One of the things I find funny (meaning laughable, not peculiar) about my interactions with people is that most of them haven’t been through like 1/6th the stuff I have on the dating scene, so they get caught off guard by my lack of reaction to things that they find stunning.

So, like, for instance, when that Chris Brown situation went down….. Not the recent one, where a bunch of dudes started throwing bottles at each other and hit a girl instead of their intended targets -> CHRIS BROWN & DRAKE FIGHT: Flying Bottle Cracks Innocent Girl’s Head Open

TMZ spoke with Hollie C. — a 24-year-old Australian tourist who went to club W.i.P. Wednesday night with some friends.

Hollie tells us she was hanging out and having a good time when the brawl exploded between Brown’s entourage and Drake’s entourage.

Hollie tells us, “Within a few moments of noticing glass being thrown around, I saw a glass bottle headed towards me; consequently hitting me in the head.”

“I immediately started to bleed and proceeded to fall in and out of consciousness.”

Hollie says … in the midst of the chaos, she was transported to a local hospital by herself where she received 16 stitches to close up the bloody gash. She also received a tetanus shot.

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.. but the original one, where he had that fight with Rihanna -> LAPD Details Rihanna Beating.. I said two things.. I said that this wasn’t the first time he had kicked her ass, and I said that they never actually broke up, but their publicists, handlers, and managers were going to insist that they Act. As. If.

Stick To The Facts

Meanwhile, everybody else was falling down crying and lamenting to The Heavens about “How Could This Have Happened??? :O”, even though domestic abuse happens to women (and men) every single day of life, yet, until it happens to a celebrity, people mentally sweep it under the rug, as if men never hit women ever in life.

If that were true, there would be no discussion.

For instance.. People can’t breathe underwater. People that stay underwater for a prolonged period of time, drown.

There IS. NO. DISCUSSION. as far as whether human beings are able to extract oxygen from water and remain alive underwater. This is because it is a fact. It isn’t up for debate.

If “Men don’t hit women” was a fact, there would be no debate.

So, this is where the glitch in the matrix occurs…. Since I’m fully aware that men hit women if they damned well feel like it, because human beings have free will, and can do whatever they want, and then will have to suffer the requisite consequences for their actions, if they get caught, people are surprised by my lack of reaction to the one billionth report of domestic violence, and attempt to mentally delude themselves into believing that there is some form of alliance or collusion between myself and the actual perpetrator of the criminal offense.

Let me make this clear. 🙂

My lack of emotional reaction to the altogether common occurrence of domestic violence does not indicate that I condone it.

Just because you flip out and start screaming and crying doesn’t mean I have to play along with you.

You have your reaction to it, and I have mine. Period.

I am not required to feel or to fictitiously portray any format of emotion, whatsoever, when you tell me something factual.

So.. If your boyfriend or girlfriend cheats on you, and you tell me that, and I’m staring at you like “Is there any more to this story? o_O”, it isn’t because I don’t think that’s jacked up. It isn’t because I don’t feel sorry for you. It’s because people. cheat. every. *******. day.

Statistically, Historically, 50% of relationships don’t end up as permanent, “’till death do us part” situations.

If your relationship lasts until you are dead, you landed in THAT 50%

If you break up with someone before either of y’all die, you landed in THAT 50%

It’s no big deal.

So, if you found out your SO hooked up with someone else, I’ll say “I’m sorry to hear that….. So, what are you going to do now?”

I’m not going to be like “WHAAAAATTT??? :O … NO WAY!!! :O”

That does not mean that I EXPECTED your SO to cheat on you.

It means that I recognize that anybody that tells me they’re in a relationship has a percentage chance that they’re going to get cheated on before the relationship ends, and that’s the way your cookie crumbled.

That doesn’t mean I like the situation. That doesn’t mean I’m neutral about the situation. That doesn’t mean I like the cheater. That doesn’t mean I condone their actions.

At the same time… If you choose to GET OVER IT and still date them, even though they hooked up with someone else, I’m not going to feel any type of emotion about that either, because that’s your choice as a human being with…

Free Will

If Rihanna starts publicly dating Chris Brown again, that’s her choice, as a human being with free will.

It’s entirely unrealistic to expect anyone else to have the same emotions you have about any topic, whatsoever.

Unfortunately, 🙂 This only occurs to people who think for themselves.

So, because I can listen to something that you consider personally tragic and not look like 🙁 or look like :O after you say it, you attach your own emotion to my own lack of emotion about the factual situation you described to me.

Of course, this behavior on your part is unfair as well as irrelevant, because it has nothing to do with what *I* think, feel, or say.

This ‘problem’ has been compounded by the proliferation of social media.

If you feel a certain way about something, I’m supposed to co-sign how you feel, or be counted as the enemy.

Meanwhile, with 3,500 Facebook friends, I can guarantee you that I know as many people that agree with you as I know people that ADAMANTLY, VEHEMENTLY disagree with you.

Therefore, I’m going to stay out of it, altogether, and you can think what the **** you want, with regard to what I think about your topic of conversation, because I have no comment, whatsoever.

I’m not taking any sides, because most of the things that happen to you are not my fault, and they’re not my problem. AT. ALL.

If I know two people that were dating each other and then they broke up, that’s the way their cookie crumbled. I’m going to be friends with both of them, just like I was when they were together, unless one of them changes their personality towards me after the breakup.

If you feel like bitching about me hanging out with your ex, as if I’ve betrayed you and chosen sides, too bad, so sad, kick rocks.

I know too many people to keep track of their interpersonal beefs.

That isn’t what I get paid to do.

I *also* don’t get paid to fake it as if something that happens to you affects me, emotionally.

I can empathize with you and wish that that had never happened to you without appearing to be crestfallen.

If I don’t look surprised or shocked or sad or upset when you tell me your SO cheated on you, it’s because cheating happens in life. Breakups happen. Divorces happen. You’re not the first one, and you won’t be the last one.

Of course.. 😀 This causes some people to feel emotional about THAT, and claim that I’m bitter or jaded.

I’m sure that the same people thought Neo was bitter about eating slop in the real world, when he could have been eating steak inside The Matrix.

In reality, not everybody gets emotional over facts.

If you can stop yourself from becoming emotional over other people’s lack of emotion about commonly-understood facts, you will live a way more authentic and realistic life. Follow Bill via Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Google+ | Email Subscription | RSS Feed

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