Ron Paul FTW

Ron Paul clearly won last night’s CNN Republican debate.

Watch this 28-second video to understand why. 😀

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If you didn’t/couldn’t see the video, here’s what’s said in it:

  • John King: “Congressman Paul, you’ve questioned the Conservative.. Fiscal Conservative credentials of all these gentlemen, but particularly this week, senator Santorum. You have a new television ad that labels him a fake…. Why?”
  • Ron Paul: “Because he’s a fake! 😀 HAHAHAHAHA”
  • Crowd Cheers, Laughs, and Applauds.

The point being, instead of doing sucker moves like Romney and putting up all kinds of negative advertisements about other candidates and then playing it off IN PERSON like as if you didn’t have anything to do with it, Ron Paul not only took responsibility for his advertisement, but he backed it up, called Santorum a fake TO HIS FACE, since he was sitting right next to him, and then proceeded to explain *WHY* he’s a fake:

Ron Paul: “I find it really fascinating that, uh, when people are running for office, they’re really fiscally conservative. When they’re in office, they do something different, and then when they explain themselves, they say ‘Oh! I want to repeal that’.

So, the senator voted for “No Child Left Behind”, but, NOW, he VOTED FOR IT, but now he’s running on the effort to get rid of it.. So.. I think the record is SO BAD, for the politicians.”

My friend Charles always complains and cries when I say “Ron Paul isn’t electable.” 😀

I would like to explain that what I mean is that Ron Paul is too REAL for the voters. Voters are used to politicians that lie to their faces and then do whatever they feel like doing once they get elected. Voters are used to representatives that vote AGAINST their being able to get jobs when they need jobs. Voters are used to politicians that don’t mind poisoning the water where you live so they can make money somewhere else. The problem is that they find out about these situations *AFTER* the politician is elected, not *BEFORE*. 😀

So, when Ron Paul says we should bring the troops fighting unnecessary foreign wars back to the USA so they can patrol the Mexican border, That’s. What. He. Means. and people are shocked by it. Therefore, they’re more likely to vote for the candidate that lies to their face or avoids the question so that you NEVER know what he or she thinks about a topic until it’s too late.

So, when Ron Paul pays for an ad that calls Santorum a fake, that’s because That’s. What. He. Means., and he’s willing to say it to his face, and he has the evidence to back up his claims.

YouTube Link =>

Meanwhile, the other three dudes are sitting there smiling in each other’s faces like as if they haven’t made attack ads and ENTIRE FILMS trying to disrespect each other.

Ron Paul won last night’s CNN Republican debate because he demonstrated that he’s WYSIWYG.

What You See Is What You Get.

We have an authenticity problem with the other three candidates, Gingrich, Santorum, and Romney. This is why this prolonged Republican nomination process has been, and will continue to be the single most important factor leading to President Obama’s reelection…. The more the candidates speak, the more they contradict themselves, the more stupid statements they make when they go off of the script that their handlers trained them to follow, and the more they alienate just about every demographic you can think of.

Can I Get A Witness?

On top of that, they waste time “preaching to the choir”.

What I mean by that is that you have four dudes who are trying to get YOU to select THEM instead of the other three dudes on the stage, right? 😀 .. How come they like to say Obama’s name so much? o_O

If you’re on the stage at a REPUBLICAN DEBATE, against OTHER REPUBLICANS, you should already assume that everyone sitting there, as well as everyone that tuned in to the program (except the people that find it entertaining when you make asshats out of yourselves) is ALREADY DOWN WITH THE PROGRAM of attempting to make President Barack Obama a “One-Term President”.

Therefore, the time you spend mentioning his name… is *WASTED*, because it doesn’t cause anybody listening to you to dislike Obama, *AND* it doesn’t cause anyone who already dislikes Obama to have any more reason to nominate *YOU* than they did before you decided to hop on tha dilznick and talk about Obama some more.

In fact.. From now on, keep listening to a) the debates, and b) the candidates’ interviews on television, and c) their sound bites on the news, and you’ll notice that they say Obama’s name all the time, but they NEEEEEEEEEEEEVER mention Bush. o_O hehe What’s up with that? 😀

Every time a Republican wants to mention a Republican President, they take it all the way back to Reagan. Don’t take my word for it. Just listen to them. See how many times they bring up Bush’s name… Like EITHER ONE OF THEM, because there were TWO Bush Presidents!!! 😀

What’s worse is that by keeping mentioning Obama’s name, they keep reminding people that OBAMA EXISTS, which automatically calls up a direct comparison between them and him, which makes them look even worse than they already do.

Side Note: You’ll notice I didn’t say they’re pale by comparison. hehehe (boooooo, hisssssss, corny! :/) hehehe >:D

But seriously folks, 😀 The Republicans aren’t doing themselves any good by mentioning their opposition so much. Do you see that in commercials? Are there Hyundai commercials where they say “You shouldn’t buy a Porsche because…” No! haha They don’t want you to *REMEMBER* that Porsche EXISTS if they’re trying to get you to purchase a Hyundai. Follow Bill via Google+ | Facebook | Twitter | Email Subscription | RSS Feed

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  1. This might be the realest breakdown I have ever read about politics in general. Ron Paul clearly won the debate, and everyone watching knows that according to drudge. But all anyone wants to talk about is romney and santorum…blows my mind. RP is the best choice against obummer according to the PEOPLE yet he just gets brushed aside as kooky.

    1. Thanks, Miquest 🙂

      Ron Paul is the only one that stands his ground, maintains his position, and calls it as he sees it.

      The rest of them are so busy pandering and trying to sling mud at each other that they can’t stay on-message.

      This race isn’t going to end anytime soon either, so they will have successfully destroyed the Republican brand by the time someone’s actually nominated.

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