Reader “Terry” brought my attention to an article about Stacey Dash endorsing Mitt Romney for PotUS on Twitter -> TWITTER EXPLODES AFTER BLACK ACTRESS ENDORSES ROMNEY AS THE ‘ONLY CHOICE FOR YOUR FUTURE’

So, first, I got a decent laugh out of the title, then I read some of the article:

Actress Stacey Dash, who has starred in everything from the 90′s hit Clueless to CSI, prompted a firestorm on Twitter after publicly endorsing Republican nominee Mitt Romney, and then standing by her opinion.

“Vote for Romney. The only choice for your future. @mittromney @teamromney #mittromney #VOTE #voteromney,” Dash wrote on her official Twitter page, accompanied by a photo of herself with an American flag.

So then I got some more laughs, and thought to myself “That’s nice. :)” and then went on to read some of the reactions, which were pretty HARSH, and you can click here to read them yourself, if you like.

Her actual Twitter post is here ->, and she included a picture of herself:

Stacey Dash: Romney Picture

Interestingly enough, I was just discussing the topic of Sex & Politics with reader “Sally” a few days ago.

The question being whether people of differing political beliefs can successfully date each other.

I’m an Independent, so I can date any chick I feel like kickin’ it with, but let’s say for the sake of this discussion that I was a Democrat.

If I would have been kickin’ it to Stacey Dash and she would have endorsed Romney, publicly or privately, I would have said “That’s nice. :)” and tried my damnedest to tap that ass.

Who Cares? \o/

You know how Spike Lee said you don’t throw away a Rolls Royce because it has a dent in it.


I don’t subscribe to Playboy or Hustler.. Do they still print magazines these days? o_O .. But if I did, I’ll bet they don’t include statistics about the women’s political beliefs.

Nobody cares.

Having said that… I would think that it would be tougher for women to date across party lines, being that a lot of women need to feel some sort of mental respect for the guy they spread their legs for.

This is why guys tend to stay shut or parrot whatever she says, so as not to ruin their opportunity to get some.

So, Like, If Stacy says “YAY ROMNEY!!! :D”, you ^5 her and go “YEAH!!! **** THE 47%!!! LET THEM EAT CAKE!!!!! >:D”, and remain in the pocket.

You don’t want to disagree with her, or even ask her to explain why she’s a Romney fan. Don’t talk about it.. All you’re going to do is blow her high and put yourself further out from gettin’ on.

Women don’t have it that easy.. They actually want to know whether you believe what you just said.

It actually matters to them.

From what I’ve watched on FOX News, I suspect it would be easier for Republican women to date Democrat men than it would be for Democrat women to date Republican men.

Republicans tend to regard Democrats with a dismissive “ahhh.. They don’t know what they’re talking about” vibe, which means you ‘might could’ still get over, on the ditzy, Keanu Reeves tip.

You know.. Like the struggling artist, who doesn’t have an actual education, yet tries to make a living by selling paintings… You can bag a Republican chick who already makes a ton of money, so the fact that you’re broke doesn’t phase her. She can play your political views off on your lack of both education and earning potential.

On the other hand.. A Democrat female might go “What did you say about birth control? o_O” and the Republican dude’s chances to hook up with her are out the window.

Fortunately.. People don’t tend to talk about anything except surface issues when they want to start dating someone.

They don’t want to talk about, for instance, how many kids each one of them want to have.

This would be a good discussion to have, because if one of them wanted 6 kids and the other one wanted 2, that’s going to be a problem after kid #2.

I think people should get all that stuff out on the table ahead of time.. Preferred sexual techniques, political affiliations, family or one-night-stand interests, exclusive or multiple-person dating scenarios…

That doesn’t happen, though, so, in dating, silence is golden… The less you say about yourself, the better your chances are of getting to the nitty-gritty.

I suppose it also makes a difference whether you intend to introduce this person to your family or not… You don’t want to be sitting around the Thanksgiving table and your S.O. says “I remember one Thanksgiving when I tried to use a steak knife to cut a block of government cheese..” and then everyone at the table gets upset at you for inviting a 47%er.

Personally, I think there are way more important issues to figure out when you want to date someone, such as whether they go to the gym and keep themselves in good physical shape, or if they smoke cigarettes and you don’t.

If you really care about someone’s political beliefs, go join a debate club.. Don’t try to date them. 🙂

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  1. Thanks for another great post! I agree it is more difficult for women to date across the political aisle than it is for men. Still, to be honest, my tolerance for a guy’s bizarre right-wing, pro-machine gun beliefs are directly related to his physical attractiveness. There was a gorgeous FDNY calendar model I dated whose strange political beliefs didn’t matter to me at all. I consider myself socially liberal and fiscally conservative. If the Republicans would just lay off the gays & women I would find them more tolerable.

    1. You’re welcome, Sally! 😀

      I don’t know when this conversation ever comes up in a dating relationship.

      I guess it’s between when people don’t want to ruin the physical attraction by asking, and when they feel like they’re about to make more of an investment in this person, so they want to know about issues they might consider deal-breakers.

      Of course, that means people need to figure out what they’re in it for from the giddyap, and then get in where they fit in! >;D

  2. You’re so right about the women needing the men to stay in line. It’s a lot easier to be with a person of opposite political beliefs if they 1. keep their mouth shut and 2. have basically the same moral beliefs but just have different opinions on how to implement them.

    1. Yeah! 🙂 That’s a great way to put it, PurpleCar. 😀

      So long as we agree on the basics, I pretty much don’t care how we both arrive at the same conclusions… Spot-On! 😀

  3. “and then everyone at the table gets upset at you for inviting a 47%er.” – Yeah, those 53%’rs are pretty hard to pickup! What can you offer, that they don’t already have, when they’re not struggling to make ends meet? Flowers, dinner, a movie? lol

  4. I think I missed the explanation of why it is preferable to date broke women. I’ve seen Bill mention this numerous times but don’t understand it. Personally, I don’t care about a man’s financial status as long as he doesn’t ask to “borrow” money which I’ll never see again. I realize there are a lot of women in NYC who will only date wealthy dudes and I don’t judge them, not everyone has the means to support themselves. Actually, I don’t mind if a man has roommates and we have to use my apartment instead of his. I find this scenario more convenient for me 🙂

    1. Hey, Sally. 🙂

      I think my thing about broke chicks is that they’re WYSIWYG

      (what you see is what you get)

      Like, they can’t afford nose jobs and stuff. They’re as-is.

      They’re probably easier to please, because they don’t normally do anything or go anywhere… because they’re broke. 🙂

      haha But, I mean other than that, I don’t care at all whether a chick has earning potential or not.

      The way I see it, we decide where we want to go, and then we can afford it or we can’t, and if we can, we have a good time or we don’t, and therefore it was worth it or it wasn’t. 😀

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