I used to be really annoyed by “anti- people”, until I figured out that they exist.

Now, I’m only slightly amused by them, but they don’t actually get on my nerves… I recognize their condition and either accept it, tolerate it, or cease to interact with them because of it.

Anti- People are the ones that, no matter what you say, they feel the need/desire to express the exactly opposite opinion, or at least their response is always an exception that aims to defuse or dilute your point.

For instance, if you say “Water is blue…”, they interrupt you with “Unless you’re in Port Launay, where it’s green! :D”

Then, if you say “Water is blue or green…”, they interrupt you with “Unless you’re at Orchard Beach in The Bronx, where there’s so much garbage that it’s actually grey! :D”

Initially, this is incredibly annoying, because you didn’t get to the actual point you were trying to make, because these people get their jollies from coming up with counter-arguments to everything and anything they possibly can.

They just get some kind of natural thrill from sabotaging your comments, or, at least attempting to.

The first way to deal with this is to ignore them and keep talking. If you stop to discuss their point, you keep going off into extra nonsensical branches of conversation, because they’re going to sabotage your explanation against their previous sabotage, and you never return to your initial point.

That still gets annoying after a while, so a fun thing to do with anti- people is to deliberately tell them the wrong thing. 🙂

To use the example above, you would start your comment with “I went to Orchard Beach, and the water was grey…”, to which, they will respond “Eew! 🙁 The water should have been BLUE! :O”, and then you say “In blue water, I can see the fish much more clearly! :D” and they don’t have jack-**** to say, because you continued from what they perceived to be THEIR point, instead of arguing with them to defend what they thought was YOUR point.

This is also fun when you don’t actually know the answer to something.

You can get anti- people to rack their brains to solve an issue that has confounded you by making an opposing statement, like “There’s no good way to tell a woman she looks fat in that dress.”

The trick is, though, you have to hold back your laughter at the trick you’re playing on the anti- person. If he/she figures out that you’re up to no good, they won’t try to disprove you, because it’s only worthwhile to them when they BELIEVE that they’re changing your mind about something.

Their thrills come from affecting YOU, not from inanely running their mouths for no reason at all. (There are people that get kicks from that, too, by the way)

If you’re not sure you’re dealing with an anti- person, take a stand on a position and let them counter it… Then… Wait until they forget about that exchange, and tell them something exactly opposite to what you initially told them, and watch in amazement as they adamantly inform you that whatever your original point was is actually correct.

In fact, all you need to do is remember their response to you, wait the requisite amount of time for them to forget, and then repeat their own words to them, and watch them fall for the okey-doke. 😀

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