The Ability To Be Insulted

As our society spirals towards the bottom, I’ve noticed that incredible and ever-increasing numbers of people swear that they have “haters”.

For some of you, those aren’t haters. Those are honest people pointing out that you suck.

This campaign to make people feel better by acting like nobody ever loses and everybody wins is causing people to malfunction when they attempt to process how others react to them.

If you have a creepy personality and someone calls you a creep, you have to wear that.

If you’re always joking and someone calls you a clown, you have to wear that.

Arguing the opposite is an untenable position when you have no evidence at all and the other person is chock full o’ evidence proving what they said about you.

Horse?.. Meet Cart

However.. This is a by-product of the degeneration of our society. You can see it in the arts.. Or, I should say that you can see it in the social media coverage OF the arts.

Artists, especially musicians, used to have to be talented. At this point, they have to be popular. Unfortunately, people can become popular for stupid things. “Oh.. You’re the girl that was dancing and fell through the glass table.”

At this point, you hear see and read more GOSSIP about musicians than the amount of MUSIC you actually hear from them. Every day, it’s some new stupid shenanigan, but you have to wait 6 months until you hear another song from them.

This has created a society that has placed a value on criticism.

You can become popular merely by talking about someone else, as if your opinion means jack shit to begin with.

It becomes a cycle of “Did you hear what he/she said? :O” and people start talking about the discussion that other people are having about nothing at all.

People are actually validating themselves by the fact that some nobody said something about them.

How backwards is that?


In fact, everyone does not have the ability to insult everyone else.

Imagine back in the days of black & white television that some crowd member said “JAMES BROWN CAN’T DANCE!!! :O”

Either that person would have been stoned to death, laughed out of the studio, pushed onto the stage so he could dance-battle James Brown and get crushed, or…. wait for ittttt…… that person would have beennnnn……. *IGNORED*

Who the hell cares what someone has to say who has no accomplishments to compare to the person they’re attempting to talk trash about?

Donald Trump says a lot of stupid things (on purpose, but that’s a story for another day), but there aren’t many people on the planet who can low-rate him as a businessman and dealmaker.

MC Hammer rapped over already-famous songs, but there aren’t many people on the planet who can low-rate him as an entertainer.

These are documented facts. You can dislike the people all you like, but how you feel about them doesn’t diminish their achievements.

If you see a fly and you have a flyswatter, what do you do? Swat it and it dies.

What happens when a fly sees you? 😀 haha It bites you and you get annoyed for a few days and then you forget that it ever happened…. oh, AND YOU SWAT THE FLY!

The point being that the fly is insignificant compared to you. How can you get on social media and argue back and forth with an insignificant being?

In fact, you can’t.. You bestow significance upon that being by acknowledging it and arguing with it.

“You remember that fly?” “What fly?”

Egg?.. Meet Chicken

Unfortunately, now that everyone is spontaneously generating relevance, they want to talk about anybody that’s talking about them.

This is where the so-called “hater” appears from. The hater is the person that is talking about you, which you care about for no reason at all EXCEPT FOR THE FACT that this nobody saying something about you allows you to talk about yourself.

Your reason for talking about yourself is to defend yourself from nobodies who have said things about you. This is the text version of a “selfie”, which is a picture taken by a person who has nobody to take a picture of them.

Somehow, advertising that you’re lonely AND alone became “a thing”.

Taking pictures of yourself alone in a bathroom so you can post it on social media and tell on yourself that you’re lonely in your bathroom instead of actually somewhere with actual people who will take a picture of you if you ask them to became a thing.

Saying that faceless and nameless people said you’d never amount to anything became a thing.

Wait… Did you? o_O ….. Did you ever amount to anything?

If you didn’t, don’t worry about the people who are pointing that out.

If you did, they’re obviously incorrect, so there’s nothing for you to discuss with them or anyone else.

Can you play tennis better than Serena Williams?.. No.. Then your opinion of her tennis-playing is worthless.

Can you *NOT* get busted by your wife texting with some other chick better than Tiger Woods?… Yep!!! 😀 hahaha Game On!!!


Every so often, someone says to me “Didn’t you feel insulted when this person said XYZ? :O” and I always have to think about it because I never do feel insulted.

In order for you to insult me, I’d have to consider you a peer or someone more advanced than I am in whatever you’re talking about, *AND THEN* I’d have to feel that you weren’t justified in saying what you said.

You can’t just be some piece of shit with an opinion.

Nobody cares. GTFO

The fly can’t pick up the flyswatter and hit you with it.

If it could, you wouldn’t care.

Unfortunately, nobody wants to consider themselves the fly in that scenario. Everybody wants to be the human.

If you’ve never edited a video in your life and you think the videos I edit suck.. Nobody cares.

If you think the women I spend time with aren’t fantastic-looking.. Nobody cares.

If you think I’m not good at throwing several bowling pins up in the air and catching them, you’re absolutely right….. and Nobody cares.

This is why it’s called SELF-esteem. *YOU* know what you can do and what you can’t. Other people’s opinions aren’t relevant unless they’re more advanced in the craft than you are and they’re pulling your coat to information that’s going to help you improve yourself.

I have people who think they hate me but I don’t have any “haters” because I couldn’t possibly give a damn what they think.

The fact that I *DON’T* give a damn what they think is usually the reason why they think they hate me. 😀

That’s another thing that’s a topic for a different day.. Most of these people have never met each other IRL. Most of these people are giving their opinions simply because there aren’t any consequences & repercussions that follow what they say to someone else.

But no.. None of these people have the ability to insult me.

All they can do is point themselves out as someone who needs a lesson in what hate really is.

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