My cousin Nigel asked me to resume my commentary on American politics, and I’ve tried several times, but don’t know where to start, because it’s all so stupid.

I’m just going to ramble on about a few things, and hopefully, you’ll get something out of it.

Zeppelin – “Ramble On” ->

First of all, I like Mitt Romney as a person. I’ll be the first in line to watch his “reality” show after he loses the 2012 Presidential election.

Romney is inherently entertaining because of his upbringing and life as a perpetually-rich person, similar to Thurston Howell, III,_III from the Gilligan’s Island television show.

You were never mad at Thurston Howell because you understood that he was saying what he was saying because of his particular perspective about life, which *YOU* can’t actually comprehend, because you didn’t grow up the way HE did.

It’s like when I tell guys that I don’t argue with women, and they look at me like I’m crazy or I don’t know what I’m talking about.

I don’t argue with women (meaning within relationships / messing around, not in a business context where situations need to be hashed out for the benefit of the project and everyone involved in it) because I like *intelligent* women, and intelligent people can discuss their differences without arguing about them.

The other reason is that, for who *I* am, it’s faster for me to get a brand new girl than it is for me to fix one whose brain doesn’t work correctly.

For most guys, that isn’t the case, so if I tell them “Get a new chick”, they think I’m trippin’ or grandstanding.

I’m perfectly serious when I tell someone “That person’s (guy or gal) brain doesn’t work.. Date someone else.” because I live in New York City with millions of other people, so if someone proves themselves to be annoying, there are at least 500,000 less-annoying people to hook up with one bus or subway ride away, so Good Riddance to Bad Garbage.

The point being that when Romney says he has friends who are NASCAR team owners, he’s not STUNTIN’!! 😀 haha he actually DOES chill with NASCAR team owners, and yacht owners, and dressage horse owners, and lots of other owners of people and things.

That’s something that you should be able to relish and enjoy as a fly on the wall. Not only should you enjoy Mitt Romney’s progression from rich to richer, but you should also enjoy the ability to hear one of these people speak, as if you were sitting the next table over from him at the country club, which is why I’m looking forward to his HOPEFULLY-pending “reality” show. 😀

Now.. The question you’re going to have to ask yourself is:

“Am *I* going to prosper if Mitt Romney is elected PotUS? o_O”

That’s the bottom line.. ‘Cause Stone Cold said so.

Regardless of how stiff he is, and prone to making really ill-considered statements every time his handlers allow him to speak off-script, it’s all the same to you, sitting in your trailer in Kentucky with your 12 friends.. (twelve friends in your neighborhood, not inside your trailer with you) when you don’t have a job now, and you would like to have a job shortly after this election goes down in November, 2012.

If you *BELIEVE* that you have a better chance for yourself and your loved ones to prosper with Romney as President for the next four years, between 2013 and 2016, vote for him.

The only difference it’s going to make TO YOU is how whomever’s President actually affects you and your personal circle.

Just make sure you understand the gamble you’re taking in voting either for Obama or Romney this November…

The Democrats are saying that you will get a job because America needs people to fix our infrastructure… Roads & Bridges.

Roads & Bridges
Abraham Lim, Director: “Roads & Bridges”

The idea is that fixing our access to work makes it quicker for Americans to GET TO WORK, increasing productivity and benefitting the economy.

Also.. People would be making money by doing construction as well as the surrounding support services necessary, such as Human Resources, clothing, making lunch, etc.

The more people HAVE money, the more people will SPEND money, making dollars circulate, and stimulating the American economy to a faster recovery.

Billy Paul – “Let The Dollar Circulate” ->

Meanwhile.. The Republican idea is that American prosperity comes from people basically being able to do anything they want at any time they want, resulting in survival of the fittest.

The less you tax the rich, the more money they have, which, in theory, they would utilize to create ***American*** jobs.

Republicans say every day that government doesn’t create jobs, the free market does, when businesses feel confident that the rug isn’t going to be pulled out from under them in the future by new and unseen regulations like ObamneyCare:

Pawlenty Discusses ObamneyCare ->

If you believe that’s… If you *BELIEVE* that’s going to work for you and yours, and that you’ll be more prosperous going forward and that rich people are going to use the extra money they get from tax breaks to hire *YOU* instead of outsourcing jobs to China and India where people are standing in line to work for a meager fraction of what your wage for the same job would be here in America, vote Republican in November.

For example, I’m not a blue-collar worker.

A blue-collar worker is a member of the working class who performs manual labor. Blue-collar work may involve skilled or unskilled, manufacturing, mining, construction, mechanical, maintenance, technical installation and many other types of physical work. Often something is physically being built or maintained.

In contrast, the white-collar worker typically performs work in an office environment and may involve sitting at a computer or desk. A third type of work is a service worker whose labor is related to customer interaction, entertainment sales or other service oriented work. Pink collar workers are typically service workers. Many occupations blend blue, white and/or service industry categorizations.

Blue-collar work is often paid hourly wage-labor, although some professionals may be paid by the project or salaried. There is a wide range of payscales for such work depending upon field of specialty and experience.

I’ve never done manual labor one single day in my entire life.

I graduated from the top college on planet Earth, and I get paid to do important things for people that can afford it.

The more people get laid off, the more work I get.

I’m not bragging about that. It’s a fact.

I would rather see 100% American employment, but if that doesn’t happen, it doesn’t actually matter to me, personally, because I’m better than a lot of people at a lot of things, so I’ll be close to the last person concerned about becoming unemployed.

Having said all that.. I’ve attempted to empathize with the plight of the currently 8.2% unemployed Americans -> United States Department of Labor


Nonfarm payroll employment continued to edge up in June (+80,000), and the
unemployment rate was unchanged at 8.2 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor
Statistics reported today. Professional and business services added jobs,
and employment in other major industries changed little over the month.

Household Survey Data

The number of unemployed persons (12.7 million) was essentially unchanged
in June, and the unemployment rate held at 8.2 percent. (See table A-1.)

Among the major worker groups, the unemployment rate for blacks (14.4 percent)
edged up over the month, while the rates for adult men (7.8 percent),
adult women (7.4 percent), teenagers (23.7 percent), whites (7.4 percent),
and Hispanics (11.0 percent) showed little or no change. The jobless rate
for Asians was 6.3 percent in June (not seasonally adjusted), little changed
from a year earlier. (See tables A-1, A-2, and A-3.)

In June, the number of long-term unemployed (those jobless for 27 weeks
and over) was essentially unchanged at 5.4 million
. These individuals
accounted for 41.9 percent of the unemployed. (See table A-12.)

Both the civilian labor force participation rate and the employment-
population ratio were unchanged in June at 63.8 and 58.6 percent,
respectively. (See table A-1.)

I asked myself the question I asked you earlier…

If I were currently an unemployed, unskilled laborer, which Presidential candidate do I *TRULY* *BELIEVE* would have my personal best interests at heart and their election would result in greater prosperity for myself and my loved ones?

Whomever you decide that is.. Vote for him. Follow Bill via YouTube | Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | Email Subscription | RSS Feed

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  1. Good post Bill.

    Undergoing the personal and professional changes I’ve gone through within the past year, I’ve come to understand the basic Republican thinking more. I believe in a more ideal world where people have equal access and awareness to education and information, the Republican idea of American prosperity could universally work. Unfortunately, that isn’t the way things are, especially when you have invisible barriers in place like racism (something I believe too many Republicans either don’t [want to] understand or recognize).

    1. Diggy,

      Most of the Republican ideas I’ve heard recently involve setting up a “sink or swim” society.. Which is all well & good for people that have been taught to swim.

      The question is what to do with the people that are sinking…

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