Here we go again. :/

HuffPo announced yesterday that more dudes are being investigated for “misconduct” because of their interactions with hookers.

First of all, that’s not “misconduct”. That’s “conduct”.

Men buy sex. Get over it.

Here’s what the article says ->

DEA Cartagena Probe: Agency Embroiled In Prostitution Scandal

WASHINGTON — The Justice Department inspector general’s office was investigating possible misconduct by two or more Drug Enforcement Administration agents in Colombia unrelated to the Secret Service incident with prostitutes at a Cartagena hotel, federal officials said Monday.

The probe began based on information provided by the Secret Service, the DEA said. The agency is making its employees available to be interviewed by investigators with the office of the Justice Department inspector general, the DEA said.

Here’s the deal… Men want women. Women want money. Men are willing to hand over money to women in order to speed up the process of getting them to spread their legs (or whatever).

Not everybody can walk into a bar and attract a woman. Some guys need to pay women to give it up. This will never change. There’s nothing to be surprised about.

Guys aren’t interested in croaking without having an exciting sex life. For that, you can stay broke (poor). There’s no reason to make money other than to attract better-quality women. If you can attract hawter chickz without making money at all, there’s no reason to do it.

(See: Artists and Rock Stars)

When a guy meets a gal in a bar, he’s not *ACTUALLY* interested in talking to her, because nobody cares how her day was or what she does for a living. He’s trying to get to the nitty-gritty and hook up with her, ASAP.

If he could do it RIGHT NOW, he would. Money tends to speed up the process of getting laid, whether that involves buying Porsches, fancy apartments, clothes, dinners, or drinks.

If “Nice shoes, let’s **** >:D” actually worked for dudes, that’s all they’d ever say to women.

This is why it’s continuously pathetic to read about this and that “scandal” that isn’t actually a scandal.

Reporting that dudes patronize hookers is like reporting that fish live in water… *NOT* like reporting that fish live OUTSIDE of water… Ain’t No Mystery.

ummmm… On top of all that.. Prostitution in Colombia is… *LEGAL*

Prostitution in Colombia is legal as long as it is done in designated “tolerance zones”. [1]

Prostitution is widespread, partly due to poverty and internal displacement.[citation needed] Domestically, organized crime networks, some related to illegal armed groups, are responsible for human trafficking for sexual slavery and the armed conflict has made a large number of internal trafficking victims vulnerable.[1]

So these dudes aren’t even breaking any laws. They’re participating in, let’s call it, accelerated access to females.

If these dudes could actually pull women from how they looked or their gift of gab, nobody could say JACK to them for getting laid.. Remember “.. and the pursuit of happiness”? >:D

That’s not the real problem, though. The real problem is that people like to *FRONT* like they’re not doing things they’re obviously doing.

I’ve been saying, literally for YEARS, already, that there’s a reason why Monica was under the desk.

*SOMEBODY* has got to be under the desk.

Other than that, you can stay broke. There’s no point in having a career, or even a job, if you’re getting the same thing or less than a homeless dude.

However.. People like to front as if this isn’t the case. People like to pretend that if dudes go to countries where FOYINE chicks will give them some for a few pesos or whatever that they’re not going to JUMP at the chance.

It’s just not true. Get over it.

Men Buy Sex.

Women Sell Sex.

The sooner you realize this fact of life, the less you’ll be shocked by these so-called headlines about guys paying women for accelerated sexual access. Follow Bill via YouTube | Facebook | Twitter | Google+ Email Subscription | RSS Feed

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