ok.. I’ve seen enough Republican tomfoolery to drop my overall prediction for how the 2012 Presidential election is going to go. >:D

As far as my predictions for New Hampshire, I was right that Romney was going to win (everybody knew that). I had hoped that Huntsman would edge out Paul, but he didn’t. I had thought that Santorum would be ahead of Gingrich, but he wasn’t. Perry was at the bottom, where he should have been, since he didn’t even campaign in New Hampshire, and Bachmann got 343 votes, even though she already dropped out of the race.

Here’s what I think is going to happen, going forward, which should result in the reelection of President Obama:


Gingrich is upset because he thought he was going to get over with “Thou shalt not speak ill of another Republican”, and Romney was like “**** That! >:D”

According to the pundits, Iowa television was inundated with negative ads about Gingrich, which I’ve spoken about, previously.

If this had been 1975, their money would have been spent. Since it isn’t, those videos will live on on YouTube ad infinitum. They were used in New Hampshire. They will be used in South Carolina. They will be used by Democrats. They will be used with Green Eggs And Ham… Forever.

Gingrich couldn’t do anything about this because he didn’t have any money in his campaign to match the Super PAC that’s backing Romney’s play… However… *NOW*, some dude gave Gingrich 5 million dollars to go berserk with ads in South Carolina. >:D

This money will be spent trashing Romney’s name and achievements by calling him a “Vulture Capitalist” (instead of Venture Capitalist, haha so funny! :D) because of how he’s made his money by taking over companies and making decisions for them that have resulted in LOTS of job losses, while also creating jobs.

This campaign will be extremely effective to make Romney look bad, because Romney won’t show people the documents that compare the number of people who LOST JOBS to the number of people who gained them because of his company.

Similarly, Romney doesn’t want to reveal his tax data, which, of course, would indicate whether or not he’s still profiting from people losing their jobs.

So, Gingrich, himself, is finished. Kaput. Any time he makes a move, people are going to break out the YouTube videos that Romney’s Super PAC and Ron Paul’s team made about him, and then he’s going to stay with a very low percentage of votes in every single primary and caucus.

He already knows this, so he’s on a kamikaze mission to take Romney down with him, which will result in even MORE useful material for the Democrats to use in the general election, since, like I said from the giddyap, Romney was the only actual candidate that the Republicans fielded this cycle, and was always going to be their nominee.


I have to give the Ron Paul supporters their props, because they’ve really sustained their candidate and kept him in good position, even though neither Democratic nor Republican pundits wanted to talk about him this entire time. They have to talk about Paul *NOW*, or else they’ll look like they don’t know what the **** they’re doing.

Last I checked, Paul didn’t have enough money for television ads in Florida, so he was skipping campaigning there, and going straight to the next state in the order. That might have changed after his strong 2nd place showing in New Hampshire, if he received an infusion of cash.

Either way, he’s running a week-to-week operation, and he really shouldn’t be able to keep up with the war machine that Romney already has available, fully-oiled and properly running, so I can’t imagine Paul receiving the Republican nomination.

Paul’s role, going forward, will be a factual dismantling of Romney’s position, which, again, will add to the ammunition that the Democrats have for the general election.


I kept telling you people that there WAS. NO. SANTORUM. SURGE! >:D

Santorum received a religious endorsement in Iowa from a group that doesn’t have any props in New Hampshire. Case Closed.

He was polling at 10% before he got that endorsement. He “surged” because 57% of the people that voted in the Iowa caucus identified themselves as Evangelical Christians. He went to New Hampshire and received his requisite 10% of the vote, just like I said.

The pundits don’t want to talk about this, because then they’d have to talk about the issue of Romney and Huntsman being Mormons, which obviously wasn’t a problem in New Hampshire, as they ranked #1 and #3 out of the six remaining candidates, with Santorum ranking #5, because Perry didn’t even campaign in NH and ended up #6.

Santorum’s role going forward is going to be to split the religious vote with Perry, nullifying both of their opportunities to make any real waves.

His other role is going to be to keep spewing wrong-side-of-history statements that are going to make Republicans in general look bad to independents.

Other than that, he shouldn’t have much effect on the inevitable nominee, Romney, because he’s not spending money on negative television/YouTube advertisements about him.

Santorum has no money and no boots-on-the-ground infrastucture, so he shouldn’t be going very far past South Carolina.


Perry should have quit when he had the chance, after Iowa! πŸ˜€ haha

The *ONLY* reason Perry should stick around is that he has religious backing from the Bible Belt. If that doesn’t create a situation-based “surge” like Santorum received, he needs to pack it up for real and go back to Texas and stay there.

If he doesn’t do well in South Carolina, Perry needs to just quit, because all he’s doing is splitting the religious vote with Santorum. Nobody, Nobody, Nobody, Nobody, NOBODY wants to see him try to debate Barack Obama! πŸ˜€ HAHAHA

Perry got basically no votes in Iowa, he got almost absolutely no votes in New Hampshire.. If he doesn’t receive a massive turnout in South Carolina, it’s going to be way too late to BEGIN getting votes / securing delagates at the FOURTH contest in the series.


Even though I’ve known this whole time that they were going to send Romney to the big dance, I had been hoping against hope that Huntsman would be able to sway enough voters to be competitive for the nomination.

I’m not sure that pulling 40,000 votes to Mitt Romney’s 95,000 votes makes the case.

Either way, Huntsman’s heading to South Carolina to try it again. He may as well. He has infinite cash. His pops is like the original baller, shot caller! πŸ˜€ haha en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jon_Huntsman,_Sr. .. Dude *INVENTED* the “clamshell” container for McDonald’s Big Mac that we still use to this very day, so Huntsman may as well spend a bunch more money campaigning in SC, since it’s a drop in the bucket.

I’m also not sure that pulling fewer votes than Ron Paul makes the case, either.

New Hampshire was Jon Huntsman’s high water mark. He skipped Iowa entirely to campaign there this entire time, and he came away with 17% of the votes, compared to Romney’s 40%.

The Utah Primary doesn’t even happen until June www.2012presidentialelectionnews.com/2012-republican-primary-schedule/, and Huntsman should be out of the race WAAAAAAAY before June! πŸ˜€

The way I see it, if he doesn’t do extremely well in South Carolina, he needs to hang it up with Perry.

I’m a fan of what Huntsman is saying and the way he carries himself and that he took Utah to #1 in job creation during his terms as Governor, but business is business. >:D


According to me, this sends Romney to the general election to attempt to defeat President Barack Obama.

At first, I saw this as slightly possible. Now, I don’t.

Through the first series of debates, the candidates didn’t want to say anything to or about Romney. This is because he was never the frontrunner. All these non-candidates were having surges which lasted as long as it took for the press to find out the very slightest things about them, and then the public was like “Nahhhhh! :/”.

So Romney got to stand there looking Presidential, without actually saying anything.

Now that people have realized that he’s the only candidate that was ever fielded by the Republicans this cycle, they’ve been going at him in real-time, and he’s been folding.

He offered a $10,000 bet to Rick Perry, knowing that he (Romney) is worth approximately 250 million dollars… Are you ******* KIDDING??? >:D

Romney worth up to $264 million; earned up to $68,000 per speech before campaign

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, who made part of his fortune as co-founder of a private equity firm, and his wife have personal financial assets worth as much as $264 million, according to disclosure documents filed Friday.

The records suggest that Romney may have seen a small, but limited, drop in wealth during one of the nation’s worst economic downturns, with a maximum asset value about 8 percent lower than what he reported during his first White House bid in 2007.

The numbers underscore an issue that poses both a benefit and a challenge for the former Massachusetts governor, who points to his business experience as evidence of his ability to lead the country.

But Romney, who grew up in a wealthy family before expanding his fortunes at the Bain Capital equity firm, also has struggled to portray himself as a candidate in touch with the lives of regular voters.

Since then, he’s said and done a bunch of other stuff that give away that fact that (rightfully so, because he’s always been rich) he’s not in touch with American workers AT. ALL.

Most importantly, he’s committed unforced errors as well as having been baited into errors by the likes of such debate geniuses as Rick Perry.

It’s become apparent that as long as Romney has memorized his flash cards, he can seem like he’s giving a spontaneous, intelligent presentation, but as soon as he tries to ad-lib, he ends up staying stupid-but-authentic things like “I like being able to fire people who provide services to me”:

YouTube Link => youtu.be/nBfWB64iHAs

The link I posted has the entire context of what he was talking about, which was insurance providers, but the important part is that you can see and hear the change in his demeanor. πŸ™‚ He was running his mouth and as soon as he said that, people in the crowd started chuckling, and you see Romney go “OH ****! :O” and every word he says after that is like BUH-B, BUH-B, stumbling and bumbling all over the place, because he got nervous, realizing that he had tipped his hand.

The short version of that video that only has him saying “I like being able to fire people who provide services to me” will be played over and over, whenever he attempts to run for *ANY* public office for the rest of his life.

This indicates to me that Romney will continue to commit these gaffes, to the ultimate delight of the people in charge of Obama’s reelection campaign, and also that when he finally has to debate Barack Obama, he’s going to get sorely embarrassed every time he’s forced outside of his cue-card comfort zone.

Hail To The Chief

So, No.. I’m not seeing it anymore. I feel like the 2012 Republican nomination process has provided the blueprint / roadmap for the reelection of our current President, Barack Obama.

The extraneous, unelectable “candidates” will continue to buzz around and create more anti-Romney media for the Democrats to use in the general election.

If they were smart / unselfish, they would decide on one of them to be nominated and all the rest of them would drop out.

In a two-person contest, you can’t win with 39.4% of the vote. πŸ˜€

In a three-person contest, you have very good odds of winning with those many votes. There are currently six people involved, and there shouldn’t be.

Perry should drop out because it’s clear that people don’t see him as smart enough to be able to defeat President Obama in the general election.

Santorum should drop out unless he has a string of religious endorsements coming up very soon.

Huntsman should drop out if his message doesn’t resonate in South Carolina, because that means his gambit didn’t work and probably won’t work during the rest of the nomination process.

Gingrich should drop out because he’s been statistically eliminated by Romney’s Super PAC’s onslaught of negative ads about him, and he’ll never recover from that.

Ron Paul *SHOULDN’T* drop out, because he’s having the time of his life! πŸ˜€

YouTube Link => youtu.be/Da6irSCvnZY

Play On, Playah!!! >:D hahaha Get Yo’ *CELEBRATE* On! πŸ˜€ hahaha

But, Yeah.. When the dust settles, Romney is going to be the nominee, but his fellow Republicans will have researched and revealed so many flaws in his background, ideas, style and personality that it’ll be a cakewalk for the Obama team to trounce him in the general election.

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