Oh, Life..
Is bigger..
It’s bigger than you.
And you are not me.
~ R.E.M.

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Back in the day, when I used to play the relationship game, I had a few girlfriends..


I didn’t think anything of it at the time. It’s easy to have multiple girlfriends by not giving them what they want.

Females have this strange ability to really, really, REALLY want to physically hook up with you, but to find mentally-based excuses to withhold things from you that you never asked them for.. like fidelity.

Guys aren’t like that. When we’re sexually attracted to a woman, it propels us FORWARD in the relationship, not BACKWARD. The more a gal likes you, the more mental roadblocks she throws in her own way, blocking herself from purely enjoying her time with you because she’s so busy trying to figure out whether she looks like a slut, or whether she gave it up too soon, or whether she can get you to take her to dinner instead of just going to her house and hittin’ it whenever you get in the mood, and all other kinds of nonsense that guys never think about.

I mean, seriously.. Think about it. 🙂 When was the last time a guy was concerned that he screwed a chick too soon and she had lost “respect” for him? haha Never.

When was the last time a guy was concerned about a gal taking him out to dinner instead of inviting him to her crib and immediately hoppin’ on tha dilznick? hah Never.

Nobody cares about these things. A gal looks good or she doesn’t. You want to hit it or you don’t. She’s down with it or she isn’t. You have a good time with her or you don’t. It’s all very simple, and it’s extremely funny, watching women mentally run all over creation to eventually arrive in the exact same place where you’ve been chillin’, waiting for her to stop bullshitting and act like a grown-ass woman that does what she wants to do when she wants to do it.

So, Anyway.. It’s easy to have multiple girlfriends, because they take themselves out of the game. THEY’RE the ones that are concerned about you committing to them, not the other way around, yet, if you deny them certain things, they get on some “SISTAHS ARE DOIN’ IT FOR THEMSELVES”, Equal Rights tip, and start trying to blackmail you with giving ***** to the next man if you don’t commit to them.

Meanwhile, you have three other chicks that are saying the exact same thing, so you can afford to have one or two or three go offline for a few months, because unless you’re down to ZERO WOMEN, you’re still 100% in the game.

In fact.. The more women that you know that go on strike, the *EASIER* is is for you to have multiple girlfriends, because there’s less maintenance involved. The more they front on you, the more time and energy you have to screw the next chick.

The reason I brought up the multiple-girlfriend scenario wasn’t merely yet another self-aggrandizing post about “The Kid”… I wanted to talk about poachers, schemers, potential cockblockers.

If you only have one girlfriend, obviously, there’s no way that your girlfriendS are going to have overlapping social circles.

As soon as you have two or more, you have to be concerned that any friend of one of them might also be a friend of another one.

If that happens, you have to have your hierarchy set up properly, or else the entire house of cards could crumble. You have to know what the order is.. Which chick you’re willing to lose if she finds out about the other one(s). That’s your only defense against cockblocking.. Preemptively informing the most important women about what’s actually going on.

This is bad enough when it only involves a chain of women. Once guys get involved, it turns into a different situation.

Women just say a bunch of hypothetical nonsense, like “GIRRRRLLLL???… I wouldn’t even STAND for that because BLAH BLAH BLAH” when they know damned well that as long as their boyfriend hits it properly, they STFU and take whatever he gives them.

All that does is cause temporary confusion for the affected girlfriend(s) until you set them straight with logic and they get their minds right.

When guys get involved with this process, it’s different, because the only reason they’re talking to your girlfriends in the first place is that they’re trying to have sex with them.

The way The Game is set up, guys pretend to be friends with women until they can figure out how to get them to spread their legs. It’s during this precarious time that your girlfriends are likely to be influenced by guys that they don’t believe have ulterior motives in cockblocking you. They think the guy is their “friend”, so he’s telling them something that will help them live their lives efficiently. In fact, he’s trying to get them to stop sexually focusing on YOU so they can get their foot in the door, or get their chocolate in her peanut butter, so to speak.

If you have a proper network of friends, and you have the proper relationships to your girlfriends, you’re informed of these insubordination attempts. You hear about who it was that tried to influence your girlfriend, what they said, where it happened, how they know each other, etc.

So it’s funny to hear about how guys attempt to undermine your relationship(s) by gathering information and snitching on you to chicks that they assume don’t know what’s going on. They know the rules of The Game, and they know your girlfriend knows the rules, so they stack up a list of your rules violations and attempt to sink your battleship.

Unfortunately.. That only works against people that were following the rules to begin with. I never followed rules because I don’t have to. I don’t have to promise chicks things to get them to hook up with me. They want to do it or they don’t. If they don’t want to, I can convince them that THEY DO, or I can’t. >:D

I was editing a video yesterday, and this guy’s girlfriend was on the screen, and she’s a model, really cute, etc, but all I was thinking of the entire time was “This is the chick that this guy has promised not to have sex with ANY other females on the planet for? :D”.

It doesn’t make any sense. 🙂 I guess I’m the Ron Paul of relationships. Free Will. Free Agency. I’m not offering you jack-**** in exchange for hooking up with me. Do it if you feel like it. If you don’t, do something else. Nobody cares. We enjoy our time with each other or we don’t.

If that’s how you met chicks from the giddyap, and they finally figured out that you were serious and not just writing controversial ish to increase your blog post readership, your relationship gels and solidifies in a different way from dudes that promise fidelity and then get caught cheating.

Since guys don’t actually know you and can’t possibly fathom the depth of your relationship to your girlfriends (or THEIR girlfriends), they think they can undermine you by informing chicks that you’re dating that you’re dating other chicks.

Being that any chick I’m messing with can KICK ROCKS if she doesn’t enjoy our time together, I’m always amused by hearing about these feeble attempts at peeling my girlfriends.

The ensuing conversation goes essentially like this:

  1. Her: Some dude told me XYZ
  2. Me: ok.. What are you going to do about it?
  3. Her: ….. What do you mean “What am I going to do?”
  4. Me: I mean, you’re going to stop messing with me, or what?
  5. Her: Well.. No.. But..
  6. Me: So why are we talking about this?
  7. Her: …………

Basically, Ladies… If your FUNCTIONALITY in a relationship isn’t going to change because of a situation, the situation isn’t worth discussing.

If you’re going to feel differently, or talk differently about me to your friends, or roll your eyes to the left instead of to the right from now on, nobody cares, if it doesn’t functionally affect my relationship to you.

I don’t give a damn what women are doing with the next man while I’m doing my own things that don’t concern them. It’s like DADC.. Don’t Ask, Don’t Care.

So, While these dudes probably succeeded in getting laid a bunch of times with chicks I was currently messing with, they never got what they actually wanted, which was to gain full control over the female.

This is because, at the end of the day, I’m me and they aren’t.

They can offer fidelity all day (they’re probably lying, BTW), but they’re offering faithfulness from an inferior male.

You can’t do what I do, because you have no idea what I do. All you know is what YOU do and what you’ve seen on television and the movies and the information you’ve gleaned from your similarly-unsuccessful homeboys.

You can’t come anywhere near to having the relationship to her that I currently have to her. If I decided to play her and tell her I was exclusive with her, you’d get shut out, immediately. Today. Right this minute. Phone. Email. Text. You’re done.

You can’t do that to me because I’m not playing by the rules.

I know your limitations and you don’t know mine.

If you were me, you’d actually have a chance, but you’re not, so you don’t.

Conversely.. I’m not interested in blocking you from getting what you want from any female you find attractive.

I don’t have time (or interest, frankly) to do all the stuff you’re claiming you’re going to do for her, so take her out on dates, take her on vacations (oh.. I’ll veto it if you try to take one of my chicks to Aruba), buy her clothes and jewelry, give her titles like “girlfriend” and “fiancee”, marry her, have kids with her, do whatever you want to do with her. More power to ya! Good luck with that! 😀

Just be aware that so long as she’s still physically attractive, The Kid is still on the case. >:D haha Just because you feel like you got over on me and stole one of my chicks doesn’t mean that’s what actually happened.

She may have been lent to you, or perhaps even rented. o_O

She might never have been “with” me to begin with, but was just spending time with me until someone felt like sweeping her off her feat and subsidizing her lifestyle.

Either way, the only way to remove the next man from the equation is to bring the same thing he’s bringing to the table and then more, which is why I don’t bother.

Women are Free Agents just as much as men are. Once you realize that, you’ll learn to get what you can get from them and let that be that. The concept of locking a chick down or putting her in “deep check” is for amateurs.

All you can do is be the best man you can be for her and offer her as much of what she tells you she wants as you can… What you CAN’T do is be ME, just like I can’t be you.

Stop focusing on *MY* relationship to your girlfriend and concentrate on your own.

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  1. I’ll bite. = )

    Why do guys get so possessive, then? And not just shmoes. Hot guys. Players. Men with money. All that. Why do THEY want to lock a girl down? And then; when the guy gets caught…. to society at large; TIger Woods isn’t much of a hero anymore.

    I feel society rules are a much stronger force than you seem to think, Bill. I get it that you don’t play by the rules. My guy friends would def hit a hot chick who was down to hit; but if they learned she was hitting every other guy on the block most would stop hitting it. In my world, men throw “slut” around much more than the women. I didn’t make those rules; but I live by them. If a woman over the age of 25 is not looking for a relationship; society puts a ? on her status. That’s why Hollywood female actors must always be “in” one. WIthout one, she is pathetic. Or gay. Or in need of re-hab and some structure.

    Women fret and worry because we have to. Men don’t. On the other hand; if I marry for money it’s ok. If a man does, he has no balls. Or is about to lose them. Tough game out there.

    While you may be successful w women now; what about your future? I can eat 4,000 calorie meals all day; but it isn’t a good long term strategy for staying in shape. Young people can bang all they want; but that game of musical chairs stops someday. Most everyone in their 20’s is hot. Not so much for the oldies.

    And yeah, yeah, jerks from 45+ brag on their prowess. Mmmhhmmm. Women are just being polite. There is a difference. If she says differently; she’s lying. Men’s egos are way to fragile to tell them the truth about anything penis related.

    Women care about relating. It’s why we think we have male friends. Men care about getting laid. It’s why you keep buying women who have no intention of sleeping with you a drink and listening to her blather. One of these two has to crack sometime. It’s usually when a better offer comes along! But for many….that ship has sailed.

    1. lolol Hey, Kay. 🙂 *waves*

      Locking women down is a sport. It’s like football or baseball.

      Guys like to believe that they’re so great that they have control over “THEIR girlfriend” or “THEIR wife”. When they find out the next man hit it, it minimizes THEIR ego. It has nothing to do with the female herself, but his lacking the ability to shut out the next man from “scoring”, just like in regular sports.

      Also.. How is Tiger Woods *not* a hero? o_O haha He was trained from birth to excel in a sport he was never supposed to excel in, became the top player in it, became very wealthy, screwed a lot of attractive women, selected one to pop kids out for him, kept screwing attractive women, and ultimately got caught because he’s an idiot and let his wife look at his phone.

      One stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid mistake/policy doesn’t make someone “Not A Hero”. 🙂 He got caught doing what a lot of guys do.. Living his life. He had no intention of being “faithful” to his wife, he didn’t, and he had sex with as many chicks as he could afford. That’s the American Dream!.. Not cheating on one’s wife, but having what you want in life.

      If he’s not a hero now, it’s because guys can’t afford to root for him, or else their girlfriends will stop putting out. In their heart-of-hearts, however, they wish they a) could have excelled in a sport (or ANYTHING) the way Tiger did/does, b) could have been as rich as he is, and c) could have afforded (or even met) the list of women that he had/has sex with = a hero. 🙂

      As far as society’s rules, you have to think about it as a sport as well, Kay.

      If the guy prides himself in his ability to “get in her panties”, OF COURSE, he’s going to low-rate her when he finds out that EVERYONE can get some from her, because it diminishes HIS self-image. He didn’t really do anything, did he? He was just next in line.

      The WIN of the sport is that you did something extraordinary.. Something that most other guys couldn’t possibly have done, and that’s the trophy that goes on your mantle. Again.. It has nothing to do with y’all, and everything to do with us. “I hit it, He can’t. I win! :D”

      As far as “sluts”, I kicked it about that here => http://billcammack.com/2008/11/18/sluts-whores/

      Also, you’re right. If a gal makes it over a certain age, she’s talked about as if she’s strange if she isn’t in a relationship.. EVEN IF she’s already BEEN in a relationship and it’s over now. That’s what comes from too many people watching television and thinking “happily ever after” and not paying attention to the persistent statistics that 50% of relationships don’t last.

      Agreed that women have to fret and men don’t. There’s no such thing as a male slut, because we’re not the ones that get pregnant. That whole concept is built to shame women into keeping y’all’s legs closed so dudes don’t have to wonder who the father is of “their girlfriend’s” or “their wife’s” kid.

      Also, as I mentioned earlier, if all women were easy, where would men derive their self-esteem from when we bagged one of y’all? >:D

      Good point about marrying for money. That’s the movie-believed tradeoff. Women have sex for money, men give up money for sex. Go outside of that and you’re a weirdo.

      The Future is a MAJOR consideration for people in the dating game, Kay. 🙂 .. I’d love to see statistics on how many people thought they were going to end up with some fantastic significant other and then at the end of the day, realized they should have stuck with people that were REALLY down for them instead of keeping being greedy and hooking up with anyone that they could seduce…

      Another thing I’d like to see statistics on is Men’s Egos! 😀 haha.. It’s funny to me how women think men care if y’all “fake it”. 🙂

      Of course, it makes sense if you think about it as a sport, as I’ve been saying. Y’all like to believe that the guy prides himself on hitting a home run (catalyzing the chick to climax), but the pride is involved in getting her to spread her legs AT ALL. 🙂 haha Anything else is a fringe benefit. 🙂

  2. This really makes me think about the guy “friends” in my life. I’m starting to see that most of the men I talk to and interact with as friends are usually checking me out, lol. What’s also interesting is the married male friends in my life or on my facebook friends list.

    One of these married friends sends me private messages occasionally and even asked me to call him. Now why would I need to call him when he is already sending me a message? I am closer friends to his wife than him and wouldn’t even consider dating him so I never did make that call, lol.

    There are a lot of married men friend requests on my facebook as well. I didn’t even know these men before they were married and can’t think of any other reason to be fb friends. They are just hanging in limbo until I decide to confirm or ignore that request.

    I tried to end it with my friend with benefits this past summer and just be friends. We hung out once after that as friends but it was awkward and the sexual tension was still there. The next time we hung out it was obvious he wanted the benefits back by the way he was all over me! So now I’m pretty sure he is only pretending to be friends so can get much closer with me later.

    1. lol, First of all, Avis, he’s not trying to date you, he’s trying to **** you. 🙂

      Second of all, of course that dude is just pretending. 🙂

      His only choices were to agree not to screw you and stay in the pocket, or go “Nah.. **** That! >:D” and then you wouldn’t have hung out with him and he DEFINITELY doesn’t get laid.

      If nothing changed about your body type, he still wants to hit it.

      If you’re the one that called the sex off, there’s no way he’s cool with that or agrees with your decision.

  3. I agree with you about this guy and can’t figure out how to make it right between us. It probably won’t ever be a real relationship. Somehow I’ve turned into the mistress/sex object/not wife material. It’s frustrating to be that girl! Casual sex is awesome for men and rotten for most women. We get all these feelings for the man while he can just walk away. I don’t want feelings!! LOL. 😀

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