Reader Charles mentioned on Facebook the other day that he was overweight. I found this ridiculous, because Charles isn’t overweight.

When I went to the link he posted,, I found out not only that Charles IS overweight, but so am I!!! 😛

Body Mass Index Chart

According to the BMI chart, at 5’9″ and 175 lbs, I’m cold lampin’ in “overweight”, and will be officially obese if I hit 195 lbs. 😀

Meanwhile, I have just about ZERO body fat. I’m a genetically and naturally skinny person, and the only weight I have on me, besides maybe 5 pounds worth of beer, is entirely muscle.

You’ll just have to take my word for that or ask one of the ladies on that particular mailing list. 😉

Weight Gain Formula

I’ve done a bunch of stuff to gain weight, and until recently, I couldn’t retain anything above 170 lbs without immediately sweating it off if I did anything physical other than walk back and forth to the gym.

I hornswoggled myself into working four months in a row at the end of 2012 and stayed eating Zinburger every day and never working out, so my base weight increased to 175 lbs.

This was strange for me when I started going back to the gym, because I’ve always had to utilize build and increase cycles, meaning that as soon as I went to the gym, I had to combat my insanely-high metabolism in order to actually gain weight, which worked out perfectly, because I was increasing muscle mass and pushing more weight in the gym.

The strange part is that NOW, I’m already the size I used to be when I could push way more weight than I can right now.

I don’t have to eat all day. I don’t have to utilize protein shakes or creatine. Nothing. All I have to do is work out, which previously did nothing for me, as far as gains in size and strength.

My first reaction to this was thinking that I was going to drop back to 165 by working out and not eating much.

That didn’t happen. I’m stuck now at 175, which is fine with me 🙂 however, I understand now that even though BMI claims I’m overweight, I’m currently starving.

That Was Then, This Is Now

I’m at my absolute lowest weight possible. Actually, I walked into the gym this morning at 177, but 175 is as low as I’m going to go.

The issue with this is that I’m not making strength gains in the gym now.. I mean not quick ones.

If I cared about that, I’d hit the creatine for two weeks and put on a quick 10-15 lbs.

It still leaves an interesting consideration that I’ve been thinking about for the past couple of weeks… I can stay going to the gym for the purposes of carving, and not increase my food intake, or I can go in for strength gains and probably move up to a solid 180 within a month (obviously quicker with creatine).

I feel pretty sleek at 175. My bag-work (punching) is pretty fast and strong. I don’t really have a reason to go up to 180 other than the vanity of pushing more weight in the gym.

Maybe I’m stuck, mentally, on “The reason to be in the gym is to build”, because that’s what I’ve always had to do. It’s just too easy to work out for about an hour and be done for the day when I used to spend half the day in the gym and half the day eating, every day.

Anyway.. I can’t see myself going all the way to obese, but I’ll probably end up going solidly to the middle of “overweight” before t-shirt weather hits. 😉 Follow Bill via Email Subscription | YouTube | Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | RSS Feed

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