Just Say What It Is

A funny thing happened to me the other day. 😀

In the recent past, I’ve had several conversations with a homegirl of mine that I kick The Game around with where the bottom line from her side was that if the dude would have just said XYZ to her, things would have gone better than what happened when he did what he did, which was think that he knew what to say to her because he was used to interacting with typical chicks.

This is a major issue for atypical people that have to interact with primitive people that follow a script instead of going with the flow of what’s really happening here.

Since these people’s brains can’t process anything outside their own understanding of life, they end up restricting your ability to relate to them because they refuse to tell you the truth.


I’ve said this before about dudes, but haven’t had a reason to apply it to chicks until now.

Guys only evolve as far as they need to in order to get laid.

Once they figure out the pattern to consistently getting laid, they don’t attempt to learn anything else about women.

This is why women often complain about “He thinks I’m stupid” or “He thinks I’m easy” or whatever.. It has nothing to do with them, in fact… It has to do with the fact that the first chicks to spread their legs for these guys were both stupid AND easy and then he didn’t develop an ability to effectively interact with better women.

It isn’t that he doesn’t recognize her as a better gal. It’s that he doesn’t have any skillz at all as far as laying a better gal, so he says and does what he knows to say and do, thus [inadvertently] insulting her and making it even less likely that he’s going to get some from her unless she’s just one of those chicks that turns into a horn-dog when she gets drunk and then the closest guy to her can have it.

So basically what my homegirl was saying is that she’s given dudes several chances to come clean about what’s really going on and they have *REFUSED* to comply, although, of course, they swore up and down to her that they were telling her the truth.

The general statement after they get busted lying is something to the effect of “Chicks don’t actually want to hear that, so I didn’t tell you because I knew what your reaction was going to be.”

This is the problem with being considered a typical person. You get the behavior that typical people get and you can’t even stand it.

Personally, I’m the exact opposite. I tell chicks exactly what it is so they can get the **** away from me if they aren’t down with the program.

I’m not interested in wasting time, and everyone isn’t supposed to spend time with each other. Everyone isn’t supposed to be friends with everyone. Everyone isn’t supposed to be a winner. We need losers in this society. We need mediocre people. We need superior people. We need people into different things.. Without variance, things would be very simple because no matter which person you chose to mess with, you’d get the same exact experience, so what difference would it make who you selected?

Who Cares?

Unfortunately for the women, the “Take it or leave it” attitude works better for males than females.

Guys don’t really care what gals have to say. We either want some from you or we don’t. It isn’t any more complicated than that.

Guys will put up with all kinds of nonsense and mental insanity from chicks so long as we like what they look like and the action we get with them. Chicks have to be reeeeeealllly jacked up in the head for a guy to quit her entirely if he’s enjoying hooking up with her.

Women can’t afford this because, biologically, they’re looking for someone better than they are.

If a cavewoman hooks up with a caveman that’s weaker than she is, she isn’t adding protection by aligning herself with him.

If a cavewoman hooks up with a caveman that’s shorter than she is, their kids are likely to be shorter than she is instead of taller.

If a cavewoman hooks up with an ugly caveman, they’re likely to produce busted-looking kids. EEW

Being a little more modern, if a chick hooks up with a dude without a job, they and their kids are going to be BROKE for at least the next 15 years.

That’s assuming he doesn’t attempt to get more than he deserves and start doing illegal stuff so he gets thrown in jail so he can make $.25/hour and become yet another dependent of the chick just like her actual kids.

In that case, the chick is going to be BROKER THAN BROKE.

So there’s a lot of incentive for females to figure out as soon as possible whether or not a dude is a dreg of humanity.

Guys don’t have to deal with this as we don’t expect much from chicks to begin with, but that brings us to the other day’s issue. 😀

Chicks watch too many movies and then believe them as if that’s how real life actually works.

I wrote about this 6 years ago, in 2009 -> billcammack.com/2009/04/05/why-r-b-music-works-on-women/

The reason why this persists is that it’s to the advantage of the guys that the gals are so susceptible to simple suggestion.

The atypical person can’t stand this, though. Just say what it is.

Authentic Interaction

All you have to do is declare whatever you’re currently claiming about yourself and even though we don’t believe you, we’re going to act accordingly.

So if you all of a sudden want to pretend like you’re in a “relationship” with some dude, even though you don’t personally believe you’re pretending but *WE* know you’re totally full of it, we’re going to acknowledge your so-called “relationship” and act towards you as if you actually *ARE* in a relationship.

It’s that simple. Just say what it is and then we’ll all Act. As. If.

Same thing if you suddenly want to tell us you’re a lesbian. Sure you are. 😀 Good for you. Enjoy the chicks! 😀 Take pictures and video, please. Nobody actually believes you.

However, as I said, we’re going to Act As If you’re actually a lesbian and discuss things with you as if we believe you… Also.. We aren’t going to pull your card when you switch back in the future and the next thing we know you’re dating some dude.

Political Correctness is so screwed up at this point that everybody’s expected to act as if we believe whatever you classify yourself as on any given day. It’s complete nonsense.

I can like fat girls for 10 years in a row and then turn around on the 1st day of the 11th year and say “I only like chicks with flat asses!!! :D” and you’re supposed to believe what I’m saying and act like I’m discussing actual reality. It’s complete nonsense.

This is one of the main problems atypical people have with spending time with, “dating”, and getting into “relationships” with typical people. What y’all say doesn’t make any sense and nobody believes you.

It’s like the chick you meet at the bar that tells you “I’m not going to have sex with you tonight” when you never offered her any to begin with.

The problem with that statement is that she’s obviously thinking about hooking up with you or else she wouldn’t have mentioned it at all. Especially if YOU never brought it up.

Imagine someone you’re in a conversation with saying “I’ve decided I’m not going to punch you in your face.” 😀 hahaha

ummm *I* wasn’t the one thinking that you might punch me. *YOU* were the one thinking about it, which is why you mentioned it.

And then, don’t try to turn it around on me as if it was my idea for you to punch me in my face. 😀

These people watch too many movies.

All you have to do is say what it is.

Stick To The Truth

In fact, we don’t care one way or the other.

“I’m in a ‘relationship’ with someone.” “ok”
“I’m a lesbian as of last Saturday.” “ok”
“I feel like punching you in your face.” “fine”

It’s all the same thing. Nobody believes you anyway. At least if you say how you really feel and/or what you’re really thinking, we can have an authentic relationship to each other.

You’re way more likely to get something that enhances your life if you tell the truth.

If you’re tired of dudes for now and you’ve decided to spend your time with girls and see if you like hooking up with them, good for you. Let me know how that works out for you. Take pictures and video.

Here’s another thing.. Whatever nonsense you’re talking about, we’ve already seen it several times.

Although you might think so, you aren’t the first person to claim a radical change in your demeanor and behavior, or even your thought patterns or beliefs.

Christians have converted to Judaism.

Chicks with kids have decided that they’re lesbians.. Then UN-DECIDED that they’re lesbians and had more kids from screwing guys.

Chicks have decided that this guy is “The One”, then broken up with him and selected a new guy as “The One”, then that didn’t work and eventually they found another “The One”… It’s all nonsense.

Stick to the truth with us and we’ll stick to the truth with you.

Try to convince us of your lies, or actually even lie by omission, and when we figure it out, the only thing that’s going to happen is that you lose respect, you lose position on the totem pole, and we’re less likely to believe anything you say ever again.

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