I’ve had a couple of interesting conversations recently on the topic of men inviting women out for dates. Perhaps this is an indication that I should reevaluate the situation.

The way I see it, there’s no point in “asking a chick out”, unless a) you intend to hit it ASAP, or b) you’re looking for an actual girlfriend and you’re considering her for the job opening.

As I’ve been saying for years, The Kid doesn’t date. I hang out with chicks and whatever happens happens and whatever doesn’t happen doesn’t happen.

There’s no point in specifically designating a hangout with a chick as a date, because the same thing’s going to happen either way. There are dudes that get laid from hanging out with chicks, and there are dudes that DON’T get laid from going on dates with chicks! 😀 haha What’s the point? \o/

In fact, you’re making it worse for yourself if you frame it as a date, because she’s expecting you to press up on her. You’re telegraphing to her that you’re trying to hook up with her. You’re skewing her vision of your hangout from the giddyap.

OTOH, women (of course) clamor that by NOT framing your hangout as a “date”, you’re skewing her perception in the other direction. By not aggressively pursuing her, you have her thinking “He doesn’t want to screw me”, which colors her reaction to your invitation and makes her feel like you want to be “Just Friends” with her.

That’s actually irrelevant, because regardless of what she thinks, she’ll get the picture when you press up.

Also, if you frame it as a date and she accepts, then she’s going to put her best foot forward to look as good as she possibly can at this point in time. If you frame it as a hangout, she may very well show up looking like a bum, and then you know what you’re REALLY going to get if you continue to spend time with her.

Women think too much as it is, so you really don’t want to add to their troubles by putting them under the pressure of wondering how their date is going. How they’re doing. How they look. Whether you like her or not. Whether you’re ever going to “ask her out” again. Whether you’re going to stalk her Facebook page. Whether you’re going to dump her after sex. Whether you’re hooking up with any of her friends, sisters or aunts…

I live in New York City with literally MILLIONS of women. I meet new women every week. If I were pressed to do it, I could meet women every day of the year. There’s no shortage whatsoever of female company here. In fact, the ratio is something like 5:1 in my favor. Even if every single guy here isolated one chick, that still leaves 4 out of every 5 chicks for me, which is like hundreds of thousands of women, if not a couple million.

That’s assuming I never leave New York City.

It’s easier to want to go on dates and have girlfriends and stuff like that when you live in the sticks and your best bet in life is to hook up with and eventually marry Becky Sue.

I think that’s great! 😀 I’m happy for people that live and enjoy the simple life. 🙂

Perhaps it’s time to start unnecessarily inviting women out on dates for the experimental value. o_O

I really detest how women react completely differently to the exact same situation because of what you name it, such as ******* vs. “making love”… You tell a chick you want to make love to her and she’s falling all over herself in a romantic stupor. You tell a chick you want to **** her, which is exactly the same thing, and you get all kinds of obstacles and opposition! 😀 haha So Annoying! 😀

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