In our current “race to the bottom”-oriented society, people strive to protect other people’s feelings and boost their self-esteem by telling them they’re not losers even when they lose, and attempting to convince them that everyone’s equal.

In fact, we are *not* equals, and attempting to convince people that we are is hindering them more than it’s helping them.


I went to hang out at a friend’s place of business for a party and they decided to start playing Halo, an Xbox game.

While they were setting up, they were talking about which one of them was the best player in the room. They came to a consensus about who that was.

Not one of them asked me if I had ever played Halo before.

They started playing each other and I immediately realized that these guys were scrubs (sucked at the game, compared to me).

They were making themselves way too available to get killed, AND when these opportunities arose, the other player wasn’t able to capitalize on them = scrubs.

So I didn’t say anything about it and wasn’t going to get involved.

At some point, they thought it would be amusing if I played against one of their lower-level players.

I attempted to veto the situation, but in the vein of being sociable, I finally agreed.

Needless to say, dude got whacked.


So then the 🙂 turned into 🙁 and they called out their big gunner.

Needless to say, dude got whacked.


What they didn’t know because they never asked was that I’ve been the leader of a high-level Halo crew for years.

I’ve played against (and lost to! haha) world champions. I used to play Halo for 8 hours a day.. at least.

My friends I was hanging out with weren’t even as good as randoms we would beat up on every day on the open servers. I didn’t want to play against them because I can’t / won’t dumb down my playing ability so they can feel better about their lives.

Of course, once they realized what time it was, nobody wanted to play Halo anymore. 😀


The reason I wanted to share that story was not to make myself look good, but to illustrate what happens when people are convinced that they deserve the same thing that winners deserve.

If you think that without putting in the work that I put in and fighting against the calibre of players I’ve fought against, you deserve a 50/50 chance of winning against me, you’re sadly mistaken and you have a rude awakening coming to you if you **** with me.

Similarly, if I barely know how to cook and I decide to battle a chef at making something, I’m going to get whacked! 😀

There’s no reason for me to feel sad about that. In fact, there’s NO REASON I should have believed I could out-chef a chef to begin with.

The only reason I might have believed that is if I fell for the okey-doke that people are equal when we are not.

If you play baseball for a farm team, you are not the equal of someone playing Major League Baseball.

If you play basketball in the local schoolyard, you are not the equal of someone in the NBA… You MIGHT BE! 😀 but if you feel that you are, then go to the tryouts and get your spot. Otherwise, you don’t deserve the same things than an NBA player receives, including money and groupie chicks.

What happens when you convince people that regardless of their level of proficiency, they deserve the same thing as people who are their betters in that field is that those people develop a warped sense of reality and start to make poor decisions.

If I went to college and you didn’t, you don’t deserve to make as much money in my chosen field as I do.

If you were a chef for 4 years while I was going to college during that time and eating every day at Burger King, I don’t deserve to make as much money as you do as a chef when I graduate.

If you were working 8 hours a day while I was playing Halo against top-level competition 8 hours a day, you don’t deserve to live long if you step out from behind cover.

People need to understand the hierarchy. They need to understand the correlation between studying, working, striving to perfect one’s craft, and enjoying the spoils of success.

We don’t all grow up in the same circumstances. Some of us have to work harder than others to achieve the same thing that others achieve easily and with a vast support system.

That doesn’t mean that you give up trying. It means that you need to recognize reality and carry yourself accordingly.

There are no shortcuts that lead anywhere useful for you. There’s no red or blue pill that you can go take that’s going to make you as good as I am in video games. I can’t take a pill that’s going to make me as good as you are at cooking or basketball or pulling chicks or whatever the case may be.

None of us are equals.


This also applies to the dating world.

The other day, this chick told me “I would never date someone that [insert whatever restriction you like, here].”

Believing that you are equal to anybody else courting this chick is a mistake.

There *are* no equals in dating, or else people would be easily discarded and exchanged for each other, with no ability to upgrade or downgrade.

If two gals walk into a bar and both of them are employed as teachers, that doesn’t make them equals.

They can make the same amount of money, have the same job title, live in apartments of the exact same shape and size, and some guys are going to gravitate towards one of them and some are going to be interested in the other one.

One of them is going to dress better or be taller or shorter or have a better body (in the guy’s estimation) or be sexier or seem hornier or whatever the situation is, but they aren’t walking in the door as twins. They don’t have an equal chance of having the same experience.

Same thing for guys.. Don’t do yourselves the disservice of thinking that you’re equal to the next man. You aren’t.

The same chick that says she wouldn’t “date” you will give you some. That same chick WILL NOT hook up with a guy that she WOULD “date” so he doesn’t think she’s easy.

The more interested she is in a long-term relationship with you, the tougher it’s going to be for you to get her to lay down.


Equality doesn’t exist.

I know physical twins that aren’t the same as each other. Twins.. As in they both came out of the same chick at the same time twins. 😀

The sooner you realize this, the better off you’ll be.

You will get what you deserve, based on how you carry yourself in life, business, & relationships.

You will NOT get what you DON’T deserve, and if you try to take shortcuts to get what you don’t deserve, things aren’t going to work out well for you.

Recognize that the playing field isn’t the same for everyone. Some of us need to work harder than others to achieve the same exact things.

Decide whether you want to put in that work or resign yourself to lesser things.

If you elect to put in the work, give yourself credit for your advancement towards your ultimate goals while still recognizing that you’re not there yet.

Don’t concern yourself with “Keeping up with the Joneses” unless you’ve done as much as the Joneses have done to put themselves in their current position.

Don’t worry about the calibre of chicks the next man can pull. Do what YOU can do under your current circumstances and strive to improve yourself in the near future.

Don’t fall for the okey-doke and believe you’re an equal without proof of your achievements, and end up getting embarrassed by someone that does this for real.

~ Bill ~

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