Rethinking Dating Apps

I read a “disturbing” article the other day. 😀 haha I should have bookmarked it, but at the time, I didn’t think I was going to write about dating apps so I didn’t and now I can’t find it so I’m going to have to freestyle this without that reference.

Basically, what the article was saying was that people were using dating apps like Tinder *WHILE* they were already out for the evening at a bar.

I hadn’t considered this before.

What made sense to me is that people would have used Tinder ahead of time to decide which person they were going to spend time with WHEN they went out and then meet that person and see what happens.

I didn’t imagine that chicks might be sitting AT THE BAR on their phones swiping through potential dates for the evening even though there were guys right there, IRL (in real life) that they could have met, talked to, and/or hooked up with at the bar.

At the time that I read it, I didn’t think anything of it.. Well.. I didn’t think ENOUGH of it to pay much attention to it.

The only thing I thought about it was “That sucks for the guys at the bar because you think she’s checking her email, bullshitting on Facebook, or texting with her girlfriend that hasn’t arrived yet and meanwhile she’s actually searching for guys who ARE NOT YOU and who ARE NOT IN THIS BAR.”

This was all well & good until New Year’s Eve about a week agoooooo. 😀

Untenable Situation

On the way to the NYE party, I passed a pack of what was probably around 9-11 chicks, all of whom were looking incredible.

I don’t know how many there actually were because I stopped counting at 6 and spent the rest of the time enjoying the view.

Normally, I would have just been amazed. However, since I had read that article, I had dating apps in the back of my mind, so when I started thinking about how I would have infiltrated that pack, I didn’t come up with any ideas EXCEPT dating apps.

Obviously, meeting one chick is simple. She has nothing to do. She either wants to talk to you or she doesn’t. Let’s call that a 50% chance that you can strike up a conversation.

Two isn’t much of a problem either. It’s easy to entertain two or three chicks.

You’re getting into dangerous territory with 4 or 5 because one or two of them are going to feel neglected and start hating that the other three are getting all the light and start cockblocking.

9-11 is literally insane. I think anything above 7 would be a problem, but there were definitely more chicks than that.

The other problem with the NYE situation was that NONE OF THEM were busted, which would have made things simpler if there were say 6 hawt chicks and 5 extras.

Oh… And I’m only talking about if you’re running solo. If you have a couple of other dudes with you that know what they’re doing, you can distribute the workload. Like, 11 chicks isn’t a problem for 5 dudes, but if you have to do everything yourself, you’re short.

So as I was running scenarios, the only way I would have made inroads in that situation would have been if I would have known one or more of the chicks ahead of time = online dating apps.

Agents & Spies

I had a situation back in the day where a homegirl of mine was having a party at a bar and invited me so that when I arrived, I went right over to her and she introduced me to 5-6 of her homegirls that were all huddled around her and I was in like Flynn… Meanwhile, all the dudes that had been sweating this pack of chicks were shocked, amazed, and saddened that I walked in the door and immediately got on when they had been trying their damnedest to get these chicks’ attention and couldn’t.

That’s fine if you know the gal who’s throwing the party. You can get your sitrep from her (situation report). “Who’s that in the green dress? o_O” .. “Who’s that in the black pants? o_O” .. Not only do you get introduced to them by a mutual acquaintance, but you have vital information about them before you meet them.. Married, Boyfriend, Religious, Single, Lesbian, Whatever.

What are you supposed to do, however, if you don’t have a double-agent working for you inside the pack? 😀

Also, what happens if you want to infiltrate a rap that other dudes seem to be getting?

A couple of months ago, there were these two chicks hanging out with these three Herbs at the far end of a long table where I was having drinks and chatting with my homegirl. One of them was aiiite, (New York pronunciation of alright, indicating decent-enough-looking) but if I would have gotten her attention, the Herbs would have noticed and gone into panic mode since I’m sure they were hoping that one of them was going to get on her several drinks later.

Obviously I didn’t have that chick’s number because I had never seen her before in life, so I wouldn’t have been able to text her.

If we would have been on the same dating app system, I would have been able to find her and swipe her (select her as “yes” instead of “no”), she would have received that indication on her phone, and she could have accepted or rejected my “statement of interest” without the Herbs knowing what was going on.

This is exactly the problem that “disturbed” me about the article I read. You can be sitting with a chick WHILE she’s scanning the entire world hoping to meet someone better than you so she can bounce and hook up with him, even though you’re right there IRL spending time with her.

Swiping For Chicks

I don’t actually like dating apps for several reasons, though I’m on some of them for research purposes.

One of the reasons I don’t like them is that there’s a chemical rush from suddenly being in the presence of a chick that turns you on which prompts your actions and statements. The bagging of the chick is half of the fun of the entire interaction.

Swiping “yes” or “no” on a million chicks takes that out of the game completely.

The new problem is that that rush may need to be forfeited if a large proportion of the female society is making their first contact with males they’re interested in via online dating apps.

Also, I know chicks that don’t have time to go to bars and meet guys. They swipe, swipe, swipe and take their chances when there’s a match. This means that the population of chicks AT the bars is going to be way lower.

This may be a situation of “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.”

When I talk about technology, I like to tell people about HTML programmers. That used to be an actual job until companies started making programs that would code the HTML for you behind the scenes and all you had to do was select your pictures, text, and layout.

At this point, hitting the street and seeing what you can do may be HTML programming. 😀

On top of that, a lot of women may not be used to meeting men any other way except on their smartphone apps.

I met a chick on a bar bathroom line. She was cute, and fortunately the people in the bathrooms took a long time so I got to chat with her and we stayed in touch. That’s fun. 🙂 That’s what going out socializing is all about, IMO.

I’m thinking that’s a lower and lower percentage play now that people are using dating apps so much.

It’s The New Style

In 2016, it may be a better idea to stay home and swipe until I decide what I’m going to do and where I’m going to go for the evening and then move out. 😀

It may be a better idea to select a home base bar and sit there socializing with the bartenders & locals and swiping until the real action for the evening becomes apparent.

Of course the other problem is when chicks see you IRL and recognize you as “That Guy From The Dating App” because that’s going to carry a stigma with it.

I’ve come across several women I know with my fake research dating app accounts… It was interesting to read what they had to say about themselves and to know they were actively looking for dates, but I already knew them.. If I would have wanted to kick it to them, I would have done it already.

Dunno.. Dating Apps might be the car that a lot of people are driving now instead of the horse & buggy of actually hitting the streets and taking your chances meeting new people IRL.

All I would have needed is the luck shot of one ore more of my mutual-swipes to be in that 11-pack and it’s off to the races.

Actually, that’s a different problem I hadn’t considered.. What happens when more than one of your swipes is in the same location and/or knows each other?!?! :O hahaha

Welp.. I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

Game On!!! 😀

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