general election.

I’m now aware of what had happened in 2007, and it’s happening again in 2011.

Basically, running for President costs money, for advertising, entry fees to places, travel, etc. If you have enough money, you can run for your party’s nomination ’till the cows come home. You can’t get ejected for lunacy or idiocy. Nobody from your party can stand up and say “This person is an idiot. Remove them from the roster.”

To mention hockey again, it’s like you’re the captain of a team, but YOU don’t get to choose the players on your team, and you get stuck with a bunch of Herbs. What was the point of your being captain, if you don’t get to decide who plays and who doesn’t? o_O

To make matters worse, the requirements are different for winning the Republican nomination than they are to win the general election. The things you have to say to get people to clap at Republican debates are the exact same things that you would NEVER SAY if you wanted anybody else to entrust their well-being and that of their families to you by voting for you to be the PotUS.

This is why I’ve maintained from the beginning that Mitt Romney is the only candidate that’s currently on the roster that has even a remote chance of defeating President Obama in the 2012 election.

Nobody trusts what Romney says, because there’s just as much footage of him saying THING as there is footage of him saying -THING.. Like two different things that can’t possibly BOTH be beliefs of the same person, there’s videotape of him swearing up and down that he believes in both, depending on the crowd he’s speaking to and what he’s trying to get them to do.

That might seem to be a liablity. In the general election, it isn’t, because Romney can say he’ll do similar things to what Obama would do if we just replace Obama with him.

None of the rest of the Republican candidates can say that.

The only one that sounds like he has any sense, and who definitely has the experience to be a decent President, in my opinion, is Jon Huntsman, but he’s never been polling well, so we’ll see if he ever gains traction.

Actually, Ron Paul has sense too, except it’s not the kind of sense that’s going to prompt anyone to elect him PotUS.

In fact, even though Paul has been CONSISTENTLY hovering around #3 in every poll I’ve seen since the Iowa Straw Poll, which he barely came in second to Michele Bachmann in, the Republicans consistently talk around him and never mention him, even as the other candidates surge and soon fall off.

So, His own party won’t back him, and it’ll be interesting to see what happens if he decides to run anyway, after not receiving the nomination.

All of the nominees other than Romney have painted themselves into corners that are going to cause them to get DEMOLISHED when the Democrats start running attack ads. They don’t even have to make things up. All they have to do is play back the tapes of what the candidates have said over the past several months that they’ve been having debates and otherwise running their mouths to the press.

I Am Jack’s Complete Lack Of Interest

However.. My sudden and complete lack of interest in this process isn’t even the fault of the horrific Republican candidates. It’s actually Congress that has made me realize that none of this actually matters.

I thought it would be obvious to everyone that allowing America to default on its debt was entirely unacceptable. Instead, they waited until the last day to decide what they were going to do, which they could have decided way before that.

Imagine your wife tells you to take out the garbage, and you’re like “Nah”.

Imagine she keeps badgering and pestering you, and you’re like “Nope”.

Let’s say you don’t take out the garbage for days, until the whole house smells and she’s about to take it out on her own, and then you go “Psych! 😀 HAHA I’ll take it out! :D”

You think you’re getting laid anytime soon? o_O

Since your ass KNEW you wanted to screw your wife, you should have known was was going to happen TO YOUR HAPPINESS if you played that situation down to the wire and done the right thing.

Congress played that game and America’s credit rating got downgraded.

In fact, there were Republicans, including Bachmann, that are very happy and proud to say that they voted AGAINST the “Final debt deal” => projects.washingtonpost.com/congress/112/house/1/votes/690/.

This made me relatively suspicious. Upon researching the situation, I found out that some Republicans have made it their top political priority to deny President Obama a second term:

YouTube Link => youtu.be/2gM-1HbK4qU

When I found out about this, I was sure they were going to send Romney, because sending anyone else from that cast of characters is an automatic LOSS for the Republican party.

If McConnell was serious (and, of course, he was) about denying President Obama a second term, it was imperative that the Republicans field viable candidates and then back the strongest one, with the best personality, most intelligence, best Presidential demeanor, and best handle on the things a Presidential nominee would need to know about WAY. BEFORE. HE (or she). BECAME. A. CANDIDATE.

So then, I watched as Romney couldn’t get past approximately 25% (1 out of every 4 people saying they’d vote for him) in the polls.

Upon researching the situation, I found out that Mitt Romney is a Mormon.

This is automatically a problem. Listen to this dude that’s down with Rick Perry:

YouTube Link => youtu.be/7aF2Cnhr5jQ

In case you can’t see the video, here’s what dude said:

Perry Supporter: The decision for Conservative, Evangelical Christians right now, is going to be “Do we prefer somebody who is truly a believer in Jesus Christ, or somebody who is a good moral person, but he’s a part of a cult?”. And it’s not politically correct to say, but it’s true, Mormonism is a cult.

If you look at the states that Romney won in his 2008 campaign (marked in yellow):

Republican Party (United States) presidential primaries, 2008

none of them are in the South (also known as The Bible Belt)

On top of that, he only got 11 states, vs 31 states that McCain won, who subsequently got SMIZASHED by Obama in the general election.

Since Romney’s rich, he gets to run for President again, because as long as you have money, you can be involved.

That, by the way, is what Herman Cain is still doing in this race also. He’s backed by infinite funding from his “brothers from another mother”:

YouTube Link => youtu.be/lv4GGbK60J8

Anyway.. Once I found this out, I was like “The Republicans are going to have to get over this Mormon thing if they’re going to back their only hope for a 2012 victory, since preferable people like Chris Christie and Paul Ryan refused to run.

Unfortunately, this is where Congress comes in.

All Your Decisions Are Belong To Us

If you listen to “regular” Republicans talk about the Tea Party, they say that they’re just a minority and don’t make any decisions… However.. Every time you turn around, some Republican decision has been influenced by the Tea Party => huffingtonpost.com/2011/09/04/tea-party-gop-2012_n_948348.html.

To put it plainly.. Let’s say you have 20 team members and the other team has 15, so that every time you vote on something, you win.

Now.. Let’s say that 7 of your team members consider themselves a group. That still makes them a minority, as you still have 13 team members, but if that “minority” refuses to vote with you, whether they abstain or vote with the other team, you can’t defeat 15 with 13, so, suddenly, you’re beholding to this so-called “minority” for your voting success.

According to the pundits, we saw this play out during the “Debt Ceiling Crisis”.

Apparently, we saw it AGAIN, during the so-called “Super Committee Failure”

Granted.. “Regular” Republicans who have pledged that their #1 political priority is removing Barack Obama from office can’t afford to do *ANYTHING* that causes the economy to improve before election time, so it’s most likely going to be another 12 months before most of y’all even catch a whiff of a job.

The point, however, is that the pattern I’ve seen over the last several months is of the Republican majority FOLDING beneath the will of the Republican minority.

This is the main reason I’ve lost interest in this process. It’s a setup.

The Tea Party, AKA the “minority” that’s pulling the strings, bills itself as Conservative.

Romney is not a Conservative. He’s an “I’ll say whatever you want to hear so maybe you’ll elect me”.

He’s also not going to get any light in the South, like he didn’t get any light in 2008.

The same game plan that makes you believe that you’ll be ok if America defaults on its debt obligations also makes you believe that the best thing for your party is to nominate a generally unelectable candidate.

In other words, The Republicans may very well decide to LOSE BIG by running a definitely-Conservative nominee instead of untrustworthy Mitt Romney.

Last Straws

Speaking of untrustworthy, that reminds me of the last two elements that have totally removed my interest in this farce.

Romney just ran a clearly unethical television commercial where his team took something that President Obama reported John McCain’s campaign as saying and only played the part of the audio that makes it sound like Obama said the statement himself.

As an example, it would be like if someone said in an interview “Steve said I took the money, which I didn’t”, and the only part that made it to the commercial was “I took the money”.

That’s CLEARLY unethical and underhanded and desperate.

It’s also a bad idea to set a precedent of misleading campaign commercials, because REAL VIDEO EDITORS can and will make you look very, very, VERY STUPID if we feel like it, so your best bet is to run ethical ads before we quantize and autotune that azz and have you singing entire songs about things you never said.

The second element was that last night, Newt Gingrich said something to the effect of creating review committees to decide which illegal immigrants get deported.

This flies in the face of the unspoken Republican candidate stance that they’re totally scared to actually verbalize, because they know they’ll automatically lose the general election, which is that if they’re elected, they’ll deport 12 million illegal aliens, quick, fast, in a hurry, Flavor’s vision ain’t blurry.

The reason that statement was important is that Gingrich has recently enjoyed a surge in his poll numbers, now that all the rest of the Non-Romneys have fallen off.

Also.. Gingrich’s statement occurred *after* all the candidates except the two Mormons attended the Iowa Thanksgiving Family Forum:

YouTube Link => youtu.be/aY8Zw5NzUXQ

It also occurred after this:


Evangelical powerbrokers hosted a secret meeting in Iowa for conservative religious leaders last week to take a second look at some of the candidates who might be a viable alternative to Mitt Romney, Business Insider has learned from sources with knowledge of the event.

According to a source, Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, and Ron Paul all spoke at the event, which brought together some of Iowa’s most influential evangelical pastors. Organized by the powerful Christian activist David Lane, the two-day conference was a feeble attempt to recapture some of the evangelical energy behind Mike Huckabee’s Iowa caucus win in 2008.

Last week’s meeting in Iowa should have been an opportunity for Perry and Gingrich to finally make real comebacks in the first-in-nation caucus state. Both candidates lack organizational support in Iowa, sources say, so mobilizing churches is their last hope to win over the state’s Republican primary voters, 60% of whom identify as born-again Christians.

But a source at the conference told Business Insider that the meetings only confirmed that “evangelicals have lost their cohesion — they don’t trust their leaders.” Pastors who favor Michele Bachmann didn’t even attend the event, the source added, an affront that would have been unthinkable just a few months ago.

The importance of the combination of those three events is that it’s clear that the fix is in. Gingrich is now campaigning for the general election, NOT the Republican nomination.

Without the South and without Conservatives, Romney can’t possibly be nominated. If you exclude Romney from the pack, Gingrich doesn’t have to campaign against the rest of the Republicans. Huntsman is Mormon. Cain is selling books and amping up his lecture circuit fees, and while he knows a respectable amount about business, he knows nothing at all about some really important things that an actual President would need to know about. Bachmann was never honestly a frontrunner, but instead was the only non-Romney available until Perry entered the race the next day, after which she was finished. Santorum doesn’t count. Perry manages to say something stupid every. single. week., so he’s not going anywhere unless Gingrich implodes from all the historical baggage that he brought with him after YEARS of being in this game. Paul can’t be nominated because he’s a loose cannon.. a Libertarian, not a Conservative.

Of course, Romney’s not aware of this, so he’s creating advertisements against President Obama instead of against Newt Gingrich. :/


It’s really disgusting, how incompetent these people are, and I’d really, HONESTLY like to know why none of the viable Republicans wanted to run this cycle.

I mean, imagine that you know you’re a great dodgeball player, but you refuse to join the game, and then sit on the sidelines and watch your team get SMASHED by opponents that you feel that YOU could have easily defeated… Talk about the wrong side of history. :/

I’m no longer interested in watching this stupid process where people say idiotic things and then their pundits defend them as if they’re viable candidates for the most important job on the planet.

I’m tired of watching partisan pundits refuse to say “Fill in the blank” is unelectable and should get off of the Republican nominee stage.

This whole situation is embarrassing, and now I see how they ended up selecting Palin in 2008.

That’s what I wanted to learn. That’s what I wanted to understand. I’ve been waiting for this knowledge for four years, and now I have it.

The point of the nomination process is *NOT* to send your best and brightest, but rather to send whomever is actually WILLING TO RUN, and whomever has enough money to stay in the race.

That sucks. That’s not interesting. That’s not American Exceptionalism.

Unless a good political sex scandal occurs, I’m done with blogging about politics.

Good Luck to the unemployed Americans that y’all get jobs before the year 2013 AD.

I would personally like to see Jon Huntsman get the Republican nod, because I think that would actually be an intelligent contest between him and President Obama.

Barring that improbability, the Republicans need to send Mr. Unreliable, Mitt Romney if they want to have any chance at all in the general election.

The way I see it now, Conservatives are going to rally behind Gingrich and take their chances, which I consider to be an automatic, forfeit win for Obama.

At least they can say they went down swinging. :/

I’m over it.

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  1. Rude Brother,
    It would be a shame that you are out of politics because it seems you have a talent to analyze and dissect the game of games. I think that the reason that some of the folks took “2 steps back” when asked to run for President was because they realized that money is what it takes to win, and that the incumbent PotUS has that “on Lock.” Obama spared and cultivated the following industries: “Wall Street, Big Oil, Pharmaceuticals” He’ll get billions when he calls in his favors, now that corporations can give unlimited amounts to campaigns: do you think he’ll turn that down? Do you think corporations are willing to bet their fortunes against him? He also hunted down terrorists using drones and killed Americans on foreign soil with impunity. No one blinked. Why? Because he spared military lives, reducing their time away from loved ones and saved money. People will have a hard time making him look incompetent (with the exception of job creation) but they will try their best (your Congressional analogy with garbage is correct). I’m not saying he’s god’s gift, but his political machine knows what it’s doing. Wish you were staying in the political analysis game long enough to help a brother out.

  2. Spot on, as usual, Bill. My only real worry is that somehow Perry gets the nod and all those evangelicals turn out and elect him. Scary thought. It would be Dubya all over again.

    I hope you return to the conversation when the general election does happen. Your insights are excellent reading.

  3. BlueBeard & Liz,

    Good points, and thanks for the props. 🙂

    I think you’re both right that a reassessment is in order if this politics-game ever becomes viable instead of a bunch of junk.

    At this point, there are only three potential nominees, Romney, Gingrich, and Perry.

    Perry is an automatic loss, because he can’t speak in public and Obama will make him look like an absolute idiot if they have to speak directly to each other on videotape.

    Gingrich has the best chance to sound good, debate-wise, but he’s already done too many things in his political past that make him look like the wrong person to entrust our lives to for the next four years.

    Romney’s the only one that can act like he was just playing the Conservatives to get the Republican nomination, and that he is actually willing to do things that a lot of the American people want, which is what makes him a potential winner in 2012. He’s not a good liar, but his lies are good.. if you never see videotape of him saying the exact opposite thing, which probably exists.

    Personally, I can’t be interested in a process that doesn’t weed out idiots and promote intelligent people and strive to send the best of the best into a general election.

    I can’t be interested in a process that allows candidates to NOT answer the question of whether they’d deport 12 million illegal aliens if they could.

    This whole thing is garbage.

    I’ll definitely have SOMETHING to say when it becomes a 1-on-1, Democrat vs Republican for the Presidency, but depending on whomever gets the nomination, it should really be a foregone conclusion, especially, as BlueBeard has mentioned, since Obama has been kickin’ ass and takin’ names recently, with no end in sight for the next 12 months.

    Also, bringing the troops home before the election means that there are going to be a lot more JOBLESS PEOPLE, and Obama’s going to have been on record for months already, saying PASS THIS BILL to hook up returning veterans with jobs, so the Republicans are screwed.

    They either pass the bill and the war veterans will be glad that the Obama administration looked out for them, or they don’t pass the bill, and get blamed for veterans unnecessarily becoming jobless and homeless.

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