Send In The Clowns

I told you from the beginning that this cycle’s selection of Republican candidates is an absolute clown show, to put it kindly.

I also asked two main questions. The first one was “Where are the broke (poor) Republicans?”. The second was “How come none of the better Republicans (Chris Christie, Paul Ryan, etc) want to run, if they think it’s going to be so easy to defeat President Obama in 2012?”.

I was previously done talking about this tomfoolery, but the last few days, the pundits have been talking about something they hadn’t mentioned this entire time…

Beat The Clock

When the Republicans were crying for Chris Christie to run, ALLLLL the pundits were saying that he only had until X date, because after that, he couldn’t register for the first primary, etc.

When that date passed, the pundits INSISTED that this keystone-cops’esque group of candidates were the only ones that could POSSIBLY be nominated.

This remained in effect for a couple of months, I suppose. Meanwhile, it had become clear to me that the only Republican candidate that stood a chance of defeating Obama in 2012 was Romney. This was because Huntsman, who I think is a way better candidate, has been polling at less than 5% this entire time (being generous.. I’m actually not sure he was ever above 3%), and other than him, all the other candidates have offended just about everyone in the country, pandering to “The Right”, and they wouldn’t possibly get any votes from independents that would put them anywhere near to a victory in the general election.

For instance.. Michele Bachmann has been running around saying she wants to deport 12 million illegal aliens. This is because nobody had asked her what Bill O’Reilly finally asked her to her face, which was “How do you plan to do that? o_O”. Her answer was “Enforce the laws that aren’t currently being enforced”.

Obviously, that doesn’t make ANY SENSE, because you can only enforce laws against people who BREAK. THE. LAW., so O’Reilly asked her if she understood how costly it was going to be to go door-to-door, finding the 12 million aliens, arresting them, processing them, and flying them out of the country. Of course, she had no reply for that, because her plan was stupid to begin with. It’s just NONSENSE she was talking in order to try to be nominated, just like waving a magic wand and creating $2 gasoline in a free market economy (about which she has ALSO not offered a viable plan).

Then, you have Santorum saying something ridiculous every week. He’ll be off the stage soon. I predict he’ll have enough after the first round of voting, which is coming up in 3-4 weeks. SEEYA! >:D

Then, there was Cain, talking about electrified fences and drones to keep Mexicans in Mexico. Haven’t heard jack-**** from him in a full week, ever since he “suspended” his campaign. SEEYA! >:D

Then, you have Ron Paul, who has really, really good ideas, assuming you live in the gold-rush era of the United States Wild West. 🙂 Basically, his idea for life is “Every man for himself”. Get rid of federal this and that, and if your house floats down the river, it sucks to be you. He won’t be nominated, and he MOST CERTAINLY will never be elected President.

Then, you have Perry, who was at the top of the statistics until the first time he opened his mouth… From then on, it’s been one glaring embarrassment after another, and even before all of his gaffes, President Obama was being kind to him… I should say, before AMERICA heard all of Perry’s blunders. I’m sure there’s an entire file full of them that Obama was already aware of by the time he made this statement:

YouTube Link =>

President Obama: “You know.. Mr. Perry just got in the Presidental race, and I think that everybody who runs for President, it probably takes them a little bit of time before they start realizing that this isn’t like running for Governor or running for Senator or running for Congress, and you’ve gotta be a little more careful about what you say.. But I’ll cut him some slack, he’s only been at it for a few days now”

And then it was just downhill, downhill, downhill, downhill…

So the only person left that hasn’t completely, utterly, absolutely disqualified himself from the race is Gingrich. He’s currently receiving all the Not-Romney or Anti-Romney or Anybody-But-Romney poll votes.

So, it would seem that since Romney can’t get past 25% EVAR in the polls, that now that Gingrich is pulling higher numbers, Republicans would be talking Gingrich, Gingrich, Gingrich now, right?…


What?… Who?

The last few days, I’ve been hearing about JEB BUSH, who was never a part of this process AT ALL, from the giddyap!

Of course, I wondered if maybe someone made a mistake, but a different pundit mentioned his name, and a different pundit on a different station, and I was like WTF is going on here? o_O

ALL OF A SUDDEN, what they’re talking about is a “Brokered Convention”

A brokered convention is a situation in United States politics in which there are not enough delegates ‘won’ during the presidential primary and caucus elections for a single candidate to have a pre-existing majority, during the first official vote for a political party’s presidential-candidate at its nominating convention.

Once the first ballot, or vote, has occurred, and no candidate has a majority of the delegates’ votes, the convention is then considered brokered; thereafter, the nomination is decided through a process of alternating political horse-trading, and additional re-votes.[1][2][3][4] In this circumstance, all regular delegates (who, previously, were pledged to the candidate who had won their respective state’s primary or caucus election) are “released,” and are able to switch their allegiance to a different candidate before the next round of balloting. It is hoped that this ‘freedom’ will result in a re-vote resulting in a clear majority of delegates for one candidate.

Do you think the pundits might have mentioned this MONTHS AGO? 😀 ******* IDIOTS! 😀

Start From Scratch

If this circus act becomes a Brokered Convention, the Republicans can turn around and nominate anybody they want, so they can easily replace one of these clowns with a viable Republican candidate.

How might this happen?” rel=”nofollow”>

Less noticed, but no less important, is the new GOP voting system, which is set up for early primary and caucus states to vote first, followed by all other proportionally allocated delegate states next. From April 1 on, the winner-take-all primary and caucus states will vote. That means a weak front-runner can earn victories in early states without taking a commanding share of that state’s delegates, while several challengers can lose, but still rack up a decent delegate total.

Ron Paul, for instance, is often overlooked by the media as a factor because his ceiling of support in the polls appears to be between 10 and 15 percent. But since his floor of support isn’t far below that, he will be able to pick up a chunk of delegates who won’t be available to Romney. The same will be true for Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry if they stay in the race — and the latter has plenty of cash still on hand.

But Not Mitt Romney won’t be on the ballot, right? Well, yes and no. Several candidates who aren’t Mitt Romney are likely to be on the ballot in all 50 states. If a majority of the party agrees on nothing more than Not Mitt Romney, the real Mitt Romey cannot enter April with a majority of delegates. If Romney is able to climb to even 30 percent nationally in the pre-April states — something he hasn’t done in a single national poll — and wins a corresponding percentage of the vote, he would still have only 349 delegates. That means he would need to capture 868 of the 1,217 winner-take-all delegates to capture the nomination through the primary process. His only hope is that the other candidates have dropped out.

And, if they do, why exactly would the party leaders step in to save Romney’s nomination? Rather than settle for a nominee incapable of generating enthusiasm, they could use the convention to find a candidate more in tune with the Republican voters.

BOOYAH!!! 😀 HAHAHA Enter Jeb Bush!!! >:D

So the final joke might be on everybody watching these shenanigans.

If Romney splits all the delegates before April with Gingrich, Paul & Perry (Bachmann & Santorum will be out of the race looooong before then) and then loses pathetically in the South, because they don’t feel like voting for a Mormon, all this may have been for nothing, as the Republicans nominate whomever they like for the general election, including Chris Christie, Paul Ryan or anybody else that formerly claimed they weren’t going to run.

Thinkin’ Of A Master Plan

Unfortunately for the Republicans, by the time that happens, their obstructionist tactics and blatant disregard for the poor will have fully backfired on them and it won’t matter who they send to lose to Obama.

If this workers’ tax cut and extended unemployment benefits plan isn’t passed, the blame will be placed on Republicans, every single day, from now until election day.

If nobody gets a job, it will be blamed on the Republicans, every day.

If the troops that just returned home can’t find work, it will be blamed on the Republicans, every day.

Oh.. I forgot Gingrich.. I fully expect him to self-destruct before he gains enough delegates to be nominated. He SHOULD, however, be able to block Romney enough to catalyze the Brokered Convention.

I’d like to believe that this is the actual Republican master plan.. That they have some super-nominee waiting in the wings, practicing INTELLIGENT answers about foreign policy, prepping debate skills, and practicing speeches.

Having seen them send Palin last cycle, I think that concept is highly unlikely, and I continue to be amazed and amused that the Republicans REFUSE to send their best & brightest to challenge Barack Obama for the Presidency of the United States of America. Follow Bill via Google+ | Facebook | Twitter | Email Subscription | RSS Feed

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  1. Stay in the game a little longer. Your analysis is spot on and very insightful. I’ll go back after the Republican primary and check for accuracy.

  2. Ah HA! Hadn’t heard any mention of Jeb or a Brokered Convention before now. Thanks for the update, Bill. It’s nice I can always count on you to see what’s what in this circus.

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