Congratulations to President Barack Obama for being re-elected as President of the United States of America. πŸ™‚

I would also like to acknowledge and appreciate Mitt Romney for delivering a sincere, genuine, gracious, and HEARTFELT concession speech.

I told y’all seven months ago, back in April, 2012 that I can tell that Romney is a nice guy, because he isn’t any good at attempting to portray himself as a badguy. ->

To me, Romney looked *RELIEVED* during his speech, that now, he can go back to being who he really is.. A rich guy with a loving wife and family.

Cheers to Romney, and I hope Obama has extensive discussions with him, as was implied in Obama’s victory speech, to collaborate on ideas on how to move America foward.

Do The Math

The day before the election, I created an electoral map on HuffPo, and announced on Facebook, on Monday, November 5th, 2012, at 7:09pm “My prediction is Obama 303, Romney 235. If it’s any closer than that, I’ll be extremely surprised.” (

Bill Cammack 2012 Election Prediction

The official result the next day (without Florida ever reporting the winner of its 29 votes) was Obama 303, Romney 206.

The final map looks *EXACTLY* the same as mine, except I gave Florida to Romney, so if the votes go to Romney (which they won’t), the tally will be 303-235 like I said, and if not, the win becomes Obama 332, Romney 206.

Either way, Romney got waxed, just like I said he would the day before, although it wasn’t as badly as Obama SHELLACKED John McCain in 2008, with the outcome being Obama 365, McCain 173.,_2008

I don’t bring my “prediction” up to gloat. I don’t bring it up to claim that I did anything special. I did not. All I did was stick with the facts and I made a couple of guesses, based on an uneducated gut feeling about certain areas of this country.

My point, which I will get to later in this post, is that there are people that actually thought Romney ever had a chance of winning.

In fact.. I found out today by watching the pundit shows on television that there were Republicans that were predicting a landslide victory by Romney, and feeding this absolute bullshit to their uninformed viewers.

I mean.. I had seen Dick Morris on Bill O’Reilly’s show on FOX, talking all kinds of nonsense about how the polls were incorrect, because they were asking more Democrats for their opinions than Republicans and that the polls were expecting the same turnout that Obama received in 2008. He was basically saying, on national television, that people shouldn’t pay attention to the polls, because they’re all wrong, and they’re all being skewed to look like Obama is ahead of Romney in states where Romney is actually winning.

When I saw that, I was like “This guy is a nutjob and an anomaly. Nobody really believes that.”

Bill O’Reilly was looking at him like he certainly didn’t believe what he was saying.

That was the only time I had heard that, so I figured they had brought Dick Morris in as a side-show vaudeville act, and he was just there to entertain the uninformed masses that had nothing better to do with their lives than buy into the myriad conspiracy theories that have been concocted surrounding President Obama.

*** To Be Fair.. I suggest that you watch this apology video he recorded, entitled “Why I Goofed! Dick Morris TV: Lunch Alert!” ->, or, if you don’t feel like watching/listening, you can read his apology here -> ***

Come to find out, the day after the election, after the election that went *EXACTLY* as I told everybody it would, that there were A. LOT. OF. PEOPLE. that bought into these lies and actually believed Romney ever had a chance of winning.

He didn’t. He never did. And it was embarrassing to me that Obama’s team allowed the race to even SEEM as close as it actually was.

I’ve been following this situation for more than a year, and I said months ago that as soon as they selected Romney, the easy win was to keep playing videotape of Romney taking diametrically opposite positions on the same topics, thus making him debate himself and look like he says anything to anybody in order to get elected, which is what he does. ->

So I was surprised that people like Donald Trump flipped their wigs when President Obama was re-elected ->

I was wondering why they weren’t aware that Romney never had a chance.

Here’s What Happened To Romney’s Campaign

First of all, you’re starting out with an obviously flawed candidate, which I fully outlined in

Second, Mitt Romney is *NOT* a Conservative.

The only path he had to winning was as soon as he cleared the primary and became the Republican nominee, he should have jerked the Conservatives immediately, and run as a Moderate.

The only way *THAT* was going to work would have been if Obama’s team didn’t do what I said they should do and broadcast Romney’s own words, showing him on *BOTH* sides of several important issues.

What happened instead is that Romney WAITED to switch to Moderate, and by the time that happened, Obama’s team had painted him as, in his own words, hahaha “Severely Conservative”, which means nothing at all, just like Cheesy Grits don’t exist.

That’s one of the reasons why Obama got chumped off at the first debate. πŸ˜€

The positions that Obama had practiced against, Romney said totally different things, and Obama wasn’t prepared for the Romney that arrived that day. πŸ˜€

Even though the first debate was a HIGHLY EMBARRASSING loss for Obama, I found it very funny, because I’ve been in the same situation, where I was prepared to argue points that the other person decided to abandon, and then I’m like “Why are we even discussing this, then? o_O”

Another thing I found out during the previous 24 hours is relevant to this conversation… I wasn’t aware that Conservatives thought they made up a majority of the USA. πŸ™‚

I thought Conservatives were a subset of Republicans. I only found out that they exist because as I was saying Republican this-and-that on Facebook, my Conservative friends kept telling me there was a difference, so I looked into it.

*NOW* that I realize that they thought they were a majority, I understand why Romney was pandering to them and why he took so long to switch back to Moderate and try to actually be competitive in the 2012 Presidential election.

To be clear.. By “flawed candidate”, I’m not saying anything about his personality. I truly believe, as I wrote about MONTHS ago, that Mitt Romney is a nice person, as well as an excellent businessman.

What I’m saying is that the people who really believe certain things are going to be able to tell when someone else doesn’t actually believe it. Whatever it is… I believe that New York City is the epicenter of the known universe. >:D I know, technically and mentally, that it is not. However, I *FULLY* believe it, and have never said anything different in my entire life.

If I ask someone if they think New York City is the best city on the planet, I’m going to be able to tell whether that person’s response is authentic or not.

They can tell me “Yeah, NYC is great! :D” or whatever, but I can tell whether they’re feeling that or not… It was clear when Romney said something to the effect of he was running for office, so he can’t have illegals working for him that he was talking about protocol, not belief.

Same thing with “Self-Deportation”. Nobody actually believes that. It’s really, really, really, really, really incredibly stupid.

It’s better to be broke in the USA than it is to be broke in Mexico.


The Irish and Italians were broke when they first came to Boston and New York City. Did they get on boats and go back to the old country when they couldn’t get work? No. You know what happened next.

So, Romney isn’t any good at sounding sincere when he’s pandering.

He was sincere during his concession speech:

YouTube Link -> Mitt Romney Concession Speech: 2012

When you compare how Romney looks and sounds during that speech to the character he was attempting to portray during the general election campaign, the character pales in comparison and is obviously fake.

So, instead of pivoting to “Real Romney” as soon as he received the Republican nomination, he kept portraying Severely Conservative Romney, and honestly had his entire campaign undermined by idiots like Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock, both of whom failed in their campaigns and were deservedly sent packing.

The reason Romney was undermined is that he wasn’t allowed to voice common sense opinions about the idiocy these dudes were spewing.

By not speaking out against them, which would have exposed Romney as *NOT* being a Conservative, he allowed the Democrats to paint him as guilty by association which energized the female voters to vote against him, because he looked like if he had won, he would have been championing the ideas of these imbeciles to become federal law.


This brings up another problem Romney had. Women.

First of all, women are something like 53% of the voting population… *MORE* than half of the voters. o_O

Second, Obama always had something like a 10 point lead (meaning stuff like 54% of women polled selecting Obama while 44% polled selecting Romney).

Statistically, this means that Obama had a higher percentage of women that were going to vote for him, who make up a higher percentage of the entire voting population.. Meaning that Romney *NEEDED* to convince women that he wasn’t going to attempt to roll history back to 1950 with these archaic, outdated, wrong-side-of-history concepts that other Republicans kept defending and Romney refused to disavow.

Similar to the lies that were told about the polls being incorrect, Republicans elected to claim that the “War on Women” didn’t exist.

Meanwhile, almost every female I know (and I live in New York City, so Romney wasn’t winning jack-**** around here) was / IS of the opinion that they don’t want men telling them what they can and cannot do with their own bodies.

The Republicans got to *SOME* women with their rhetoric though. πŸ™‚ A friend of mine was telling me that women were going to vote based on the economy, and not because of social issues.

She received her brainwashing correctly, except a) Romney never *SAID* what he was going to do for the economy, so there was no evidence that what he was planning was going to be better than what Obama was planning, and b) having kids that you DID. NOT. INTEND. TO. HAVE. *IS* an economic issue for women, because KIDS. COST. MONEY. and JOBS and CAREERS if you have them when you don’t intend to.

So, The idea that a woman, whether she currently has a job or not, is going to vote for the Republican party because she believes that the plan they never told her is going to be better than the plan of the current Democrat President, *AND* she’s going to deliberately jerk herself out of rights and opportunities that she already has… is just stupid.

So.. Instead of actually reaching out to women, Republicans acted like they didn’t have any female problems.

This resulted in more women voting for Obama than Romney = you lose.


We don’t even have to discuss blacks. Zero outreach was done. Something like 93% of black voters voted for Obama.


Something like 73% of Hispanic voters voted for Obama.

A lot of second-guessing, soul-searching, and Monday Morning Quarterbacking is being done about whether Romney should have selected Marco Rubio as his running mate, to get some of the “luhteenos” to vote Republican.

First of all, that wouldn’t have worked.

That would have changed the narrative from “Elect anybody except Obama” to “Elect the country’s first Hispanic Vice President”, and nobody’s actually on board for that.

Even if that would have worked, Romney needed to select Paul Ryan as VP, because Ryan is a *REAL* Conservative. ->

In fact, people had wanted Ryan to run for President *INSTEAD* of Romney, and he refused.

So Romney needed to add Ryan to the ticket so actual Conservatives wouldn’t stay home on election day, as well as to shore up funding from Conservative SuperPACs.

This didn’t work out either, because Ryan was famous for his budget *UNTIL* he joined the ticket, and then, after that, all he had to say about anything was that Romney was the leader, and they were going to go with Romney’s plan… Which Romney never told us.

So.. Not only was there no outreach to the Hispanic community AT ALL, but Romney felt free to throw around the term “illegals” as if it isn’t an offensive term, like “insurgents”. This is because nobody on his team gave a damn enough to tell him to at least bother to call them “illegal immigrants”.

There was some muttering about no amnesty for kids of “illegals” that had been brought here by no choice of their own.. Clamoring about “self-deportation”.. Creating a national ID system..

The point being that every single time you hear of Hispanics AT ALL from them, it’s in terms of the ILLEGAL ones, and not the LEGAL ones.

This is because the concept is that if you could get 12 million Mexicans (nobody’s concerned about illegal Canadians or anybody else) to exit the country, there would be more jobs for Americans.

To a degree, this is true.. To the degree that the Mexicans you’re talking about are highly educated and well-skilled, where they can soak up all the “good jobs”.

In fact, the Mexicans that Americans hypothetically want to get rid of are doing the jobs that nobody else wants to do, such as picking fruit all day in the heat for a few dollars.

The communities that successfully rid themselves of these people suddenly realize that they don’t have any workers left, and then wonder what they’re going to do.

This is why there’s clamoring to abolish “Minimum Wage”.

The federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour effective July 24, 2009. -> Therefore, you can hire twice as many “illegals” (or, probably three times as many) to do the same work as the number of Americans you can hire, because you’re disallowed from paying us less than $7.25 per hour.

If there’s no more Minimum Wage, you don’t need “illegals” anymore, because you can get anyone with working papers (I think you have to be over 14 years old to apply for and receive working papers in the USA) to work for $2/hour or whatever you can finagle.

Anyway… There was *ZERO* offered to Hispanic Americans as incentive to vote Republican, and every time you heard about “luhTEENohs”, they were painted as some kind of problem to be solved, so approximately 73% of them voted for Obama.

Bitter.. Bitter.. Bitter…

So.. Quick Recap… ~55% of women, who make up 53% of the entire voting population aren’t voting for you. 93% of blacks, who make up ~13% of the voting population (obviously overlapping with the overall female percentages) aren’t voting for you, ~73% of Hispanics, who make up ~10% of the population, aren’t voting for you (which is actually way worse, because they throw Cubans in with Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Mexicans, Ecuadorians and anybody else, to count as “Hispanics”), some high percentage of Asians (another group made up of a bunch of different groups) voted for Obama, except Asians never get any press anyway, so that never came up.

I didn’t even bother mentioning that just like there are whites that refuse to vote for someone black, there are Christians who refuse to vote for a Mormon.

In the final days of the 2012 election, the television pundits made this BIIIIIIIGGGG DEEEAAALLLL about how Obama was going to have to do as well as possible with blue-collar white males and non-college-educated white females, but nobody wanted to mention religion, as if everyone forgot about it, when I wrote about that more than a full year ago. ->

So.. To me.. It was obvious that Romney wasn’t going to do any better than the polls indicated, because there wasn’t some hidden demographic that was going to suddenly appear and vote for him.

This is why I dismissed Dick Morris’ comments as tomfoolery, and never thought about them again, until people like Donald Trump were shocked and awed that the election went exactly the way I told y’all it was going to go.

I didn’t realize that there was more than one person misleading Republicans about what was actually going to happen on election day.

Then, I saw an interview where Mary Matalin really amazed me:

YouTube Link ->

Look how bitter, and mad, and tight, and upset, and crabby.. I mean WOW! πŸ˜€ hahaha

Listen to her spew talking points, as if the campaign is still on. It’s over. Obama won. She’s really embarrassing herself here.

It’s done. Obama won. Period. Get over it. Move Forward.

Even if Romney ends up winning Florida, which he won’t, because the precincts that haven’t reported yet are HIGHLY minority-populated, and Obama was ahead of him 49.9% to 49.3% when they called the race over and done with, I. GAVE. ROMNEY. FLORIDA. IN. MY. 303-235. PREDICTION. MAP! πŸ˜€

Romney would STILL be nowhere near 270 votes.

You can give him Ohio too, which is worth 18, and that STILL only brings him up to 253, and he’s STILL nowhere near 270 votes. πŸ™‚

He. LOST. He got SQUASHED. Get over it.

You Received Bad Information

You were lied to. People inflated your belief in something that was never going to happen.

Too many groups were either disrespected or dismissed, either by direct statements or by not shouting down idiots in order to look like a Severely Conservative team player.

Not to mention.. Voter Suppression backfired.

I voted within probably 20 minutes. In and out. It was a cold day. There are people that stood on lines for 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, 4 hours, 5 hours, 6 hours, and the worst I heard of was SEVEN (7) HOURS of standing in a line, just so they could put their vote in and say they had a hand in deciding the direction of the United States of America.

People in NYC could have stayed home. Romney wasn’t winning here, regardless. The final outcome here was Obama 62.7%, Romney 35.9%. BUUUUUTTT people who didn’t even need to vote went and did it anyway, to stand up for themselves.

Final Standings, By State ->

People waited seven hours in lines where most of them didn’t bring any chairs with them, and maybe not even food & drinks.

That’s called a backfire. πŸ™‚ Oh.. I can’t vote early? I’ll stand on line all day on election day.

oh.. wait… πŸ˜€ Politico just updated their map, and called Florida for Romney, so their map looks *EXACTLY* like mine, right now. -> (Updated 11/8/12 3:03 AM EDT)

So here’s the point…

People are more upset about the result of the election than they should be, because they were lied to and told that Romney had some kind of ghost troops that were going to appear out of the marsh like The Ducky Boys and vote for him.

YouTube Link -> The Wanderers – Final Fight

It just wasn’t true. It never was.

How I Arrived At My Results The Day Before The Election

All the polls were reported as “within the statistical margin of error”, meaning that the results were always close, but the polls never indicated that Romney was ever *AHEAD* of Obama in enough states to win 270 electoral votes.

The election went pretty much exactly the way THE POLLS indicated it was going to go, state by state.

I just happened not to believe that Obama was going to win North Carolina, due to what happened down there when Gingrich was still in the Republican primary, so I predicted that red instead of blue.

I gave Romney Florida because they’re notorious for voting irregularities, and we remember what happened to Al Gore. The polls had it close, and Obama slightly ahead, but I decided that that was too close for Florida, so I predicted it red instead of blue.

I wasn’t sure about Virginia, but I figured, since I actually GO to Virginia/Maryland/DC that it was going to go blue instead of red.

The only other toss-up was Colorado, and I made a guess that CO would go blue. \o/

Other than about 9 states, which were called “battleground states”, everything else turned out exactly the way it was supposed to. Obama won the entire East Coast, the entire West Coast, and the North East. Romney won the entire South and some more flyover states.

Also, you could tell they were desperate, because Romney left Ohio to campaign in Pennsylvania… He left a state where he had a BETTER statistical chance to win, to go to a state where he had a WORSE statistical chance to win, and on top of that, no Republican has *ever* been elected President without winning Ohio, so leaving there was clearly a sign of desperation.

Desperation indicates that you found out that The Ducky Boys aren’t coming.

Even though the final results were close, the polls were ALWAYS close… And they NEVER showed Romney as winning the 2012 Presidential election.

Should Have Etched The Sketch Sooner

Unfortunately for Romney, the only chance he had at winning was to go Moderate as soon as he received the Republican nomination, in which case he could have run as “I’m the same as Obama, except I’m a different guy! :D”

This is what he tried during the third debate, where he agreed with everything Obama said.

The third debate was about foreign policy. Romney doesn’t know or care anything about foreign policy. He had a team assembled for him that was going to handle foreign affairs for him. ->

Also ->

So, The plan was to mirror whatever Obama said, but then, if he would have been elected, the same dudes from before would have been in charge of American foreign policy.

Anyway, it was too late by then… The election results indicate practically a 50/50 split in the votes, but the race itself was nowhere near “close”.

Obama = 60,193,076 votes (50.4%)
Romney = 57,468,587 votes (48.1%)

Except the USA doesn’t vote as a country. We vote as individual states.

So, Since Romney took long to switch, he didn’t gain enough ground with people that don’t identify as Conservatives to win the battleground states he needed to win.

I actually forgot to mention something..

Romney was supposed to be (and he may very well be) better than Obama at creating American jobs.

The first stance I heard from him was “Government doesn’t create jobs. The private sector does.”

The next stance I heard from him was something to the effect of having a better plan than Obama, but not being willing to tell us what it was, because he needed to negotiate with Congress.

The next stance was that the tax cuts were revenue-neutral, but he wasn’t going to tell us which loopholes he was going to close in order to make that happen.

So.. To this day, *AFTER* the election, I have no idea what Romney’s jobs plan was, whether it would have worked, and whether it would have been better than Obama’s plans, because he never told us.

What I *do* know is that the Republican attack strategy was SERIOUSLY flawed.

They kept talking about how the economy wasn’t recovering quickly enough.

Every time you say that…. wait for it….. You remind people that the economy is recovering.

So, Every chance he got, Romney basically said “The economy is recovering because of Obama, but replace him with me, and I’ll make it recover even faster! :D”

And, Meanwhile…

So, the Romney economic plan was “I’ll get you jobs faster than Obama will”, and the Romney foreign policy plan was “I would have done the same thing Obama did, only faster” = “I’m the same as Obama, except I’m a different guy! :D”

Also, ObamaCare is based on RomneyCare.

So, the argument “I’m better for your wallet than Obama” wasn’t tenable.

Women Don’t Vote For Social Issues, Huh? πŸ˜€

This served to amplify the social issues, which, again, Republicans were told not to pay attention to, because women are more interested in whether they have a job than whether they have to have a rapist’s kid, and then potentially be sued for custody. ->

Also, Shauna R. Prewitt’s paper, Giving Birth to a β€œRapist’s Child”: A Discussion and Analysis of the Limited Legal Protections Afforded to Women Who Become Mothers Through Rape

Prewitt: “Few states have passed laws to aid the large numbers of raped women who choose to raise their rape-conceived children. Without such laws, in most states, a man who fathers through rape has the same custody and visitation privileges to that child as does any other father of a child.”

Another Shauna Prewitt article ->

The reason I know about these things is because I know real women, and we talk about real topics that are important to them.

When you know women “on paper” or as a demographic, you tend to speak and legislate as if your policies have no real effects on any real people, because it isn’t affecting anyone YOU know, so **** it. \o/

So.. Asking women to trade in their rights for a potential paycheck isn’t the key to winning a national election.

Voting for someone who isn’t willing to stand up against extremists in “his” own party, (since he’s supposed to be the leader, right? o_O) to be in charge of appointing Federal Judges, including potentially TWO Supreme Court Justices is not the move.

* List of President Obama’s appointments -> List_of_federal_judges_appointed_by_Barack_Obama

By not clearly defining the economic WIN for voters, while allowing yahoos to define the looming social LOSSES for voters by not denouncing and disavowing them, the Republicans in charge of the campaign gambled on a “**** Everybody Else! :D” strategy and lost.

This is because “Everybody Else” gets to vote, too.

Get Over It. Move Forward.

At this point, it’s too late to feel mad and upset and nasty and crabby about the outcome of an election that the polls prophesied would occur.

What we *ALL* have to hope for is that President Obama was sincere about including Mitt Romney and other Republicans in serious talks about getting things going to help our entire country.

We also have to hope that people like Mitch McConnell gave up the ghost, after *FAILING* *MISERABLY* in ensuring that President Obama was a “One-Term President”, and are willing to negotiate. ->

What we can’t afford.. And by “we”, I don’t mean myself, but rather the 57,468,587 people that voted for Romney… Is to waste time and energy on pointless hatred and vitriol.

I’ll readily admit that I would feel veeeeeeery strange right now if Mitt Romney had actually been elected. πŸ™‚ So, to that degree, I understand why a lot of people are confused and upset right now.

I understand it even more, because if all you do is watch Republican television stations and listen to Republican radio stations, you were never told the facts, and what you WERE told never panned out into becoming the reality you expected.

I, on the other hand, have been watching this entire process on FOX and MSNBC and CNN and I’ve been writing about it for more than a full year. ->

I watched the Republicans struggle to nominate “Anyone But Romney”:

YouTube Link -> If we don’t run Chris Christie, Romney will be the nominee, and we’ll lose.

Gingrich was steadily pointing out that even though Romney was winning primaries, he never received more than something like 35% of the votes, meaning that, basically, MOST people were voting anti-Romney, although those votes were being split by the other Republican nominees.

There was never any indication during the later part of the general election, other than right after the first debate, which Romney CLEARLY and DECISIVELY won, that anything was changing in his favor.

NY Post: The president’s comfortable edge among women held up in key battleground states such as Ohio (where he led 55 to 44 percent), Florida (53-46) and Pennsylvania (55-43).

There was never any indication that The Ducky Boys were hiding somewhere the pollsters couldn’t find them, waiting to vote for Romney.

Optimism For The Future

What I’m optimistic about, and this is an entirely uneducated opinion, but I’m optimistic that President Obama is going to utilize his “I can’t be re-elected now, anyway” status to propose and pass legislation that honestly does good things for as many Americans as possible.

I’m not saying he wasn’t doing that before.. I’m saying that his second term will be over by 2017, regardless, and while some people look at that as “He has no reason to compromise with us now”, I look at it as “He has *EVERY* reason to compromise with you now, because having already achieved re-election, President Obama’s legacy will be determined from here forward by what he achieves for the people.

*ALL* the people.

Including the 57,468,587 Americans that voted against him, and all the rest of the Americans that didn’t or couldn’t vote at all.

If that constitutes McConnell’s “move to the center”, then that’s what I expect to happen.

Anyway.. Anger and vitriol is not only nonproductive, it’s counterproductive.

The people that told you Romney was going to win either lied to you or were wrong.

The best you can do for yourself and everyone you want to see prosper is to get over it, get your head together, and get back on your business game, ASAP.

If you remain stuck on how much you can’t stand external factors in your life, all you’re going to accomplish is holding yourself back and impeding your own progress, not anybody else’s.

Also.. Pay Attention…

While 57 million people didn’t vote for Obama..

60 million people *DID* vote for Obama, Capisce? >:D

~ out

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  1. Great read as usual. I don’t think Romney had money to rededefine himself. I think he had to regroup after blowing a shitload of cash on the primaries.

    1. Thanks, Nino! πŸ˜€

      Part of the problem was that during the Republican primary, Gingrich kept calling Romney a “Massachusetts Moderate”, and telling Conservatives that Romney was not a Conservative.

      Because of that, Romney had to overdo it in order to seem like a Conservative, which he isn’t.

      So by the time he got the nomination, it was Conservatives backing him. If he would have switched to Moderate, he would have had a way better chance in the general election, BUT he would have alienated his donors, and no money = no campaign.

      On top of that, SuperPACs aren’t obliged to spend their money on the Presidential candidate. A lot of the money went to Congressional races.

      I think the worst part was how he was disallowed from disavowing crazy statements by other Republicans.

      That made it clear that he wasn’t in charge, at all, and was just waiting for marching orders.

      But yeah, there was no way he was going to win without shifting towards the center, because that’s where the Independents live.

      Instead, he shifted to the right, and then doubled down by selecting Paul Ryan to run with him.

      Basically, he didn’t define his own personality, and he didn’t stand up to wackos that were LOUDLY defining their personalities, so he became seen as either one of them or weaker than they are, and lost props and people’s confidence.

      Now we’ll get to see how successful Republicans are at redefining themselves, hehehe πŸ˜€

  2. Excellent. You nailed it. I think it works to Democrats advantage if you tell the black folk, ‘Hey they are taking away your vote.”. I’d gladly have a 7 hour party in line to represent like my Civil Rights predecessors.

    1. Thanks, Bluebeard! πŸ˜€

      Yeah, See.. It was kind of dumb, because they tried to restrict early voting hours, but then if you were on the line before the day’s hours were over, they *HAD* to let you vote, so polls were closing at 7pm and still taking votes at 10pm.

      I’m glad I didn’t have to, but I would have camped out for quite a while to put my two cents in for this election!! >:D

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