Reader “Paul” asked me why this Rush Limbaugh situation is a REPUBLICAN problem.

I will attempt to explain this.

The (most recent) Republican Problem

1. Rush Limbaugh cheerleads for Republicans all day and all night.
2. Rush Limbaugh said some stupid and unnecessary **** about women.
3. None of the Republican candidates for PRESIDENT. OF. THE. UNITED. STATES. were willing to disavow his comments AT ALL, much less take an active stance AGAINST what he said.

4. The current President of the United States, Barack Obama, CALLED THE WOMAN ON THE PHONE to offer her words of support.
5. Rush Limbaugh “apologized” by saying he used words he shouldn’t have, instead of saying that he should have STFU instead of verbally attacking some chick that isn’t even in the game, and reminds people in general and his sponsors in particular of their wives, daughters, and girlfriends.
6. The Republican candidates STILL have nothing to say, even though 12 of Rush’s sponsors dropped his show.
7. Republicans WHO ARE NOT RUNNING FOR PotUS have condemned what Rush said:

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8. So the only two options here, for the Republican candidates is that they’re too ***** to speak up for themselves and condemn what Rush said, *OR* they agree with what he said.
9. Women can vote now (and drive cars, and own land, and have jobs…)
10. Women make up more than 50% of the expected voters in the 2012 election.
11. The *only* way Republicans are going to win the election is if Independents side with them… um…. INCLUDING the females.

Therefore, this Rush Limbaugh situation is a REPUBLICAN. PROBLEM. and they reveal themselves to be asshats by cosigning what he said *BEFORE* the upcoming general election.

The N.O.C. List Is In The Open

Now.. Before y’all Kool-Aid Drinkers start crying, I’m not saying that Republicans have cornered the market on misogyny. 🙂

There are lots of examples of Democrats demeaning women as well.

The problem is that the Democrats are a) currently in power, and b) currently doing the right thing, and the Republicans are a) trying to get elected, and b) currently doing the wrong thing, every day.

This is no surprise to me, because look what they let Republicans say on television. They’re so amazingly arrogant that they give their own game away and double-dog-dare you to stop them.

They told you a couple of years in advance that they were going to do anything they can to make sure that Barack Obama is a one-term President. They said it. Several of them. Multiple times. Any chance they got. They told you what they were going to do, even though you had elected them to do something different… such as GET. YOU. A. JOB.

What we SHOULD be seeing is Republicans on television saying “Our first priority is to get our constituents back in the workforce so they can be gainfully employed and save their homes”, but that’s not what’s happening.

They’re so desperate to win this 2012 election that they don’t care who knows what their actual plans are.

They’re so oblivious to the fact that they live in the Social Media Age now that they’ll say Obama’s a snob for wanting people to go to college on one day, and then a few days later, they’ll mention that they’re sending THREE. OF. THEIR. OWN. KIDS. to college soon.

It’s like “We still have what you said on tape.”

Either you’re a snob too for sending your kids to college, or STFU.

Talking Trash

What other people say and do isn’t your problem when you have your own personality that you’ve demonstrated to the people.. Some dude says something stupid, and you know that everybody knows you don’t agree with him, so you really don’t have to say anything about it.

Wolf Blitzer asked President Obama about Rick Perry’s reckless talking, when Perry was just entering the race:

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Blitzer: “Do you see a comment like that, that he makes referring to you, as disrespectful to the commander-in-chief?”

Obama: “You know, uh, Mr. Perry just got in the Presidential race.. I think that everybody who runs for President, it probably takes them a little bit of time before they realize that this isn’t like running for Governor or running for Senator or running for Congress, uh, and you’ve got to be a little more careful about what you say, but I’ll cut him some slack.. He’s only been at it for a few days now.”

That amounts to “Yeah, dude was talking reckless, but he doesn’t understand the game he’s playing yet, so I’m going to give him some time to get up to speed and figure out how someone needs to carry themselves if they want to be a viable candidate for a NATIONAL election, not just a local one where everybody agrees with the BS he’s talking and are liable to elect him regardless of what he says.”

Obviously, as recent history has shown us, Perry never learned his lesson and talked himself out of contention, proving that he was nowhere near being ready for prime time, just like Obama said.

Lack Of Personality

At this point, Romney’s problem is that a) everybody knows from watching readily-available videos of him saying completely opposite things on MANY topics that he’ll say anything he has to say to get elected, so b) they don’t believe that he has any core convictions about anything at all.

This means that when some asshat like Limbaugh runs his mouth about something, people are going to turn to Romney and ask him what he thinks about it… Because NOBODY. KNOWS. WHAT. HE. THINKS. because he’s always saying whatever the people he’s standing in front of want to hear.

Being that he hasn’t demonstrated any form of a concrete personality of his own, people want to know what he stands for and what he stands AGAINST if they’re going to elect him President in 2012 instead of Barack Obama.

If you’re first of all, a grown-ass man, and second of all, you want people (including women) to elect you LEADER. OF. EVERYBODY, you need to make it clear that you disagree with statements you actually disagree with, or else you’re an asshat for cosigning, and the people that don’t like what Limbaugh did won’t like *YOU* because you DIDN’T dislike what he did.

Neither scenario is a good look for Romney. If he’s scared of Rush Limbaugh, then Rush should be running for President instead of him. If he isn’t scared, then he didn’t speak up because he AGREES with what Limbaugh said, which means he probably won’t be elected when women throughout the country band together and bring everyone they can find to vote against him.

Back At The Ranch

Meanwhile.. As far as the Democrats.. President Obama called the offended woman, personally, to offer her words of encouragement and support.

Of course, this caused Republicans to CRYYYY that he did it for political reasons, but whether it was a ploy or not, the Democrats are on record as having done something POSITIVE in this situation, while the Republicans are on record as a) having done something NEGATIVE, and then b) the people who are looking to be voted for in this year’s election all refused to denounce the negativity = the cosigned.

This would be a Republican problem on its own, if you didn’t also have the Virginia Vaginal Ultrasound situation, as well as several other hot news topics that have recently come to light.

So, Yes.. This current “War on Women” is most definitely a Republican problem.

The strange thing is that instead of doing the right thing, EVER, the candidates just ignore the situations and shrug them off like it doesn’t matter and there’s no need to speak out against unnecessary negativity.

Actually, it’s not so strange, because they also create scathing attack ads against each other, and other than Ron Paul calling Santorum a fake to his face,

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they all sit around smiling and joking with each other as if they never said negative things about each other “behind their backs”, meaning that are still sitting on YouTube to this very day.

It’s my opinion that their inability to make or maintain a stand on domestic issues renders their “I’m not in charge, but if I WERE!!!…” rhetoric entirely unbelievable.

It’s funny how they can speak so definitely and venomously about people that are outside of this country, but they have to keep their mouths shut when a radio personality is speaking… Someone whose shenanigans they attempt to dismiss as “Oh.. He’s an entertainer.”

My suggestion is that the Republicans start acting like they know women can vote now, unless they think they’ve figured out a way to repeal that right, leaving their candidates with only 99 problems.

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