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Voluntary Deportation

The problem is that the USA already *HAS* a society of working peasants. They’re called Illegal Immigrants.

Being that this entire land mass was originally inhabited by so-called “Indians” (because Columbus was *NOT* in India when he got here) and what are now known as Mexicans, which is why Eskimos north of the USA and Mexicans south of the USA don’t look too different from each other, the native inhabitants tend to leak back into this country.

Since they’re broke (poor, destitute), yet have skills in landscaping, carpentry, whatever, company owners know that they can pay them sub-Minimum-Wage rates, right here in America.

What are they gonna do? o_O Tell the cops and get deported? 😀

So, the same way “Job Creators” get money overseas from foreign people that they don’t have to pay “properly” for working, the same thing has already been done right here, for a long-ass time.

This is why you hear Republicans clamoring about deporting 11.5 million Mexicans (make no mistake, they’re not talking about Swedes and Japanese when they say Illegal Aliens). They need to clear these people out to make space for the new peasant class that they’re going to create by abolishing Minimum Wage.

Meanwhile, if you listen to them speak, they have no actual plan on how to deport 12 million people. Even Bill O’Reilly asked them to their faces what they were going to do and they stuttered and stammered when he asked them whether they were going to go door-to-door, rounding up Illegals… Bachmann said that when one of them commits a crime, the ICE agents should deport them. O’Reilly said “ok.. What about the people that don’t commit any crimes? o_O” and she had nothing to say for herself.

This is because they’re trying to sell a dream to poor people.

They’re trying to convince them that they actually intend to deport a bunch of non-Americans, so all those CHOICE JOBS like being a busboy or grape-picker for sub-minimum wage will be available so broke Americans can get off of Welfare and Unemployment.

People want to complain that Illegals are TAKING their jobs. That’s not true. Business owners are GIVING the jobs to whomever the lowest bidder is. Americans are currently disallowed to bid less than $7.25 to work for you, while illegals can work for you for $.25 an hour if they’re that desperate.

So, the actual solution isn’t deporting people, but getting business owners to AGREE not to hire Illegals to do anything for them.

According to Mitt Romney, this should set off a round of self-deportation:

YouTube Link =>

Everybody knows it’s better to be broke in Mexico than it is to be broke in Los Angeles. :/

So, again.. You have to realize that Illegals aren’t coming here and Bogarting your jobs. People are finding it economically feasible to hire people that they don’t have to pay very much. If Minimum Wage gets eliminated, all kinds of $2/hour jobs will become available to you, which is way less than the bum makes that stands outside of McDonald’s and opens the door for you, begging you for some change on the way out.

If that dude bums a quarter off of four people in 10 minutes, he’s effectively making $6/hour… begging.

Serfs Up

This is one of the reasons why Welfare programs need to be cut down. You can’t get people to work for less money than they can get by doing nothing and receiving government handouts for free.

Personally, I liked that brief period of time where people had to sweep the floor or something in order to receive their Welfare benefits… SOMEBODY has to sweep the floor. 😀

Unfortunately.. In order to take people off of welfare, you have to have JOBS for them to do. If you’ve shipped all the jobs overseas and you’re hiring Illegal Aliens to do all the sub-Minimum-Wage jobs that no American actually wants to do anyway, you’ve painted yourself into a corner.

So, the idea is that by decreasing social services, you’re going to be able to force people to join the workforce, even though there aren’t any jobs for them to work, and you want to clear out jobs for them to work by deporting Mexicans.

But Wait! 😀 There’s More! 😀

I’ve been seeing television commercials recently about how some groups are also trying to slow down *LEGAL* IMMIGRATION!!! 😀

YouTube Link =>

That has to be the dumbest idea in history.

Slowing down highly-skilled workers and entrepreneurs from LEGALLY becoming a part of the United States economy? 😀

Just stupid.

So it appears that the “Jobs Plan” is merely to remove the competition. Remove the low-level workers from the Minimum Wage jobs, and disallow high-level workers from remaining in the USA and contributing to our economy instead of whatever country they came from.

So these particular *IDIOTS* would have liked to have deported Sergey Brin so he could go create GOOGLE in Russia! 😀

Sergey Mikhaylovich Brin (Russian: Сергей Михайлович Брин; born August 21, 1973) is a Russian-born American computer scientist and Internet entrepreneur who, with Larry Page, co-founded Google, one of the most profitable Internet companies.[4][5] As of 2011, his personal wealth is estimated to be $16.7 billion.[1]

So, without intelligent immigrants, we’re going to need Americans to get college educations, right? 😀

YouTube Link =>

WRONG!!! 😀 hahaha This tomfoolery is going to be the demise of the current Republican party. By the time these dudes are finished saying really stupid things, the Republican brand will be tarnished to the degree where they’ll get crushed AGAIN in the 2012 general election the way they did in 2008, or worse.

Alternate Philosophy

Perhaps the reason that Republicans seem to have no jobs plan whatsoever is that they appear to have a different philosophy from the Democrats about how jobs are created.

You’ll often hear them say that government doesn’t create jobs, the private sector does.

I wouldn’t know either way, because I’m not a “Job Creator”, but if that’s what they believe, then it would make sense that none of the roads they’re describing leads to anyone getting a job.

Instead, their goal may be to create the circumstances under which in their opinion the market will attain the certainty it needs to cause American business owners to start hiring people… Like, there IS no plan to create jobs because you CAN’T create jobs.. All you can do is enrich and enable the ENVIRONMENT in which jobs are created.

If this is the case, they’re going about it all wrong. They counter a plan by President Obama with “No, we don’t like that”, but they never have an alternative plan.

It would be better if they made their points clear by saying something like “That plan would not stimulate the economy by enabling the private sector to blah blah blah”.

Also, they don’t look intelligent when they counter proposals to put teachers, construction workers and war veterans to work with no plan to put anybody to work.

In fact, the only plan I’ve heard of, which they talk about every single day for some odd reason, is this pipeline they want to build.

According to the Republicans, building the pipeline from Canada will create 20,000 American jobs (other reports have the number as low as 3,000 jobs), *AND* help the USA become energy-independent.. Two things that appear to be in everyone’s best interests.

The problem is that Nebraska is concerned that a spill would contaminate their drinking water =>, so 3,000 or 20,000 jobs might not be worth a bunch of people getting poisoned, right? 😀

Get On-Message

Here are some links where you can go read what the candidates have to say for themselves:



The problem is that when people are running for PotUS, you shouldn’t have to go find what they’re saying somewhere. You should KNOW what they’re saying. More importantly, you should BELIEVE what they’re saying.

Right now, I should be able to say “Romney’s plan is better for America than Santorum’s plan because XYZ” or “Paul’s plan is better than Gingrich’s plan because XYZ”. I can’t do that. Not because I haven’t been watching and listening, but because all they want to talk about is Gingrich cheating on his wiveS and Santorum being a fanatic and Paul’s foreign policy being potentially disastrous for the USA and Romney being out of touch with commoners.

They’re so busy tearing down each other’s reputations that they’re not telling the public ANYTHING that would convince them to vote for one candidate over the other, much less to vote for them instead of President Obama.

The ultimate winner of the Republican nomination will *NOT* be the guy with the best plan, but rather the one who’s most successful at reducing the favorability ratings of his competition.

Obviously, reducing favorability during the nomination process STICKS during the general election, so Obama will be facing a majorly diminished opponent by the time they figure out who that’s going to be.

Of course, Republicans like to spin this and say that the more this drags out, the more they get issues out of the way so Obama can’t use it against them in the general. Unfortunately, this is the YouTube age, and all that material that Gingrich and Romney’s Super PACs posted about them will be available to the Reelect Obama team, so all they really have to do is cut and paste what the Republicans ACTUALLY SAID to make effective campaign ads.

Speaking of Super PACs, they really ruined the process for the Republicans. Without them, Romney wouldn’t have been able to trash Gingrich’s reputation with millions of dollars’ worth of attack ad commercials playing incessantly on television, and Gingrich and Santorum would no longer be in the race without their respective Sugar Daddies that are paying millions of dollars for their boys to stay in the race.

By now, the race would have been down to Romney and Paul, so the R’s would have already rallied around Romney as their candidate, and he could a) speak EXCLUSIVELY about the differences between himself and President Obama, and b) stop digging a deeper hole for himself by trying to match lunacy with Santorum, trying to prove that he’s a Conservative (which he isn’t) by spouting all these outdated and fanatic ideas that are currently on the wrong side of history.

Romney would have been able to focus on the economy and jobs and his experience as a businessman in the private sector, and attempt to make the general election what Republicans claim it’s going to be, which is a referendum on Obama’s achievements during his Presidency.

In fact, it will *NOT* be a referendum on Obama. It will simply be “Would you rather have Obama or THIS LUNATIC in control of the United States of America?”

Santorum is betting that there are enough people that see his statements as “right and good” to counter the number of people that have now deemed him more dangerous than Sarah Palin (which is a major accomplishment, and one that I didn’t believe could be achieved).

The Republicans are energizing the Democrat’s base FOR THEM. They’re giving the people that might have otherwise stayed home and not bothered to vote for Obama in 2012 some very good reasons to make their voices heard and presences felt, if not as a vote FOR Obama, then strictly as a vote *AGAINST* Santorum or Romney.

So, Like I said in Part 01.. “Assuming a Brokered Convention, in which case, there would be a Republican running that I might actually vote for… In order for me to vote for that person, it would require that a) they could prove to me that President Obama’s plan is *BAD*, and b) they could convince me that their jobs plan is *BETTER*.”

This would require the Republicans to get ON-MESSAGE and talk about things that are important to people without jobs.

If Gingrich has the best jobs plan for America, nobody cares how many wives he cheated on.

If Romney has the best jobs plan for America, nobody cares how rich he is or how he got that way.

Without clear information about who has the best ideas, this nomination *WILL* be decided on social issues and the perception of electability.

That means that even out of this weak final-4, the R’s won’t be sending their best man against Obama, which is a very bad idea.

I felt from the beginning that Romney was the only real candidate, and he’s the only one that has a chance of doing decently in the general election. That was before the candidates started speaking… By now, I think it’s even MORE IMPORTANT that the R’s rally behind Romney and end this nomination process as soon as possible.

If they send Santorum, spouting ridiculous conspiracy theories against Obama, it’ll be an automatic loss.

Who Cares? \o/

In a two-party political system, you end up with the best results when both parties “come correct”.

If both parties are making intelligent arguments and both seem to have plans that would be beneficial to their constituents, then both teams have to put their best foot forward, and/or make compromises they wouldn’t otherwise have made.

If one of the parties offers clearly incompetent candidates and/or people that will be summarily written off by the casual observer as fanatics, lunatics, zealots, or demagogues, regardless of how good their message is, the other side knows they’re going to win once the people really get to know the competition.

That’s like if a dude tries to steal one of your girlfriends and he’s a bum.. Who cares? 😀 Let him get as much light as he wants. She’s not going anywhere.

But if his presentation is proper and he seems like he might actually abscond with your chick, you might have to amend some of your policies and step your game up to make sure you stay in position. >:D

So the reason I’m interested in this (can’t really say that I “CARE”) is that I would like to see a competitive 2012 Presidential election.

The odds of that occurring get slimmer every time the Republican candidates talk about some nonsense and don’t focus on what they’re going to do to accelerate the country’s economic recovery, and what they’re going to do to put millions of Americans back to work.

So I would LOVE to hear something from Romney that makes me think he has a chance against Obama, but I haven’t heard that yet. He’s too busy faking being a Conservative and trying not to say things that make him sound rich, like he is.

I think if Santorum gets the nomination, every group that he’s so carefully disrespected over the last few months is going to motivate everyone they know (and everyone they don’t know) to vote against him so they don’t have to live through the world he describes in his speeches.

Ultimately, regardless of whomever the nominee is and regardless whom is elected President in 2012, the net result needs to be a *WIN* for the American people.

If the Republicans can provide that win, I want to know how.

If the Democrats can provide that win, I want to know how.

After four more months of this Republican tomfoolery and negative campaigning against themselves, it will be too late for messages about jobs or the economy. People will vote for Obama off of general principle, because they feel creeped out every time they consider the alternative. Follow Bill via Google+ | Facebook | Twitter | Email Subscription | RSS Feed

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