Mental Self-Injury (Get Over It)

Get over it.

This doesn’t directly have anything to do with dating, but it actually does, because people bring their own mental problems with them into relationships and then wonder why they get dumped.

There’s a situation going on right now (which has nothing to do with me), where one person dissed another person, and the dissed party can’t get over it.

The reason why I know the dissed party can’t get over it is because they keep bringing it up.. In public.. On the internet.

See.. It’s one thing to feel hurt that someone said something about you. It’s another thing to *CONTINUE* to feel hurt that they said that about you. It’s a third thing to CONTINUALLY ANNOUNCE THAT YOU’RE HURT to a bunch of people on the internet that don’t actually give a flying **** whether you feel hurt, happy, sad or anything else.

It’s like NOBODY ASKED YOU HOW YOU’RE FEELING, but you keep telling us. 🙂 There’s a problem, there. It’s a problem that YOU have, and the rest of the world does not, though we all have our own problems we deal with.

What’s worse is that this has been going on, literally, for weeks… WEEKS. Get over it.

Hulk Mad :/

Fortunately for me, I don’t have this problem.

If someone tries to dis me, my body reacts to it as a challenge. I receive an adrenaline rush, and revenge is plotted.. automatically. This person needs to learn the error of their ways. Justice needs to be served! >:D

For instance.. The other day, I wrote an article about chicks wearing non-fitting clothes and thinking they look cute, when they actually look like idiots ->

Some dude I’ve never heard of ever before in life decides he wants to say on Twitter that the effect of my article was “body shaming black women”.

Now, I fully appreciate what he was trying to do. 🙂 However, my first reaction was “What THE FUCK makes him think I was talking about BLACK women? o_O”

See.. First of all, the word “black” isn’t in my article.

Neither is “African”, “African-American”, “brown”, “Negro”, “Colored”, or anything else that black people have either been called or called themselves during the past 60 years, so he was talking trash about nothing.

Meanwhile, I wasn’t going to let that stand, that he was going to say in public that I was “body shaming black women”, when I was talking about *ALL* *WOMEN* that stuff themselves into clothing and make themselves look like 10 pounds of potatoes in a 5 pound bag.

So when I asked him WTF he was talking about, he had to back down from his racism statement.

He then proceeded to call me a sexist.

This is when I was like “I see what’s going on here. 🙂 Dude is cherry-picking. He has no idea who the **** I am. :)”

According to Webster’s:

Definition of SEXISM

1: prejudice or discrimination based on sex; especially : discrimination against women

2: behavior, conditions, or attitudes that foster stereotypes of social roles based on sex

— sex·ist adjective or noun

So, basically, a “sexist” is a person who treats women differently from men… Which means…..

DAMN MOTHER******* SKIPPY, I’M A SEXIST!!! 😀 hahaha I have *NEVER* treated men and women equally in my entire life, and I never will.. Which is something he would have KNOWN if he had ever READ any of my material that I’ve been posting FOR. THE. LAST. SIX. YEARS. on my own blog, and everywhere else I have an online presence.

I even have a category JUST for women ->

So, if you don’t know (a) that I’m *NEVER* talking about black chicks… or Jewish chicks or white chicks or Hispanic chicks or Asian chicks, and (b) that you’re stating what’s already obvious to MY ACTUAL READERS when you call me a sexist, then your opinion is entirely worthless.

It’s like saying “The way this guy writes, you’d think he’s an American! :O” DAMN SKIPPY I’m an American! >:D

But I Digress…

Getting back to my original point.. I could have said “OMG! :O Someone thinks I was talking about black women!!! :(” and been sad about it for weeks on end. boo-hoo-hoo WAAAAAH! 🙁

Instead, The situation was dealt with, directly and immediately.

The racism allegation was rebuffed. The sexism allegation was acknowledged.

Whomever that dude is, he obviously hasn’t read enough of my material to intelligently comment on who I am as a person or what I’m talking about, so why would I care at all about his opinion?

I respect his opinion, because everyone has their own take on reality.

It’s just that nobody cares. Where I live, there are millions of people with millions of opinions. \o/

So, when, weeks later, the original situation I began writing about is still being brought up in one of these “cry for help”, “OH, I’M SO HURT BY WHAT YOU SAAAAIIDDD!!! :(” manners, I’m like “Perhaps you should seek therapy.”

It’s one thing if you have a Physics professor and he tells you “Yo… You suck at physics.” HAHAHA *THAT* is something you need to worry about if that’s your chosen career path.

You need to worry if a chick tells you she’s not going to have sex with you tonight, and that was your previously-planned recreation.

You need to worry about things that matter.. *NOT* when uninformed people make uninformed statements about things that you know more about than they do.

If you’re not a sexist and someone calls you a sexist, the reply is “No. You’re wrong about that”, and that’s the end of the story, unless you wish to provide binders full of women that will vouch for you that you’re not a sexist.

Of course, The Kid can’t do that. 🙂 Any female that you know that actually knows me will tell you I’m an ABSOLUTE sexist, so my only play in that situation is to say “Good call. Cheers.”

Figure It Out

The reason I wanted to bring this up is because people are wasting their time and their lives thinking about things that don’t matter at all.

Every second that I spend thinking “Damn.. Someone that doesn’t even know me called me a sexist. :/” is a second that I’m not improving myself in video editing, music mixing, working out, sleeping, eating, or drinking brews with chicks = A. WASTE. OF. TIME.

Nobody Cares.

So, if you insist on adding insult to injury by carrying around with you, for weeks, months, years, decades, what someone said to or about you or did to you, you’re making their effect on you WORSE, and not better, because you’re wasting more of YOUR TIME on their nonsense, when they’re screwing their girlfriend or something, enjoying their lives.

Get. Over it.

Especially on the internet.. What we’re saying is written down for whomever to read. This isn’t a private diary.

On top of that.. How do you look when you let your ego get shaken by someone that doesn’t even know anything? o_O

How confident are you about who you are as a person, or what you’ve accomplished in life, if you let somebody with zero information tell you who you are in a way that actually sticks with you and you have to keep bringing it up, bitching and whining?

Not that how you look to the public is more important than how you feel as a person, but I’m saying that as a professional in an industry, you just look like a sucker.

Like, Imagine Pelé giving a flying **** if you said he wasn’t a great soccer player.

He wouldn’t even laugh at you. It isn’t even funny, the degree to which you don’t know what the **** you’re talking about.

How could that possibly affect Pelé’s self esteem? \o/

If you know who you are and what you do and what you’re good at and what you aren’t, embrace the accurate statements about you and challenge the inaccurate ones.

That’s all you have to do. This isn’t rocket science. Ain’t No Mystery.

And.. If that’s the type of person that you are, that your self-image can be damaged by randoms on the internet… don’t post anything to the internet.

Avoiding negative criticism is not guaranteed when you offer opinions on the internet. Some people are going to like what you have to say and others are not.

Personally, I enjoy negativity, because I get to test my own logic.

If they’re right, I might change something. If they’re wrong, I’ll tell them why they’re wrong and then I’ll keep on rockin’ in the free world.

So make a list of the things that you think about during your day. I’ll bet a bunch of things are useless nonsense, and you could be spending your time and life more efficiently and effectively by LETTING GO of ridiculous, petty issues, and focusing on what makes your life better, and maybe even helps someone else to live THEIR lives better along the way. Follow Bill via Email Subscription | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Google+ | RSS Feed

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