Don Lemon Gets Jerked For Telling The Truth

My first response was “JEEZ LOUISE!!! :O ISN’T KATHY GRIFFIN LIKE 65 YEARS OLD?!?! :O” and then I figured out that I thought they were saying he said that to Kathie Lee Gifford. (the Regis chick)

I’m not a Don Lemon fan. I don’t know the guy at all. Never met him IRL. He just always seemed to me to be the cardboard dude that said whatever they told him in his earpiece. Two-dimensional. Not real at all.

So today in my Facebook sidebar, they won’t stop telling me that Don Lemon told Kathy Griffin she had a nice rack like it’s some amazing news of the world.

My first response was “JEEZ LOUISE!!! :O ISN’T KATHY GRIFFIN LIKE 65 YEARS OLD?!?! :O” and then I figured out that I thought they were saying he said that to Kathie Lee Gifford. (the Regis chick)

Beer & Business

So then I was like “So what?” when I found out he was talking about the comedienne, Kathy Griffin, who often utilizes self-deprecating humor first of all, and is a cool-ass chick second of all, and then when I watched the video, I saw what I expected to see.. She enjoyed his compliment *AND* thanked him for saying so live on the air:

Now the funny part about all this was that I didn’t think Don Lemon was into chicks to begin with. We know damned well that Anderson Cooper isn’t, which explains why he was acting so weirdly while Kathy was walking around in her bra.

So Facebook keeps showing me this information in my sidebar until I decide to check it out and see what’s going on.

When I read the headline, I figured some nosey person recorded video of Don Lemon talking to Kathy Griffin off-camera and sent it to TMZ blah blah blah. Whatever.

So then I check the actual video (which I’ve linked, above), and a) Dude wasn’t even right next to her when he said it, they were on two totally different camera feeds, and b) he said it ON THE AIR!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ hahaha

Now… The people that know me from Facebook know that I like to make jokes about how much alcohol I personally consume.

Pretty much, if I’m awake, I’m drAnkin’. ๐Ÿ˜€

However.. I drink beer. Beer can get me buzzed, but I never get high. Wine is a different story. Rum & Vodka are different stories. Tequila smooths me out so you might hear some truths you didn’t want to know about, but I can’t get actually drunk off of tequila.

I’m a freelancer. This means that my job is to meet deadlines, by any means necessary. That might mean that I’m working from 4am to 7am and then sleeping from 1pm to 5pm on any given day.

On the other hand.. Raaaaaarely, I work at client locations. If I agree to sell my personal time to someone, the situation’s entirely different. I know what time I need to be at their location. I know how long I need to be there. I dry out entirely before I need to arrive there to work for them.

This means that I am *NEVER* “nice”, “tipsy”, “drunk”, or whatever you like to call it when I’m on a client site.

This is only because I respect their patronage, not because I wouldn’t be able to do the work after drinking beer.

I bring this up because this Don Lemon situation occurred during the New Year’s Eve celebration broadcast and he had a drink in his hand when it happened.

I’m not saying he was “nice” when he said what he said. I don’t know the dude and I don’t know his tolerance for alcohol consumption.

I’m just saying that if I were on-air talent as opposed to a video editor, I wouldn’t have been drinking jack **** during the broadcast and would have saved all that until we wrapped the shoot.

Did You See A Pack Of Trojans?

So I go to check out the video and find out it’s a live broadcast.

The video I linked above, for brevity, doesn’t show Kathy walking around in her bra.

Here’s some bra video to show what she looked like. Personally, it looked like a push-up bra to me (filler on the bottom of it to make it look like there’s more going on than actually is), but that’s neither here nor there…

So I saw that video to begin with and was like “Well.. Kathy’s no spring chicken, but she has a really nice shape for her age and looks attractive.”

So blah blah they walk around and Anderson says weird-ass things to her blah blah so eventually, Don Lemon says to her “I have to say, Kathy… Nice Rack! ๐Ÿ˜€ .. I didn’t know you had all of that going on up there.. I applaud you for that. :D” To which Kathy claps gleefully and says “Thank You! :D”.

In real life (IRL), this would have been the end of the interaction.

A dude would have told a chick she looked attractive and she would have graciously accepted the compliment.

Unfortunately! ๐Ÿ˜€ hahaha Don complimented her on the air in an environment that’s trying as hard as they can to convince everyone that guys don’t like girls anymore.

In fact, that campaign is going to ultimately fail. The game has never changed. Guys still like girls, which is why procreation persists. Like it or not, you’ll never be able to get around that.

You’ll be able to get guys to PRETEND that they don’t like chicks so they can get hired and make money and get promotions and whatever other perks you have for them, but behind the scenes, no pain, no gain, no fame, ain’t nuthin’ changed.

Having said that, Don absolutely committed a faux pas. ๐Ÿ˜€ hahaha

If you’re going to be on-air talent in 2016, you have to play that eunuch role at the least or that Anderson Cooper role at the most.

Eunuch: A eunuch (/หˆjuหnษ™k/; Ancient Greek: ฮตแฝฮฝฮฟแฟฆฯ‡ฮฟฯ‚) is a man who (by the common definition of the term) may have been castrated, typically early enough in his life for this change to have major hormonal consequences. In some ancient texts, “eunuch” may refer to a man who is not castrated but who is impotent, celibate, asexual, or otherwise not inclined to marry and procreate or achieve sexual satisfaction.

This is why I brought up the alcohol thing. Who knows if they know each other personally? Who knows if that’s something he would have said to her directly off-camera? Who knows if they’re involved with each other?

The problem with mixing alcohol and being on-air talent is that you can easily forget to pretend like you’re castrated.

If Don would have said “That was a very nice bra.. Did you get it from Victoria’s Secret?” I would never have heard a damned thing about it because it would have been a fashion question instead of a statement of attraction.

On top of that, like I said, it looked like a push-up bra, so his statement wasn’t even correct about her “having all of that going on up there”, but that’s neither here nor there.

Get Paid or Get Real

So the first thing that happens when Don mentions Kathy’s bra is that whoever the hell the chick is next to him in the New Orleans feed starts bugging out and disowning him.

The next thing she does is snatch Don’s drink away from him, saying “Cutting him off! Cutting him off!” (Which was bullshit because she gave him his drink back a few seconds later.)

The next thing that happens is that non-girl-liking Anderson Cooper asks “What is in that cup?” as if there was some special concoction that made Don lose his mind.

In fact, he didn’t lose his mind. He found his mind. ๐Ÿ˜€ hahaha

Also, the chick that stole the beer from Don could probably have heard the same statement from him if *she* would have gotten undressed.

This is the weirdness I was talking about several years ago.

No, Don shouldn’t have said “Nice Rack”. ๐Ÿ˜€ hahaha But they weren’t responding to his terminology. They were responding to a male giving a female a compliment.

Yes, Don should have said “Hey Kathy! ๐Ÿ˜€ Congratulations on entering 2016 in such great shape! :D” and there wouldn’t be any controversy about this.

The fact of the matter is that as soon as she broke out her bra, that’s all guys [that like girls] were checking out.

Like I said twice already, I’m personally STILL skeptical because we know what lengths chicks go to cheat as if they have curves:

So hopefully, whether he was tipsy or not, Don won’t have any professional issues over truthfully expressing his appreciation for Kathy’s body.

It’s one of those “Cat out of the bag” situations like when Donald Tokowitz (Whom *you* would recognize as Donald “Sterling”) got busted talking all that trash about minorities.

Donald Sterling was born Donald Tokowitz on April 26, 1934, in Chicago, Illinois.[6][7][8] His family moved to the Boyle Heights area of Los Angeles when he was two years old. His parents, Susan and Mickey, were Ashkenazi Jewish immigrants.[9][10][11][12] He attended Theodore Roosevelt High School in Los Angeles, where he was on the school’s gymnastics team and served as class president; he graduated in 1952. He next attended California State University, Los Angeles (Class of 1956) and Southwestern University School of Law (Class of 1960) in Los Angeles.[13]

When he was 25 (after he was married), he and his wife Shelly changed their surname to “Sterling”, filing a formal petition to do so on December 9, 1959.[14] They cited the difficulty among his peers to pronounce “Tokowitz” and the belief that there would be financial benefits for the change.[14]

oh.. tah.. kow.. witz.. Really difficult. Right.

So we’ll see what happens, but the fact of the matter is that dudes are going to find chicks attractive no matter how much you try to change that and at least he wasn’t talking about Kathie Lee Gifford!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

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